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Zanessa Wear Matching Rings

Zanessa Wear Matching Rings

For the uninformed, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens wear matching friendship/commitment rings.

Both wear them on their right index fingers and they reportedly had them personalized. The rings supposedly have each other’s names engraved on them.

Sweet, huh?

FYI: Vanessa reportedly signed on as the latest model for clothing brand Ecko Unlimited. Also, her latest music video “Let’s Dance” will film in Los Angeles later this month. The official music video will air on TRL on July 19. Will we be seeing another Zac cameo like in the “Say OK” music video? Cross your fingers!

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Photos: Scott/Jri/Bauer-Griffin
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  • babyblue

    They are super cute!

  • Jo


  • babyblue

    Jared, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase more zanessa news!

  • devin

    whats with the car??? lets hope the real one is in the shop.

  • chay

    Jared – i’ve been in a “ring watch” since mid-April… how did you get the personalized info bit?

    Devin – that is Zac’s car…

  • nika

    aaaaahhhh teen love so beautiful while it lasts it.

  • Babysis

    As much as i love Zac i really don’t like him with her.
    Even thoug they both seem great, not as good couple. I hope he breaks up with her.
    But i still love him, he’s a sweetheart, i met him a while back.

  • chay

    also.. has the video info has been confirmed by Hollywood Records?

  • chay

    Babysis – i understand where you’re coming from.. but she makes him happy and vice versa. that’s all that matters… as a fan of Zac (i’m assuming) you should be happy for him.

  • Babysis

    ok, i just looked at the pics, whos the kid? vanessas’ sister?

  • babyblue

    the kid is stella, Vanessa’s little sis!

  • Amanda

    Aw, how cute. Zac is so in love with her man! I met him in Toronto, we didn’t stop talking about her.

  • suzy

    Ilove vanessa she is stunning. they look cute together.

  • toolip

    hey jared, i think the car is a rental cuz zac got in a bender fender two weeks ago =)
    i love all your zanessa scoop, it’s amazing so please don’t stop!!!

  • chay

    Zac’s been driving that Oldsmobile for awhile now… that is the only working car he has… he 2 other ones that he’s trying to restore.

  • Vanessa

    Ring watch has been on for a while! :D

    Right Chay!

  • toolip

    oh, well then nvm about the car then! btw jared you should check out the zanessa forums, they have some helpful info about the duo too!

  • chay

    yep.. ring watch been on for awhile… :D

  • chay

    i’m sure Jared knows about the forums, don’t you Jared? ;)

  • Jake

    I think this is just for publicity, it was something probably concocted by their publicists to try and get them more press coverage,classic hollywood formula, go out together, have paparazzi take some pictures of you guys, be in the news, so HOLLYWOOD, you know what they say everything in hollywood is fake

  • Liz

    I am sure he knows about the forums, were else would he get this info ;)

  • chay

    Jake – my man… if you only know half of what is known to the Zanessa fans… :D

  • Kayslee

    Chay- I agree with u 100%

  • sammy (a.k.a samantha)

    i agree with chay and kayslee

  • Tay

    Chay – you amazing witch you.

    Ring watch has been on for a while *nod* Sorry Jared! :D

  • black

    Kids these days………ts.

  • jenny

    well their gorgeous
    they really r into eachother
    thats cool
    i wish them the best

  • sasha

    she kind of looks like an old woman… lmao idk maybe it’s the outfit she’s wearing.
    but they are definitely cute together. i’m happy for both of them.

  • Jake

    I am confused Chay, I don’t follow

    “Jake – my man… if you only know half of what is known to the Zanessa fans…”

  • chay

    Jake- I’m saying that Zanessa does not exist for publicity sake. The type of coupledom you’re talking about is indeed rampant in Hollywood; Zanessa is an exemption.and an avid true Zanessa fan can prove this – not that there is a need to do so. :D

  • cortney

    jake-I don’t think it is a publicity stunt. If that was the case then why didn’t Zac jus admit on the red carpet at the MTV awards. He jus guoted “I do not discuss my private life”That means he is in love wit V and wants to keep it a down low.

  • Sally

    awww…although i knew they had matching rings its still cool to see.Thanks jared for all the updates on zanessa!!!!

  • Jake

    Thanks for the clarification Chay and cortney, hope their love lasts

  • myluvs

    Are they living together yet?

    I think Vanessa looks fine. I don’t get the whole old woman look comment.

  • chico

    you did it again JJ! thats just wonderful!

    i love how they look like a little family there… and with the matching rings now too!

    great! cant wait for more news on these two!

  • lily

    love them.

    though, is it verified that she’s releasing lets dance as her third single?

  • Adriana

    Awww!Young love! Soo freaking cute!

  • tiff

    jake i disagree. i mean what would they be trying to make public? HSM 2? i don’t think disney would like to have their 7 year old fans seeing their two favorite stars making out on the beach (Hawii pics) or even holding hands on their little dates. i find zanessa adorable and have been on their track since the first HSM!

  • rachel

    Us girls over at FF (mainly Chay) have been on ring-watch for a while, so it’s nice to see it go mainstream :D

    Gotta love Zanessa :-)

    And Chico, you’re right – they do sort of look like a family, which is adorable.

  • Bree

    I absolutely adore those two together. They are both so in love with each other, I dont even have to meet them or be a good friend of them to know it. You can just tell…..
    I’ve known about the rings for a while too, but I love it and I think it’s really sweet!!!
    I hope they last forever….ZANESSA 4life!!!

  • adele

    whatever the FF girls say here that’s what i’m trying to say too! ZANESSA rocks!!!

  • babyblue

    Zanessa is the best couple out there! After Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson broke up one of the cutest couples ever were done… But now there is Zanessa, and they are as cute as Adam and Rachel were!

    Zanessa is even better – love them!

  • cheekymonkey

    the rings are on their right hand ring finger. not the index.


  • homa

    Have you all seen Lauren Conrad (LC) laterly. She has lost a lot of weight. Why don’t you do some investigative work and find out how she lost all that weight is such a short period.

  • chay

    Jared – if they start to hide the rings, it’s your fault! j/k

    thanks for the Zanessa love! ;)

  • alissa

    awww, not many couples do that!! sweet. they are so much in love, and i really think they are going to be together for a long time!! ♥ Zanessa!!

  • Tay

    Chay – don’t scare the poor man!

    We love you at FF Jared! Keep the Zanessa love comin’! ;)

  • Leeza

    That is NOT Vanessa !

  • lily munster

    She’s super cute and he’s not bad either, if you’re into that teenidol pretty boy thing.

    i prefer the more edgy artsy guys, but i can’t deny that they make a cute Disneybarftastic couple.

    i like her body. not too anything- just right :]

    too tan though.

  • suzy

    she is half philli of course she is tan.