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Kate Walsh: Pregnant or Poor Posture?

Kate Walsh: Pregnant or Poor Posture?

Private Practice star Kate Walsh leaves the local gym after her hour-long pilates class on Thursday in Los Angeles, Calif.

After her work-out, Kate met up with an older mystery male for lunch at an outdoor restaurant.

If you thought she was paparazzi shy on Wednesday, smiling for photographers this time must be a complete 180! (Also maybe pulling down her shirt to cover up her belly?)

10+ pictures inside Kate possibly getting her baby bump on…

Just Jared on Facebook
kate walsh baby bump 01
kate walsh baby bump 02
kate walsh baby bump 03
kate walsh baby bump 04
kate walsh baby bump 05
kate walsh baby bump 06
kate walsh baby bump 07
kate walsh baby bump 08
kate walsh baby bump 09
kate walsh baby bump 10

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  • Diana

    I think she was indulging a bit after finishing Grey´s, now needs to get back in shape before filming begins … Gorgeous and natural as ever.

  • gala

    She’s not pregnant

  • Lillianne

    anybody know who this guy is? She is a natural beauty.

  • [Famous]

    GA will be much much better without her fugly ass. yay!!

  • nika

    yeah, I think shes getting in shape.

  • S.

    She looks stunning. Thank G-d she’s free from the irredeemable narrative crap GA as become. Yeah for new shiny TV beginings.

  • Amanda

    4 [Famous] | 06/24/2007 at 1:59 pm

    GA will be much much better without her fugly ass. yay!!
    >>>>> >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>

    I dont think she’s ugly. I loved her on Greys. =/

  • jamie

    She is so pretty! Gosh, I just adore her. I am so happy she is leaving Bla’s Anatomy. Private Practice will be so much better.

    I think she is preggers.
    Thanks Jared!!! Keep them coming:)

  • LanieCroft

    Yeah, new Kate pics. JustJared you’re the BEST.
    It’s so refreshing to finally see a star who doesn’t need tons of make-up to look stunning. Kate really is a natural beauty.

  • S.

    Oh,forgot: Thank you Jared.
    And she’s pregnant (just to dissent) ;)

  • Kimmmm

    NO way is she pregnant. She looks beautiful thought with no makeup. More pics Just Jared!!! Im loving the three fixes of Kate this week!

  • Indie

    9 [Famous] | 06/24/2007 at 2:14 pm


    Kate walsh is a white trash slob.

    That was realy uncalled for.

    I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but what has this woman realy done to deserve such a nasty comment? :|

  • KateLove

    OH My Kate! Yay, more pics. She is just beautiful. I am so jealous.
    More Kate pics please.

  • court

    Hey Famous, WTF, is your problem. You stupid ass bitch.
    You want white trash, that is Ellen Pompeo. She is psycho murdering bitch with a lisp. She sells crack with her b/f. She is white trash.

  • court

    Hey Famous, WTF, is your problem. You stupid ass bitch.

  • court

    Hey Famous, WTF, is your problem. You stupid ass bitch.

    I Love Kate!!!

  • [Famous]

    There you go mini me, do my name some justice.

    One thing, I don’t use the word ‘slob’ its corny, next time go harder.

  • [Famous]

    Oh yea, never use my name and “yay” in the same sentence again, That ish sounds gay!

  • jamie

    Court, lets not stoop to the losers level and bash another actress. I do not like Ellen Pompeo, but we should not bash her b/c this loser is bashing Kate.

    Anyways, Kate Rocks!!! :)

  • grace

    i like her!She´s not pregnant she went to the gym…

  • meg

    She is a beauty. I love her!
    More gorgeous pics please!

  • Sam

    NOT! is realy gay and went out of style years ago. Try not to say that either.

    Anyway Kate is looking fabulous :) :)

  • sarah

    she’s very beautiful!!!!!

  • d.

    She is seriously beautiful.

  • JR

    Um, she IS pregnant folks. My friend works at her PR agency and they know and haven’t announced anything yet. And, Ellen Pompeo (poor man’s Renee Zelwegger) is not a nice person by any stretch of reality. And, she is sorta white trash. She grew up in Boston (no Boston knock folks!) in a lower class part of town and her fiance has been arrested over and over for crimes and drugs. Class act, huh?

