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Suri Says Buh-Bye to the South of France

Suri Says Buh-Bye to the South of France

Tom Cruise and 14-month old daughter Suri check out of the Eden Roc Hotel on Friday in Cap d’Antibes, France. Katie Holmes checked out a day earlier and caught a flight out of Nice airport.

What’s Tom up up to next? His next film project is called Valkryie, executive produced by Tom himself and directed by Bryan Singer (Superman Returns, X2). The character is plays is Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, a Nazi general under Hitler’s command who loses an eye and a couple of limbs. Hello, prosthetics! In real life, Stauffenberg was executed by the Nazis for attempting to kill Hitler with two suitcase bombs in 1944.

Here’s a bit from FOX News: “One reason Cruise may have agreed to do this project is because von Stauffenberg is considered by some Germans to be a folk hero. Cruise, however, is not. In Germany, he’s taken a lot of hits for his unwavering devotion to Scientology. Germans consider the group a cult and do not recognize it as a religion. Cruise would like to change that.”

10+ pictures inside of Tom and Suri saying au revoir to France…

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suri cruise south of france 01
suri cruise south of france 02
suri cruise south of france 03
suri cruise south of france 04
suri cruise south of france 05
suri cruise south of france 06
suri cruise south of france 07
suri cruise south of france 08
suri cruise south of france 09
suri cruise south of france 10
suri cruise south of france 11
suri cruise south of france 12
suri cruise south of france 13
suri cruise south of france 14

Credit: Fox News; Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • Yari


  • luvmebabe

    a total cutie!


    so cutee

  • Lillianne

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. This one is a little dolly.

  • DM lover


  • natalie

    Cute alien baby

  • dora

    Suri is so adorable. But Tom Cruise has so much money and he can’t put shoes on his kid? I have a daughter at this age and would at least put on a cute slipper.

  • http://none heartbreaker

    wow she’s pretty

  • Nisha

    Not trying to be mean, but, is something wrong with her face? Maybe it’s her eyes? Or the nose?

    She’s still cute, though.

  • calgirl3

    She’s cute..who’s Tom’s friend in the suit playing with Suri? (photos 8 and 9) “Just asking”

  • Me

    Why would Katie leave, alone, yesterday, and not with her family? That makes no sense.

  • Anon

    Some people just look for something to criticise.

  • Dave

    She’s cute. Tom not so much. Never noticed how fleshy is nose is. Gotta say – when you look at Shiloh next to Brad, you immediately notice the similar features. Tom and Suri – not so much.

  • cdn

    i like the plaid-wearing, stern-looking lad in the background! tom needs to sort out how to wear sunglasses. they are always up near his eyebrows!

  • silly

    funny how the scieno wife checked out a day earlier all dressed up(uncordinated and fugly) living her 14month old baby with “the fahter” but WTF u’ll never understand this aliens

  • Dave

    14 cdn | 06/22/2007 at 7:06 pm

    tom needs to sort out how to wear sunglasses. they are always up near his eyebrows!

    Because of his fleshy nose! Lol.

  • julie

    ANON #12 there’s nothing to criticise it just doesn’t make sense she left all by herself yesterday, definitely not going to work or some important function even if she was she took her million dollar bag but not the baby i mean how heavy can a 14month old baby be, they’re just so effing creepy and delusional.

    My effing opinion. What’s yours.

  • [Famous]

    Look at the Gremlins, still hating.

    Great pictures, Suri gets better looking everytime I see her.

  • Burpie

    How cute, and such a daddy’s girl. :D

  • Call it what it is

    Suri is cute–and even if she was the least bit fug her personality would more than make up for it. LOL

  • Call it what it is

    And good grief, grown men in business suits are fawning over that baby. LOL She looks like a sweetie.

  • xav

    suri reminds me of one of those porcelain doll that eerily looks real
    in one of those window doll shops .
    something about her face….doesn’t register cute…juz strangely cute

  • http://none heartbreaker

    Love this family

  • lemitelya

    Love them. Tom always puts out great movies. Can’t wait to see this one.

  • alicat

    To Julie:
    What does it matter if she left early. Have you been with your family 24/7?

  • calcu

    I love Tom Cruise. And even though I’m not a scientologist, or religous in anyway, I didn’t find anything he said about meds offensive. People just want an easy fix. You’d be supprised at what a heathy diet and excersise can do. But it’s requires a lot of disapline, more that swallowing a pill.

  • sissy

    Maybe they fly out on different days and on different planes in case of an accident. Tom would take the baby as he would probably handle an airplane crisis better than the mother. Just a thought.

  • Sisi

    Aww so cute,they are a very beautiful family.

    Some people are so pathetic,gremlins just cant help but hate!!!!!!

    And katie left before them because she had a buisness meeting,you fools,so dont tallk shit when you dont know facts!

    Such beautiful pictures……………….Suri is one of the most beautiful babies i have ever seen.

  • Me

    Maybe they fly out on different days and on different planes in case of an accident.

    Nice try, but no. Any other time they’ve gone anywhere they’ve travelled in a pack.

  • helo

    WHAT? How can anyone say Suri is not cute. I think her eyes are adorable.

  • Anon

    actually I wasn’t referring to your comment I was referring to NISHA #9. What kind of person makes ugly remarks about a baby?

  • Anon

    by the way Julie – nice language

  • Catherine

    Oh frigging please, he is her father. Of all the things to criticize them over. Since you dont know why Katie left early what was the big deal leaving her with her father for one day! Its not to say that he’s some stranger. All of them dont have to be together 24/7, he left today so they’ll be reunited soon.


  • Newbie

    What kind of meeting would Katie have? I can see Tom leaving early because he has a career. She really doesn’t have a career or anything else going for her anymore. It appears her focus is on Posh. I think she’s obsessed with her! Maybe she’s got an appointment to get her hair bleached.

  • elle

    does anyone else think suri has really long legs??

  • pipi

    she’s adorable.

  • julia weinstein

    He obviously adores her…precious.

  • Mini

    I wonder when Suri will start wearing sunglasses indoors?

  • Miss Windjammer

    I am so in love with this baby. And it’s clear she’s a daddy’s girl – I love how in all of these pictures over the past few days she is constantly resting her head on Tom and snuggling up with him. She loves her daddy!

  • ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

    Does anyone else see she isn’t gonna be pretty when she grows up? It doesn’t matter of course, she’s got great parents who care a lot about her, and she’s as cute as a button now.

  • anon

    Suri reminds me of someone but who?

  • Didi

    she looks like one of those creepy kids whos possessed by a poltergeist. I can just imagine she has the voice of a 80 yr old coal miner and can move things with her mind. not cute at all. gives me the creeps

  • [Famous]

    I hope soon we can get some threads about Tom taken Suri to school and picking her up, taken her to school and picking her up, over and over again just like other celebs.

  • Milli

    Tom and katie are trully lucky parents to have such a darling little girl. She is adorable.

  • Milli

    Didi, your commnets are really immature and full of hatred. Insecure people tend to do that. I bet you hate your life, thats why you are hating on such a cute baby.
    Don’t bother answering, I won’t be coming back to this thread.

  • Pati

    HAHAHA thats funny famous. I’m sick of those pictures too.

  • calico

    Cant wait for the movie. I love a good comeback!

  • Anon

    didi is looking into her own empty black soul. how hateful are YOU! pathetic

  • To Didi

    Uh, you hate a 18 month old. YOU give me the creeps

  • julia weinstein

    # 38 & #43
    LMAO! =)