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Angelina Jolie - "Hello" Magazine Interview

Angelina Jolie -

The Canadian edition of Hello! magazine has a fantastic interview with Angelina Jolie about her children, her relationship with Brad – and those eating-disorder rumors.

How is your newest adopted son, Pax, adjusting to family life? He’s a great kid. When we first met him, we thought he was really shy and really quiet, but about two days at home, we discovered that he is the loudest member of the family! He is very athletic, very bold. Pax and Zee [Zahara] have really connected because they’re closer in age, and Madd and Pax – they’re brothers, so they have moments where they absolutely bond together against everybody else in the family. Then they have moments where they bug each other, but it’s quite normal. It’s nice. I’m really, really proud.

It’s rumored that you’re considering adopting a child from the Czech Republic. Is there any truth to this? No. We’re not considering any more adoptions at the moment. We’re trying to make sure that all of our kids are adjusted first and that they all have individual time. We will have more children, but not right now. We’re always
open to all countries, but there just isn’t any truth to the rumors. Just because [we] adopt and because we travel, people say Brad’s buying a house wherever he goes and I’m adopting a child wherever I go.

Do you and Brad have different parenting styles? We’re very similar and we support each other as parents, so there is no divide of “Daddy’s good with this but Mommy doesn’t like it,” or vice versa. Brad is just as affectionate and loving as I am, and I am just as playful.

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Do you cook? No. Brad would tell you that I am one of the worst cooks in the world, but my first husband said that I pretended to cook badly so I never had to.

How did Brad help you through the loss of your mother? God, it’s funny to give all his secrets away. He’s a really great friend. He really cares. When my mom passed, he sat with me in the [hospital] room and held her hand and helped me go through all the stages that you have to deal with when someone passes, from her ashes to everything. He was just wonderful to my brother [James] as well. [After her funeral] we all went back home and then he just spent the night asking us questions about our mom.
He got us to tell funny stories about her and focus on all the love and all the joy. Brad is extraordinary.

How’s your relationship with his parents? When I first met Brad’s parents, I came in with two adopted children from other countries and that was new for them and their family. I didn’t know how they were going to be, but they’re wonderful, wonderful people. They’re equally loving to all of the children. We’ve left the children with them quite a few times, but I don’t know if we’ll leave them with Pax at the moment [smiling].

Would you say you wear your emotions on your sleeve more than you used to? I suppose, in some way. It’s funny, because I feel like I’m this really emotional person but people have often said to me, about myself or the roles I play, that I seem strong. I’m often surprised that people don’t see me or think of me as an emotional person. Maybe they do more now, but for a long time in my life, it was that I was just tough or something, and that I lacked emotion.

There’s been a lot of speculation about your recent weight loss. The funny thing is when somebody says, “you’re thin,” people say, “thank you.” But to me, it is not a compliment. It’s not something I want to be. I have always been lean, and this year I lost my mom, I have four kids, I finished breastfeeding and it’s been hard to get my nutrition back on track and learn about my body after birth. The disturbing thing is that instead of somebody saying, “Oh, this looks like a person that’s actually dealing with something [emotional],” they say, “does she want to fit into skinny jeans?” When I [read] anything that says I’m too thin, I think “Good, good!” Let it be a criticism. I don’t want to encourage young girls to be too thin.

Where is the reckless Angelina of old, who dived into the hotel pool after winning her Golden Globe? [Laughing] I’m really the same person. I jumped in the pool because somebody dared me to. So it wasn’t anything punk. It was true happiness and fun. Hopefully, I do still have that [quality] and I’ll jump in many pools in the future.

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  • angelah

    thanx for posting the excerpts

  • pro-bampzs

    awesome interview

  • Daisy

    Holy crap…I am writing a comment on the first page. HA! This is crazy.

  • nona

    **It’s rumored that you’re considering adopting a child from the Czech Republic. Is there any truth to this? No. We’re not considering any more adoptions at the moment. We’re trying to make sure that all of our kids are adjusted first and that they all have individual time. We will have more children, but not right now. We’re always
    open to all countries, but there just isn’t any truth to the rumors. Just because [we] adopt and because we travel, people say Brad’s buying a house wherever he goes and I’m adopting a child wherever I go.**

    damn, knocked down how many lies in that answer… gonna make some peeps very unhappy; but i’m sure they will fantasize other accusations.

  • Daisy

    Oh, and Jared. This story is pretty boring. I know you love Angie, but you do not have to post absolutely everything about her every ten minutes.

