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Megan Fox - "Maxim" July 2007

Megan Fox -

Megan Fox kicks robot ass in this month’s highly anticipated box office behemoth Transformers. This 21-year-old actress is morphing into a full-fledged movie star! Here are some snippets from her July 2007 interview with Maxim:

How have you avoided the cliched road to rehab? I’ve done drugs, and that’s how I know I don’t like them. Cocaine is back with a vengeance–everyone in every club is doing drugs. A lot of people are on prescription drugs. Celebrities aren’t trying to hide it, except where people have camera phones.

Did you go through an experimental phase? I wanted to try several things and make an informed decision, but I didn’t enjoy anything other than marijuana. I don’t even think of it as a drug–it should be legalized. I know about five people who aren’t on drugs today, and I’m one of them.

Finally, a celebrity who isn’t afraid to tell the truth! I’m blunt and maybe too honest. But being outspoken is good for women, particularly when it come to sex. Women are supposed to be on magazine covers dressed provocatively, but they’re not allowed to talk about sex? That double standard angers me.

Don’t forget to breathe… I really enjoy having sex, and that’s offensive to some people. Women are the quickest to call other women sluts, which is sad. I haven’t met a lot of men who’ve said, “You like having sex? What a dirty whore you are!” That’s because they wish their wives or girlfriends would have more sex with them.

What kinds of things put you in a good mood? I’m young and have a lot of hormones–I’m always in the mood. But I like sex with one person in a relationship. Sex with random-ass people at clubs isn’t what I’m about.

You’ve got nine tattoos. Are you trying to break Angelina Jolie’s record? Every time I get a tattoo, it’s a little ****-you to anyone who tells me not to. It’s weird to be part of Hollywood, which tries to control every aspect of people, from what they say to the color of their hair. And I like the way getting a tattoo feels. If I’m depressed, it’s nice to get one and deal with the pain. I have one all the way down to my ribs. It hurt, but it felt good–like twisting a loose tooth. I’m not kidding when I say that if I ever lose a role because of my tattoos, I’ll quit Hollywood and go to work at Costco.

Transformers opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, July 3. Pick up the July 2007 issue of Maxim for their full interview with Megan Fox, on newsstands now.

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  • antistar

    i don’t think i’ve EVER seen so many stupid tattoos on any person!!! what idiot will tattoo “there once was a little girl who never new love until a boy broke her heart” =)) =)) what the fuck is that supposed to be?it’ s supposed to be romantic or sensitive or some cool philosophy miss fox dreamt while she was smoking some pot? it just sounds stupid deary… plus a woman with that many tattoos looks disgusting anyway!

  • Lax4L1fe

    um wow people you have no idea Angelina jolie is a poser and a slut
    Megan Fox hosts Magum hot 100 every year she is a nodel for vogue she is young and ambitious u guys need to cool off she is hotter than “Angie” and knows what she is talking about!

  • Emily

    She’s 21?? She really needs to just keep her mouth shut. She’s only legally been able to get tattoos for 3 years now. She’s wayyyyy too eager to talk about sex, and the only reason she’s being this careless with her words is because she doesn’t know any better. She can’t act like she’s so knowledgeable about everything when she’s still just a kid. She wears too much make-up and she’s basically copying everything Angelina Jolie did..only not doing it as well. Every part of her looks fake… she looks like a drag queen. She’s not the least bit likeable and she already thinks she’s the new “it” girl. I hope her 15 minutes are up soon. I’m already sick of the bitch.

  • Emily

    Oh my god her lips ARE fake!!!! Hahahahahahaahah!!! Doesn’t she think anyone will notice??

  • http://deleted ###


  • assman420

    I would still fuck it.

  • sarah

    What a slut! What is she trying to prove?…

  • http://Pbnation dumbasses

    everyone on this forum who has posted negatively is the biggest retard in the world. Yes all of you are THE BIGGEST. She is gorgeous, landed a role in this years blockbuster and is rich cuz of it. Shut your mouths with all the hating. She is obviously more successful than anyone on here posting and deserves to be respected and accepted for it. Not only do I find her to be one of the most attractive women i have seen, but also respectable for her pure genuine honesty about at her a who*e, but you all know you wish you could say these types of things withoutsecond thought. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this gorgeous rising actress and neither should anyone else. I’m finished ranting now but seriously, get over your delited omniscient mindsets relating to hollywoods young minds

  • anonymous

    don’t hate on her because she’s hotter than you. accept the fact and continue with your petty lives. alrightmaybe she has only recently began to formulate a lucrative career in hollywood, does that mean that you can hate on hr because she was only the lead actress of a major hollywood blockbuster *cough cough* transformersowns all of your lives *cough cough* now please, haven’t your ever heard the old addage that if you don’t have anything good to say then shut the f*** up??

