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Zahara Points Her Lollipop at Photogs

Zahara Points Her Lollipop at Photogs

Saved by the bell!

Brad Pitt picks up Pax, 3, and Zahara, 2, from school at the American Embassy compound on Friday afternoon in Prague, Czech Republic.

Excited to finally jet from stuyding her ABC’s and 123′s, Zahara pointed her lollipop at paparazzi.

You show ‘em, girl!

Good dad Brad also picked up Maddox, 5, from his French school in Prague. Watch video here.

You can watch Angelina Jolie‘s interview with The Early Show here. It aired this morning.

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maddox brad pitt 01
maddox brad pitt 02
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zahara jolie pitt lollipop 01
zahara jolie pitt lollipop 02
zahara jolie pitt lollipop 03
zahara jolie pitt lollipop 04

Photos: Simon Earl/Mark Raishbrook/Splash News Online
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  • missouri girl

    so cute

  • missouri girl

    I wanna see more pics

  • missouri girl

    Brad looks hot!!!!!!

  • missouri girl

    1st,2nd and 3rd, history in the making!

  • missouri girl

    You tell em Z! Go away crazy peeps!

  • feelfree

    I just wanna bite her, she is so cute!

  • missouri girl

    wooooooooooo he looks good….mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Jolie-Pitt Clan Fan

    LOL, Z is giving those pesky papz what for, she’s beyond cute.

    Daddy Pitt knows she’s out spoken already and let’s Z express herself.

    Love This Fam! x

  • Ms. Annabelle

    Aww Z is so adorable, she always spot the paps a mile away

  • missouri girl

    There’s little Mad.

  • cb

    I can’t believe I’m not posting on page 39! Anyway, Princess Z is a funny funny girl. I love how the parents are trying to make what is an extraordinary life (how many of us have traveled to 6 different countries in 2 years?) ordinary. These kids look so happy and the family so solid. Long life and joy to the Jolie-Pitts.

  • missouri girl

    So what time is it where there at?

  • Sprinkles

    She is too cute! I see a future actress! She is such a Ham!

  • http://uk hope

    Good interview on CBS news.

  • missouri girl


  • missouri girl

    I bet Mad thinks–these crazy little kids.

  • missouri girl

    I just wanna bite Brad once, not hard just nibble.

  • Kay

    Keep Brangelina news going! Love them! Zahara is so cute. THanks Jared.

  • missouri girl

    Well I will let the rest of you fill up page one. For some reason Brad looks really extra good today. Angie is so lucky, of course Brad is lucky to. Heck the kids are lucky to,there all lucky.

  • cb

    video up at splash. very cute – she laughing at the paps.

  • [Famous]

    2 school, from school, 2 school, from school…

  • Passing Through

    Uh-oh…Z’s smiling again. I guess now that the haters don’t have that to beeyotch about they’ll say that Pax must be miserable because HE never smiles.

  • http://deleted Lady G

    That’s my girl Zee — tell those losers where to step off!

    Thanks, Jared.

  • ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

    How come she’s going to school at 2 years of age?

  • Cute

    Mad looks chubby, he’s adorable

  • Mmmmm

    missouri girl | 06/22/2007 at 2:13 pm

    Momma is built like a lolli-pop

  • carrie nae

    Z is such a character and has such personality. This family is so lovely.

  • Scooby Doo

    Such a wonderful dad! I love this family!

  • too cute

    It’s vacation time for the Jolie-Pitts
    they are gonna have so much fun together

  • think positive!

    Cuteness all over the place!!!

    Love the fam!!

  • http://JustJared IslandG1rl

    Z is getting relaxed at the paps. She is so adorable.
    Daddy Braddy is a very good looking daddy. Such a wonderful family.

  • Burpie

    14 hope | 06/22/2007 at 2:12 pm
    Good interview on CBS news.

    I missed it. Can you tell me what she said?

  • Good on you Brad

    Everyone loves your film Brad. this is the film to see this week. Evean Alnighty got 2 stars! They had a budget that was like over 200 million for a loud bambastic mess. AMH is a quient eleoquent piece of filmaking by Micahel Winterbottom made under 18 million.

  • http://none linda

    Brad you are a great DAD!!!