  • Indie

    Hmm, that interview was either from another mag or another mag used portions of that mag’s interview. I cannot remember where I was, but I did read those exact comments about Pax aswell as the parenting skills elsewhere very recently.

  • piper, with a low

    Thanks for the refresher, Jared.

  • Peaches

    8 Daisy | 06/22/2007 at 11:09 am
    Oh, and Jared. This story is pretty boring. I know you love Angie, but you do not have to post absolutely everything about her every ten minutes.


    Well, the answer to that is it is his blog and he can put up anything he wants. You however have the choice of just not reading it. Freedom works that way.

  • Neela

    I apologize if this has been posted before on another thread. I don’t read comments all the time, so, please have patience.

    This was an interview of Sean Smith. He answered questions from readers about his Newsweek article on Angelina. The read was interesting.


    Angelina Jolie has faced continued skepticism during her decade-long metamorphosis from Hollywood libertine to mother, activist and UN Goodwill Ambassador. But in “A Mighty Heart,” her new movie about the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl by Al Qaeda terrorists, Jolie combines her profession and her activist objectives to deliver the most delicate, powerful and human-scale performance of her career. Playing Pearl�s widow, Mariane, Jolie has taken cues from the real-life Mariane, using the movie to confront intolerance and promote global understanding.
    During an hour-long Live Talk on Thursday, June 21, at 2:00 , ET, NEWSWEEK’s Sean Smith will take your questions about his interview with Jolie, her work and ‘A Mighty Heart.’ Submit questions now.

    Read Sean Smith’s story

    Read Smith’s bio

    Automatically Update Page | Get New Responses | Submit Question

    East Windsor, NJ: I understand that Jolie believes that Israel has no right to exist. Does her vision of world peace mean a world without Jews?

    Sean Smith: I did not ask her about Israel, but Danny Pearl, the man she just made a movie about, was Jewish, so I find it hard to believe that her vision of world peace means a world without Jews.


    Orlando, FL: Why did Jolie not adopt children from her own country, the United States, and why does she still not speak with her own father even though he’s apologized to her?

    Sean Smith: I got a lot of questions about this, so I’ll answer them all here. I don’t know why she isn’t choosing to adopt American children. It’s a personal choice she’s made, clearly. I know from personal experience that poverty in other parts of the world is much, much worse than it is here, and that may be part of the reason. I know Angelina also sees herself as a global citizen. Just on a human level, it seems to me that if she’s saving three kids’ lives, does it matter what flag they were born under? That’s purely my personal take on the matter. But,as I said, I’m afraid I didn’t ask her about this.


    Birmingham AL: Jolie talked about being not being a racist, I want to know during the interview did she make any mentions of “Z” to you? I have followed Jolie for many years but I have yet to read her mentioning “Z” and have seen one maybe two pictures of her with “Z”? I do not believe she is a racist, but one has to wonder if “Z” adoption was for publicity.

    Sean Smith: She talked about “Z” a lot, actually. I had a whole section in the story about the kids that had to be cut for space reasons, and I only saw her with Maddox (Z was taking a nap), so that’s why Z’s not more prominent in the story. She says Z is really strong willed and funny and screams whenever Brad dances until he stops. And no, I don’t think she did it for publicity. She doesn’t need anymore, frankly.


    New York, NY: As a development academic and mother of 2 children – with family members working for the UNHCR – in, yes, that’s right, Darfur – I think the tone of the article is absurd. It is uncritical, fawning and deeply disturbing. The mythologizing tone you take when you say, for example, “her eyes never leave his face” (when taking about her seeing her son at the end of the day) is ridiculous. What about where was she all day while he was doing these new things? Why he was in a room alone? Indeed, the vast majority of mothers do look at their children when they speak….in fact, one wonders, Mr. Smith if in regular conversations your eyes wander aimlessly? It is certainly a Good thing that she is engaged and interested in the world around her, but there are 6 billion individuals on this planet and a great many of them have dedicated their lives to the development and aid of those less fortunate. Certainly I have no doubt she is relatively well versed in the subject of Int dev/aid – but so are the thousands of specialists at universities, think tanks and in the field doggedly working on. To promote her to a seat at the Council for Foreign Affairs (as well as Davos) is disturbing at best and, at worst, a sign of things to come as we enter a Big-Brother Reality-led Simulacrum of Art representing Art representing Life. I think she is doing good with her life, and is clearly a role model for the young Hollywood set. But, and its an important But, to promote her as an Icon of the 21st century for the greater world at large, is most likely the illusion of Newsweek, which seems to be less unlike US Weekly than it would suppose.

