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Faith Hill: To Stroller or Not to Stroller?

Faith Hill: To Stroller or Not to Stroller?

Country crooner Faith Hill and hubby Tim McGraw take their three daughters — Gracie, 10, Maggie, 8 1/2, and Audrey, 5 1/2 — for a walk around the Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto, Canada on Sunday afternoon.

Faith, 39, and Tim, 40, grabbed Starbucks for the whole family and also brought along one of their pet pooches, Patio. Faith seems to be eating a granola or cereal bar…

FYI: Faith is using her Graco stroller!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Faith’s daughter Audrey using a stroller at the age of almost 6? Most children are weaned off using a stroller at the age of 4.

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Photos: ONeill/White/, ENewsbuzz
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  • Andrea

    I’m not gonna lie I think it’s kinda wierd

  • the DQ

    Unless she’s physically disabled, in which case she should use a wheelchair, it’s very weird and babyish.

  • Jessica

    Ya, I’m a HUGE Tim and Faith fan, but at her age, its getting to be to old. Also, the dog’s name is Patio. Both Tim and Faith were interviewed in Redbook, and they mentioned the dog.

  • Lobo

    Any parent that has taken a child on vacation
    either uses a stroller for younger children
    or wishes they had one when walking is

  • too bad

    What is a five 1/2 year old doing in a stroller?

    My kids were out of the stroller by four. and that was pushing it.

    Unless the girl has a disability ..there is no cll for her to be in that stroller. At which case there are stroller for kids with disabilities that would best suit her.

  • Melinda

    Kids get tired, who cares if they still have a stroller to use.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Jessica!!

  • Dirty Denise

    Thats is just so ridiculous for a child that big to be in a stroller. I can’t believe these people.
    My children were walking around at Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm, when they were 2 years old. They would not have allowed be to put them in a stroller.

  • anonymous

    Wasn’t Audrey the one that had health problems at birth? They almost lost her? She could also be under the weather and they are just borrowing the stroller. Come on, quit being so critical. I’m sure none of you would want someone telling you what to do with your kids.

  • cb

    There have been plenty of times when on vacation, yes even at Disneyland, that I have had to RENT a stroller because my 5 year old nephew couldn’t walk anymore. After a break by being pushed he would get his second wind back and would walk just like the rest of us. Frankly, critiquing other people’s parenting based upon A PHOTOGRAPH is unseemly.

  • julia

    hmmmm, almost six and in a stroller? it is weird and yet if i had a kid and was walking all around town would i want to hear whining because they are tired of walking? probably not.

  • Kelly D

    Jesus people get a grip, it’s a stroller, who cares, the kid’s probably tired. Most kids that age do get tired of walking at some point.

  • Mel

    It was really hot here in Toronto yesterday. Kids can easily get tired in the heat and some may have lower tolerance for heat exhaustion than others.

  • Jessica

    We aren’t ctitiquing, it asked us a question and we are giving our opinions, and nobody said anything about their parenting skills. Geez, calm down.

  • tee

    While I am a JJ junkie, I don’t usually post comments. But, I’ve gotta say, it’s a very unfair question to ask. Audrey was born 2 months premature, and was less than 4lbs at birth. While I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with her now, we don’t know the full story, let’s not judge their use of a stroller. It’s like when you see healthy looking people using a handicap decal, you just don’t know. You don’t have to have a limp, or another obvious disability to get one.

  • Lauri

    She’s 5 1/2 in a stroller drinking a Starbucks! That kid’s already messed up!

  • Dalien

    Sorry Jared, but its way to odd. I mean, its not even as if the parents have a baby and the 6 year old climbed in messing around. She is way way to big for this.

    I realy wouldnt want to be 6 and be seen pushed in a stroller. I remember that age, and yes, kids would most definitly have made fun of me for that.

  • Pandora

    That is beyond the beyonds!And dare I say, a tad creepy. If the child tires after a while, take a time out. Installing a child that age and size in a stroller invites speculation as to delayed development of whatever variety. It’s good for kids to walk. Period.

    And now I’m thinking “Is it still on the bottle? Toilet trained?”.

  • love them

    when audrey was born she was premature and has some motor difficulties, not severe but she may not be able to walk for a long period of time.

