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Tom Cruise Cradles Baby Suri

Tom Cruise Cradles Baby Suri

Tom Cruise holds onto 14-month-old baby Suri close in his arms while relaxing on the beach with friends at St. Jean Cap Ferrat in France.

Inset: The father-daughter duo joined Katie Holmes at the end of the dock for some quality family time together.

55+ pictures inside of Tom, Katie and baby Suri. You’ll not want to miss one of these… you’ll just die looking at all of them!!

Favorite picture: Suri trying to steal Katie‘s cup of water.

Precious! Precious! Precious!

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01 tom playing with suri
02 tom playing with suri
03 tom playing with suri
04 tom playing with suri
05 tom playing with suri
06 tom playing with suri
07 tom playing with suri
08 tom playing with suri
09 tom playing with suri
10 tom playing with suri
11 tom playing with suri
12 tom katie suri
13 tom katie suri
14 katie holmes short hair
15 katie holmes short hair
tom katie suri cruise 01
tom katie suri cruise 02
tom katie suri cruise 03
tom katie suri cruise 04
tom katie suri cruise 05
tom katie suri cruise 06
tom katie suri cruise 07
tom katie suri cruise 08
tom katie suri cruise 09
tom katie suri cruise 10
tom katie suri cruise 11
tom katie suri cruise 12
tom katie suri cruise 13
tom katie suri cruise 14
tom katie suri cruise 15
tom katie suri cruise 16
tom katie suri cruise 17
tom katie suri cruise 18
tom katie suri cruise 19
tom katie suri cruise 20
tom katie suri cruise 21
tom katie suri cruise 22
tom katie suri cruise 23
tom katie suri cruise 24
tom katie suri cruise 25
tom katie suri cruise 26
tom katie suri cruise 27
tom katie suri cruise 28
tom katie suri cruise 29
tom katie suri cruise 30
tom katie suri cruise 31
tom katie suri cruise 32
tom katie suri cruise 33
tom katie suri cruise 34
tom katie suri cruise 35
tom katie suri cruise 36
tom katie suri cruise 37
tom katie suri cruise 38
tom katie suri cruise 39
tom katie suri cruise 40
tom katie suri cruise 41

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well even thow i’m not tom cruises biggest fan those pics are still way 2 cute. suri is an angle

Ever notice how since they started parading Suri to the public you don’t see the other two kids anymore? Things that make you go HMMMMMM!

Oh please, Nicole and Tom share custody of their kids. Say all you wnat about Tom but he is a great father and love all his children. Stop trying to pull the ‘he doesnt care about his adopted children card cause that is straight up BS. Perhaps his other kids are with Nic, you dont know so stop acting like just because they arent with him on this one trip that he’s not a good father.
And lovely pictures of tis family, I love them together, its about time we see positive stuff about them.



Nicely put Catherine.

I saw somewhere that today is Nic’s birthday (it was in the horoscope section of the paper I read) so I would think they could be with her…

Anonymouseclick @ 06/20/2007 at 11:49 am

WHAT a doll!!!!!! She just has the sweetest little face!!! I know all these celebs talk about how they want non-spoiled kids, but seriously…how could ANYone say “no” to that little face?!?!?!

I’m a jaded fan..but OMG, aren’t these pics uber-adorable?

Tom and Katie seems happy…like REALly happy and not just acting…

Suri is a beautiful blend of Tom and Katie.

what a ugly kid they got and what’s up with kate is she trying to be victoria omg i hate them so much..and tom ohh goddd ugly family

Why is it when they want to show off Suri and believe me they “know” they are being watched, they seem to forget about Connor and Bella. They barely included them with the Vanity Fair “Suri” issue that came out last year.

Lovely pics, Jared. Thanks. I love #25, the one with Tom holding Suri up, like she’s flying. It is so cute! And Tom and Katie look so happy. :)

my goodness she’s so adorable.
i love how the all basically have the same hair haha.

Very cute.. Makes me smile.

Also wanted to make a comment on Katie’s hair. Many first time (not all) Mom’s get their hair cut to resemble their baby… Mind you, the mother cuts her hair to look like the baby. Not the other way around. Yup, they love their child so much they want to look alike. Even mothers of little boys. My sister-in-law did that.

My daughter and I had styles very much alike from the time she was about 18 months for several years. ;-) It’s got to be a mother/woman thing.

AND, I was not aware of this until I looked back at pictures a few years later and realized what I have done. Funny

inhirnamy137 @ 06/20/2007 at 1:56 pm

Suri has some big lovely eyes, and Katie is sporting her Victoria Beckham look…High Heels on the beach.

The photos are staged. And Holmes looks the fooleywang wearing high heels to the beach. She sure has some bunions.

How long was her contract with Cruise?

Suri and Tom just warms up my heart. Katie is growing up becoming one of the most fascinating and beautiful woman in Hollywood.
I find her more genuine and a natural babe than Angelina Jolie.

They are both seriously in good shape. Katie’s legs have really toned up and her upper body and arms are skinny. Tom is also looking very good. His body is naturally muscular and hard. It doesn’t take much for him, just cutting back a little on the calories.

Sara Watson @ 06/20/2007 at 6:24 pm

She is so beautiful!!

funny how we never, ever saw tommy-boy like that w/ his non-bio kids…

weird-ass name aside, this kid is cute

who wears louboutins to the beach FFS?!

these pics do speak 1.000 words though… this guy’s NUTS about the baby and katie’s nuts about both of them. no acting whatsoever.

and just b/c on occasion i enjoy being random – also based on pics (the ones from NBA playoffs where the spurs won), i give the eva/tony match about 3yrs tops post-wedding. she’s nuts about him, he couldn’t give a s_hit about her.

did anyone see the guy with the white lacoste polo on? is he wear no pants or a speedo? woah…thats even more creepy than tom cruise!

I take back what I said about Katie on this one. The hair cut and the new style of dress looks great on her. This is the best I’ve seen Katie yet. They look like a happy family and a set of triplets. Love Tom’s haircut also. It makes him look very young and stunning.

this kid is so very cute.and she shines she have some harizma.i dislike tom n i don t have opinion on katie she so ordinary to me. but i like the way thay look together specialy katie with suri. thay look more honest n happier than brad n angelina. to me suri is prettier then shiloh .

Scooby Doo @ 06/21/2007 at 4:12 pm

Very sweet! People can say what they want about TC, but he definitely loves his baby. Katie sure is rocking those shoes!

Most likely an even much prettier child in person. Suri has that porcelain skin/dark hair combo thing goin on. Great contrast that brings out her eyes.

Miss Windjammer @ 06/22/2007 at 12:23 am

Suri looks really smart. And, of course, gorgeous.

They look like such a happy, loving family. And their matching ‘dos are too funny.

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