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Hayden Panettiere's Got Gas

Hayden Panettiere's Got Gas

Hayden Panettiere slips into a pair of skinny jeans and stilettos while pumping her own gas on Saturday in Los Angeles. The Heroes babe filled the tank of her Porshe Cayanne while texting away on her Blackberry.

Hayden, 17, also attended the Hollywood premiere of Ratatouille on Friday (black dress) and the release party for the Ninentdo Wii Harry Potter Video Game on Thursday (yellow dress).

Less than two months until she’s legal, folks! August 21. Mark it in your calendars.

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01 hayden panettiere pumping gas
02 hayden panettiere pumping gas
03 hayden panettiere pumping gas
04 hayden panettiere pumping gas
05 hayden panettiere pumping gas
06 hayden panettiere ratatouille
07 hayden panettiere ratatouille
08 hayden panettiere ratatouille
09 hayden panettiere ratatouille
10 hayden panettiere ratatouille
11 hayden panettiere nintendo wii
12 hayden panettiere nintendo wii
13 hayden panettiere nintendo wii
14 hayden panettiere nintendo wii
15 hayden panettiere nintendo wii
hayden panettiere nintendo wii 01
hayden panettiere nintendo wii 02
hayden panettiere nintendo wii 03
hayden panettiere nintendo wii 04
hayden panettiere ratatouille 01

Photos: Splash News Online, Frederick M. Brown/Michael Tullberg/Getty
Posted to: Hayden Panettiere, Masi Oka

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  • angi

    She seems to be the next LiLo.. totally

  • gala

    I think she’s cute, but she’s definitely not that “hot”

  • [Famous]

    Jailbaits looking kind of good.

  • gala

    jared, why are the rihanna comments off?

  • Hassy

    She’s cute, young and fresh.

  • Sarah

    She’s lost a lot of weight and she smokes. Therefore she sucks.

  • Violette

    She looks really good, yellow suits her.

  • Anonymous

    Hayden Panettiere most definitley does not suck. She is HOT!

    Thanks Jared.

  • Anonymous

    Hayden Panettiere is no way the next LiLo.

    She is hot and talented.

  • [Famous]

    Sarah | 06/24/2007 at 11:50 am

    She’s lost a lot of weight and she smokes. Therefore she sucks.

    I agree.

  • Burpie

    She’s pretty. I love her jeans.

  • nika

    “Less than two months until she’s legal, folks! August 21. Mark it in your calendars”
    HAHAHA, for some reason this makes me laugh. She´ll be no more a jailbailt in august, and men can drool without feeling guilty.
    And DAMN.. whats up with the high heels! Shes a step away from falling.
    I think shes a very pretty girl, and as shes growing up, she´ll become beautiful. My thinking though.

  • Gee

    Stilettos to pump gas? I’m sorry but she could be mistaken for 25-27. I’m not impress with her looks and the heavy made up face. Is she living with her parents?

    Young people want to grow up sooo fast and when they get there its, I wish I was 17 again. Slow down take your time. Smoking is never good no matter what the age is. But 17 and smoking to bad.

  • Mark

    Jared, what and why? Why are you posting photos of her then… I’m confused…

  • huh?

    you hate rihanna yet you post picutres of her? i’m very confused

  • Mrs. Fugly

    I thought Hayden P was a fat little fuglet. I guess, she’s slimmed down. She looks great in the skinny jeans and long tee. I’m glad she’s wearing the long tee and, not letting her crack and midriff exposed looking,like some hillybilly trailer trash like, some celebs we know! she seems to dress tastefully. She surprised me. She get’s an A+ in my vote.

  • babyblue

    she is too heavy for skinny jeans – well, I don’t really like her!

  • Hulla

    You’re not supposed to wear skinny jeans like that, looks stupid.

  • Meg

    Someone needs to fix those damn eyebrows…and she’s still chunky

  • Indie

    Pretty girl. ^_^ Probably not my favorite jeans on her though.

  • Just Jared

    I took those comments off because Hayden is ugly and has a boys name.

  • Fasmous knock off your shit

    Famous, we are complety aware that you are POSING as Jared to get the attention off yourself. You are the biggest idiot here.

  • angelinammm

    pretty girl

  • angelinammm

    she makes chunky look sexy

  • Whoopie

    Ok she looks good.. not sure about her figure, though.. but what the hell is she doing driving that monster truck in those heels?? Dayum.

  • prison break fanatic

    those people who say she is chunky are fat ,lowlives who have nothing better to do then to hate on people. first you diss someone when she is too skinyy, then you diss them for being healthy looking as hayden. people who hate on others without even knowing them are just jealous because she is young and pretty unlike your retarded selves. people seriously she is only 17 let her live her life. it is her time to be young and supid and make her mistakes now. just let the girl live her life jeez.

  • Michael C

    A fat fugly.

  • R

    eeewwww…. short little piggly-wiggly leggies

  • maud

    I am not loving her that much but come on, fat she is not!!!

  • Samantha

    Damn does she really need those heals to pump gas? It looks stupid.

  • 2985

    I need to learn how to drive with heels that high and pointy…dayum indeed! Then again I could just take them off while driving and not get into accidents and feel bad…hihihi… :lol:

  • homa

    Have you all seen Lauren Conrad (LC) laterly. She has lost a lot of weight. Why don’t you do some investigative work and find out how she lost all that weight is such a short period.

  • hotbitch

    Some of you are so damn critical! Like Samantha said, “does she really need those HEELS (not heals) to pump gas”??? What was she supposed to do, change her shoes @ the damn gas station??? I’m pretty sure that’s how she left the house! And quit calling her chunky and fat! She looks great!!!! I hope she doesn’t lose any more weight so she can be anorexic like the rest of young Hollywood. She’s what a young woman is supposed to look like, with a butt and thighs.

  • Kelsey

    You guys are really ridiculous! “she’s to fat”! Come on, the girl looks great! people like you , make young girls have problems with what size they should be! i am a size 3, so now i guess i’m also fat! right?

  • fatkat

    I’ve loved her since before I could remember. Shes grown to be a very pretty girl ( she was never ugly, just had that pretty baby face.)I hope she continue to do what she does and not follow the path of the others.

  • Ari


    Hayden is a very pretty girl who is incredibly talented and is no way the next Fire Crotch. PLEASE. She’s not fat. Like it’s been said before everyone gets pissed about people being mad skinny, then when they’re at a healthy weight it’s too fat. The publics view on image is so critical it’s becoming the air we breathe. For gods sake leave her alone and let her live her life. So what if she smokes many celeberties began drinking at a much younger age. DRINKING. Which in my opinion is far worse than smoking. At least she’s not a chain smoker. I think she’s a great actress and will succeed greatly ^_^.

    Rock On Hunnie!!!

  • Sue

    She’s a doll and so NOT fat. I don’t like the stilleto heels, though.

  • nathan

    I don’t care if she smokes. As long as she smokes my cock in a couple months.

  • Jonathan


    With her i like to pump gas anytime
    She pumps gas in the sexy way.

  • Summer

    CHUNKY? AND FAT?!?!?!?!
    WTF… if that is fat to you, something is seriously wrong.
    and i don’t understand why you’ve got the need, to write this, she might see it and become one of those anorectic girls. just because she’s famous, she’s a human and i think it’s wrong to say she’s fat, when she might see this oneday. you wouldn’t do that if she was a ordinary girl you knew.