    My question for Mr. Smith is when did rigorous journalistic inquiry and critical thought (not to be confused with mindless criticism) become the order of the day at Newsweek? One wonders that if Ms. Jolie was less beautiful, would her deeds carry as much weight with the media. As her overall experience, while good, is certainly nowhere near enough to garner her the accolades she has received if she were to be held up against many of those actually working in world development (rather than, as has been the case thus far, as a modern day saint in Comparison to those simply Watching world development take place and not involved).

    Still, in an article where Brad Pitt (who was in his late 30′s before he even managed to make it over to Africa) says that Jolie and Pearl are like “Churchill and Roosevelt” (?) – one can only wonder at how little else he is aware of. In such a context Mr. Smith, you did little to offer the reader with anything even approaching international-level journalism.

    Sean Smith: I’m sorry that you think I was fawning. I addressed the criticism against her, I thought, in the story. Yours is the angriest question I’ve received, but there are others, so I’ll address them all here. I am not Angelina’s friend, or publicist. I will likely never speak to her again. I have no stake, one way or the other, in how she is perceived, nor do I have any concern with whether she likes the story or not. (And, by the way, I don’t know.) My job is to research her, spend time with her, think about her, talk to other people who know her, and tell you what I’ve learned. If she was a b*tch, or narcissistic, or cruel or stupid, I would have told you. Why wouldn’t I? What you read in this story is my experience with her. I believe her to be involved and sincere. She’s been doing it for six years, so it’s clearly not a lark. As for your question about whether she would get this much attention if she weren’t beautiful, I think you’re absolutely right that she wouldn’t. Look at all the attention you’ve paid her, and you don’t even like her. One more thing, Brad Pitt was being really light-hearted when he compared Angelina and Mariane Pearl to Roosevelt and Churchill. I thought the context of his quote made that clear, but I may have not shown that well. He was kind of kidding, and being cute. Clearly, they’re not Roosevelt and Churchill. Even to him.


    Austin, TX: How well has Pax picked up English since he was adopted. Has it been difficult to communicate with him?

    Sean Smith: When I was with her in November, she hadn’t adopted Pax yet, so I don’t know, I’m afraid.


    South Houston, TX: Did she go to college?

    Sean Smith: No,she didn’t.


    Memphis, TN: I know people will think I am just being a ‘feminist’ here but something I have noticed with Oprah, Madonna, Hillary Clinton and now Angelina Jolie. Although very different, they are all extremely powerful, influential and EXTREMELY divisive. People either love, love, love them or hate them. Do you think that the U.S. still has a problem with this type of intense power being in the hands of women?

    Sean Smith: This is a great question, and I think you’ve really hit on something. And oddly, I think it’s primarily women who have this problem with powerful women. I don’t know why. Truly. I remember being really struck by people’s anger that Oprah built a schoool for girls in Africa instead of doing it here. The irony is, all of these women could just sit in their palaces and be completely isolated by their wealth, and the choose to go out into the world and try and do something positive. As soon as they do, they get attacked. It’s strange to me. I’m not saying Angelina, or any of these women, is a saint, but what harm are they doing, to anyone? It’s not like they started a war under false pretenses or even used government funds for something. I’m afraid I don’t have an answer here, but the question does fascinate me. I should probably do an entire story on this topic.


    Los Angeles, CA: I’m a 30-year-old Asian American who immigrated here at age 1 with my family. I am also an activist who has been working with low income communities of color here in the US, making $11-13/hour, working 2 jobs at a time at non-profit organizations for the past 8 years. I am currently working with foster youth and poor “orphans” here in California. I know people are always criticizing Angelina since she’s in the public eye. Well I’m in that group. I used to really admire herbecause I thought she was different than other celebrities who were so full of themselves. But I’m starting to feel really irritated by headlines that say that she and Brad and other Hollywood-ers are going to save the world. I get frustrated because there are so many activists here who have dedicated their entire lives to creating change in their communities, the unsung heroes who don’t get 1/1000 of the headlines you guys do. She adopts a few kids and makes a movie in blackface and I’m supposed to believe she is going to eradicate poverty? Please! It doesn’t even seem she is aware of how much privilege her and Brad have as white movie stars, and to me it just sounds like she is collecting babies around the world like they are dolls or something. I’m so sick of hearing about her and her kids. Either just be a movie star, and stop talking about saving the world and collecting babies of color; or help give a voice to all of the activism OTHER PEOPLE are doing also–she has the power, use it wisely. Don’t be a megalomaniac.

