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Brad & Angie Jet Out of Prague

Brad & Angie Jet Out of Prague

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a good laugh with photographers before catching a flight (without their kids, it seems) aboard their private jet at Prague airport on Saturday in the Czech Republic.

The power couple are reportedly en route to the United States for another premiere of A Mighty Heart. Or maybe it’s mommy-daddy alone time now?

You can watch the video of Brad & Angie catching their flight out of Prague here.

And they’re off!

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brad angie airport 02
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Photos: Simon Earl/Mark Raishbrook/Splash News Online
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  • Laurel


  • zahara

    so wonderfull Life !!!

  • ha ha

    cute cute

  • Laurel

    She looks great! Love the outfit.

  • annaerkul

    She looks *amazing*

  • Pena

    Wow,she’s wonderful.

  • delilah

    Good for Angie and Brad!! They need some alone time!!

  • Orchid

    I agree, delilah. They need couple time!
    Wow, I made the first page again.


    I am insanely happy. I love them soooo much. Brad keep it up baby. Angelina looks sooooo beautiful and healthy. They look insanely happy too. I gathered all my pals and I am taking them to see A MIGHTY HEART. SUCH A GOOD MOVIE, CHECK IT OUT. THIS WILL BE MY SECOND VIEWING, I HOPE I CAN HOLD IT TOGETHER. I DIDN’T THE FIRST TIME. ANGELINA WAS POWERFUL, DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT WAS HER HALF THE TIME. SUCH A SAD STORY, REALLY GOOD ENDING, IT SEEMS THERE IS NOW PEACE AND STRENGTH IN HER LIFE.

  • ham

    Saw A Mighty Heart last night, and it was wonderful! Angelina was great, and so were the other actors – it was well done. Encourage everyone to see it. Glad that Pitt is making movies about other cultures – Babel and A Mighty Heart. It is sad that these movies do not have the audience as action movies or something like Dumb and Dumber level of intelligence. But there is an audience that asks for more movies with messages and not looking for a brain numbing escape from life. THANKS!

  • Molly

    Ah, look at those smiles! Happy couple time, whether this trip is business or pleasure, I am betting there is some of both. ;)!

    Jump on it, Brad!

  • sistahc

    Gorgeous. Nice to see her in another colour other than black. She’s so skinny. Gorgeous

  • piper, with a low

    I’m thinking that it’s couple time too. I’ve never heard of a movie premiere on the weekend of the movie’s debut.

  • spunky

    Its so nice to see them out and about together they do need to spend some time alone and do adult stuff….

  • piper, with a low

    Oops… my bad.

    O13 has several premieres for charities.

  • kate

    She seems to be dancing with Mr. Brownstone…

  • Orchid

    I like Angie’s hair in these pics.

  • sharon

    yah,you go Brangelina, have more jungle sex and have more mini Brad.

  • Orchid

    Yes, spunky, it’s time for VERY adult stuff….

    {How do I do smilies here on JJ?)

  • alexandrina

    Beautiful couple always glad to see them together, and happy.

  • chinnifans go away

    i was tired of just seeing her in blk

  • mimi


  • Ahem

    Summer lovin’…

  • Poobear

    She usually beautiful, but really looks way to skinny. Mr. Brownstone is right #16. The blind item was so real-seeming, it was really sad if true. Hopefully she’ll get healthy either way.

  • once

    Lovely couple

  • http://htt// b

    They look wonderful. Go see AMH

  • alone time

    mickey’s with them which means they staying overseas, mickey doesn’t go to the states. they’re doing the weekend alone time without the kids which they’ve always done, good for them.

  • anustin

    ok, first page are all good post!keep it up!

  • hunnybunny

    They look happy. I myself am happy to see Mickey. I’ve missed him since Cannes. Question for the long-time fans: has Mickey ever been pictured in the US (with Angie or any other client)?

    I think it is for sure that Pax has assimilated with the ‘pack’. Whether this adult trip is business or pure pleasure, they are alone on that plane. Just sayin’.

    Every time I come close to renouncing the JJ comments section (when things get hinky, as it did since the ‘Malibu MIL’ fotos), I can’t because there are so many great fans here who give me a great education about all manner of things JP. Someone is always finding a picture I have never seen or a new review of AMH. Or offering a deep analysis of the tensions of celebrity life or a new video.

