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School's Out for the Jolie-Pitts!

School's Out for the Jolie-Pitts!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie bring big brother Maddox, 5, to pick up Pax, 3, and Zahara, 2, from school at the American Embassy compound on a very wet Thursday afternoon in Prague, Czech Republic.

School might be out for Pax and Zee, one of them made a green graduation cap!

Maddox looks like he got a hair-cut… and he’s getting so big!

Watch the video of the Jolie-Pitts here. It’s quite cute to watch Maddox and Pax running through the rain!!

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brad angelina picking up kids from school 01
brad angelina picking up kids from school 02
brad angelina picking up kids from school 03
brad angelina picking up kids from school 04
brad angelina picking up kids from school 05
brad angelina picking up kids from school 06
brad angelina picking up kids from school 07
brad angelina picking up kids from school 08
maddox jolie pitt
pax jolie pitt

Photos: Splash News Online/Simon Earl/Mark Raishbrook
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  • http://justjared Laila

    they are lovely..

  • summer

    Love to see this family so happy.

  • PinkRose

    Rainy days are great. No filming and the whole family gets to have fun today.

  • Julianne

    Hope they are planning a fantastic summer vacation on the beach somewhere far, far away from the invasive camera’s ~ the kids can play and so can the parents….

    Lovely family….more power to them…

  • coolspark

    I LOVE MADDOX!!!!!!!!!

    he’s sooooooo adorable! :)

  • Meli

    Lovely,lovely family.

  • Tracy

    What a dedicated and great family.

  • http://deleted Lady G

    awww look at Mad.

    Thanks Jared!

  • Maniston

    What is next – pics on when Zahara and Shiloh tinkle.

  • cranberry

    splash has the video.

  • Polianna

    I am so happy that they are happy!

  • Wwwwww

    Yes – Beautiful – But I would still hit Brad!!!!

  • Anna

    why shes soo thin ?? no !! she used to be soo sweet and now she’s almost nicole r :(

  • http://MSN gena

    Hey, got in earlier this time. Love these guys! They look so happy!

  • saraicita

    me quier morir!!! este es el hombre más bello, sexy y todo lo demas que yo he visto en toda mi vida. los demás son pura agua y sal, es decir, más del monton

  • PinkRose

    Brad is channelling his inner hoodlum… Too funny.

  • Hal

    Love to see the pictures, but sad they can’t be left alone

  • AddictedtoBAMPZs

    Thanks to the people who knew that stupid comment made yesterday under my name wasn’t really me.

    Hat is growing on me….

  • PinkRose

    Do I need a password and username for Splash?

  • Worth Repeating

    854 CLINIQUA | 06/21/2007 at 3:18 am

    I’m sure AJ’s amazing annual Anderson Cooper interview will once again spike donations — last year it spiked donations by a half million, I’m betting this year it will be the same if not more. Angelina Jolie is a GREAT woman.

    Particularly as compared to some narcissistic TV sit-com hack, who, not content with her empty life, empty interviews, and empty endorsement deals to add to her fortune – has to show herself at what else, a SELF-help party. Because unlike Angelina, Aniston’s SELF must come first, at all times. In her usual passive aggressive manipulative fashion, with her PR monster Stephen Huvane literally hovering over her shoulder, she forces the tabloid and yellow press to spotlight her victimhood as the hands of Angelina, as she subtly reminds the public just why they should be on her team.

    The sad thing is, there are too many people, even after more than two years, and a few high profile relationships for her – that in an instant, are villifying Angelina all over again, and re-attaching Aniston to Pitt (even it’s only to his mother). It’s pretty sick. But that IS how it works. I think ultimately, those embittered jealous hags who don’t want to believe how GOOD Angelina is (on all fronts) and who don’t want to participate in changing the world for the better – can embrace the fiction that ‘Huvaniston’ peddles consciously and subconsciously (of scorned victim and evil poacher) – it’s a way of plugging ears and singing tra-la-la! They don’t want to BE like Angelina, it takes too much hard work, committment, passion, and intellect. It’s easy to embrace Jennifer, after all – she’s just as fugly as our ugliest girlfriend, she just has a great closet full of clothes, a good brand of spray on tan, a good plastic surgeon, colorist and hair stylist…being ‘like’ Angelina means traveling to Darfur, Chad and Sierra Leone, giving birth, raising kids, working, loving your man….