    Sean Smith: Your frustration here is not with Angelina, but with the media. She does, in fact, go lots of places without cameras, and works with refugees with no one looking at all. I had a section on that in the story that didn’t make it into the final version, becasue of space restrictions. It would be a wonderful world if people who do good work — non-famous, non-beautfiul ones — were rewarded and covered as much as stars are. She is aware of her privilege, by the way. How could she not be? You know, she really could just stay at home in her mansion in LA. and go to parties and things, and adopt no one. Would things really be better if she did?


    Kennebunk, MN:

    What did Jon Voigt do to Angelina throughout her life that pushed her to the extreme of disowning him?

    Sean Smith: He was a semi-absentee father most of her life. They reconciled during the making of the Tomb Raider sequel. When she adopted Maddox, he went on television and questioned her mental health. She said at the time that she didn’t think it was healthy to have Voight in her life.


    Eagan, MN: Does Angelina Jolie feel remorse at all for her actions and choices she has made regarding Jennifer Aniston? When Brad and Jennifer were married they had planned on Jennifer playing the role. It seems like Jolie just keeps pushing the dagger deeper and deeper into Aniston’s heart and soul.

    To do what she (Jolie) has done to another will return sometime to herself. How does she live daily with herself and all of the extreme exposure while hurting Jennifer?

    Sean Smith: I got a lot of questions on this topic about this, too. I don’t know why Pitt and Aniston broke up. Frankly, I can’t tell you why MY last relationship ended. The only two people who really know what happened in relationship are the two people in it. Neither Jennifer, Brad or Angelina has ever said that Angelina “stole” him. She may have. She may not. I don’t know. But neither does anyone else, and I’m perplexed by this need for us, as the American public, to cast something as complicated as a romantic relationship into a simple soap-opera narrative, with a good girl and a bad girl. I do know this in general: when a relationship is happy and healthy, neither partner can be stolen by anyone.


    South Pasadena, CA: I am so tired of people doubting this woman who is so obviously a woman of great heart and integrity. She also seems to be very well-read and intelligent. Did you get that from her? I mean, holding your own with the likes of Bill Clinton, Diane Sawyer etc…I wouldn’t think you could fake that. Did you feel as Marianne Pearl does in terms of learning things from her, that she is definitely a woman with things to say?

    Sean Smith: Yes, I did feel she was intelligent and informed on the issues. I agree that a lot of people are skeptical/cyncial about it. As I mentioned in an earlier reply to someone, if I felt she was false or dumb or self-aggrandizing, I would have reported that. In the time I spent with her, I found her to be calm, sincere, focused and educated on the issues that matter to her. I’m not saying she’s a genius, just that she’s not flitting about the world blindly. And yes, I do think she is shaping a complex and humane worldview for herself. I’ll be interested to see who she becomes in the next decade.


    Warwick, NY: Does Angelina TRULY want to save the world or just look good for the media??? Personally I think she just wants to appear to be wholesome in the public eye.

    Sean Smith: This is too cyncial, even for me. And it’s my job to be. She’s been doing this for six years. If it’s a lark just to get publicity, there are about 1 million easier ways to do that. Also, that headline is something one of my editors put on the story. I don’t think she’s trying to save the world, and she’s never said so. I think she’s just trying to be of use, and make some positive change. We really should not have put that headline on this story. It’s inaccurate.


    LUDHIANA (PANJAB): Angelina could do a lot of good if she chose better roles, if she is going to act anyway. So why doesn’t she do more work like “A Mighty Heart,” and less like “Laura Croft: Tomb Raider”?

    Sean Smith: I agree. I hope “Heart” is the beginning of a trend.


    Budapest, Hungary: Isn’t it a bit cliche that the most beautiful woman in the world is with the most beautiful man, it seems a little contrived. When speaking with Angelina was there ever, even for a second, a sense that she was coordinating this image of herself?

    Sean Smith: No. And if I had sensed that, I would have printed it. She seems very relaxed and comfortable in her own skin. I did not feel at all that she was putting on some sort of act. As for the most beautiful man being with the most beautiful woman, that doesn’t seem contrived to me. That seems logical. Being with Billy Bob Thornton seemed stranger to me.


