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Tom Cruise Cradles Baby Suri

Tom Cruise Cradles Baby Suri

Tom Cruise holds onto 14-month-old baby Suri close in his arms while relaxing on the beach with friends at St. Jean Cap Ferrat in France.

Inset: The father-daughter duo joined Katie Holmes at the end of the dock for some quality family time together.

55+ pictures inside of Tom, Katie and baby Suri. You’ll not want to miss one of these… you’ll just die looking at all of them!!

Favorite picture: Suri trying to steal Katie‘s cup of water.

Precious! Precious! Precious!

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01 tom playing with suri
02 tom playing with suri
03 tom playing with suri
04 tom playing with suri
05 tom playing with suri
06 tom playing with suri
07 tom playing with suri
08 tom playing with suri
09 tom playing with suri
10 tom playing with suri
11 tom playing with suri
12 tom katie suri
13 tom katie suri
14 katie holmes short hair
15 katie holmes short hair
tom katie suri cruise 01
tom katie suri cruise 02
tom katie suri cruise 03
tom katie suri cruise 04
tom katie suri cruise 05
tom katie suri cruise 06
tom katie suri cruise 07
tom katie suri cruise 08
tom katie suri cruise 09
tom katie suri cruise 10
tom katie suri cruise 11
tom katie suri cruise 12
tom katie suri cruise 13
tom katie suri cruise 14
tom katie suri cruise 15
tom katie suri cruise 16
tom katie suri cruise 17
tom katie suri cruise 18
tom katie suri cruise 19
tom katie suri cruise 20
tom katie suri cruise 21
tom katie suri cruise 22
tom katie suri cruise 23
tom katie suri cruise 24
tom katie suri cruise 25
tom katie suri cruise 26
tom katie suri cruise 27
tom katie suri cruise 28
tom katie suri cruise 29
tom katie suri cruise 30
tom katie suri cruise 31
tom katie suri cruise 32
tom katie suri cruise 33
tom katie suri cruise 34
tom katie suri cruise 35
tom katie suri cruise 36
tom katie suri cruise 37
tom katie suri cruise 38
tom katie suri cruise 39
tom katie suri cruise 40
tom katie suri cruise 41

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Eliot Press, Splash News Online
Posted to: Celebrity Babies, Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise

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159 Responses to “Tom Cruise Cradles Baby Suri”

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  1. 76
    Esthete Says:

    That little girl is so precious. She looks more like her mum !

  2. 77
    b Says:


  3. 78
    Jess Says:

    What a beautiful little girl.. aaw

  4. 79
    jr. Says:

    I don’t think I’d ever seen Suri with shoes on her feet or socks or sandals. For this ocassion, a pair of sandals would be right for her delicate feet. They ALWAYS have her barefoot! Poor baby Suri.

    Katie’s pair of shoes are hot but very inappropriate for the beach. It makes her look so stupid!

  5. 80
    [Famous] Says:

    someone has a shoe fetish.

  6. 81
    Rii Says:

    Say what you want about Tom and Katie, but Suri is adorable and she looks very happy. She has a cute smile and beautiful eyes.

  7. 82
    Jill Says:

    What an adorable family. Love looking at pics of them. Thanks Jared.

  8. 83
    JK Says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, Jared you have outdone yourself with thse pictures. These have to be the best pictures your site has ever had. Suri is the most gorgeous ababy ever and I don’t think even Tom and Katie’s next child will beat her. She should start entering beauty contests!

  9. 84
    Lucky Says:

    That is the most beautiful child on earth. No other baby compares. I love Katie’s legs.

  10. 85
    African Girl Says:

    Awww…..Suri is CUTE!!

  11. 86
    Come on Says:

    I’m sorry but that kid is freak’n weird looking. She looks like Liza Minnelli. And NO WAY in HELL is she 14 mos old, no way

  12. 87
    Jess Says:

    Going through this pics just made my day. I am so jealous of this family, Tom has a beautiful wife and child. He has it all. Suri is precious. She has to be the most beautiful thing on earth. What are they doing, they should have ten of those if only to make the world a more beautiful place. Thanks Jared!

  13. 88
    Mimi Says:

    For all that they have been through, having such a beatiful baby makes it worth it! I am still looking at these pictures again and again. They give me the best feeling in the whole world. I hope we see more of this family.

  14. 89
    Mimi Says:

    This is my absolute favourite

    Oh, all of them are too beautiful for words. Tom and Katie look so nice together, picture perfect. Suri is a living doll and Katie’s legs are killer.

  15. 90
    Leila Says:

    Suri is so beautiful and looks very intelligent and astute. You can see all the strangers are taken by her! I love most her picture when she seems to be laughing at the lady on her left. She looks like she knows so much and has the most serioud look when her parents are having conversations like she understands. LOL

  16. 91
    Come on Says:

    She looks like she knows so much and has the most serioud look when her parents are having conversations like she understands.

    Yeah because she’s older then she is. They’re such phonies.

  17. 92
    Beachgirl Says:

    Suri is a beautiful baby.

    But, I hate this prepared photo shoot trying to look natural.

    Mom and Dad are always “posing” for the cameras, trying to act as a great family.


    They are getting up to the point of been too way overexposed.

    Wonder it it has something to do that Tom is trying to get back on track? (no need for money at this point)

  18. 93
    Mary Says:

    Tom is really HOT!
    Katie is lucky! I would be her I’ll spend my time touching his body!

    look at Suri’s eyes, there are all Tom!
    She has Tom’s character! a leader!

    Too cute for words, it’s the best pictures i’ve ever seen on JJ

    Also, Tom is definitly the best dad, he can balance Isa and Connor, whom he can not have all the time, and Suri.

    I’m glad he isn’t strutting around like Pitt

    I like Tom and Ben Affleck, they are discreet.

    The other who don’t like Tom are probably brainwashed by tabloids; talking abotu scientology now?what, like Tom just convert! LMAO!
    it’s been 20+ years he’s in! nobody never say anything!
    mindless media drones! shut up!

  19. 94
    Mebees Says:

    YEAH, as much as everyone gives them crap -they mixed a beautiful batch! Suri is soooooooo cuuuuuuuuttttttte! just adorable… too bad she’s the next crazy, she will take them to their leader! (like that movie “Taken”)

  20. 95
    Anna Says:

    Tom you rocks I love you
    Katie is stupid to wear heels but that’s her problem!

  21. 96
    elle Says:

    Suri is a very cute baby but she definitely looks older than 14 months to me….I like that she and katie have matching hair.

  22. 97
    star Says:

    what is with his beach outfit? loser. sui is cute but still looks asian.

  23. 98
    Sonya Says:

    Katie looks like an idiot wearing 5 inch heels while walking on a pier.

  24. 99
    Sonny Says:

    Finally..I figured out who Katie looks like with her new haircut…Michael Jackson!!! Especially the center photo on the fourth row. They could be twins!

  25. 100
    Hulla Says:

    She’s seriously the cutest celebrity baby around.

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