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Beyonce: Baby Boy You Stay on My Mind

Beyonce: Baby Boy You Stay on My Mind

Beyonce catches a flight out of Nice airport with an unidentified little boy on Sunday after her week-long “love boat” vacation with her boo Jay-Z. (The little boy has been vacationing with Beyonce and Jay and it’s not her nephew Daniel.)

The cozy couple sailed the South of France aboard their private yacht, The Lady Lola.

More pictures inside of Beyonce‘s yacht…

Just Jared on Facebook
beyonce little boy 01
beyonce little boy 02
beyonce little boy 03
beyonce yacht lady lola 01
beyonce yacht lady lola 02
beyonce yacht lady lola 03
beyonce yacht lady lola 04
beyonce yacht lady lola 05
beyonce yacht lady lola 06
beyonce yacht lady lola 07
beyonce yacht lady lola 08
beyonce yacht lady lola 09
beyonce yacht lady lola 10
beyonce yacht lady lola 11
beyonce yacht lady lola 12
beyonce yacht lady lola 13
beyonce yacht lady lola 14
beyonce yacht lady lola 15
beyonce yacht lady lola 16
beyonce yacht lady lola 17
beyonce yacht lady lola 18
beyonce yacht lady lola 19
beyonce yacht lady lola 20

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Eliot Press
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  • Nat

    that’s her nephew, isn’t it?

  • maria


  • [Famous]

    Looking Good.

  • music

    that dress is too young for her. it might’ve worked if she didn’t have piano legs. u know, wide on top and narrow on the bottom.

  • Indie

    Nat, Jared wrote that its not her nephew.. :)

    Maybe he’s a relation to Jay Z?

  • Burpie

    She looks good. The little boy is adorable.

  • angelinammm

    maybe she pick him up for a photo op ;)

  • angelinammm


  • MARY

    LOL is that supposed to be a “dress”?
    In todays society nobody has dressing morals, which is to stay atleast a bit decent, but this women chucked decency out the window the day she decided to be a singer:-(
    Such talent and beauty, these celebrity women just throw it away by looking like everyday hoes, what happened to old hollywood, albiet Marilyn Monre was a lil risque but she was still classy, this beyonce just loves to look like a NASTY GIRL.:-(

  • angelinammm

    I just read that this is their private yacht?

  • angelinammm
  • Sarah

    She looks scared.

  • anonymous

    She looks cool and lovely. That beautiful linen dress is modest by today’s standards. Love the necklace.

  • Natalie

    Beyonces caramel skin is so gorgeous. That is also a nice a$$ yaucht. I am jealous!!

  • Fashion Critic

    Not liking this wig

  • Sam

    Beyonce is gorgeous not Nasty, she has beautiful skin, face structure, and body, I agree with you though Mary, the dress is ugly, but the necklace is beautiful,but remember she is on vacation, and the old hollywood you’re talking about is not relevent in this era, actress and actors were glamorus, but there were no paparazzi back then as that were following them as celebrities got followed today, talking pictures of stars in their most private moments, when they can’t be expected to always look their best and be glamarous, to compare old hollywood dress attire to todays celebrities is unfair, ‘today’s’ celebrities have it much harder, if you only look at the pictures of celebrities when their on the red carpet then there as much glamarous old hollywood,there is no pictures of old hollywood actors and actress in their most private moments,STOP LIVING in THE DELUSION that OLD HOLLYWOOD WAS MUCH CLASSIER MARY, that time has passed, we didn’t know celebrities back then as we do today

  • onelove

    Thats one of Jay’s friends kid, who went on Vacation with them.

  • Ms. Annabelle

    I wonder who that boy is,Jay Z kid maybe?

  • nona

    this is a chick who gets down on all fours and crawls across the floor in her videos. there’s nothing ‘classy’ about her.

  • Davidson


    Please stop it with the moral hysteria, especially since it’s so one-sided in attacking women with that ever-popular slur “‘ho.” Especially, when I bet you would never dare attack the sexual “immorality” of her boyfriend, a man who raps about not only his rampant promiscuity but even glorifies the trafficking of women and girls (a far worse offense). I cannot stand that irrational double standard. Since heterosexuality is normal, there should be no need in attacking women for either looking “sexual” (arbitrary, at best) or being promiscuous if men are not only tolerated but celebrated.

  • Davidson

    I must add, I don’t think there’s anything classy about Beyonce, but I can’t stand her boyfriend either. My criticism doesn’t single her out for being female.