  • maria luisa

    lol omg you guys. Everyone is missing the point. Everyone in hollywood is fake. I don’t have trouble picking up a guy anywhere i go as a normal woman. Just imagine if i went to hollywood and got my self some tits at wal mart and some liposuction at target in all the little right places so that not one spec of fat showed on my body. then give me Max Factor so he can do my makeup and Vidal himself does my hair. Then Versace can rise from the grave to dress me in high fashion. THEN you take a picture of my in sexy poses for maxim and get some greasy guy in a desk chair to photoshop the shit out of me. VIOLA. I’ll be just as hot as megan fox..

    But in reality. I don’t believe anything i see anymore. I saw her in tranformers and i must agree, the girl is quite beautiful. But beauty is very subjective. In my opinion. She’s too thin. someone might say im jealosu because they think i’m a fat ass who needs to work out and thats fine they can think what theyd like, but the truth is that beauty is subjective.

    I don’t agree that the girl is trying to be someone else. she’s famous because she’s beautiful and a sex symbol, just as marilyn was, maybe she can’t act. But that is not the point of hollywood.

    BTW i don’t think natalie portman is a very good actress honest to god. ive done acting myself and let me tell you it is not hard to mess up.

    imo one of the best actresses i’ve seen is renee zellwegger but the woman is uglier than a barn horse, but she is wonderful!

    u guys get over yourselves. megan fox has the resources we don’t have. if men want ot google over her on a cover of a magazine or want to fantasize about her extensions falling over their face as they screw her, then let them. I know plenty of real men, and one in specific that happens to think i’m the most beautiful woman in the world ;) i have nothing to be jealous of

  • maria luisa

    and boys, i tried out for playboy girls of the SEC, and they didn’t put me in becaus ei refused to do full nudity. The world is a sick place always remember that. there are classy women and classless women. But there is always beauty and someone there to exploit it.

  • patrick

    whats up with everybody thinking we are ‘ugly’? my girlfriend have a NORMAL body, is 21 too without sagging boobs, normal teeth, naturally normal (not very big) but nice full lips and has her own hair. I dont even know why I should be pretty (im a guy for god sakes) in order to have an own opinion about someones looks. celebs are paid for being rated, they are paid for negative and positive attention, they chose for a life like this. this girl just has NO charisma to become the next jolie. I let people say she is hot, so dont forbid us for just not liking her.

  • david

    i think she looks great but doesnt have the hot effect

  • http://fdsf Ass**********

    What a stuck up stupid bitch! She deserves to be fucked in her ass hard from behind.

  • http://fdsf sdfdfsdfsdfsfdsf

    maria luisa: You ugly motherfucking bitch cunt!

  • L-Dog

    Man she is hot but all those tatoo’s make her look like trash. What is she trying to prove? Avril tries to act punk ass and It’s not much better than being a ho like Britney. Someone needs to teach this girl some etiquette!

  • harhar

    Megan fox is gorgeous, hot sexy beautiful etc. All you haters are just jealous. And Angelina Jolie is old and not even hot. Megan Fox just had her big break in the movie TRANSFORMERS which was FUCKING awesome if i might add and this is just the beginning of her career. She isnt trying to be a wannabe of anybody, its her own style. and if she were trying to have an idol it definitely would not be angelina jolie. and let me just say to all you haters towards megan fox, you can go lick some nuts.

  • cs

    she’s hot extremely sexy and confident..i like that

  • cs

    yewwww sex & weed.. perfect

  • phat

    somebody tell these pussy ass niggahz stop talkin shit about fox!!! juss kuz yall women aint fine as lil mamah ryght hurr yall aint gotta lip bout it.>!! shit if gonna do playboy then so be it…juss kuz yall fat ass hurt ass dingy ass stupid ass ugly ass stanky ass joke as a wife/girl/dude wutever aint like mah baby megan , yall aint got no space to talk…..all i gotta say iz, theres alwayz gonna be someone out there hatin on ya, itz juss sad itz alwayz these low life fuckz who juss hate dat they ugly!!!! megan , if u like sex….fuck it !! juss get at ya boy…cheeeeaaahhhhhoooooooooooooooooo!!! str8 from the islandz mulfucka

  • sarah

    if all of you hate her so much why did you read the entire interview, observe all of her photos AND take the time to comment on how much you hate her?? get a life.

