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Rihanna - "Shut Up and Drive" Music Video

Rihanna -

Barbados babe Rihanna recently released the music video for “Shut Up and Drive,” the second single off her album Good Girl Gone Bad. Her first single “Umbrella” was a bona fide smash hit. This one’s sure to blow up the charts as well!

Watch Rihanna‘s “Shut Up and Drive” music video below!!

Rihanna - “Shut Up and Drive” Music Video
(She filmed this in Prague, Czech Republic.)
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  • aniqua

    Poor song, boring video…nothing special

  • Ms.Jackson

    I’m impressed with the accuracy of her clothes. She clearly knows many female mechanics and knows that there is nothing they love better than wearing flammable green leggings and shredded tops to work, whilst shaking their booty at their co-workers. Its the ONLY way to get respect! Still, she does look hot.

  • Sarah

    She dresses like a slĂșt to get attention. Oh and she has a massive forehead, too. Nice try, Rihanna but the haircut doesn’t hide it.

  • G Cellphones

    well, well, well, i’m sporting some major wood…i’ll be right back ;-)

  • [Famous]

    I like Rihanna, but I need a 5min break from her. I’ll probably watch the video sometime next week.

  • mackenzie

    what’s that… Don’t like it

  • Rainman

    What is happening to the state of Music, she is a good example why people who have good raw talent can not get a break.

    People have made this chick a star on looks alone, because she could not carry a tune if it was to save her life and here she is with a #1 song based on an Umbrella, go figure.

    Now this mess!!!!!!!!!!

    DEF JAM has the baddest marketing team in the world. They are focusing on the young and old horny males and females who don’t care of she can sing or not.

    GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tanique33

    how ironic, Shut up is what i think everytime i hear her voice. i got about 15 seconds into the video. but i gave it the ol’ college try.

  • Salaa

    Pity they took a girl with “island flavour” (Pon de replay), and made her into a regular clone just like every other young female singer out there who expound their tits, legs & butt to sell music. Boring rhythm, juvenile lyrics and over-done antics. Shame, shame, shame JayZ wants to make her into a little Beyonce. Where is the originality in music today??? Certainly not in this video.

  • Jenny

    Agreed with all of you about the current younger generation of female singers.No talent and the songs are so disposable.I’m sure by the time the first leave falls in September, most of the “summer anthem” already in the garbage or recycle bins for next year…lol

  • Cynthia

    It was allright to me. She is very unique.

  • mister dj

    what a suprise, RAIN MAN pops again…

  • Delete

    i like the video, it has a summer vibe, not too crazy about the song. she’s beautiful

  • sarah

    meh..not as hot as umbrella but it’s quite good.

  • Roxanne

    i agree with whoever said she’s unique, she’s blossiming into a very beautiful lady.

  • Graci

    Even though I am not the biggest fan of Rihanna, this is definetely a song that is gonna be on the top of the charts.

  • Gah

    Argh, I hate this alien but I know that song is going to be HUGE. Where can you get good ear plugs???

  • ainsley

    Christ, you guys obviously have no fucking clue what the word “unique” means. Do yourselves a favour and get a dictionary.

  • Burpie

    I like it. It’s a fun summer song.

  • ainsley

    Yeah whole lot of “class” !

  • suzy

    she looks good.

  • megg_inc

    I like Rihanna, but she REALLY needs new stylist!!!

  • Celeb_Star

    I really like this song and I really like this video!

  • tony montana

    sounds like the beat of an Orgy song ( the band lol)

  • yaya

    she hides dat forehead behind bangs, nice outfits, song is okay, i know my bro is gona luv da video

  • yaya

    #7 Rainman u sound lyk Presi. Bush

  • yaya

    go Rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bebe

    i think sum of u r just jealous, i think she is pretty, Rihanna strut ur stuff, but not 2 much

  • Rainman

    What do you mean? rainman pops again.

    Just stating the facts, the music industry is all about sex, this is why kid porn is in such high demand nowadays. 19 and already for the big screen (porn that is). Cause the video is typical Rihanna, half naked, bending over. Don’t blame Jay-Z, she already said this is what she wanted, so take the good (#1 single) with the bad (failing CD, cause little miss riri should’ve been platnum by now).

    Don’t like me, but I state the facts!!!! and you know this is true.

    Like I said before, olde school, where live performances meant a good show (Beyonce), not this stuff this child is doing.

  • Rainman

    Oh, forgot, Mary J., Christina, India, Jill and so on, get me!!!!!!!!!

  • Kay

    Nice song, beautiful lady. Prefer her with the long hair though.

  • mememe

    I think she did have some talent and I agree with whomever said it was sucked out of her. She had the island flavor and now she puts out this useless video and stupid song. Yeah me get the point. Can you handle the curves and shut up and drive isn’t really about driving. Yes, very original. Too bad she is so young and is letting others suck her style away!

  • Rainman

    Quit blaming other people, this girl has a choice, but she knows what is going to sell her, and she puts it out there.

    She stated it on the Today show, she might change her mind now, cause not to many people are feeling her with this new look. She got played out pretty fast. Now she can’t go back, she’s stuck.

    She still has that little girl look about her too!!!!!!!but she trying to be grown to fast!!!!!!!!!What she ought to do is SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN FOR MAYBE ABOUT 2-3 YEARS.

