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Timberlake & Biel Hold Hands... in Public!

Timberlake & Biel Hold Hands... in Public!

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel go public with their relationship, holding hands and putting their arms around in each other while strolling about together in Oslo, Norway.

It looks like Biel has received Timberlake‘s mom’s seal of approval — mommy Lynn joined the couple’s PDA parade around Oslo. You can check out video footage of Timberlake and Biel holding hands and walking together with his mother here.

Tonight, Timberlake is performing a concert at the Oslo Spectrum.

15+ pictures inside of Timberlake and Biel getting their PDA on…

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justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 01
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 02
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 03
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 04
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 05
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 06
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 07
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 08
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 09
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 10
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 11
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 12
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 13
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 14
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 15
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 16
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 17
justin timberlake jessica biel holding hands 18

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  • mmyers

    Upgrade for him, downgrade for her! Whasup wit dat Jess?

  • abby

    I like them together :)

  • xy

    what does pda mean? i can picture it but would like to know what the letters actually stand for. thanks.

  • Guest

    Downgrade for him! She’s a butterface & he could do much better.

  • Julz

    its weird to see him w/ another woman.
    dont like biel at all!

  • xy

    wow, classy behaviour of his mum flipping the bird. how old is she?! a woman shouldn’t do that. doesn’t look right.

  • Jen

    They don’t look very happy.

  • cruz

    Biel seems like a bitch, Timberlake is ugly, his mother is as classy as trailer trash. Those newly rich people obviously can’t buy class. Those pop and movie stars earn too much money which spoils them.

  • Jen

    PDA = Public Display of Affection

  • pauli

    common, why are you so jealous!

  • dora

    I am glad that they are showing their affection but what is the deal with the grandma dress on Jessica. Come on…you’re with a little style!!

  • leslie royle

    she’s a hell of a lot hotter than brangelina!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dieter

    to tell you the truth: the happiest of these three seems to be his Mum who seems to be happy she has got rid of troublesome Cam – the other two don´t seem to be very happy. There´s a price you have to pay if you are not willing to clear up the relationship with you mom and this is even for someone who has millions of bucks on his bank account.

  • [Famous]

    xy | 06/21/2007 at 9:04 am
    what does pda mean? i can picture it but would like to know what the letters actually stand for. thanks.


    I hope that was a joke!

  • PingyPonga

    I think they make a very cute couple..

  • TiaBia

    I must admit, they do look really nice together!!!

  • angela

    Whats with the “he could do better” type of thinking? Theres more than just looks when it comes to dating/girlfriends and boyfriends.

    And since when does Justin deserve [anything positive]? lol

  • cheekymonkey

    what did justin say again?

    let’s see”
    - he didn’t want jessica to be with him during this tour because it mean so much to him
    - he said NO to her
    - jessica invited herself to his tour

    and then, you see this…

    i guess no means yes? :D

  • Tara

    Lucky girl!

  • bchick

    i think he is gross- i mean- he and camron haven’t even been broken up for that long. they were dating for like what, 3 or 4 years and he already has another gf?
    that’s just gross. he cant b over cam that soon, can he?

  • bchick

    oh and he is gross. she’s too pretty for him.
    he wasn’t good looking in nsync and he isn’t now….

  • Ida



    In Sweden he got followed by paparazzi during the whole stay.


    Timberland asked the photographer what his job is, the photographer answers “photographer”.
    Tomberlake “fuckin’ paparazzi”.

    A girl tried to take a mms-piture, but Timberlakes lifegaurd puts his hand over the phone. When she tries to take another piture, Timberlakes lifeguard says” Put that down, sweety, otherwise I’ll smash your phone.

    Timberlake later said that’s it’s okey to take pitures, but not to follow him all day.

    (Sorry for my bad english)

  • presodent

    picture 01 shows a giant Norwegian lady giving them the finger. pretty cool.

  • Mmmmm

    JT is obviously into nice bods but doesnt really care for faces. Cameron rocked acne on an on going basis and looked like the joker .. but hey they have great bodies.

  • Mmmmm

    Btw, she certainly has become a part of the Jawline Club.

  • L

    He just said that he DIDN’T want her on his tour and there would be NO GIRLFRIENDS this time. And that SHE INSISTED she be there last time. He just came out in an interview last week I think it was with this. Maybe that is the reason that they don’t look happy. I don’t dislike either one of them at all, but for him to say all this and more and then bam she is there again. I wouldn’t see how either could be happy.