  • aimee


    Just another dlisted scum go away

    anyone with a brain knows it is not angelina, she gets tested regularly for drugs by the UN.


  • Myra

    Z is so cute…I love that she seems to always be eating something…crackers, cereal, candy…

    Nice to see her smile…she always loves to show a scowl, but she looks like she’s having fun with the cameras…

    I think it’s funny she’s wearing Maddox’s shirt…I guess it’s a hand-me-down…she looks like a cute little rocker…

    Such a pretty family…

  • Maria

    Oh Jared! You’re making my Friday!!!!! Keep em coming! Thank you! Thank you!

    Zee is just too precious! She’s the Pap’s darling for sure and she plays her princessly role to a T. Love her to bits!

    Madd is growing up so fast. He’s becomingn cooler with every new pix. Just love BAMPZS! Angie and Brad are truly good parents and people should realize that! Happy children comes from very good parenting.

  • young at heart

    Jared posts too many photos of these kids. I am not looking at these 2nd set photos of the same day.

    Please respect the family, like you call yourself a supporter and don’t post every detail of their lives as a post.

    Thank you

  • missouri girl

    38 Waittttt a minute? | 06/22/2007 at 2:40 pm
    Wait, wait a minute

    comments I AM RATHER DUMB BUT

    #5 & #8:

    u want the paps to go away, but then u wanna check out the pix online and boast about how quickly u can respond.

    Sweeties, pick and choose…dont tell the paps 2 go away if your main goal of the day is 2 see pics of Pitt & family,I am really ignorant to…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  • NDaHood

    Jared you are becoming stalker like by documenting the Jolie-Pitts evry move

  • Burpie

    The CBS interview from this morning–just came across it. Sorry if it was already posted. :)

  • missouri girl

    So much hate about nothing

  • Dragonfly

    I think Brad has been working out alot lately to get ready for his role in Burn After Reading where he is going to play a personal trainer. They had gym equipment brought into the house in Prague.

    Lucky Angelina to get to ravage that bod on a regular basis! They seem to have a wonderful relationship.

    Time will tell that all these rumors are false.

  • aimee

    Angelina PeePee’s In A Cup

    Angelina Jolie is a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN. Representatives of the UN are expected to go through medical procedures like immunization and drug testing before and after missions on a regular basis. As you know, a Goodwill Ambassador is responsible for drawing attention to important issues advocated by the UN, Angelina’s star has certainly helped the organization in the few years she’s been involved. And of course the UN is happy with the relationship, so long as her celebrity and her actions do not jeopardize the message and the work.

    Which is why she, like all employees and representatives of the UN, is tested and tested often. Which is why I hear she has never been observed to be engaging in behaviour that would compromise the organization. Which is why she hasn’t yet been fired. Which is why there hasn’t been a carefully worded statement announcing her intention to step back from her duties because she needs more time to care for her children.

    If that were to happen, perhaps the suspicions might be founded.

  • Cindy and Brad

    Brad is the father of the year, the poor victim of big bad fake jolie, who happens to be a crackwhore.

    Who was working with refugees while Brad was playing with his balls?

    Who was having a nice quiet life in england while Brad was playing “golden couple” with jen?

    who was keeping a low profile while Brad was talking how good and sincere was jen after his divorce?


    2 years later he is the best father of the planet and she’s the devil.


  • Neela


    The article was posted by MrsR, post #44.

  • justsayin’

    Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see this child dressed in something other than her brother’s hand-me-downs?

  • Thank You

    Z is a beautiful reminder of the possibilities an orphan child from a Third World country can become when given the opportunity and love. She’s incredibly beautiful, smart and happy. This is what Angie has been trying to make people understand. There are millions of Z’s in the world who have the potential to become incredible human beings when given the chance, and Angie has shown us how it’s possible.

    Next time you see a photo of a young child in rags sitting in the hot desert sun in Africa without an education and barely enough food to eat think of Z and what a magnificent young child she has become. Think about the potential, the possibilities, the future.

  • Brad loves Angie/Angie loves Brad

    44 MrsR | 06/22/2007 at 2:45 pm
    Did she make out with her brother? Uh huh.


  • Estelle

    Another thread JJ?…you are working hard for the week-end huh?…thank you JJ,

    I love Zahara, her face expression is priceless.