  • Nancy

    natalie needs to shut the fuck up. you’re annoying.

  • KING

    hahaha, women jealous, she is beauty, these eyes.. oh my god..
    the best woman for me… playboy please, please … do it soon for all the men. te lo agradeceria de por vida o tu h-extreme convencela!!!!

  • Crystal wright

    You guys need to get a life! Just because she is open about her sexuality and likes tats doesn’t mean she is trying to be Angelina. I am a female and I find her attitude very appealing. Don’t get angry because she’s hot and u r not.

  • http://hermosa cristhian

    Megan Fox┬┤s es una mamasita ricaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • apxika

    But why would she try to prove herself next to Angelina. Look at each others’ fame. Plus it is obvious that she wants to do what ever she wants. I mean come on she is 21, not 30 trying to settle her life down. She is absolutely beautiful… and trust me fellas, I’ve seen a lot of actresses who may seem extremely attractive to you, but without make up they look a lot worse than she does.

  • Jah_power

    what’s the deal with all your b*tching about her? lol.

    she’s so fine, and pretty good in Transformers. if u haven’t even seen her in a film why u complaining?

    get a life y’all

  • Liza

    Why does everyone automatically compare her to AJ? Is AJ the only person in the world who likes to get tattoos? F*** NO!! I Like them! Leave the girl alone! She is smoking and a good actress. I can’t get enough of Transformers. Don’t be jealous of her beauty; so she tells it like she sees it; I think it is refreshing as a woman to see others sticking up for our rights to enjoy sex openly. why shouldn’t we?!

  • teens
  • Lotus

    It’s funny to read these posts…you know I don’t know why everyone is so tough on celebs…let’s all take a long hard look in the mirror. Who the hell are we to judge, none of you know her! So what, she likes sex…any girl would be lying if they said they didn’t. She just talks about what we talk about only she says it in a magazine we say it to our best friend. Who the f*** cares? Most girls will all be jealous of her because guys want to be with her, she’s damn hot! I’m so sure all of you wake up looking fab right? She’s a human…we are all different…it’s not worth being jealous over.

  • analass
  • ashley

    How about you all shut the fuck up
    she’s what we need in hollywood instead of these hannah montana bullshit wanna-be’s. She’s strong & gorgeous, and your negitivity means nothing because she’s still working her way up to the top, theres a reason for it to.

  • melissa

    shes her own person. all of you need to get off her back, sayin shes an “Angelina wannabe”. yes she does look like her but shes not an angie wannabe.. and if you’ve never even heard of her then you must live under a rock because transformers was a very successful movie.. and the show Hope and Faith was a favorite among many.. so think before you sh** talk.

  • Amy

    I think your beautiful now megan! but you really havr done to much to yourself, yes you look like a natural beauty but not a real one
    what i mean by that is without your nose boobs and lips being done
    you probley wouldnt look that good natural, but because you paid for those things you look good natural because you bought the natural features! but on being angie stop people angie was outgoing and crazy yes! But so am i, im a hard head/potty mouth/ fuckin love the crue
    i have tattoos black hair green eyes a nice body i think im beautiful sometimes too, so if i was famous would you call me the next megan fox wannabe shes just a hardass and proud of it and why not im a hard ass and love it its nice to be different, angie is a better actress by far but when it comes to hot pics and photoshop megan is better
    so just had to say this im crazy i have 5 tats i love the crue and metal music, i love to fuck, and i save animals all the time so you see she is her own person, its you people that let her get to you cuz mabe your not an chill as her! AND JELIOUS GIRLS BE REAL YOUR ALL SAYING MEG IS A POSE FOR LIKEING STAR WARS HOW DO YOU NO, I HAVE TONS OF GUYS THAT THINK IM ”FINE ”AND IM A HUGE STAR WARS FAN SO JUST BECAUSE ME AND MISS FOX LOOK GOOD DOSENT MEAN WE CANT LIKE STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chelsea

    wow yu guys do alot of bitching .
    are any of YOU famous for ANYTHING ?
    no ? oh okay i thought so .