    …being ‘like’ Aniston means keeping your 3 o’clock mani-pedi appt., cackling with your home-hens, and wasting time with your latest f**k-toy, whose using you.

    Most do-nothing lame aSS b*tches can do that blind-folded. I know ho’s who manage that in their sleep – they grow on f**kin’ trees.

    She’s relatable that way.

    Angelina not so much. Angelina is amazing. Like Oliver Stone said, ‘Angelina must have led armies in past lives…’

    While Maniston, in her former life, just MAY have been a tapeworm.

    That’s why embittered b*tches, will always embrace Maniston – she gives them permission to be fug, do-nothing selfish no-talent worthless f**k-ups. SHE is them. She just has better shoes, and goes to a designer hair stylist to get her hair done – instead of BoRics.

    Regarding Mama Pitt, Brad and Doug’s Comment.
    I think what sometimes happens in the world of fandom, is that since we’re not privy to the goings on in the private lives of celebs, we assume they start and stop with our theories, as well as the tabloid and magazine speculation. I’m no different. A long time ago, I speculated on what I felt went down with Pitt and Aniston post split:

    It’s simple, they were being very amicable until the news broke that Brad was seeing Angie (Kenya pictures were released – that’s when aniston said the infamous, ‘I was shocked and the world was shocked.’ – well we know she wasn’t shocked he was into Angelina, because he had already told her he was ‘attracted to her and that there was a connection between them’ – Aniston even let her friends spill the beans to that effect in her VF interview – the problem WAS, she was shocked he was LITERALLY into Angie. Heh.) That’s when her grudge match and war commenced.

    That’s when she and Huvane set up the Vanity Fair attack. Her life as a victim and sad sack, Brad’s life as a cad, and Angelina’s life as a man-stealer – had started. Brad wasn’t happy with that article by a long shot – he was betrayed, we know this because he fired the pregnant Kristin Hahn (Aniston’s bestest pal and lackey) and left Aniston Plan B-less with a few crumbs. He then quickly had Angelina pregnant (planned), and cast her in the AMH role. He had cut all ties, and Aniston was SOL.

    I have no doubt Aniston knew she f**ked up- and I expect at some point she issued an apology and tried to make amends for VF. It was at this point that she told Sawyer and Larry King that they still talked, ‘Pleasant, done,’ she said (around Oct/Nov ‘05). She added the ‘done’ because she had some pride. LOL!

    However, after Angelina announced her pregnancy that December – I think Aniston was back to grudge match. Again, with Aniston it’s all about ‘how you make her look’ (ask her Mom). That was another sucker punch. They were again on no speaking terms I’m sure.

    But that’s been a good year and some change – and back to what I initially said, there ARE things that may go on, out of sight — supposedly I heard she sent he and Angie well-wishes for Pax’s addition (via a card or whatever). With her career literally at ground zero, I imagine at some point between Shiloh’s birth and today – she FINALLY figured out, that it makes no sense to have Brad and Angelina as your sworn enemies from an ‘industry’ standpoint.

    I believe that Brad was able to table the VF resentment and betrayal, and can be on friendly terms once again. Ditto her.

    But ultimately, what Jane Pitt did this week was an unintentional (?) slap in the face. She knows how the rag press works, and if she doesn’t know, I’m sure her kids will be happy to tell her. Who knows, perhaps Jane has resentment that Angie is not marrying Brad, and plans to have her biological grandchildren out-of-wedlock. Not to mention the Jolie-Pitt name — perhaps that rubs her the wrong way too. Perhaps she and aniston get along, because one passive aggressive recognizes another straight off, who knows?