    She is looking for something and she is looking in all the wrong places.

  • trezeafriendly

    the name of the album is Good Girl Gone Bad which really means she is of age to sing about sex and shake her behind all she wants now. the entire album seems to jus be about fun summer tunes nuttin too serious which is how she and her management seems to always like it.

    I notice though homegirl seems more of her self, more robin less production team. She’s also rockish/punkish a bit too.

  • io

    The so called lyrics in this song are disgusting. (And I don’t just mean the innuendo.) Also I wish she’d stop fanning her crotch when she sings that her engine’s about to explode.

    I can sadly see every high-school girl singing these lyrics out loud.

  • vinny

    I dont see her lasting beyond this year she is another Ashanti in the making lol, and her look reminds me of an 80s prostitute it looks really tacky, i mean sure her song is a hit , but i mean it doesnt have substance , this girl transformed her from a island girl to a greasy joan jett 80s rocker chic, i dont like it, it makes her too manufactured. Her wig is nasty…she needs to do like a 70s style bangs to hide her forehead, her hair/wig/weave looks trashy and slutty

  • Ra

    Not all that good, not all that bad….but is it me, or does the girl have a MASSIVE forehead…???????

  • WTF

    I think its a great video and a great song. It’s unique and different and best of all pretty catchy. I really don’t understand what’s up with all the negativity. She’s a exotically gorgeous and talented girl. I don’t understand. A lot of the girls out there dress much worse than she does…it’s not like she’s wearing a thong and band aids around her nipples…

  • sam

    yea! that rocked!!!

  • lala

    i think rihanna is really pretty and she is a very talented singer so i dont know why you guys are so mean to her about her forehead its not her fault and i bet alot of you guys have big foreheads so like she says “shut up” and i dont think you guys even under stand what the song is talking about b/c it is not talking about driving a normal car

  • GloRy

    BEYOnCE Is WAQk 2 STARt OFF WIt SheSZ MaKin ALl ThESe GhETTo BLACK SOnGSz WIt PaT ur WeAVe wTF IS dAT!!! NO OFFfENSE….I LOVe rIhANna And I LovE Wat ShEsz bECOme DisZ vIDEO IS HaWt DA CLotHeSz IsZ SeXIi…HAWt ViD… Her MuSIc hAS MeAnin not TALkin BOut LIp GLoSS And WEAve BeYOnCe FELl OFF…ND DASz DAt SMe1 BaSEd On LOokSZ Is bEYOnCE B.C hER VOiCE Is HaWT!! But HEr MusIc Is CORnY.JaY-z Wants 2 InVEsT in SmeTHin FrESh And BEttER y NOt RihAnna…Point Is Plp Ur NOt A CELEb Or ANyOne WIt ImPorTAnCE if u SpeNd TIme On HATIn nd juDGIn SME1 Jus TO MAKe uRsELf FEEl BeTTeR…rIhaNna KEEep DOin Ya THIng…jaY DO Wat cha DO BeYOncE….MaKe SOnGSz WIt MeAnin’ But I LOvE YA 2…GeT AT ME!!

  • lady delish

    ok ok ok u all guyzz SUX u dnt know wat means musik it’s a very nice n cool song the outfit’s r gr8 gd job n u guyzz hve 2 shut up like she said she’s a beautiful gr8 gurl if u guyz r gelues come lick my ass ok later warravell

  • Lons

    wheres the black dress with white stars from?!

  • http://none cw

    how can anyone slag her off?!
    its just jelousy!
    shes perfect.

  • Brandon

    man wtf is wrong wit yall. Just cuz she came up so quick doesnt mean yall gotta hate so damn much. And girls, if u look at from “boys” point of view. You will understand that when she bend over an stuff, it makes her more atractive. And plus Rihanna has NEVER done porn, look it up on Google. (I already did, dammit i wish i found some of her lmao). But anyways, she has a great figure, and nothin is wrong to the girl to me. so stop fuckin hatin so much.

  • Visitor874

    I have visited your site 469-times

  • Visitor038

    Your site found in Google: position467

  • Visitor878

    I could not find this site in the Search Engines index

  • its meee.

    the video’s ok. the outfits are slu’tty, but i still like the song.

  • **me!

    I think that Rihanna is a Very Good Singer! For those of you that dont like the song, or any of her songs, I say Ok. You’re all entitled to your opinion… even though its wrong, You’re entitled to one. She is an awsome Beauty from Barbados and a great singer (look her up her songs a’ la acapellah {however that’s spelled}).
    Secondly why are ya’ll doggin on her forhead? Need I remind you Bitches that one of the most succesful Top Models in the World (Tyra Banks) also has a big forehead. That does not change the fact that she is gorgeous and without a doubt wayy hotter/cuter/sexier/prettier than anyone hating on her. Ya’ll know Tyra’s Saying “Haters Hate cuz their Jelous”.
    Last but Definately NOT least, How could some Idiot think that the Song Umbrella is literally about some Umbrella (Yes I mean You Rainman!) Umbrella is Simply a metaphor for an endering and heartwarming theme, Friendship. Listen to the song again maybe you’ll get it… heres some examples… “When the world has dealt its cards… if the hand is hard, together we’ll mend your heart” “when the sun shines we shine together, told you I’ll be here forever, said I’ll always be your friend….”