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Daniel Craig - "Interview" Magazine July 2007

Daniel Craig -

Bond star Daniel Craig goes shirtless and scruffy in the inside photo spread of the July 2007 issue of Interview Magazine… but clean-shaven on the cover!

Hopefully some snippets from the Interview‘s interview with Craig will turn up soon!

Earlier this week, Craig, Jennifer Aniston, Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy and Steve Carell were among 115 people who have been invited to become voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the Oscars).

Check back later —

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  • anon

    hope the interview turns up soon!!!

  • guy

    who cares, just bring another 007 movie sometime soon.

  • Shy

    HE…… LOOKS……. OLD. Sorry Craig – you were great Bond. Much better that Pearce. Now, after “new Bond” – every time i see the old ones with Brosnan – i’m just laughing on the floor. They look so “unreal”. so stupid and for kids like. I can’t believe we all had to watc that shi*t.

    Anywhere – sorry – but you look old, very old. They (producers) discovered you late. They had to find you while you were 32. You look like some grandpa with that beard.

  • lola

    But Shy that’s what gives him character…I’m sorry I’m so tired of looking at babyfaced men or guys who look botoxed and whose faces don’t have character …he just looks like one of those guys who looks ordinary but is anything but ordinary. I’m sorry he is gorgeous and these pictures don’t do him justice. I’ve seen him in person and he’s rugged but he’s got charisma. I think me and all the women in a five metre radius of him in that moment simply heard our knickers involuntarily slide to the floor when he was in the room because he was so gorgeous and then proceeded to trip over them when he introduced himself to us…he is HOT, Pierce Brosnan is good looking but he such a pansy.

  • Layla

    I agree with Lola. he looks like a man baby and has the loveliest blue eyes. Ahhh yes! Give me David over Pierce any day

  • Mimi

    HOTTTTTTTTT!!!! I would take Craig over Brosnan ANYTIME! That’s a M-A-N, ladies…keep your pretty boys.

  • julia weinstein

    i loved him in Casino Royale!

  • [Famous]

    ugly. (no ho`mo)

  • Suzz

    So handsome and masculine … compare him to the cute hollywood faces, and they cant win against this guy …sooooo hot!

    Those eyes!!!! awwwwwww

  • http://blop bob l’éponge

    pierce is so much better than david you don’t know what you’re talking about , imagine what casino royale would have been with young pierce playing the leading role it would have been amazing!!!!

  • Shauna

    Daniel is an incredible actor. Most of the previous Bonds were not. To his credit Daniel has not really aged that much. He looked a bit weathered, and rugged even when he was in his late twenties.

    I think he is very sexy, but to judge him on his looks alone, does not do him justice. It is worth checking out his previous works such as; “Layer Cake”, “Enduring Love” “Sylvia” and “The Mother” to name a few. He is an extrodinary actor with incredible range.

  • HottieTottie

    Craig just isn’t my idea of 007. Clive Owen maybe, but definitely not Craig. Sorry.

  • Mery

    I like Craig in Casino Royale. Good Bond, but I don’t like Daniel Craig.
    I’m sorry, I like without charisma. In my opinion, he’s is a man with good muscles, very bleu eyes, but I like bored man.
    Never “I see” Daniel, except Casino Royale. In other films, I say the camera don’t love him.

    For me, Brosnan is very good look than Daniel, and Daniel like very old for his age.

  • Davidson

    This man is the shit!

  • Sherri

    Y’all with the “he’s too old!” comments are crazy or 12. That man is delicious. Damn.

  • stalin

    i like him but i can’t get over the fact that he screwes slutty sienna miller – drops him several notches in my book – yuck

  • daniela

    he is the handsome men i’ve seen in a log masculine..remember me sort of steve mc queen..and those piercing baby blue eyes..gosh he’s handsome

  • bettiep

    MMmmm…He is so Hot! Love ya babe!

  • Michelle

    First,he is so frikin’ hot! Second of all, the people who keep calling him “David,” go find some more info to back your s*** up. Seriously, his name is DANIEl not David.