    At the end of the day, it was all so unnecessary, particularly at this juncture.

    Somewhere along the line, what I do know, is that this man (Brad Pitt), who while extolling some virtues of his upbringing doesn’t hesitate in saying it was narrow-minded, and speaking of how isolated it was. This is a guy who saw Saturday Night Fever, and was shocked, he said at the Italian roughneck New York culture he saw on screen, ‘it was like a different world,’ he said. He was sheltered, cloistered, and he wanted out. I’m sure there were aspects of it that didn’t sit well.

    Jane and Bill Pitt still live in that world – I’m sure there are those in the community where they live who cannot take a shine to Angelina and her love for Africa, her multi-cult brood, and perhaps they look down upon Jane. Perhaps Jane feels like they do. They may even inquire about ‘Jennifer,’ and assume that Aniston ‘hates’ Pitt & Angelina for ‘what they did to her.’ Jane may feel that the public sympathies (the mini-vans we often speak of) lie with Aniston – and perhaps she is the kind of woman, who is motivated by peer pressure – it may have been important to her to demonstrate to the minivans back home, that at least she and Jen are on good terms, even though her son chose Angelina.

    Bottomline, I think Jane visited FOR JANE. For back home.

    While I think Brad left Missouri, and that life, to escape those small town narrow minded judgemental attitudes, that he inherently KNEW deep down in his soul, were wrong and f**ked up.

    There’s a reason why he’s been with the people he’s been with – he was caddying strippers around when he first arrived in HW (non judgemental), he was living with unusual women (Juliette Lewis), embracing alternative lifestyles (best pals with Miss Etheridge), dating African American women, becoming engaged to Jewish ones…..

    Which brings to mind his praising of the late Bruce Paltrow in his GQ interview post Maniston split — he loved him he said. He remarked that he was so different than his father, the way he talked and expressed his feelings. However, I never saw Brad or Bruce, arranging visits to each other when Gwyn was dating Ben Affleck. Brad would never have even mentioned his regard for Bruce Paltrow while he was with Aniston, because I believe she would have considered any reference to Gwyneth Paltrow’s family a threat or an affront while she was married to Brad.

    I say all that to say, this is not a man, who lives to please his parents. He can control what he does, he can’t control them and what they do. In the end, I think it proves damaging to Jane’s own relationship with AJ and Brad, but I also think AJ’s priorities are that Brad and her kids are happy – and that’s it.

    Brad loves his parents – he doesn’t idolize them — it begins and ends there.

  • omg

    Loves it
    They are such a cute family.

  • HottieTottie

    Lovvve when you feature them Jared! Thanks!

  • Wwwwww

    Her collar bone, her hands, her knees – so thin bones are showing – EAT ANGELINA.

  • http://deleted Lady G

    Princess Zee knows she be working that jewerly. She never leaves home without it.

    Thanks again, Jared.

  • buster

    Ma.njawlina’s legs are disgusting

  • Joey

    I’ll bet Brad or Angelina alert the paps when they do these types of “parent duties”.

    Karma, will hit them in the ass.

  • KrungKrung

    i never met or seen Angelina in person but i am beginning to think that she’s very skinny not 98lbs skinny like what one stupid tabloid is saying, she’s maybe a lil over a 100lbs, but she’s a very strong woman though, she can carry 2 kidz at a time in which i cannot do, i just wish Angie the best of health and god bless their beautiful and happy family….

