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First Super Clear Picture of Jayden James!

First Super Clear Picture of Jayden James!

Britney Spears says chee-eeeeeeese with 9-month-old son Jayden James.

He looks just like big brother Sean Preston, 21 months!

The title of the article reads: “Britney back from the brink”.

The accompanying caption from the UK tabloid this was ganked from reads: “Young Jayden‘s helping his famous mum get her life back on track”.

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  • anonymous

    omigosh this is a cutie – come on Brit, get it together for your kids

  • HottieTottie

    Kid looks like PopEye

  • anonymous

    only skunks make ugly remarks about a baby. you must be pretty ugly yourself. go ahead and deny it, we know

  • Riley

    That kid isn’t cute…

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who calls themself hottie tottie is trying to prove something

  • HottieTottie

    Weetodds, I never said PopEye wasn’t cute.

    Stop taxing your IQ’s by trying to read too much into a comment.

  • [Famous]


    Oh my god where do I start, the poor boy is dressed like Gilligan and looks like Santa. Lmao How cute, he has his mother receding eyebrows awwwww.

    BIG square flat head, he must suffer from that Spongebob’itis. Haha But on a serious note, that poor child doesn’t even know who’s holding him.

  • Mary

    Not cute, nor is sean preston.

  • Miss Windjammer

    Funny… “Stronger” just came up on my iTunes.

    JJ looks just like SPF!!

  • Miss Windjammer

    …and both of her kids are adorable, I think.

  • highsociety

    All of Kevin’s kids have that same “special” look — and by “special,” I mean in the olympics sense.

  • Celeb Watcher

    You all are pretty pathetic human beings. Jayden and SP are both adorable little boys. Go crawl back under your rock. Your comments are petty and small.

  • Amy

    Cute kids, scary mum.

  • Alayna

    he looks just like his big brother!!
    really cute!

  • مانا

    خیلی خوشکله

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Too cute! The kid does resemble Popeye a bit! brit looks like shit with the do-rag on her head. Dress like a total tard! At least, Popeye look a like is a cutie!

  • [Famous]

    I cant stop l a u g h i n g.

  • Burpie

    He’s kinda cute. Looks just like his brother.

  • Sara

    If Jayden was adopted by the JP’s or Tomkat or whoever you are obsessed with you’d all be screaming



  • cutie pie

    that kid looks like her ugly butt im not calling him ugly but she is ugly tee hee

  • bdj

    cute kid. He does look like his big bro.

  • Pole

    I think he looks cute and he looks healthy. I hope she can pull herself together for the sake of her kids at least.

  • [Famous]

    a whole family of Meth faces, not a good look.

  • Ira

    Awwww! I like his chubby cheeks! Adorable boy!

  • WTF

    Sorry she’s still on the brink of self destruction.

  • terran

    I think he is soo cute but his face is very square.

  • Indie

    Its unfair to pick on an innocent baby’s appearance. :roll:

    Its not his fault that Spears and Federline are his parents. Thats unfortunate.

  • Maniston

    The kid is ugly

  • Kathy

    19 Sara | 06/23/2007 at 2:05 pm
    If Jayden was adopted by the JP’s or Tomkat or whoever you are obsessed with you’d all be screaming


    I know.


    he looks a little “special”…she looks abosolutely DISGUSTING!

  • [Famous]


  • guio

    he is a cute little boy!!!!!! he looks happy and healthy

  • Mediterranean

    If you don’t like his mother, go ahead and say anything you wish so but leave the innocent babies out of your hatred.

    He looks cute but unfortunately he has her as a mother……

  • [Famous]

    not cute at all.

  • Poochie


    To begin with…….EVEN IF they came to this site or the other sites…..THEY CAN’T READ!!!!!!!

    You think SOMEHOW their feelings are going to get hurt?


    BTW….as shown with comparisons on other sites…it is OBVIOUS that Jayden has fetal alcohol syndrome…..sadly.

  • dukeson

    both sean and jayden look like kevin.hahaha

  • leeza

    That is NOT Jayden !!!!!

  • Kane

    That kid is not cute.

  • Code of Fire

    OMG! He’s so beautiful and look like her mom! look this:

  • Prix

    Never mind the baby, take a look at his so called “Mother”.

    Would you have ANY inkling that this woman is worth milions? I’d call her trailer trash, but frankly she doesn’t look that good.

  • J3$$!C@

    Awww hello Jayden. Love the smile.

  • Didi

    omg what an ugly little redneck sh*t. when you inherit genes from wannabe rapper called fedex and a bald has-been c*nt flasher what do you expect

  • Gris

    He is soo cute.

  • Didi

    and the only ugglier kid is my own and i’m the first to say so you should see him and you’d agree

  • To Code of Fire

    Omigosh he is the spittin image of Britney when she was a baby. Thanks for posting that.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    He looks just like Brits mom. Also, look like he suffers from Melinda Doolittle sydrome or is it his collar that is hiding his neck?

    Reality if they grow up to be ugly, I think that is the least of their worries in this world, hving her as a mother.

  • Didi

    the ugly little b*stard has the best chance if britney dies of a drug overdose. at least then it can then use her money for extensive plastic surgery, a full scale labotomy to reverse the brain damage and sell her cheap ass clothes on ebay to sad fat britney myspace-wh*re fanatics with no life that like to imitate cool people but fail miserably

  • Didi


  • Marivic

    i agree, a whole bunch of pathetic losers. what kind of people would talk shit on a baby? wtf is wrong with you folks…good god, get a fucken life!

  • samantha

    she is a mess, she will never get it together, i feel bad for her kids having 2 dopes for parents.