    I just have to skate past the nonsense in order to get to the GOOD STUFF (and all the folks whose posts I love — and I can love ones that I disagree with, too!)

    May Momgelina and Daddy Braddy enjoy their time together.

    I went to see O13 again with a friend; we had a blast. I still enjoy the Pitt walking. Going to AMH this afternoon.

  • piper, with a low

    19 Orchid | 06/23/2007 at 9:37 am

    If you place your cursor over the smiley, a little box will appear, showing how to create them. Or…

    : oops :
    : roll :
    : mrgreen :
    : twisted :
    : arrow :
    : evil :
    : idea :
    : cry :
    : lol :
    : ! :

    Remove the spaces between the words and colons.

    Credit to whomever posted these things weeks ago. Your name escapes me, right now, but it was appreciated.

  • sharon

    29 hunnybunny
    oh, yah, Pitt’s walking, that sexy walking. Noboday can walk as sexy as he does.

  • Ahem

    I don’t think Mickey handles security in the US for them. Brad’s security handle it

  • L

    Angie always look good; however, brad looks all nappy looking with that fedora. For some reasons, he reminds me of Pete Doherty He does not look so good with the fedora GIVE IT UP and wear something else!

  • piper, with a low

    Well, I’m off to the 10:30 showing of AMH, with O13 as a chaser, possibly. The movie may be so heavy that I want to go straight home; then again, I may need a pick me up and that Brad strut does it along with…

    that scene with Danny and Rusty coming out of the janitor’s closet. Major Uerkel pants on Brad. :lol:

  • Somalia


  • Ann

    She looks really great in those colors. Hope they are getting some quality “couple time!”

  • tabitha

    They both look terrific. I think Angelina has gained weight. She looks healthy. I do wish Brad would lose the hat, but this fedora is better than the other one he was wearing.

    I just left my review at Yahoo!

  • happy couple

    mimi and the other fake concern, troll i want to dedicate a special music to you TROLL, PRETENDER, HATER, here it goes:
    Jealousy, jealousy is the root of hatred
    Troll have long teeth they have long teeth that is why they always complain

  • anustin

    isn’t it obvious they dont wanna bother making another baby?do they have to go away from der kiddies?oh sweet!love that smile from papa pitt.lookz lyk,i’ll have another happy hour.



  • KD

    Now THAT’s some nice clothing. Good taste prevails with Angelina.

  • Hot couple alert

    OK. We get it there are no irons in Prague LOL!!

    I hope they spend a nice romantic weekend together. Anyway that family runs like clockwork. You really have to be on the ball to lead the active life they have.

  • amen

    Wow! I didn’t know Angie has nice ass for her body.

  • http://yahoo Melissa

    YEA!!!!!! That’s what i love to see!!!!!

    Absolutely beautiful

    Oh she is amazing!

    Wow, and he is hotttttttttt

  • falcon

    Say what you wanna say about Angie, but the girl can act…You’d forget that she’s the Angelina Jolie…She’s Mariane Pearl through and through…The emotions that she showed with subtlety, leading to that primal outbust…POWERFUL, CATHARTIC, AMZINGLY REAL!!!!

    And Winterbottom’s direction and his depiction of Karachi is beyond compare…IT TAKES YOU THERE!!!


  • http://yahoo Elsa

    A mighty heart is a great movie. I loved it!

  • sol

    I love when they take time for themselves :mrgreen: so sexy, jungle sex all the way !!!!! DROOLLLSSS


  • spunky

    she does look healthy….they do need to have some couple time i bet they cant wait brad looks very very happy….wonder what that means and they are laughing so one of them must said somthing real funny…:)

  • phoenixx

    just saw a mighty heart! a very heart-wrenching in the end, but i think it was done well. #10 is right. It is a film for a selective audience. I brought my 2 friends along with me and they didnt appreciate the film–well, what can i expect for people who enjoys too much toilet-humor comedies and gun-packed action films.

  • falcon

    TO THOSE JP FANS WHO SAW THE FILM, please rate the film and show your appreciation…Haters are dragging it down without even watching it.

    Here’s the Link to the yahoo movie ratings:;_ylt=A9FJq6eGDH1G9gwBHgBfVXcA