  • http://yahoo melissa


  • Krystal aka preggy

    The pictures remind me of a song “Can You Stand The Rain” I luv that song

    “When you need somebody who will stand by through the good times and bad times I will always be right here for you”

    And the umbrella by rihanna..lmao Rain is a very good thing to write about :D Cute pics of the fam I love them :D

  • saraicita

    # 20. no, first:
    double click in guest archive, and after double click in fourth video

  • http://yahoo melissa

    I love them. nice, HOTT, beautiful, gorgeous and loving family

  • suspicious package

    Jesus Christ, Joey and your intelligence-deprived ilk! At least it was smart of you to use a guy’s name. The paps KNOW this is where the kids go to school, so they KNOW they’re bound to get some valuable shots! They’re camped out there, for chrissakes!

    Alerting the media my *ss. They can’t keep them away.

  • To Joey

    They don’t need to alert the paps. They take their kids to school. They pick their kids up after school. It’s what millions of parents do every day.

  • The Maddox Jolie Project

    The Maddox Jolie Project bites the dust.
    Angelina Jolie has always been one to give back, but is the actress/humanitarian abandoning one of her first pet causes?

    The Maddox Jolie Project (MJP) was a conservation effort Angelina began “to protect and rehabilitate the wildlife, eco-system and watershed conservation values” her adopted son’s homeland of Cambodia.

    But, it seems like Jolie has stopped funneling funds into MJP.

    According to this report, “Because of lack of funds the future of this project is uncertain.”


    What, she couldn’t fork over some cash from selling all those baby pictures?????

  • observation deck

    I can’t stand Angelina’s glasses but they look like any American mom & dad. Just more famous.

    Madddox graduated? congrats. They probably has a little party afterwards.

  • AddictedtoBAMPZs

    CLINIQUA, I still don’t get it….

    Catch the video on Splash of Angie, Brad and Maddox coming up the hill to the school. Maddox looks so totally happy,is trying to practice skipping. Kids are so universal. They’re the same no matter where they’re born, no matter what the circumstances of wealth they are raised in. Learning to whistle, skip, ride a bike, snap your fingers or do a cartwheel are all such important accomplishments at certain ages.

  • not a fan

    How many times do we have to be subjected to these two or one of them taking their children to school. WHO CARES. I take my children to school everyday. most people do. they just are not that interesting.

  • http://justjared exquisite

    Lovey family.

  • ida

    love them, jj you rock,let the weight thing go,even when i was alittle heavy my collar bone showed,leave the lady alone


    bad body she’s definitely to skinny her arms are so disgusting and now i can see that it’s the same for her legs
    she is not the most beautiful woman in the world at all.

  • Mtv

    Angelina Jolie Reveals ‘Mighty’ Challenge Of Playing Slain Reporter’s Wife
    Actress says she felt ‘more pressure’ portraying Mariane Pearl in ‘A Mighty Heart’ than on any project.

    It’s difficult enough for any actor to disappear into a role. Now try doing it when you’ve got one of the most recognizable faces on the planet, which is splattered virtually every week on a magazine cover. Such was the task facing Angelina Jolie as she played Mariane Pearl in “A Mighty Heart.”

    Directed by acclaimed British filmmaker Michael Winterbottom (of “24 Hour Party People” and “Wonderland” fame), the film recounts the tragic story of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who was murdered after following a lead in post-9/11 Pakistan five years ago.

    MTV News spoke to Jolie about the film, the legacy she wants to leave and her battles with the press, which continue even as she promotes this movie.

    (Watch our full chat with Jolie here.)

    MTV: Unlike some real women you’ve played in the past, like Gia [Carangi in HBO's "Gia"] and Cornelia Wallace [in TNT's "George Wallace"], you actually know Mariane Pearl pretty well. So how did you approach portraying her?

    Angelina Jolie: I did know her a little, and I’ve gotten to know her more since. It took it out of being kind of an acting job. This was going to represent a time and a message for a family that I’ve come to know and care about. They’re my friends. And so the responsibility of that became really daunting and more pressure than I’ve ever had on anything. And yet [Mariane] is so gracious and just wants everyone to do their best and would not have been a hard critic.

    MTV: Like you, Mariane was the focal point of intense media scrutiny through this ordeal.