  • R

    shy, u r right, he looks old
    the hottest old ever
    the most doable old ever
    old as in ‘doing-him-would-never-EVER-get-old’
    g-DAMN, this man is un-freakin’-believable

  • GQtaste

    The little girls that complain are more than likely youngters themselves. I’m sick of all the girly little boys they pararde out there to make them stars!

    Give me a dude w/ some character anytime over the prettyboy type. Plus, we get those types of guys nine times out of ten anyway.

  • Miia

    I agree with Mimi and Lola. He’s a man, a real man! He isn’t perfect, and that’s why he is so awesome. He’s got somethging that nobody else has. Absolutely amazing man, and a great actor. These pictures don’t do him justice. First, when I saw Daniel with that beard, I was little bit scared, but because I see his face every once in a while, I’ve learned to like it. I think he looks great and absolutely sexy whatever he’s wearing.

    And, you fools, who spoke about Daniel as David, I want to say to you:
    Learn actor’s name before you come here to say anything about him, please.

  • Honeychild

    There doesn’t seem to be anything phoney or cheap about Daniel Craig, he seems like a real actor, not a film star. I remember seeing him act in lots of TV films and series over the years on British television, and to see him make the transition to international star is not surprising. A friend of mine who is a production assistant at Five TV [GB] was behind the scenes at an interview he did for Casino Royale, and she said he was quiet, undemanding, charming and co-operative, in short, a normal, pleasant guy. Hearing things like that make you like the person as well their work. And for the record, Yes, I think he’s sexy as hell!!

  • LaMonica

    I have three words about Daniel Craig….

    PIECE OF A$$!

    That’s what he is.

  • SweetyKat

    Mr. Craig does an incredible job as James Bond. The movie was great! The Craigy2b pic is awesome, his eyes are so beautiful. The look like the sea.

  • Xanda

    Ok, that man is FINE. I’m unfortunately younger than the average Dan fan, but I must say that he looks to have always looked this good. However, when he gets the beard, everyone that I know seems to think he’s too old. They don’t notice without the beard, just with.

    So to all those who complain about him looking too old, man, if I were a middle-aged guy, I would kill to look like that. If he’s held up to the standards of 25-year-old stars, he may seem less attractive, but he’s still in the 99th percentile of males in attractiveness for me…and I think that won’t go away with age for him.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Nobody

    Daniel is smokin’ hot, unlike the little pansy frat boys that Hollywood keeps tossing at us — Brad, Matt, Ben, George – those little boys have all the talent and charisma of cardboard.

    But Daniel — OH MY — he knocks my knickers off. *whew*

  • Paula

    O Brasil adorou o Daniel como 007. Aqui ele é um sucesso… I Loved Daniel in Casino Royale… This is a beautiful men and a exceptional actor..

  • K. Craig

    Where’s his gorgeous girlfriend :O


    @ #29

    Please don’t make me puke!

    Daniel is gorgeous! But the fug girlfriend needs to GO!!! It is such a waste of a hot piece of a$$!!

    She better watch out, Eve, The Fly Rapper will be in the movie they are currently filming.. Apparently Daniel likes Slim leggy chicks and has banged a few co-stars well.. Just a warning Satsunami, LMAO.. She is fug though!

  • belle z

    She does seem to be so plain, so why does he stay with her? It seems strange to me because she usually looks so ick in pictures. She certainly isn’t his equal.

  • Well Said

    LOL!! Well said Sokolata! Couldn’t agree more..great name for her too. Satsunami…that’s f***ing hilarious!

  • Tesco Girl

    You know, you look at his past girlfriends and they all look the same…flat (ish) chested, fit long legs, super skinny…that’s the trend he likes and that is one of the reasons why he adores Satsuki. Not much we can do about his taste in women is there? We have to like it or lump it.

  • Bon Bon

    Actually, his past girlfriends have not all looked the same. Heike Makatsch was with him for years, she was curvy and not skinny at all. Maybe a woman’s personality comes into it for him.

