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Maggie Q's 'Die Hard' Fashion

Maggie Q's 'Die Hard' Fashion

Margaret Denise Quigley, better known as Maggie Q, has been knocking out one fashion hit after another while promoting Live Free or Die Hard, the fourth installment of the Bruce Willis action franchise (out June 27).

The 28-year-old Eurasian actress has been been promoting Die Hard 4 with co-stars Justin Long, Bruce Willis, and Timothy Olyphant.

Maggie Q also recently wrapped shooting Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon and appeared in Mission: Impossible III last year.

35+ pictures inside of Maggie Q rocking her Die Hard fashion…

WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE red carpet look of Maggie Q’s — 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?

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maggie q die hard 4 fashion 01
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 02
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 03
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 04
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 05
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 06
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 07
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 08
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 09
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 10
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 11
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 12
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 13
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 14
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 15
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 16
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 17
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 18
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 19
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 20
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 21
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 22
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 23
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 24
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 25
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 26
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 27
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 28
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 29
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 30
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 31
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 32
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 33
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 34
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 35
maggie q die hard 4 fashion 36

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  • maz

    she is stunning i like the last look- very in season but all outfits are beauties

  • Rii

    She’s really beautiful. I like the long black dress, she looks gorgeous in it.

  • Yari


  • sarah

    Is she a new actreess? I don’t know her but she’s so beautiful!!!! she looks like a little sandra oH ,deos she?

  • pokeman

    she is famous in Asia. She had made some cheezy movies but She is trying to make it in Hollywood now. I think she was born in Hawaii. She is an American.

  • [Famous]

    I cant recall EVER seeing this person before.

  • miri

    she looks very classy in the white chiffon dress.

  • Sarah

    I love her unique taste in fashion. I dig.

  • Chris


  • Mimi

    She was in Tom Cruise’s Movie. Mission Impossible.DUHH..The very last sequel. She was the girl with the red dress on….

  • Andrea Lee

    definetely that little yellow number, its a gorgeous dress, is feminen but still very hip!

  • magnus

    Nice to see Olyphant working the Agent 47 head!

    Hitman better kick ass.

  • Michael C


  • Natalie

    outfit 2 is my favorite on her, or 5.

    she is very pretty

  • Logan84

    She is a Hawaii girl turned Hong Kong model/acress turned big budget Hollywood action film sidekick. She was in Mi III, she will be in a silly summer movie called Balls of Fury, and now she is in Die Hard 4. She is a very sweet, nice girl…and, yes, she is stunning in person too!!! i am so glad maggie is hitting it big.

  • xav

    Maggie Qs not that “nice girl” actually. She’s known to steal boyfriends.
    My friend’s boyfriend who’s a cute belgian model caught maggie’s eye
    5yrs ago in one of the fashion party launched in hk; and she really
    tried so hard to flirt and seduce him.Good thing the dude so NOT into her ‘cos he’s more into my friend. That’s when my friend saw the ugly side of Maggie Q.. Yeah maggie cannot believed the dude was not into her like all they guys she preys on. My friend said in real close up, she aint that pretty. Her face shape too long and narrow and she has too pointy witchy chin, not a good face shape according to fs book.

  • Kay

    She is gorgeous. Love her! Xav, stop bashing her cuz she’s hotter than your friend and you know it. Isn’t she dating Daniel Henney? Another hot Eurasian model/actor just like her.

  • hoppla

    She is beautiful.
    She looks sweat and sexy.
    and lives in HongKong.

    I think, Nr.1 and 5. are my favorite.

  • R

    why all of a sudden these nobodies like this and that meghan fox fox?

  • Nancy

    The first three are definitely the top three. The first one is just beautiful, though not as utterly gorgeous as the second. The color of the dress, not to mention the way the light reflects off of it, compliment her hair color and skin tone. The color of her lips in the second picture is also very nice. The third one is great too, though in the wrong light, it could look drab.

  • Norman Aniston Vaugh Sculfor

    5 pokeman | 06/20/2007 at 5:50 pm

    She was only famous in Hongkong not Asia , She started as fashion model in HK and Taiwan, famous only after hooking up with a local popstar. They dated for a few year, she did filmed 1-2 B-listed HK film but was not quite successful.

  • Audrey

    She’s half Vietnamese, part Irish-French-Polish. She was a well known model in Hong Kong and Taiwan. She didn’t become famous for dating a popstar. She dated an actor, Daniel Wu, who was also just starting out at the time. She started out in low budget films and gradually moved up in the film industry. Her big break was landing a role in MI3. From what I heard, she’s very nice and outgoing. I don’t know about the whole boyfriend stealing bit.

  • (‘@’)

    To 19 R:
    There are many many actors and actresses in the world besides America. Be open minded :)

  • R

    i am; i love daniel craig and tony leung, go figure
    point is – she needs to DO something in order to matter

  • pink velvet

    heard tonite is the last premier in NYC for die hard 4 and it is going to be a block party… wonder what is she going to wear. who is her stylist?

  • david

    She’s a unique beauty. A very long face like a Modigliani painting.

  • Movenda

    Yeah she is a mixed-blood with Vietnamness & American.She is also an model and actress in HK.As far as I know,the most famous films she showed are Naked Weapon,MI3 and Died Heart4.

  • linda

    She is just stunning!!! Her hair and outfits look perfect. She looks like a star. I think my favorite might be the yellow dress and the last short black number. I also dont understand how you can talk shit about people when you dont know them, you were just supposed to comment on her look, GROW UP and start loveing yourself a bit more.

  • suking


  • Daniel

    She is perfect ! I love her !

  • jasmin

    I like her because she can be a good actress

  • cherry

    so beautiful all ,but i think i like the yellow one perfect.

  • zengfang

    Maggie Q is so charming!

  • sunfang

    I like her,she is very beautiful.

  • sadielady

    I LOVE ALL OF THEM! maggie q is just gorgeous.

  • http://cHINA Michelle

    I think she is very gorgeous!!~
    Do you agree with me?