  • Mary

    Yay!! New candis! I love you Jared!

    I think she’s pregnant!

    More candids soon please!
    Kate rocks!

  • Just Jared

    This whóre has a poor posture and everyone knows it.

  • sarah

    t’aimes semer la pagaille, toi just jared!!!! mais c mèmé pa la peine d’éssayer, car nous on l’adore!!! d’accord!!!!! alors toi et les autres comme famous, MISS CALLIOPE !!!! fèmé guèle a zot!!! ohoh!!!! je crois que je vous laisserai parler et dire des choses inhumaines sur elle, mais franchement croyez vous que elle ,qui certainement regarde ses photos sur le site, est en colère ou triste??? nnooooonn, je ne crois pas, car elle sait qu’elle est une bonne personne et elle a autour d’elle sa famille (sa maman, ses frere et soeur) qui l’aiment!!! donc ne perdez plus votre temps à faire les marrioles, à jouer les mechants, car vous l’adorez encore plus que nous!!!ET D’AILLEUR JE CROIS QU’ELLE SE FOUT ROYALEMENT DE PETIT MERDEUX, derriere leur ordi!!!!!!

    (bien entendue je parle seulement pour ceux qui la detestent!!!!!!!!!!)

  • emily

    oh i love that she has a K on her keyring!

    might be pregnant.. maybe not… we will find out soon enough…

  • Didi

    ginger people are ugly and evil and they must be exterminated

  • sarah

    I really love her!!! ok!!!! elle ne porte attention ka ses fans, et pas a des merdeux du genre de calliope la salope, et famous or just jared!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Just looking like a tard! Look at the fugly expressions!

  • sarah

    evil person like you, didi, must be exterminated!!!!!!! salope, salope, salope bitch bitch bitch bitch, conasse, conasse!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    I wish we could have some Kate pics without the ever-present ‘baby tag’ attached.

    If she is pregnant then it’s bound to be announced at some point.

    Until then let’s just enjoy the Kate pics !

    Looking forward to Addison being centre-stage on Private Practice come Sept. I can finally switch off Greys.

  • sarah

    didi, calliope, famous, just jerd, ms fugly…. and the other, vous nète ke des sale merdeux de merde!!! chiet!!!!!

  • sarah

    chien ki zo yé!!!!!!d……,c…….,jj…..,mf……..!!!hdfihfhfjgfgbfjsbcbsbbefbhjzeje you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • S.

    LOL, so many bitter b*tches. Friends and family of the cast member that is still bitter for not getting the spin off?
    Bad posture, that’s the funniest I’ve ever read.

  • John

    I love KW! She’s so pretty. I think she looks pregnant…but we’ll know for sure in a couple of weeks! LOL i hope she’s.

    I want more pics please!

  • John

    Kate haters should DIE!

  • Mary

    hmmm, i dont think it’s Sandra Oh, but who knows?

    more pics soon Jared…Kate rules!

  • sarah

    Totally agree with you john!!! KATE RULES!!!!!!!

  • Kate

    I dont understand all the hate. If you dont like her then dont look at pictures and dont ruin it for those who do.

    Starting to think the bashers are the same poster with different names

  • j

    Kate, ITA, I believe it is the same sad lonely poster with different names. What a loser.

    Love the Kate pics, as always. She is so gorgeous. Pretty smile. Keep posting Kate pics!!!

  • Rae

    The expressions on the faces of the background people always crack me up.

    She looks beautiful. She’s lucky- she looks great with no makeup! She looks so happy. She has a gorgeous ring! Thanks for the pics!

    And I don’t think she’s pregnant. I think she’s just not anorexic or a workout fiend.

  • Samantha

    She looks great as usual. But her show is going to suck.

  • march

    I love her!, she looks so damn pretty!

    and i dont think she is preg,

  • Ashley

    do we know what gym she’s at?

  • moira

    I’m with Matt, if she’s pregnant then they’re bound to announce it soon.

    Until then, more KW pics pls without the preggers tag if possible.

  • aiden

    JR, do you have anymore gossip bits from your friend?

  • [Famous]

    The world will be much much better without MY fugly ass. yay!!