  • Tesco Girl

    I agree Bon Bon, Heike was slightly more curvy…I think he goes for strong independent, successful and down to earth women, not necessarily all of them too “glamourous”..I think he abhors that. There has to be a mutual passion there, in many cases, the entertaininment industry has been the “connection” it seems in the past…I think he adores all the women he’s been with though and treats them very well but maybe tends to shy away from the committment part? Who knows, just a wild guess…but one thing is for sure, Satsuki fits the bill and obviously makes him happy. (Lucky girl! *SIGH*)

  • z

    at the end of the day his girlfriend is still unattractive. It is almost shocking. For example, the pictures of her in Canne were really bad and there are so many others. I thought men were visual and wanted to be seen with someone appealing. I also think she would be annoying following him around 24/7, as if she doesn’t completely trust him. strange

  • Tesco Girl

    To “z” – Satsuki has some nice pics of her and some not so good pics of her (but haven’t we all got those?) ;) Anyway, she is with him all the time because A) He evidently wants her there and B) She evidently wants to be there to support him. His life has changed considerably after Bond. You’ve got to hand it to her, she’s given up a lot.(Her choice I know)…irrespective of all of that though, Dan apparently adores her, she even sports a potential “engagement” ring…you might have seen it on her at Cannes airport pics. Beauty is in the eye an all that…she is, by all accounts, a very talented, charming lady. At least he’s not with some Hollywood “bimbo”..then I would be questioning it!

  • Love is blind

    You all can bitch about it all you wantbottom line is that they are together – as they say “life is not fair” and Daniel being with Satsuki is proof of that. So lets all just accept the fact that Daniel is blind and Satsuki is lucky. She was at the right place at the right time.

    Love is not only blind it makes us do dumb things so he must be in love

  • Unlucky

    I agree with Love is Blind totally!..she was working on the film “The Jacket” when she met him…she was single, so was he and , I think, still lonely from his break up from Heike the year before (he then had a few flings but maybe looking for a long term relationship?)…TOTALLY right place at the right time…you’re bang on Love is Blind…(no offense to anyone though):)

  • Love is blind

    To Unlucky: I am the unlucky one! LOL :)

  • Not that it matters

    Wow, can anyone be THAT blind??

  • Love is blind

    Apparetly so LOL
    He is hot but he can’t see very well
    I suppose just because ones eyes are beautiful doesn’t mean they can see well

  • What a man wants

    Maybe he is with her because of the classic old fashioned reason……….she is good in bed! Or maybe he just likes her hell if I know….I have to go solve world peace now

  • http://eJanetJackson. What a man wants

    Maybe they have one of those secret Hollywood marriages – you know like Janet Jackson. Or maybe Satsuki is really a man and Daniel is gay but and this is a good way to hide it. Or maybe he likes ugly women because it makes him look more handsome. Is he the only man that thinks this woman is good looking?

    All joking aside…..something sparked between these two afew years ago, is the spark still there? Only they can tell you that

  • Tesco Girl

    To Love is Blind: then so am I! LOL! :(
    To: What a man wants: who knows why these two get together? They have the entertainment thing in common, he adores her apparently(?)…in some of the pics of them together they look oddly together but not (you know what I mean?) then in other pics they look happy…goodness knows…I’m miffed. Yes, maybe they have a great physical thing and yes, maybe he goes for that type of lady for one reason or another..has anyone thought that maybe he feels “safer” with someone who is not classically good looking although Satsuki is not THAT ugly..he likes the Japanese thing so I hear! ;)

  • Love is Blind

    I don’t understand to realationship beteween “feeling safe” and “ones phycial appearence”. To me that sounds like insecurity on Daniel’s part. What does safety have to do with vanity?

  • Tesco Girl

    No vanity at all..maybe he likes down to earth girls after all he comes from a working class family with sound ideals (so I’ve read and think)..Satsuki obviously gives him support and makes him feel good and maybe gives him advice, after all she knows a fair bit about the industry. The way he talks about her in interviews makes it apparent that he simply worships the ground she walks on. Isn’t that what we are all after in a relationship? Looks aren’t everything as we all know and maybe Dan is insecure with HIS looks? That might project from his psyche and manifest itself some way? Just a thought….no harm meant.

  • Amber

    Tesco Girl: You are very good with those icons — someone taught you well [-(

  • Tesco Girl

    Amber: I’m sorry?

  • OH NO!!!!!!

    I know what you are talking about Amber! Do you have an email where I can reach you. I would be very interested in chatting with you further…I think we may have something in common.