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Jessica Simpson's Time Out with Tweener

Jessica Simpson's Time Out with Tweener

Jessica Simpson and childhood pal Lane Garrison, aka Tweener from Prison Break, have lunch together on Friday at trendy Mexican restaurant ‘Senor Fred’ in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The pair hopped into the 26-year-old singer’s Range Rover after their meal together.

Lane, 27, is currently facing up to seven years in jail for vehicular manslaughter and other alcohol-related charges.. Later in the day, he was spotted attending a rehab meeting at the Matrix Institute in Encino, Calif. His next court date appearance is on August 2.

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Photos: Jones/Bret Thompset/Anthony
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  • [Famous]

    Damn, Lane will hang out with anybody huh. ~smh~

  • anonymous

    very funny famous

  • iris

    They have grown up together, when Lane was brought into the family by Father Simpson, when Lane wasn’t doing to good at home.
    So no, Lane will hang out with anybody huh !

  • Anon.

    Basically, i think jessica Simpson’s problem is that she is too bland and boring. And she really doesn’t have any talent. She hits the clubs, and she might have a little too much to drink once is a while, but she isn’t a druggie and she won’t be caught flashing her bits. I think she really wants to find some famous musician and singer who she can hang with, marry and have acouple of kids and call it a day. I think she realizes she has no talent. Finally. At first she resisted that fact. She might make a couple more movies, but they will tank and then no one will want her and she will realize she has no acting talent either. She WILL be rich. She will probably sell her own perfume and a line of make-up on QVC. Oh. And purses. Ashlee will become famous as a singer/actress. Mediocre, but better than Jess. The sisters will feud until they are in their 40′s.

  • terran

    i want more pics. come on.

    ya they knew eachother fro a long time. i hope that she can give him some good advice.

  • er

    And what powers have you to predict all that?? Jess seems a very sweet girl and pretty decent too. I really like her.I feel sorry for Lane, he’s not exactly a criminal but no doubt he faces a very long long time in the clink. I guess some people learn life’s lessons the hard way. Whatever sentence they give him cannot be harder than facing and living with the fact that he is responsible for cutting a young life short.

  • elle

    JUST OLD FAMILY FRIENDS: This is just two friends catching up because her family took him in and tried to help him. He is not Jessica’s type. I agree that Jessica will marry and have kids. She is just an old fashioned girl.

  • Diana

    I love Jessica┬┤s shoes .. does anyone knows how to get similar ones? Please.

    She looks fine when she dress down. Lovely.

  • terran

    those are are not avialible any more they are Miu Miu Shearling clogs. Jess wears them all the time.

    I think that tina (jessica’s mom) is carrying daisy, but it could just be her own dog

  • anonymous

    Man has she ever slid down the glamour pole. Scuffed up shoes, washed out clothes. You never saw her looking like this with Nick. Even when she was casual with Nick she was still impeccable.

  • Sara Lee

    Murderer and a cheater

  • HottieTottie

    Ugh. Wasn’t her 15 minutes up years ago? What *exactly is* her talent anyway?

  • HottieTottie

    Oh wait. Her *talent* just came to me.


  • Diana

    Thank you terran, I am browsing the internet to see if I can find something similar.

    She has her own brand of shoes, I didnt know that.

  • hotstuff

    that lane guy is so god damn HOT and he is packing down there if you know what I mean (LICK)!

  • Mary

    old childhood friend??? What the???

    I agree with Anon!!!

  • Anon.

    #4 here.I don’t dislike Jessica. I find her likeable if sort of forgettable.Sometimes I actually feel sorry for her. But, like, she’s not someone I’d miss. Sometimes I see pictures of her and she looks really unhappy and confused or miserable, like “What am I supposed to be doing? Tell me, somebody!” I think her father really messed her up. Oh, well. Her fifteen minutes is almost up. She seems like a nice likeable person who is not real bright. OK. Maybe she’ll sell CDs on QVC…of her favorite gospel and sprituals.

  • Cynthia

    Why don’t she take her bumpy nose back to Texas already. She is OVER too. Nobody will ever take this retard seriously. Why do she still make movies? She was never impeccable even when she was with her fat mangina ex. She was always FUG and sloppy looking! Don’t like Asshole her sis, but at least she was honest enough to fix herself up. I’m sick of this bumpy nose hick trying to impose on people to ‘accept her as she is’!

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Who cares about these two? Except, finding a nickname for them. Booorrring! Okay, Jug’s & Killer? Who cares?

  • Anna

    Jessica Simpson is such a joke. I swear I honestly believe that Jessica thought that she would be this BIG star if she got a divorce from Nick. I think people whispered in her ear that “You would become this A-List celebrity and become this big movie star if you were single. Being with Nick is holding you back and if you let him go, you would become this hot commodity!”

    But look what happened: Nick Lachey moved on and is in a serious relationship with Vanessa while Jessica is bouncing from guy to guy while those same guys that she hooks up with, end up talking shit about her in magazines. Jessica hasn’t done anything significant since she divorced Nick. She did that movie with Dane Cook that flopped and is about to release another movie called “Major Movie Star” that I bet will flop as well.

    I’m only saying these things because I used to be a big fan of hers and I was a fan of hers since the beginning and have been following her career since “I Wanna Love you Forever.” The girl can sing but she has turned out to be such a huge disappointment. I really believe that she loved Nick but chose her career over her marriage. And because of it people really don’t take her seriously anymore.

  • terran

    yea jessica shoe line is doing very well. She has some like this i think too. Her shoes are still kind of confussing.

    gosh some of you are harsh. Jessica looks nice here. And she isn’t a cheater. And these two arn’t going out. They are old friends.

  • terran

    shoes are not confussing lol. i ment to write they are expensive lol

  • terran

    my comment just got deleted? what

  • [marie]

    I do feel for Lane Garrison. While I do believe he is responsible for his actions and has to do his time, it must be hard to go on the rest of your life knowing that you’re responsible for someone’s death. Good Luck and Godspeed.

    Oh yeah and Jessica sucks as$…

  • galsso

    i like that hoodie the guy is wearing. anyone know where to get it, or something similiar?

  • sandy

    It’s sad that these stars get in there car and drive drunk with no regards to human life. So the law really needs to put a stop to this.
    I’m glad most of us agree that Jessica has no talent, everybody I talk to think her next movie will flop and no way are they going to see it.
    Jessica should find a guy out of the lime light and settle down with him. Her problem, she is trying to find someone with alot of star power to drag her sagging career up and this act is making her look so desperate and pathetic.

  • yami

    jessica is looking hot lately
    way to go jess
    I really like her
    she seems to be a nice and sweet person

  • malibumom

    I think she should call Paul Sculfor!

  • David

    Very desperate and pathetic.

  • Pat loves Cris


  • woogie

    am i the only one who can’t stop staring at his bulge? and not in a good way.

  • SP

    If Jessica’s next two movies flop, she will most likely fade from the scene. She’s cute but doesn’t really have the talent or on screen charisma to make to it in film. She’ll always be somewhat of a fixture in the tabloids but I think QVC will be in her future. She should stay away from Mayer…he’s far too complicated a personality for her.

  • hotbitch

    How many times is she going to wear those same jeans and shoes??? Really.