    Oceanside CA: Is Angelina Jolie married at the present time to Brad Pitt?

    Sean Smith: No, they’re not married.


    Waukegan,IL.: Did the Muslim extremists know that Daniel Pearl was Jewish before they killed him? Or did his race come out after they had already done the deed?

    Sean Smith: Yes, they did know Daniel Pearl was Jewish before they killed him. They made him say, on videotape,before they beheaded him, “My mother is Jewish, my father is Jewish, I am Jewish.”


    Plano, TX: Celebrities pushing charities is fashionable again. We went through this in the 80′s with “We Are The World” and Live Aid. Most people involved in those projects have not publicly continued their support of charities in any large way since (except for Bono, Bob Geldof and a few others). What are the odds Angelina will continue this altruistic behavior, espcially since it seems to have started while she was involved with a married man and can be spun as good PR? I will respect her if she is still involved in these charities 15 years from now. She’s no Bono or Audrey Hepburn, yet.

    Sean Smith: She started her refugee work four years before she met Brad, so it’s not accurate that she did this to bolster her image. As for whether she’ll contiune, I suspect she will. She seems very sincere about it, and interested in the world. We’ll see.


    Lisbon: I know that she donates one-third of her income to charitable causes, that she has traveled to some 20 countries over the years as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees… but still people only seem to remember and talk about her past… How do you think Agelina feels about that?

    Sean Smith: I suspect it bothers her — it would have to — but she also knows that it’s the way the world works. It’s funny, people complain about the media trivializing things, but almost all the questions I got on this live talk were all about whether she stole Brad from Jennifer and why she doesn’t do more in America. It seems to me that she — all of us –are global citizens, not just Americans, and if life is better in the worst parts of the world, it is better for us here, too. That just makes sense to me. Thank you all for your questions. This has been an educational experience for me. To say the least.
    Sean Smith

  • oh boy!!!

    She is changing her story now.

    She is the same person, she “will jump in many pools in the future”!!!

    Is she serious? She has so many different personalities, that it has become scary.

    Image is sure important to her.

    Miss AJ just stay out of the tabloids, and quit doing so many interviews.

    She is in every magazine, every TV shows… the list goes on.

    How shall one escape her!!!!

  • piper, with a low

    10 Indie | 06/22/2007 at 11:10 am

    A poster probably found this earlier. Or, this is another magazine cobble job.

  • oh boy!!!

    At the rate that she is going,

    She might as well do a reality show!!!!

  • Joann OKC


  • Georgia

    I love the british version of Hello magazine, it’s really good. I mean for what it’s supposed to be.

  • N.

    Indie, it was Marie Claire that I read some of that info from also, I think.

    It talked about Brad during her mother’s passing, the parenting styles, being proud of pax and their was mention how Maddox pulled Pax around in a wagon at recess or something.

  • michelle

    WTF? Why is it every interview she only talks about Maddox, Pax and Zahara?

    What about the one she gave birth too?

    She is a freak.

    I can’t stand her. She is not beautiful. She is warped.

  • cutie

    this magazine…is weird…cuz i ve read all that some where else…thats not a real magazine article, maybe they just borrowed it .

  • suspicious package

    Ladies and gents, the s*it is hitting the fan.

    Ted Casablanca’s blind item today have a lot of people thinking it’s Ang.

    Funny how it came out on the day AMH premiers.

    Seems to toe the E! party line.

    What do you all think?

  • bella

    This is one of the many things I love about this woman.So true to her skin, no pretentious brouhaha just to keep the rating. The more you know her, the more you love her.

  • http://yahoo Melissa

    I didn’t see it coming, nice one though!!!!

  • http://htt// b

    We are going to see AMH today. Love Angie.

  • http://yahoo yes

    Beautiful lady with beautiful FAMILY!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Elsa

    a mighty heart is great!!!!

  • http://yahoo Melissa


  • pokeman

    12 oh boy!!! | 06/22/2007 at 11:14 am

    for those who are fans, we like to hear about her. if you are sick of her, don’t look or read anything about her. that’s how you escape. get it. also, people who write gossips are not sick of her because Angie helps them sale more magazines. so, i suggest you stay away from all the entertainment gossips magazine that have Angie/Brad in.

  • Love Brangelina

    Thank you Neela for your post. I think it really adressed alot of fans and haters questions. I’ve copied my 2 fav parts below:

    As for your question about whether she would get this much attention if she weren’t beautiful, I think you’re absolutely right that she wouldn’t. Look at all the attention you’ve paid her, and you don’t even like her.

