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Zac Efron: Same Suit, Different Day

Zac Efron: Same Suit, Different Day

Not only does High School Musical star share clothes with his on-screen/off-screen lady love Vanessa Hudgens, he recycles suits and poses too!

Zac, 19, sleekly suited up in Prada for the Annual National Tribute Dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Wednesday. The dinner honored Robert Shaye and Michael Lynne, co-Chairmen and co-CEOs of New Line Cinema (the studio producing Zac‘s upcoming film Hairspray) for their commitment to cultural diversity, social responsibility and philanthropy.

The Disney Channel pin-up wore the same Prada suit and skinny tie to the 2007 MTV Movie Awards earlier this month in Universal City, Calif.

Hey, at least Zac wore different shoes!

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Photos: Fosum, Frederick M. Brown/Getty
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  • Yelena

    Grrrr thats not okay -.-

  • bobby

    Come out of the closet already Zac.

  • ohmy

    I have no problem with the suit because really, with an expensive suit like Prada, you’d be out of your mind to wear it once and then throw it away.

    But what’s with the pose man? It’s like you’ve got a stick up yo ***.

  • Ida

    It’s such a nice suit, so it doesn’t matter.

    Justjard: Justin and Jessica in NorwaY:

  • Nessa

    hahaha but he is CUTE anyway!

  • babyblue

    he is a hottie, I love him


  • Cecilie

    I don’t care if he wears the same suit, he looks hot anyway.

  • londongirl

    too pretty to be straight.
    homo deffo.

  • Dieter

    his pooper was done the nite before and is still on fire !!!

  • ALI

    he looks like a ten year old kid playing dress up. No really, I think he’s a good actor..but not appealing at all

  • Luke

    He looks like he thinks too highly of himself and realizes that he’s pretty. Major hot points off!

  • joe

    He couldn’t be any gayer!!

  • black

    Too full of himself….and looking like a 12 year old.

    Not a good combination…

  • c

    ALLLLLLLL of us wear the same clothes over and over I bet Leonardo Dicaprio does too..has anyone ever heard of the enviroment and waste??? HE LOOKS GREAT, the only time we should complain is when people wear dirty or ill fitting clothes..

  • jam

    he’s looking less orange than usually which is good, i dont think he’s that nice but id still gape his butt xx

  • Ida

    Justin & Jessica holding hands!!

  • Olivir

    If anyone has followed his websites, you’ll notice that he weres the same clothes all the time!

    Now, that either means that he doesn’t care about his looks or he’s fruggal. I do think he should invest in different clothes for each event he does.

    He is 18 or 19 right? He’s young and just getting started. He should take some pointers from his very stylish girlfriend Vanessa!

  • [Famous]

    This kid is such a ho`mo, its not his fault though, its his parents fault for raising to be a Tool.

  • Mondo Bongo


  • Steph

    i looove zac, and he looks hot :P

  • L

    His handlers need to tell him not to pose like that. It makes him come off like a pretentious ass instead of a cute little kid.

  • Michael C

    This cheapo makes Prada looks like shit.

  • *Liverpool Gal*

    Omg U Have To Admitt He Is GORGEOUS!!! x.x.x

  • L

    “Omg U Have To Admitt He Is GORGEOUS!!! x.x.x ”

    Uh no, LiverpoolGal, he is not GORGEOUS!!! by a long shot. He is little kid cute on a good day. However, sorry to disappoint, but he sets off every Gaydar within a 15 mile radius of himself.

  • Taylor

    Well at least he doesnt do what a lot of celebrities do and wear one expensive thing once and throw it away..and plus he can pull it off!

  • david

    He looks so uncomfortable in that suit. It’s a little too big for him. He’d have more confidence if he got one tailored.

  • Rachel

    That’s actually not the same tie. The one at the movie awards was metallic.

  • alissa

    i dont get it, what is so wrong with wearing the same thing twice?!? non famous people wear the same thing all the time, especially if its expensive. i think its good he is wearing the same suit. it shows he isnt too caught up in the fame that he can wear the same thing twice. and with the pose… i pose the same all the time. i dont see anything wrong with it really.

  • Melissa

    He’s not fucking gay. Loser, god. And there’s nothing wrong with wearing the same suite twice. He’s not your typical celebrity that says ” I don’t wear anything twice !! ” lol. Which is good. (:

    Zanessa all the way.

  • Pia

    i think he didn’t wear the smae suit, looks PHOTOSHOPED to me !!

  • Izzy

    you guys are horrible…what do you see in him that is gay?

  • Audrey

    Lol in the first picture of him at the top, he looks like Michael Jackson.

  • paola

    zac you are the best boy in all the world i love you paola

  • paola

    i love you

  • chiripita

    Hi zac i’m your biggest fan. But i really have a quieston for you are you gay uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

  • http://myspace chiripita

    are u gay

  • http://myspace shanara

    i lov3 you but u are gay………………….

  • http://myspace shanara


  • Debora

    WE love zac and, it doesn’t seems to be a problem wearing the same chlothes twice!!
    He is rigth!

  • Mariah

    Hes cute no matter what!

  • valentina

    zac efron is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt in sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee he is fine

  • zzz

    You guys got a life?? Leave him enjoy his life and stop criticizing him!! Gosh… trust you have worn something atleast 10 times and thats for a fact so why is it a big deal when he wears it only twice. Either you are jealous of his hotness or you just ain’t got a life.
    my advice: Leave him alone or say positive things or go get a LIFE

  • Allison

    UGh you guys! If I was aware of my fame, and managed my money the way they do, I too would re-use outfits! I’m not spending 1000 on something and wear it once. And as for the pose…when your doing posing so often you do what feels right…

  • Michelle

    who cares if you wore the same suit! anyone normal wears things they have, a few times. At least he isn’t like other celebs that only wear something once and never wears it again. come on, he is only 19! it doesn’t matter, he looks great!

  • Kae

    What the Freak? Same suit okay, same posture? WTF?!

  • ez D

    hahaha i completely agree with “ohmy” hahaha thats funny. i like him, hes a good actor, but he just seems really, really gay. i saw a picture of him earlier and it looks like he’s wearing lip gloss. and when youre a celeb, people expect you to wear different things at big events. sucks, but just go with it!

  • ez D

    ohh and what the hell is up with that pose?! zac, youre a MAN!

  • shani

    common whatz so bad about wearing the same thing like the suit is prada like get over you selfs the suit iz wroth alot of money and u think that his really just gonna wear it once

  • cris

    who cares….hes hoooooot

  • cris

    who cares….hes hoooooot