    Jolie: The things that were misprinted put her husband’s life in more danger, like somebody being careless enough to report that [Daniel] was dead, when he wasn’t yet. That kind of misuse of journalism is so disgusting. It is something that I have not had to confront. But I do know slightly what it feels like to be under attack when you’re having a private moment — certainly nothing to the extent of what she felt. I imagine it 100 times what I feel. It must have been horrible.

    MTV: The film works on a number of levels. It’s a thriller, a mystery, even a love story. How does it play for you?

    Jolie: You know, when you’re in something, it’s hard to analyze it. I did think that Michael did an amazing job of making it feel very real, capturing the energy of the case, the feeling of Pakistan, the chaos. This film could have been very difficult to watch. And somehow Michael navigated his way through it, to make it clear and interesting and not too complicated.

    MTV: As we speak, you are probably one of the most famous people on the planet. Do you feel your fame gets in the way of promoting a film like this?

    Jolie: I suppose, but if I really believed it would have been a negative too much, I wouldn’t have done the film. I would have stepped off. I believed in this, and Mariane believed that the heart of the film would surface beyond anything else.

    MTV: What are your priorities now in terms of your film work, in terms of the body of work you want to leave behind?

    Jolie: I feel very proud of a film like this. And I feel very fortunate that I’ve had a chance to work on great projects. I’m looking forward to a film I get to do with Clint Eastwood ["The Changeling"]. It’s so cool, and it’s a great script. What an amazing chance to work with an amazing man, a hero of mine. I don’t have big dreams of how many more things I want to do. I want to spend a lot of time with my family. I want to travel. I’d like to be less in the public eye. [She laughs.] So we shall see.

    MTV: Recently there was a lot of attention given to the agreement your representatives asked journalists to sign, asking that they refrain from personal questions. It seems like the majority of the press on this film has concerned that story.

    Jolie: I think the majority of the stories have been about the film. And I think that certain news outlets have decided to try to make it about other things. I’m glad it was cleared up between me and my representation. I didn’t know [the agreement] was out there. It was excessive, and I’m glad it was corrected. But I know why they did it, and I appreciate what they were trying to protect. And that is it.

    MTV: A request like that seems ironic since you more than anybody have been so open throughout your career.

    Jolie: I feel like I’m a pretty candid person.

    MTV: Do you ever just want to scream, “What more can I give you? For a decade I’ve been telling you what’s on my mind!”

    Jolie: Let’s go have a cup of coffee! [She laughs.] I can cry on your shoulder. Yeah, I feel like I’ve had a very open relationship with the press. And I’ve only just asked, when I could, to try to protect my family and some privacy. But I’ve never blocked a journalist from a serious story, and I never would think to do that. That would be a horrible thing to do.

  • heyheyhey

    It’s raining its pouring the ol’ man is snoring,CUTE FAMILY!!!

  • ida

    the same troll trying to bring up an irrelivant subject just wants attention,just ignore.maddox is really getting big

  • Wwwwww

    27 Joey | 06/21/2007 at 12:52 pm
    I’ll bet Brad or Angelina alert the paps when they do these types of “parent duties”.

    Karma, will hit them in the ass.


    Dont know for sure – all celebrities call paps for attention.

    But Karma is real man- real!!!!!

  • alexandrina

    I had to check to see if there were any photo’s of my favorite family.And here they are, thank you Jared again!!!!!!!!Just one awesome, beautiful family and everyone looks happy!tootles!




  • isitreallythatserious?

    The Splash vid is great. I don’t know about everyone else but I can swear that Mad has that Brad Pitt walk down…lol. Cute family.

  • Little Birdie

    who cares what Brad & Angelina look like? You are all stupid superfical fcuks. Stop making this like some teen blog.

    What’s important is that they are together. I think they have always been together. Brad has always wanted Angelina. She just wasn’t ready for him.

  • julia

    thanks Jared I love these pictures, and the video on splash is just the sweetest ever…