  • Pandora

    “9 MARY | 06/24/2007 at 7:23 pm
    LOL is that supposed to be a “dress”?
    In todays society nobody has dressing morals, which is to stay atleast a bit decent, but this women chucked decency out the window the day she decided to be a singer:-(
    Such talent and beauty, these celebrity women just throw it away by looking like everyday hoes, what happened to old hollywood, albiet Marilyn Monre was a lil risque but she was still classy, this beyonce just loves to look like a NASTY GIRL.:-( ”

    Is that you, The *Virgin* Mary? C’mon, now. Beyonce does not look nasty. This is not one of her finer fashion moments, but I don’t see her crotch exposed, do you? She has a great body, nice legs, and no need to cover up as though it was the dead of winter. She’s really quite beautiful and I don’t think your drama and hyperbole is warranted. It’s waaaay over the top.

  • Franny

    I imagine you can “buy” one of these yachts for a period of time, one summer, or 5 summers or whatever and then maybe the builder or broker “buys” it back. Or maybe it’s all leased – in any event, I want one. Even for just one month. Please.

  • Jasmine

    Beyonce looks great! Her and Jay are a great looking power couple! God is defintely smiling on their relationship, so all you haters, keep hating. It only raises their stock higher!

  • Babysis

    When i first saw that pic, i thought the little boy had facial hair! lol

  • Jae

    I think the dress is a bit too short, I wouldn’t say nasty but definitely risque and my only issue with it is that I would not prefer someone dressing like that around my child…do what you want in your videos but if that kid stands directly in front of her he’s going to have a bird’s eye view of what that dress SHOULD have been covering…show some class for the kiddies PLEASE…

    in Mary’s defense, i don’t recall her commenting on her lack of make-up or messy hair when she said Beyonce looked nasty and who are we to presume who she would bash, she may have the same opinion about Jay-Z, who is nothing but a sexist pig. Either way I think celebs need to consider the young kids we know are watching them and the profound influence they have on the way young kids act nowadays. The influence Beyonce (and many others) has projected is not what I would classify as beneficial for children

  • Yily

    the boy is actually Jay-Z illegitimate son from his ex-girlfriend. the boy is cute. looks nothing like Jay-Z, which is a good thing. jay-z is butt ugly hahah.

  • babyblue

    I think she is too heavy for the dress – she is no fat, just too heavy for this dress…

  • Carline

    The boy is Jay-Z’s close friend Tyran’s son. He and his father have been with them the whole 2 week vacation.

  • ewww

    okay, okay, we get it, Jay and Mary, please go back to the dark ages.
    The dres is too short, I wouldn’t dress like that in front of my kid etc.., wtf????! Just f u ck off!
    How many mums out there wear very short skirts and short dresses in summer? Do you go bashing them around too? Do you go in the park where they are with they kids enjoying sunshine and tell them to cover themselves up?? geesh, grow up! Beyonce is young and should dress like she wants.
    Are you gonna tell me the mums who go swimming in sexy bikini with thier kids or – let’s take the homely example shall we? – the mums who bath with their 2- 5 yo sons or daughters are whores too because they’re exposing their bodies, right?? get a f ucking grip!

    things change. I don’t see her pus sy or her ass in there. and i bet the kid doesn’t too. i’m sure had his mum a problem with beyonce dressing this way, she wouldn’t allow her son to walk with her. fortunately the mum’s not from the old dark ages generation like you and mary. i bet you’re in your 50s or 60s and if you aren’t you need to get out there and see the real world.

    the way parents bring thier kids up these days have nothing to do with the way beyonce live her life. discipline and education start at home and at young age and it’s the parent responsibility. if you allow your 5 yo to watch mtv late inthe night, if you put a tv in his room when he’s nto even 16 yet, thenif your fault, not beyonces. if a parent doesn’t know how to control and teach his child the good or bad by the time they reach teen ages, it’s the paren’t fault. beyonce’s fault.
    did you fail your son or daughter, jae? poor you. here a tip; buy them good books to read on programming, architecture, mathematiques and why not fashion! and find them a hobby when they’re still young like tennis, martial arts or writing. we’ll see by them if you’ll still put the blame on Beyonce. Poor lame bitter ass.

  • ewww

    not beyonce’s fault

  • indiesr

    I’m not a die-hard fan of Beyonce. I do like some of her songs (especially when they play them on the radio over & over again, and you find yourself bopping to the beat-then thinking what the ****)But I do think that she is one of the few celebs that has not sucum to the toothpick look. I love how she keeps her curvacious figure (regardless of the pressure)and she looks absolutly fabulous…and might I had – sexy.

  • indiesr

    Stop blaming celebs for the way your children turn out. Everything begins at home. Parents need to take responsibilty for their childrens actions and stop trying to blame everything on celebs – yes, kids do look at celebs as role models, but parents interaction and communication with their kids at home is KEY.