    As for the most beautiful man being with the most beautiful woman, that doesn’t seem contrived to me. That seems logical. Being with Billy Bob Thornton seemed stranger to me

  • Dancer

    Neela #12
    Thanks for posting the interview with Sean Smith, I hadn’t seen that. Actually he answers a lot of the questions the trolls bring up all the time–guess they can’t read, just want to spew their hate.

  • angelah

    12 Neela | 06/22/2007 at 11:13 am
    ************thank you for posting ‘em & ITA w/ this “I do know this in general: when a relationship is happy and healthy, neither partner can be stolen by anyone. ”

    19 michelle | 06/22/2007 at 11:19 am
    ****here, listen and watch carefully

    agh i have so many things to do…bbfn

  • http://yahoo Elsa


  • Clau

    Wow! God bless you all (all of your personalities, I mean)

  • Neela

    29 Love Brangelina
    30 Dancer
    31 Angelah

    Yeah, I thought it was an interesting read, too. I thought it was strange and funny that even Sean was criticized, but I thought he held his own. His responses were impressive.

  • missouri girl

    This just means One thing, she is going to get pregnant soon.

  • http://yahoo Melissa

    nO WEIGHT staff here, the interview says it all!!!!!!!!

  • piper, with a low

    12 Neela | 06/22/2007 at 11:13 am

    Thank you for that.

    More confirmation to where most Americans’ heads are at. Anything that woman does, people take it way too personally.

    She has those long legs… on purpose.

    She’s got the attention of the world… on purpose.

    She’s surrounded by the love and respect of her family, friends, and collegues…on purpose.

    People pick up the whiff of those who are merely coasting through life… that scent ain’t coming off of Angelina, that’s for sure.

  • http://yahoo MAMS

    Nice one JJ


  • http://yahoo Elsa


  • tabitha

    I am going to see AMH in a couple of hours from now.

    Thanks for posting the excerpts, Jared. Hello must have gotten these quotes from another magazine or from a press interview attended by many.

    After her comments, I am thinking they will have a bio child next. Though that may be another year away. It does seem like Pax is getting settled into the family quickly .

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  • delilah

    Thank you Jared!

  • http://yahoo Melissa

    going to watch a mighty heart

  • http://yahoo yes

    i’m off enjoy the movie Melissa

  • http://yahoo Melissa


  • http://htt// b

    I’m to going leave now to see AMH.

  • Poobear

    re: #21 suspicious package – crushing blind item. It does seem like that your guess would be dead on. Kind of sad when one thinks about it.

  • piper, with a low

    21 suspicious package | 06/22/2007 at 11:21 am

    Assuming that this is really ‘suspicious package’, we have been here before. This cr*p came up around the time of the GGs. I said it before and I’ll say it again… it’s probably Pam Anderson. She’s works for PETA; her career was built on her looks and yet, lately, there have been rumblings. For example, that shot of her on the beach with her kids. The press went to town on her about her face, as if wearing layers of pancake make-up and false eyelashes is required on a beach. :roll: And remember how the press booed her when she was at Cannes for not staying long to take pictures? As I recall, she was wearing heels, really tiny white shorts and a black long-sleeved top. And there was that ugliness about her wearing Ugs, which contained animal skins in them. And didn’t she get a gig at a Vegas show and for DirectTV(?)?

    As for the hunky boyfriend part… I don’t know. I know that she’s been seen with Tommy Lee and I doubt that she was on her own when she was partying at Cannes.

    The haters can think whatever they want, but the fact is that I doubt that Brad would leave any of the children in her care if she was using. And it’s doubtful that he would allow her to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia with the kids if he wasn’t there. And you would think that if he had little faith in her ability to keep it together, he would have intervened when she appeared at the Cannes press conference, on TDS, Larry King, Charlie Rose, msn, etc.

    Whereas, with Pam… we don’t see her out much, except in a party context or on a beach.

  • missouri girl

    Eveyone is leaving to go see AMH… in two hrs we will here how g8 it is.

  • Scooby Doo

    I love Brangie!

  • Neela

    I think that blind item was pulled out of Ted C.’s rear. I think it’s just personal on his part. I know not a lot of people are impressed with Lainey, but I’d take her word over his any day, and as Lainey said many times, we will only know anything about the JP’s if they let it out themselves, otherwise, most everything else is heresay and/or fabricated.