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Keanu Reeves + Hugh Laurie = Night Watch

Keanu Reeves + Hugh Laurie = Night Watch

Here are the very first pictures of Keanu Reeves and Hugh Laurie filming a scene together on the Los Angeles set of Night Watch.

The pair were spotted filming a scene together at a Spanish restaurant on Thursday. Night Watch also co-stars Oscar winner Forest Whitaker. POTC’s Naomie Harris and Fantastic Four’s Chris Evans.

The upcoming crime flick tells the story of a veteran LAPD cop, played by Keanu, who turns to the bottle after his wife’s death and is framed by his former mentor (Whitaker) in the murder of a fellow officer.

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Photos: ENewsBuzz
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  • dawn

    Love them both. Tired of all the whoreness of Angie and Brad Pitt here.
    Those two are overrated and so phoney.

  • Mmmmm

    Love these two and Keanu … Mmmmmm!

  • Code of Fire
  • donna

    keanu…all dressed in black…swoon…

  • Gomu

    Hugh Laurie is sooo hawt!!

  • keire

    I love Keanu. But isn’t he supposed to play an alcoholic? He looks far too good for that. ;-) But maybe those are the “before” scenes.

  • Ali

    KFed in this…. beurk.

  • Mediterranean

    One day I hope that Keanu will act with Brad. GOSH He is so handsome!!!!

  • Misty

    Keanu cleans up something pretty. Yum!
    What’s with the tiny pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Layla

    K-Fed IS NOT in this! It was confirmed on E!

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Layla!!

  • Shmoo

    This might just be too much unconventional hotness in one movie! **whew!

  • Juno

    Keanu looks so young for 42. I’m really looking forward to this movie.

  • Rii

    Wow, two amazing, gorgeous men in a movie together. Can’t wait to see this film!
    Thanks for the great pictures!

  • MJ

    Both Keanu Reeves and Hugh Laurie are favorites of mine so I look forward to seeing this movie. I agree with Dawn…it’s good to have a break from Brangelina. We don’t need to know every time they take their kids to school or pick them up from school.

  • ZZ

    Great to see Hugh’s pics, I adore him and House ROCKS.Hope we get to see him in bigger projects in the future, he is one highly talented actor.I was so glad when he picked all the awards earlier this year.They better give him the emmy in august or whenever it is.Go Hugh!!
    Freshly shaved Hugh is NOT hot thought…

  • Di

    Hum…They look very good!! I love Hugh Laurie and Keanu Reeves. Both are handsomes

  • Nanea

    Hey, thanks for sharing the pics, Jared!

  • Ang

    Don’t forget Amaury Nolasco from PB is also in it Jared!!!!!!!

  • sexybab

    woa… keanu is hot. i looove his legs. so sexy, the way he walks….yum. he looks so young. isn’t he the same age as tom cruise and brad pitt? 43? what do they do to look so fresh and young? what what?? what’s the secret, goddamit! do i have to date men in their forties now? they all look sexy beasts. yum!!

  • sexybab

    where’s my post??? anyway what i wanted to say is keanu reeves is soooo hot. the way he walks is so sexy. great legs. and he looks so young! isn’t he 43 like brad pitt and tom cruise? what do they do to keep so young?? what’s the secret??? i think i shall date men in their forties now cos they’re sexy beats. yummm!!!

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Another favorite of mine! Hugh Laurie, hotter then hot. Total hot piece! He’s the older version of Hayden Christensen.

  • ARYA

    Hugh is a very nice looking guy…but Keanu is my king of the closeup…still.

  • irma

    That’s a good idea, Brad & Keanu film & Ange as the leading actress.

  • Sara

    Weeee!Hugh!Seem like ages since we last saw him. Gosh, miss him.

  • Amy

    oooh, Hugh, SHAVED, playing a backstabbing cop….should be interesting, as I’ve only seen him do comedy and misanthropy (Fry & Laurie/Jeeves & Wooster, and House M.D. respectively)
    Hopefully this movie will be big enough so that people get to know him outside of his role on House.

    Also, yay Keanu. He’s not my fave, but he’s not bad.

    …..wonder if Hugh is going “American” on this flick, or if he’ll use his natural (and adorable) British accent?

  • Nikka89

    Oh Hugh is lovely!!! Eventually we’ll watch Hugh in another film! That’s Great!

