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Maddox & Zahara Share Clothes!

Maddox & Zahara Share Clothes!

They wear hand-me-downs!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s 2-year-old daughter Zahara wore a “Black Sabbath” t-shirt (the English heavy metal band that Ozzy Osbourne used to sing lead vocals for) to school on Friday.

Big brother Maddox, 5, wore the same t-shirt last August while enjoying a dinner night out with Brad and Angelina in New Orleans, Louisiana. The family was in town because Brad was announcing the winners of his architectural design competition at a news conference.

Maddox and Zahara both wore it best, so don’t even think about it!

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Photos: Simon Earl/Mark Raishbrook/Splash News Online
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  • Hottest Couple Ever

    Thay are adorable. Love the Jolie-Pitts!

  • angiefan

    They are both so gorgeous!! And Z is only 2 not 3.

  • summer

    Love this family. A real down to earth family. Children wearing hand-me-downs.

  • Cindy

    Despite her milliions, Angie raises her family just like any practical modern mum. Ignore the trashy tabloid news. She’s admirable for her work and let’s not lose focus of that!

  • http://yahoo yes

    They are the same. its not one, and it doesn’t matter if its one coz even some of us have done the same

  • summer

    Look closely. I do not thnik they are the same. I still see the children are happy. Angie and Brad are great parents.

  • Jolie-Pitt Clan Fan

    No doubt about it the Jolie-Pitts are keeping it REAL!!!

    They both have money coming out of their back sides but they are allowing their children some normality.

    Angie if you hsve some second hand items you don’t want my address is……..lolol

    Luv This Fam!

  • http://yahoo MAMS

    She knows what she is doing. Do You think she doesn’t know that u’ve seen the t-shirt with Mad? She knows!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo mel

    So what? Atleast they are not naked!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Melissa

    No matter what, i still love this family!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Melissa


  • http://yahoo JENNIFER ANISTON

    IT DOESNT matter, better them they’ve got kids but i dont

  • lollie

    z is 2 not 3 yr old. Wow zee is growing up fast. I’m Ethiopian and I love Z too much. I can’t wait til she grows a to be maddox’s age. I wonder how she would look. Oh maddox is the just too cute. He is the sweetest little boy ever.

  • http://yahoo JENNIFER ANISTON

    Leave them alone, they are my ex’s kids! and i

    still LOVE him thats why when i try to move on

    i always think of him which makes it had to

    move on. But one thing i know about this is

    that he will NEVER come back to me!!!!

  • http://yahoo Melissa


    Get lost girl!!!!!!!

    I suggest you better Go to Paul now before he
    damps you!!!

  • http://yahoo Melissa

    JJ, i can’t sleep coz of your good Brangelina threads.

  • http://yahoo yes

    My dear friend Melissa, PLEASE SLEEP!!! I’m

    better off here than you coz right now it’s

    10:21 am and am up having my braek fast!! lol

  • http://yahoo BAMPZS

    Zee is 2 not 3. lol

  • http://yahoo LOVE ANGELINA

    Nice kids and good parents, though i’m not too sure about Brad behide bars!!! I know he is good.

  • nice

    Z needs to get her legs fixed soon – a brace or something – and what good mother puts such dark clothing on her children – and i don’t mean the color – I am talking black sabbath and skull and cross bones – that’s what she had on Shiloh when she was a few days old. Not setting a good moral example magnifying evil. I think it is the same shirt just washed out and faded.


    Because if I see that POSER brad Pitt
    one more time in front of any school
    (day-in, day-out PHOTO-OP-sense of
    (and HATE it!)

  • Nicole

    It’s the same shirt – those winged things are on both sides of the writing. See:

    Also, nice, I dunno what universe you live in, but wearing T-shirts doesn’t erode a person’s morals. Besides, the worse thing they’ve ever worn is skulls – and they probably like them.

  • lylian

    When I was a little girl, I used to have these horrid relatives (usually OLDER relatives), who would greet me pinching me on my cheeks and jiggling them. I didn’t like it then.

    Now I’m an older woman and I look at these kids (and my own and friends of my own) and I can absolutely understand that almost irresistable urge to squeeze those little cheeks too. There’s something about a child’s cheeks, especially a baby’s or toddlers cheeks that is just so pinchable and squeezable and adorable.

  • http://yahoo yes


  • jenna

    The kids are adorable and getting so big!

    Thanks jared, BP& AJ are wonderful parents it the children are so happy.

