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Tom Cruise Cradles Baby Suri

Tom Cruise Cradles Baby Suri

Tom Cruise holds onto 14-month-old baby Suri close in his arms while relaxing on the beach with friends at St. Jean Cap Ferrat in France.

Inset: The father-daughter duo joined Katie Holmes at the end of the dock for some quality family time together.

55+ pictures inside of Tom, Katie and baby Suri. You’ll not want to miss one of these… you’ll just die looking at all of them!!

Favorite picture: Suri trying to steal Katie‘s cup of water.

Precious! Precious! Precious!

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01 tom playing with suri
02 tom playing with suri
03 tom playing with suri
04 tom playing with suri
05 tom playing with suri
06 tom playing with suri
07 tom playing with suri
08 tom playing with suri
09 tom playing with suri
10 tom playing with suri
11 tom playing with suri
12 tom katie suri
13 tom katie suri
14 katie holmes short hair
15 katie holmes short hair
tom katie suri cruise 01
tom katie suri cruise 02
tom katie suri cruise 03
tom katie suri cruise 04
tom katie suri cruise 05
tom katie suri cruise 06
tom katie suri cruise 07
tom katie suri cruise 08
tom katie suri cruise 09
tom katie suri cruise 10
tom katie suri cruise 11
tom katie suri cruise 12
tom katie suri cruise 13
tom katie suri cruise 14
tom katie suri cruise 15
tom katie suri cruise 16
tom katie suri cruise 17
tom katie suri cruise 18
tom katie suri cruise 19
tom katie suri cruise 20
tom katie suri cruise 21
tom katie suri cruise 22
tom katie suri cruise 23
tom katie suri cruise 24
tom katie suri cruise 25
tom katie suri cruise 26
tom katie suri cruise 27
tom katie suri cruise 28
tom katie suri cruise 29
tom katie suri cruise 30
tom katie suri cruise 31
tom katie suri cruise 32
tom katie suri cruise 33
tom katie suri cruise 34
tom katie suri cruise 35
tom katie suri cruise 36
tom katie suri cruise 37
tom katie suri cruise 38
tom katie suri cruise 39
tom katie suri cruise 40
tom katie suri cruise 41

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Eliot Press, Splash News Online
Posted to: Celebrity Babies, Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise

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159 Responses to “Tom Cruise Cradles Baby Suri”

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  1. 26
    postwatcher Says:

    The shoes were wrong, but the rest of Katie was perfect.

  2. 27
    Hunter Says:

    Aww, such a cute baby.

  3. 28
    Hunter Says:

    In this pic, she looks like a a cherub, and angel flying. Cutie

  4. 29
    Tara Says:

    I have to say it, these are so adorable.

  5. 30
    June Says:

    what a cute girl she is! I love this family.

  6. 31
    N to the O Says:

    Body language says it all. They love each other and they love their child. Beautiful pictures.

  7. 32
    F4ri Says:

    Super cute!

  8. 33
    Katie&Suri Says:

    This baby is cute indeed.I just hope later she does’nt inherit Tom’s nose. That she keeps Katie’s traits. No Tom,please.Katie’s wearing some hot outfits. Are these Poshes designer clothes lines? Check out Katie’s posture on pic#29,not so good.
    She seems uncomfortable in these clothes, she was such a free spirit with her jeans and flowing hair and natural,it seems so long ago. The red lips just does’nt seem to fit Katie. Tom let her be,please she is a young woman.

  9. 34
    Ace Tomato Says:

    Tom Cruise creeps me out beyond, but . . .

    I’m with you guys. These are adorable family pictures. Nothing looks staged or weird, and if you hadn’t heard anything weird about them you sure wouldn’t get it from these pictures.

    You can claim the couple poses all you want, but that baby is adorable, happy and she looks like them both.

    Scientology is bloody weird. But whatever.

    Happy Fam. Always nice to see people who love their child. =)

  10. 35
    [Famous] Says:

    Regardless of Tom’s past odd behavior and the dorky haircut, at the end of the day their a cute family, Suri’s adorable and from what I’ve seen over the years I think Tom is a great father.

