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Demi & Ashton's Odd Family Dynamic

Demi & Ashton's Odd Family Dynamic

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher keep up with their unique family set-up, posing with her ex-hubby Bruce Willis and two of their three daughters — Rumer, 18, and Tallulah, 13.

The extended family all attended the premiere of Live Free Or Die Hard at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall on Friday.

Noticeably missing? 15-year-old daughter Scout.

Other pictures include Demi, Ashton and Rumer at the book party for NYT best-selling author and intuitionist Laura Day at West Hollywood’s ONE Sunset restaurant on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Demi wore Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry with her Yves Saint Laurent dress, handbag and shoes.

25+ pictures inside of Demi & Ashton‘s getting their extended family on…

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01 ashton demi
02 ashton demi
03 rumer tallulah
04 rumer tallulah
05 rumer willis
06 demi ashton rumer tallulah
07 demi ashton
08 demi ashton
09 rumer willis
10 rumer willis
11 rumer willis
12 rumer willis
13 rumer willis
ashton rumer tallulah
demi ashton 01
demi ashton 02
demi ashton 03
demi ashton 04
demi ashton 05
demi ashton 06
demi ashton rumer tallulah 01
demi ashton rumer tallulah 02
demi ashton rumer tallulah 03
demi ashton rumer tallulah 04
demi ashton rumer tallulah 05

Photos: Evan Agostini/Getty, Bauer-Griffin/Axelle Woussen, Jennifer Mitchell/Splash News Online
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  • [Famous]

    How the hell did Bruce and Demi produce those 2 kids? Lol

  • Indie

    Enough with Bruce in the family photo’s. We get it, you all get along. :lol:

  • [Famous]

    If Demi and Ashton have kids I hope/pray! their genes make better looking babies

  • Alayna

    yeah where was Scout? partying? what?

  • Indie

    Noticeably missing? 15-year-old daughter Scout.

    Bathroom break. xD

  • rosebud

    i remember seeing ashton on a talk show and he said that scout was studying in france

  • highsociety

    GAWD, them is some fugly off-spring. All three, which clearly indicate that Demi’s eggs and Bruce’s sperm do some kind of mutation once met. Better luck with Ashton, Dems.

  • bdj

    They are all starting to look alike.

  • Burpie

    I don’t get it…I mean, Bruce doesn’t look bad, Demi doesn’t look bad…

    Maybe Demi had an affair with a really fug guy?

  • van

    Really unfortunate looking girls…although Rumer looks better after having her chin/jaw filed down.

  • Hunter

    #9 Burpie |
    I don’t get it…I mean, Bruce doesn’t look bad, Demi doesn’t look bad…

    Maybe Demi had an affair with a really fug guy?


  • Ashley

    tallulah is pretty the other two are ugly

  • Maniston

    Rumer looks like she wants to get with her stepdad. She is trying so hard. The first surgery is helping. She needs more surgery to make her even passable.

  • Cynthia

    I can’t believe that Bruce was once jealous of Ashton. He need not worry about him fathering a child with Demi, because Ash has a mangina, he’s smooth as a Ken doll.

  • julia weinstein

    the little one is cute…the other one looks like Spock unfortunately. we don’t control the way we look. Bless them all.

  • BrangelinaeFan Cornel

    I wholeheartedly agree that those Willis girls are rather unfortunate looking — especially when both mom and dad have movie star looks. Oh well.

    Another one is that Suri Cruise. Not a cute baby at all, IMO. It’s that nose of hers — OMG !! It’s practically across her little face! Trying to figure out where that nose came from — Katie or Tom before surgery?

    And as far as the Demi/Bruce/Ashton-we’re-all- one-big-happy-family appearances are concerned, I too agree that enough is enough !
    It (this dynamic) really looks weird now — especially if Demi is really pregnant, as rumored.

    I mean, exes and their new loves being cordial and friendly to one another for the kids’ sake is one thing. But I believe this clan is taking it all just a bit too far for the public, and for themselves. It’s almost as if Bruce is trying to convince himself that it’s cool and he’s completely over Demi like that. But we don’t need to see this all the time. I think Bruce took Will Smith’s admonition about getting along for the sake of the kids way too seriously — and too literally. Did you all see those Vanity Fair magazine photos of Demi, Ashton and Bruce in a fishing photo shoot? You mean there’s no inkling of jealousy at all? Especially when they’re kissing in front of you? Weird, man. Just plain weird.

    And I wish that someone whose opinions they would actually care about and respect would tell them that the public, fans don’t have to see this freaky family dynamic at every turn.