  • michele-south africa

    Zahara is full of joy. If you look back at the first pictures of her, with Angelina, you will see a quiet-eyed child, with wisdom hidden in those liquid black eyes. She has grown in confidence and character. Nothing is ever going to get this little mighty mouse down. Her animated response to life around her is so endearing, and infectious.
    She is wonderful to behold, and will only get more beautiful, and more courageous as she grows older. You have done a good job as loving Parents! I salute you both. May you prosper in all that is important to you.
    Well done. God loves you.

  • mexx

    i would never let my kid wear a black sabbath t shirt!! i wonder if they believe in the lord!! b sabbath is satanic music…..!!

  • spain

    Estoy deseando ver A Mighty Heart¡¡Espero que haga una taquilla decente porque sino los idiotas de los trolls se van a inflar a insultar…..Lo de los servicios sociales me ha dejao muerta,ahahahhahah realmente la estupidez humana llega a limites insospechados

  • spain

    Traductor de google

    I want to see Mighty Heart I WISH to do a decent ticket office because but the idiots of the trolls are going to get conceited to insulting ….. It of the social services I am dejao died, ahahahhahah really the human stupidity comes to unsuspected limits

    AHHAHA sorry,is the traductor

  • uke-chan

    26 mexx

    LOL, get a grip

  • http://justjared xoxoxoxoxo

    love it

  • angelinammm

    cute Zahara :)

  • spain

    mexx | 06/23/2007 at 6:25 am

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh DIOS MIO¡¡ANGELINA BAD


  • mother

    I used to let my daughter black t-shirts. She had a lot of black and white clothes items.

  • irma

    There’s nothing wrong wearing hand me down clothes, I did when I was growing up. You saved a lot of money, I did the same thing to my children.
    I will watch AMH today. Love this family.

  • rainbow

    To 26 Mexx

    From the Lord: (Frowns) Stop that rant! (Smiles) The kids sure look good in their T-shirts.

  • egad

    would anyone else like to admit that zahara has quite the prominent…CHIN!

    hahahahaha lol :)

  • vivian

    Would it kill these tow to put her in girls clothes once in a while?

  • To 37

    Will it kills the haters to mind their own business when it comes to something as futile and personal as dressing ones own kids ? It’s beyond being presumptuous.

    Get over yourself and mind your own children’s business including what they put on !

  • Maria

    Zahara has never been seen wearing a dress. Has anyone seen a picture of her wearing a dress?

  • To 38

    Yes there are pictures. If you’re not lazy, you may find them !

  • ninda

    so what gitu loh

  • egad

    its pure laziness that has zahara in that dumb tee. lets see if that tee makes it down to shiloh. if it does, they are completely ridiculous as parents! but something tells me that brad wont let that happen to shi.

  • How pretentious of you !

    And you are completely ridiculous as a human being. Mind your own parent skills. I bet you don’t have any !

  • rainbow

    Pls don’t respond to agents provocateurs. Found this excerpt from an article by Marianne Pearl:

    There is a huge difference between taking revenge into your own hands and leaving it up to the law. I was totally against the Iraq war. People think they’ll feel better if a bit more of the enemy is destroyed. But in fact, so often it is only innocent people who die, and eventually you forget why you started fighting in the first place.

    Revenge is a basic human instinct, the animal part of man, and it gets us nowhere. Not to retaliate doesn’t mean you’re weak. In fact, being able to rise above your instincts is a sign of strength – far more heroic than bombing another country or planning a suicide mission. Dialogue is the ultimate act of courage, far more courageous than killing someone.

    But forgiveness is too lame as an answer to extreme situations. It’s not a value strong enough to stand on. You have to win some sort of victory over the people who have hurt you, and you can only do that by denying the terrorists their goal. They try to kill everything in you – initiative, hope, confidence, dialogue. The only way to oppose them is by demonstrating the strength they think they have taken from you. That strength is to keep on living, to keep on valuing life. So now it’s up to me to create something of my life. Danny’s parents have started a Foundation in his name, and I’m making small gains step by step. First by giving birth to Adam, then by writing my book.

  • vivian


    p.s. I have a son and I put him in boy’s clothes. Thank you for asking.

  • anustin

    maria aguanta!she does…look fOr pix when they wer in INDIA!

  • Jess0

    I like it how the parents dress their children. They are a very modern family. Frilly dresses were in the 80′s. Times change. Shiloh won’t get dressed any differently to her sister. What planet are you from egad? This family doesn’t value material items. They travel. and good travellers pack light.

  • rainbow

    A few people are trying to provoke a fight. It is so obvious. Why give them the satisfaction?

  • Joan of Arc

    Angelina practices witchcraft and she hides her evil ways in self-righteousness. She definitely put a spell on Brad … Look at him! He acts like a robot aound her, like a “Stepford Husband”. The T-Shirt is just a sign. Discern, people. See beyond the surface.