  • xy


    no, it was not a joke. please, don’t be so ignorant. english is not everyone’s mother tongue so how are we supposed to know the meaning of all your abbreviations?!?

    it’s a pity i even feel urged to answer. i bet if all foreigners stopped visiting justjared the view count would drop significantly.


    thank you for answering my question like a mature person.

  • kmillz

    They are so cute together. I hope this one lasts. Good to see him with someone his age

  • Michael C


  • Tiffany

    Why is everyone talking about Justin having a girlfriend so soon after Cameron?

    Cameron’s been doing some dating herself and seen out with several men. It’s not like they were married and had three or four kids together. There is also no time frame written in stone saying how long you should wait to get in a new relationship.

    This is not a romance novel or a daytime soap opera. It’s real life people. Get over your fantasies over celebrities.

    These celebrities don’t give a damn who you think they should date and if you think they should get back with their exes because they looked so cute.
    Some of you people are just plain stupid and too into other people’s business.

  • Cynthia

    He looks stifled, like he’s frustrated. She seems like she’s obsessive. Pipsqueak watch out!

  • Shmoo

    She bugs me. It’s almost like she’s looking at the cameras to see if they’re taking pictures of them touching.

  • Sarah

    These two look great together. I’m not the biggest fan of either, but they’re around the same age, they just look great together. Am I the only one feeling this?

  • Milli

    I take back what I said in an earlier post, that he is too tiny for her. Well, I am surprised, he actually looks bigger than her and they look good together. Cameron was too old for Justin and sorry to say but she is not aging well either. Jessica Biel looks good with him.

  • julia weinstein

    # 34
    Well said.

  • Debra Tyn

    She’s such a beautiful woman…

    Much better than ugly Cameron Diaz !

  • Mattanja

    They do not look too happy..
    I liked him with Cameron, strange to see him with Jessica. For them I hope they are happy together.

  • Teresa

    I think it is too soon after his relationship with Cameron for him to be flaunting another one. I bet Cameron feels terrible waking up to these pictures. More respect JT, more respect!

  • em

    He doesn’t exactly look thrilled. Then again, neither does she. :)

  • Dang

    I wonder how pissed Cameron is. ahaha He sure did move on fast.

  • claire

    its not too soon…they broke up in December.

    The guy can go out and be seen with who he wants to. It was 6 months ago! He cant put his life on hold forever!

  • PinkRose

    Justin’s interview was about Jessica leaving the tour was not as negative as it is being made out to sound. what he actually said was that this tour is very impt. to him and she went home so that he could concentrate onthe tour. HE DID NOT SAY he didn’t want her on the tour…said he needed to concentrate more. I think she really went home for a break because he was going to meet up with Cameron for the Shrek promotion and Jusin didn’t want any scenes (which Cammie is famous for). As soon as he is done hanging out with Cammie, her is Jessica back.

    BTW, the mom is dressed how I expected to see Jessica dressed and vice versa. girl in old lady dress, Mom looking like a tramp.

  • norwegian girl

    #23, pictures #1 is Justins mum showing the finger.. not a norwegian woman.. norwegians have class, and we’re polite. Justin has not been very polite on his stay here in Norway, which I certainly don’t appreciate. We’re a small country, and we often see “our own” celebrities on the street, behaving like normal people, but we don’t have any larger than life superstars. So when he comes over here naturally everyone is going to want to catch a glimpse of him, and he’s behaving like an a**hole, complaining about our two newspapers taking pictures of him. He needs to get over himself. His whole career is based on people showing interest in him, so he has no reason whatsoever to complain. He put this on himself.

  • mackenzie

    they’re a cute couple and she’s not ugly at all

  • noneya

    wow you shouldn’t make fun of someone for not knowing something (pda). does that make you feel superior that you knew it and they didn’t? how sad for you. there’s a lot of things I still don’t know how about you?

  • inhirnamy137

    I don’t like Timberlake or Biel but that dress is cute, NOW Biel is going to become a BIG OLE star, She is dating the EGO.

  • itzzzkimmm

    I think they make such a cute couple. You guys need to stop hating on them. They’re in love. Leave them alone.

  • PinkRose

    girlfriend dresses like a matron while mother dressed like a 20 year-old. Outfit looks trampy for his mom, especially next to her!

  • f

    justin probably has the oedipe complex his mom is always here he should marry her.

    and i guess scarlett and him were a false rumor she was probably a cover for the real relation.

  • meL