    Well, that’s my two cents. Just wanted to agree with the original post.


    – BrangelinaFan

  • Shar

    anyone knows if perezhilton changed The name of his website, i can’t get in, if anyone knows, please tell, thanks.

  • van

    OK…looking back at old Rumer pics (with Lindsey Lohan) it looks like she had more than her chin worked on. Maybe a little cat-eye thing and nose job? Why does she wear her hair like that? Covering up scars by her ears? Poor kid, I agree with #13 – more surgery, STAT!

  • Lolita

    Its one thing to make snarky comments about rich, famous and glamorous celebrities but to pick apart their children—well its just plain appalling!

    Ugly. What a nasty, mean-spirited word to use on 2 young women all dressed up, out on the town with their parents and vulnerable to your scrutiny!

    Do you think they don’t know—or their friends don’t know and read these sites???

    I could start up a long list of nice things to point out about Rumer. She’s got Demi’s exquisite eyes, she’s poised, she’s…….

    I have a feeling that I am wasting my breath.
    But maybe I can help change the tone around here. Its sickening and I just hope some of you look into your hearts as to why you need to be so pissy and low to be so hurtful to 2 girls that you might adore if you knew them.

    Look around at the people you love—look at yourself. How’d you like all of us putting them/you up for such close scrutiny?

    Could you handle what you might hear—honestly?

    Pick on the bigwigs. They, at least are used to rejection.

  • Ruth

    Well said Lolita!

  • Anna

    Some of you people need a life. Picking on two young girls like that just because some of you have issues with your ownselves. Don’t take out your own insecurities on some helpless girls, who aren’t even actors by the way, just so you can feel good about your own sad little pathetic lives.

    Oh and I agree with Lolita’s comment…

  • hehe

    Oh my GOsh! that last pic on the second row scares the $hit out of me. I can see her nose hair! Jesus!

  • Michael C

    Rumer is hideous.

  • to de Poser>16 BrangelinaeFan Cornel

    16 BrangelinaeFan Cornel

    Honey save it YOU ARE NO JP fan! SO SAVE THAT DRAMA FOR YOUR FF hateraid self ok?

    You are only saying you are a JP fan because you want other bloggers to attack JP’s for being rude to the Willis girls.

    Your Reverse psychology sh1t is obvious! What you are is a Aniston fan. So be that and stop fronting ok? Pathetic Poser!

  • J3$$!C@

    Interesting genes Bruce and Demi have.

  • uke-chan

    1 [Famous]


  • stripesofglare

    the truth is

    chances are

    the fact IS

    that any of you insulting these beautiful girls & this beautiful family who set an example that ex’s should be able to be adult enough to get along? & they do? & they are happy by all appearances?

    Chances are, anyone who did & will continue to present such statements

    1) hate yourselves
    2) wish you were even 25% as attractive as any of the girls
    3) need to make a donation to a charity of ones choice especially if you have nothing better to do with your life
    & these are the facts & everyone knows it.

    So either say something meaningful find some paralell to sudan & hollywood- or talk about kaballism- whatever- iraq is a hopeless & miserable war-
    the facts.

  • BrangelinaeFan Cornel

    >>16 BrangelinaeFan Cornel

    Honey save it YOU ARE NO JP fan! SO SAVE THAT DRAMA FOR YOUR FF hateraid self ok?

    You are only saying you are a JP fan because you want other bloggers to attack JP’s for being rude to the Willis girls.

    Your Reverse psychology **** is obvious! What you are is a Aniston fan. So be that and stop fronting ok? Pathetic Poser!

    I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. I’m a Jolie-Pitt fan through and through. And what the hell does that have to do with my comments about the Willis-Ashton clan?

    Keep on point, Hun. You don’t want to fight with me. Just because I don’t agree with your opinion, don’t try to bring in something that has nothing to do with it. I post on here all the time. My byline stays the same. Why should I have changed it because I was referring to a different topic?

    Of all the posts, especially the ones who started the Willis’ kids looks discussion, why did you pick mine? Hmmm. Interesting.

    “Reverse psychology?” You’re reading far too much into it. Get back on the couch and get your own issues together.

    Thanks, Hun. Go fight with somebody else to make your point valid.

    – BrangelinaFan

  • Sarah

    I like the fact that they’re so close together. Unless it’s just for the media, I don’t care just as long as they get on. :)

  • Lina

    Didn’t Tullulah change her name to just Lulah?