    28 – that’s a really nice photo.

  11. 36
    nicky Says:

    i think they all look very happy to be together..
    suri looks like a very happy and healthy little girl.
    I can’t help but wonder however.. give what tom has said about psychiatric medication.. if 10,20 years from now .. god forbid.. suri or katie.. develop depression or another mental illness.. which affects 1 in 5 ppl..
    what he would do.. if he saw suri suffering and was told she needed medication.. given his beliefs.. what he would do.. whether the dad instinct would override the cos bulls^&t or.. he would say no because of what his cos beielfs are…

  12. 37
    cal girl Says:

    Katie’s heels and Tom’s slacks/sweater are very weird for the beach, but they all look very happy and like a solid family. Suri is just adorable! Tom looks like a very loving father.

  13. 38
    Losers Says:

    something is messed up with her nose, I hope that she grows out of it and she doesn’t inherit toms nose. makes her face look flat and wide right now. bizarre looking when you seee her up close. bleh. average looking baby. take away the hair and she’d be not s o cute.

  14. 39
    Cammies Says:

    Im getting a headache from all the warm fuzzies and surfing so many pics from different papparazzis sites. I dont know where to begin.

    I actually wonna see pics of paparazzis who are all on duty.

    God bless TomKat and I wonna hug Baby Suri.

  15. 40
    eh? Says:

    i clicked to see the very first pic and already i’m a little wary about looking at the rest. what’s with all these men around a little baby girl? a little creepy to me. immediately i think of some kind of virgin sacrificial ritual. i know, i’ve got a sick mind. but only because it’s tom cruise….

    suri’s sooooooo cute!

  16. 41
    spygal Says:

    When this family came on Entertainment tonight the women in my living room were all gushing even the guys became big ole softy teddy bears.

  17. 42
    Paige Says:

    Tom looks young and handsome. Katie is a natural beauty and has impeccable taste.
    Even her figure and legs are stunning.Damn her.

    Can I bite Suri? She invented the word CUTE.

  18. 43
    Lillianne Says:

    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous photos. Who wouldn’t want to be on that beach with them. Thanks JJ

  19. 44
    Melissa Says:

    Katie is trying too hard to channel Victoria Beckham. what happened to the old Katie?

  20. 45
    Mary Says:

    This couple annoys the hell out of me but I really loved these photos. I thought they were just beautiful. But with Katie wearing the heels = this made me think this was staged once again to show how in love they are/how perfect their little fam is when rumors perpetually circulate regarding his homosexuality and this planned setup… I would have relished these so much more had there not been the heels etc. which suggested a photo op in the making…

    Suri is adorable, but all the matching hairstyles and pre-planned behavior – it just makes one question. I know people who are absolutely certain he is gay and that this relationship is PR. The matching hairstyles & oh so perfect outfits & photo-ops just makes me ill.

    Beautiful shots nontheless!

  21. 46
    sky Says:

    Katie has amazing legs. What a beautiful woman. Agree, these are stunning photos because the family appears so happy and laid back.

  22. 47
    Catherine Says:

    Seriously,you cant say anything bad about this family. Even with a simple n’clean look Katie makes it look so beautiful and elegant. She reminds me of how Bergman,Katherine Hepburn,Audrey,Lucille Ball,Jackie O,Grace Kelly,Vivienne Leigh et al used to dress and carry themselves. Katie has authentic grace unlike other stars old and yound that act and look floozy.

  23. 48
    Kristen with a K Says:

    Suri is absolutely the most beautiful Hollywood baby!! She got the best of both parents. And, I agree, I don’t like Tom, I like Katie, but they seem happy, and that’s all that matters

  24. 49
    jen Says:

    suri is just toooo cute :)
    best wishes for Cruise’s family

  25. 50
    ronan Says:

    J’Adore TomKat. Im learning Japanese now in school so I wonder what’s HOT STUFF Katie in Japanese?

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