  • ralu_mike

    yacht yacht yacht yacht

  • Jae

    Wow who’d have thought some simple comments about a dress that was inappropriately short would illicit such a response, “ewww”…

    Just because some of us were raised to appreciate some modesty and moral values doesn’t mean we’re from the dark ages, I’m 22 thanks v. much…and just because apparently this is ‘the way the real world is’ now, doesn’t make it right. Since when did we simply accept things because the majority of people in the world do them? are we going to excuse drug use too? That was the most pathetic argument I’ve ever heard, “everyone does it!!” LOL.

    I don’t have children yet but thanks, I don’t need tips from you, I’m sure if I ever need to know what NOT to do with my kids, I’ll ask your mother. It takes a village to raise a child, and we ALL need to do what we can to create a healthy world for our children to grow in…we don’t need hoes flashing their goodies on TV, granted parents should control what their children watch but in reality, what service does it provide to have it on TV in the first place? Do we really need to see that ‘badonkadonk’ jiggling on the screen?

  • Dalien

    Do we really need to see that ‘badonkadonk’ jiggling on the screen?

    Get rid of you’re television set. How YOU feel is not my concern.

  • rancour

    ahaha Dalien great reply!!!

  • ZOE

    Lol, Jae sounds like he/she/it grew up in a sect. I guess a whole village raised him/her/ it to become the sanctimimonuous person/thing he/she/it is today. He/she/ it’s probably still a virgin b/c his mama told him all women who wear shorties are hoes. Hey, Jae, ain’t ya Ed Gein’s descendant by chance?

  • lilu

    Hot Hot Hot! This girl is hot! Love the dress. I wish I could be this curvy. She’s sooo sexy!! I agree with you insider. I’m glad Beyonce is not following the toothpick fashion.
    Fyi Jae, she’s not a whore. You come as a very intelligent person but you should recheck your dictionary.
    Zoe, I think by ‘village’, Jae meant the whole world. I think it’s meant to be a figure of speech.

  • Michael C


  • homa

    Have you all seen Lauren Conrad (LC) laterly. She has lost a lot of weight. Why don’t you do some investigative work and find out how she lost all that weight in such a short period.

  • jessica

    holy s*** love the yacht!! Looks more like a cruise ship! so luckyy

  • MARY

    ok first of I 100% agree with Jae. All the people on here who agree with Beyonce’s dress sense -fine w/e. If Jae was bought up in a village, wouldnt the use of internet seem too ‘modern’ for her to use? If she was so secluded from todays soceity she wouldnt even know who Beyonce is! Jae is right, and very strong minded, I do not hate Beyonce. I think she has talent, and I think its best if I avoid the whole Jay-z thing. But I just think tht man could rap about other things than what he already does, but I wont go there. I have respect for the both of them in the sense of how far theyve come and how much success theyve earned. But Im sure beyonce will agree with me since shes supposed to be so ‘religeous’ with the fact that the success on this earth is nothing compared to the success that you earn for when you go to heaven. meaning it doesnt really matter how many grammys shes won, all that matters is how good a person she is, for when she goes to Heaven, Beyonce is a christian. From her interveiws and other celebs , they always say how grounded and how nice she is; so I think she is nice person. i dont think shes bad, but what Im saying is she is ABSOLUTLY beautifl, and theres no need for to dress LIKE a hoe. If I ever met her, I’d tell her the same thing. But shes rich and famous, lol I dont think she’ll listen, anyways you people need to stop attacking other people just because they dont agree with you. We all have our own opinions, and I can see most of you agree with a women
    who dresses like a hoe on Tv, when in real-life he is FAR FAR from a hoe, IN INTERVIEWS, WEHN FANS MEET HER; WHEN OTHER CELEBS WORK WITH HER, they all kows shes a good person. She just does not need to act slutty in her videos; thats all. Im not preaching, I have my opinions and so do you all. theres no need for attacking, just try to understand what Im saying, if you still think diferently then you can say so; theres no need to act childish and say were from villages LOL! I think Jae’s comment was very mature, I think my comment could of been better, but anyway there you all go. Understand one another, so the world can be a little better,ok?
    And my name is actually Mariyam, bit for short my mates call me Mary, ok Pandora?

  • lunea

    Aww thats so cute

  • Mmmmm

    Looks like she is wearing her mans T after spending the night at his house but shoes are hot and the girl has a kickin bod!

  • katerina

    maybe it’s the kid that’s supposed to be jay z’s kid which he denies but for whose education and stuff he’s paying

  • [Famous]


    Talk about clueless.

  • vbn

    her dress is so cute anyone know where it’s from

  • Pearly

    Who cares what she’s wearing? LOOK AT THAT BOAT!!! How can people feel like they somehow “deserve” to live like that when there are kids dying in the streets… it’s messed up.

  • sowhat

    So what! she is a normal girl, id rather see a woman like her, dressed in designer clothes, than a very anorexic and disgusting Nicole Richie.

    JAY Z and BEYONCE are hot togeter, and have a great life, people dont hate because your jealous.