    look shes FUCKING SEXY and smokes budd ?

    no one said she wanted to ‘be like’ angie just bcuhz she likes the same shit ?
    i like tattoos, i where make up, im a bad ass and i LOVE having sex with my gf .
    and im NOT anywhere near trying to be angie .

    god damn grow the fuck up . <3

  • Not Gay

    I cant believe that the #1 comment on here is from a flaming fag!
    Only a dickless fag would have a comment such as this butt pirate!
    Get a life, go suck a cock, but please leave the beautiful Megan ALONE!
    If you dont like it, go suck a cock and STFU!!!!

  • Not Gay

    I cant believe that the #1 comment on here is from a flaming F4G!
    Only a dickless COWK SUK3R would have a comment such as this butt pirate!
    Get a life, go suck a C0WK, but please leave the beautiful Megan ALONE!
    If you dont like it, go suck a fat B1tc4 eater and STFU!!!!

  • peechies

    What I got from this interview? An affirmation of the old double standard that are being placed by women. All of you women just ‘dogged’ her out, which re-enforces the comment she made about women refering to sexual liberation as ‘whorism.’ She is actually more conserved than the Paris Hiltons and Britney Spears of this world. She clearly stated being monogamous in her relationship, and a non drug user. She is 21, and a knockout. She may not look like this in the next 30 years. My advice to you Megan, OWN it Sista! Forget these haters!

  • Genna

    your all jealous. Dont hate Megan fox is one hot bitch!

  • tiffany

    dont even fucking talk megan fox is amazing and soooo truthful, no she has not made it all the way into hollywood or watever that means “natalie” but people know of her so she is still an actress whether u say she is or not….she is definately a role model, shes so not fake and she speaks her mind, idk of any other actress that truly expresses themself because they are all waaay to afraid of how hollywood will judge them. All shes saying is “what the hell why not?” and lives her life. other actresses seriously need to be like her and not worry so much about how skinny they r and acting a certain way because its annoying everyone

  • tiffany

    and yeah natalie is fucking annoying no joke, plus megan never said that she was hot…actually for one magazine she was taking sexual pictures as a joke because she was tired of everyone saying she was pretty, but not talking about how good of an actress she is

  • breevy

    No one has a perfect personality .she is a bit immature,but she is not that bad for her age.we ve all said stupid things we cant take back.and compared to britney,lohan ,she shouldnt be judged at she shared personal sexual drive information on maxum and sounded a bit dumb and young there but older maxum women have said dumber things, besides that i like her and at least she s all into her fiance and doesnt get a new bf every month.he is a lucky guy and must be doin smth right to get a girl like that cuz on a superficial level she is GORGEOUS beautiful naturaly and super sexy with makeup.and 4 those of u who are jealous its ok,so am i.but dont hate her cuz she beautiful.she s got great brows, her beauty inspires me to get off my lazy ass and try to look as good as i can,and every woman has smth beautiful,we cant all look like fox or jolie,and btw STOP comparing them and no i dont think she is copying her and they look nothing alike.I wish her a great career and hopefully no more tats but thats just her:)

  • james

    If i was her boyfriend i would fuck her a few times then dump her and tell everyone shes a whore

  • Big bob

    Dude’s are you guys gayy or something.. she’s hot as hell :)

  • Big bob

    hay the “not gay” username i said the same exacte thing when i started to read these comments there all dikless micheal jackson wannabees

  • Big bob

    hay the “not gay” username i said the same exacte thing when i started to read these comments there all dikless micheal jackson wannabees

  • Big bob

    hay the “not gay” username i said the same exacte thing when i started to read these comments there all dikless micheal jackson wannabees

  • patrick micheal swanson

    megan fox will you marry me i get no buns and i want u inside me not the other way around im kinky like that ;-)

  • justin hunt

    she is extremly hot and i wish she would come work at my costco.

  • Baily

    your all fucking dumb she hot and not a wanna be she one of the hottest girls ive seen ever dont be jelosue of her leave her alone she doesnt inpact your life so why both tlaking ahit about her and she just said all the things most famous people are afriad to say..repect that and stop being assholes