    Demi looks like Assh mother- in law, Assh looks like Rume’s boyfriend hmmmm?? Bruce is the third wheel and Tallu looks like she does not want to be there LOL!!

  • Laurie

    Scout is near Paris for the moment on an exchange program with a french girl in my hometown! She’s been there for the past 5 or 6 months.

  • tequila29

    I don’t see where Rumer got her jaw filed down. It looks just as big as in the older pics.

  • gizmatage

    Why are people criticising this happy mixed family? I don’t get it. Who cares if you think it’s weird. I do not think it’s weird at all. I think it is fantastic that you could get along w/ your ex’ new family. I think it is VERY IMPORTANT especially when you have kids. It’s not like Bruce, Ashton, and Demi are having threesome. They’re just family!! And that’s great.

    I’m not even fan of any of them. But I just thought the criticsms about this family are just dumb.

    At any rate — I can’t remember what Scout looks like. I’m just shocked that Tallulah (she’s changed her name to Lullah, btw) is only 13. She looks like she’s at least 18 in that picture.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Wow! Aston is quite tall isn’t he? He’s so hot! Demi is one lucky gal!

  • wendy

    To Lolita Ruth and Anna:

    These people (actors, kids) whatever are fair game the minute they step into the public eye. Did anyone force them to pose for these pictures? Did they do it under duress? I think the answer is no. They made a conscious choice to expose themselves to the media and the public in this manner.

    As for underage child, the parent (Demi in this case) could easily have made the choice to keep her daughter home for the night. Many actors keep their children out of the limelight. As for Rumer, I am sure she is fully aware of what people say about her on these websites. How can she not be aware of the publicity that a photo op at movie premiere entails.

    Instead of trying to “change the tone” here, why not go to another blog like Popsugar where the comments are regulated? If you don’t like what people here have to say about the post then don’t patronize this website.

  • highsociety

    OH PLEASE, save the sanctimony for those pussy gossip sites that care!

    The Willis kids are U-G-L-Y — a statement that has nothing to do with their personalities or beings. They may very well be productive citizens of society. But no one has to PRETEND that these girls are anything but unattractive, and stating the obvious has nothing to do with courtesy or respect. That’s reality, folks.

    And your denials won’t make ‘em any less hideous!

  • Notbusy

    I didn’t know Rumer was 18. She can do what she wants now, but she is still very young and that dress just looks kinda slutty in my opinion. Especially since she is out with her mother and Father. It would be different if she was hanging out at some club with her friends or whatever.

  • to#24

    hey #24
    When I saw the name mention twice I thought the same thing about #28 BrangelinaeFan Cornel.Who knows?
    When I saw her Brangelina Fan name I was suspious too. Since the name was mention twice.
    We dont refer to Jolie-Pitts as Brangelina anymore hardly ever. Oh well we Jp’s dont go off on other Jp’s like that. Peace.
    If you are a JP chill sista.
    The Willis-Moore clan looks united so cool.

  • HottieTottie

    This is going to sound mean, but wth. Her kids are ooogly.

    There, I said it.

  • Mish

    I read scout was attending sorbonne university in paris. An exchange family program sounds more likely given her young age. Ive always admired the way demi and bruce handled their divorce and stayed friends.

  • Jordan

    OMG…That girl Rumer is plain ugly, she’ll never be a moviestar in this day and age… It’s scary, to be honest…. Yikes!

  • Leslie

    I read that Scout (missing one) is doing the foreign exchange student thing.

    They are definitely interesting looking kids.

  • NyMiss

    Uh, they are not ugly just because they don’t fit into the media pushed sterotypical American mold of “beauty”. I would like to see what you people look like. Most likely you are not half as good looking as these girls.

  • journey

    a big amen for lolita. children and babies should be off limits for snarky comments. there are plenty of grown-up idiots to insult.

    besides, it’s safer not to diss big daddy bruce’s baby girls. i wouldn’t put it past him to put a big die hard hurting on anyone who is mean to his brood.

  • Amanda

    I love Tallulah’s dress! Demi looks matronly.

  • Spuce

    Why are they taking pictures of those wanna-be famous kids?. They dress inappropriately for their ages. Their parents are barely famous – why are they being paraded in front of the press. YUCK!!!

  • fatkat

    One daughter looks like Demi and the other like Bruce.

  • Mayara

    Ele é foda.
    O mais lindo do mundo.
    Ela é uma idiota que deixou ele escapar.
    O Ashton é mto lindo, mas nunca vai se comparar ao Bruce que é perfeito.

    That’s all.

  • meel

    They look OK. Give them a break.