  • HottieTottie

    Lovvve me some Keanu! Wtg JJ :!:

  • EREKE-vestica-VHS

    Laurie – presne takeho sme potrebovali!…Laurie – je totiz dvorny psycholog Watch Mana – Keana…Lauriemu – je podozrive – ze Keanko stale spava s plysovym macikom…Predpisal mu protimacikovske zuvacky…Ale vobec to – nepomaha…Keanko – stale prepadava so zbranou v ruke – hrackarstva – v prezleceni za policajta!!!…Ale tentokrat – sa zameral – na plysove biele mysi!…Keanko – sa proste neboji zmeny!…Aj na fotke – ma odhodlany vyraz tvare!…..Akokeby hovoril:”Tu plysovu bielu mys chcem a nikto mi v tom nezabrani!”……..

  • EREKE-vestica-VHS

    Hladiac – na psychologovu Lauriho bezradnost – na fotke – je nam jasne – ze Keanko dosiahne svoj ciel – podobne ako Neo v Matrixe…Bytri pozorovatelia si urcite vsimli – za Keankom – je prilis zeleny tram!….Urcite je z Matrixu!………

  • EREKE-vestica-VHS

    Keaaaaaaaanko!!!….Takze zvolil si si zmenu!!!…Uz nekradnes opitym bezdomovcom – ich rifle!…..Kradnes policajtom uniformy!!…Si sikulka!…Ako to robis?…Hladiac – na Lauriho bezradnost – sa mi zda – ze tvoj dvorny psycholog – musi s tebou spolupracovat!…Volky-nevolky…Zrejme je to takto:…Laurie pristupi k nic netusiacemu policajtovi a spyta sa ho na nejaku ulicu…Policajt mu ochotne poradi a vtedy zozadu – od chrta priskoci Keanko – navlecie policajtovi na hlavu – vrece zo zemakov a stiahne ho do svojho auta…Tam mu da nadychat – rajskeho plynu – vyzlecie ho z uniformy – oblecie sa do nej a uneseneho a omameneho policajta – da k dispozicii – mimozemstanom…Ti si na nom urobia zopar pokusov a vratia ho…Keano – dostane od mimozemstanov – aj odmenu!…Zase ho povozia – na svojich lietajucich tanieroch!…A poucia Keanka – aj o vesmire…Napriklad – ze v roku 2012 – prejde nasa slnecna sustava – cez Galakticky rovnik…Ze sa dostaneme do posobenia roznych vesmirnych sil…a ziarenia vln…a co to moze sposobit ?… …Hm…Keanko si uvedomuje – co to moze sposobit……

  • Elenia

    Love Hugh Laurie!!

  • martisekk

    to EREKE-vestica-VHS: wtf? hej ty se ani hodne nudis ze? ale nebylo to az tak trapne – parkrat jsem se i pousmala :)))
    tak se nevzdavej – treba se nakonec objevi nekdo kdo ty tve vyplody pochopi:)))
    btw. keanu je mi naprosto ukradeny

  • Kay

    Can’t wait to see Hugh on the big screen again! For those of us who are jonesing for Season 4 of House to begin, reruns, DVD’s of his films, airings of “Peter’s Friends” on Logo and yes, even Stuart Little, will just have to see us through…

    My God, the man is talented: intense, wry, witty, humble, ironic, lighthearted, convincing to the point of bewitching. Stanislavsky be damned; how does Hugh work that trick?

    I need my Hugh fix!!!

  • EvilLynn

    WOW! Neo AND House in the same movie?!?!?! I’m so there!!! I like these actors, and Forrest Whitaker is in it too…good cast!

  • EREKE-vestica-VHS

    WOW!!!!…Jerry – Keanko pochopil!!!!!!!!!……….Miluje moje myslienky!…WOW!!!………A ako inak?….Ako sa maju – protony?…Jerry-Keanko?….Lietaju – v pocitaci – aj v dvoch svietiacich mozgovych bunkach “marti-sek”?…To je super!…Contact sa vydaril!!!…WOW!!!!!!….

  • EREKE-vestica-VHS


  • J.M.

    @Ereke: it’d be better you would write in english and not in slovak…

    Yay, two great actors in one movie together…

  • Clara

    forever support..Keanu..

  • ahla

    Would hit that

    Would also hit that.

  • Mandy

    I love Hugh Laurie. He is soooooo sexy. I love his british accent and House MD is my favorite show ever! <3


    I love hugh laurie just cannot get enough of house!!! i have to agrre clean shaven hugh dosnt cut it as much as the scruff!!! but either way will do. i hope one day to meet hugh in person. that is my biggest wish this christmas. keanu is alright but hes DEFINITLEY NOT hugh. hope he emails me one day..get in touch hugh please ill be waiting lol!!!!!

  • Roz

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrowl. I’ll watch anything with Hugh Laurie in it. God he is hot. Sexiest guy on the planet.