  • http://justjared B

    My guess is that she is so spoiled and if she doesn’t get her way – she wines, and throws a fit. It probably saves everyone the stress of hearing her cry if they just stick her in the stroller and can enjoy their day. Kids that age get tired of walking around within 20 minutes.

  • Jessica

    OMG. Its beyond the beyonds? And creepy. Wow, I would really like to know how you came up with that. Like tee said, she WAS premature. And they did have a lot of problems when she was first born. haven’t you noticed the other picture they have put up, seems to me she does know how to walk. And how in the hell do you get on about is IT on a bottle? Apparently you need to check your eyesight because it’s pretty obvious IT is a girl. Seriously, do you even have kids though?

  • saved2serve

    It’s just plain weird. The kid can walk and if she doesn’t want to then make her. Poor kid is gonna go to school and be teased when her classmates find out about that.

  • Shoegal

    She`s almost 6 and assuming there`s everything okay with her health etc then its strange and to say it`s totally normal is also weird. Children get tired but using a stroller for 6-year-old?!? First grade, second grade, third grade…and she gets tired – still use sroller?

  • wow

    Assuming this child is healthy with no disabilities:

    That’s just ridiculous! She doesnt even look comfortable! I saw a 7 year old in a stroller a few weeks ago in the train and it made me mad. It was taking up room and there was nothing (as far as I could tell) wrong with this kid. The stroller was an infant stroller and it was taking up room.

    Let the child walk, they can use the excerise.

  • lulu

    Who cares? She’s not my kid. She’s not your kid. If they wanna take a stroller, that’s their problem. I really don’t understand why this would upset people.

  • Dancer

    What is Faith holding in the first picture?

  • Just Jared

    I THINK it’s a cereal bar or granola bar. She probably picked it up at Starbucks too…

  • anon

    Definitely weird, sort of like carrying your 3 and 4 year olds everywhere like they can’t walk….see Jolie-Pitts.

  • Mmmmm

    Yikes, very weird!

  • Somewhat lazy mommy

    I use one with my son who’s that age if I dare take him to the mall, it’s more for my convince then something he wants. I know where he is at all times and I don’t end up carrying him when he gets tired. At Disneyland it was a must. But I do get people making comments about it every time I do it.

  • me

    I think 5 1/2 is too old. Most 2 and 3 year old’s I know won’t even sit in a stroller. They want to be out and walking. Guess the lazy genes kick in around 5. That being said, I’d rather push a 5 year old in a stroller than carry her. If it were me, I’d make sure to not have a stroller and then make the kid walk.

  • inappropriate

    they didn’t want to have to carry the child, might cramp their style. not upset by it, just think it’s ridicuous.

  • kim

    It is perfectly normal. Would anybody have a problem if she was pulled in a kids wagon, no. The little girl is only 5, and little legs get tired after awhile. My 6yr old still get pulled in a wagon by the end of a busy day at the amusment park, and trust me strolers are easier to push then pulling a wagon. Why do people what kids to grow up so fast now days.

  • LJ

    So what?? It’s their business not mine or yours..

  • Penny Lane

    yeh it’s ridiculous. Making a very lazy child. My 22month old walks EVERYWHERE now, he refuses to be carried or get in a stroller. He walks miles.

  • Susiq

    Sheesh everyone. Maybe they usually do let the kid walk, but took it because they knew they would be walking a lot. Maybe the kid wasn’t feeling that well…

    Hell, we don’t even know if they use it ALL the time for her. (because if they do use it all the time, then that is a bit odd!)

  • Jeanne

    Who cares!!! It’s not any more weird than all those fat asses on scooters at Disney World.

  • Leene

    My guess is all those who are willing to criticize don’t have children. I took my two girls, ages 2.5 and 6 to NYC for a week and was thanking the good lord I had borrowed a stroller just in case the 6 year old got tired. After 1 day and 60+ blocks her legs were tired and I don’t think I could have handled another day of her whining about her legs. As a parent I know not to criticize other parents because I know I’d be ticked as sh** if someone were to say something to me about how I raise my kids.

  • Megg

    I took my 2 nieces(7&5 years old) to Disneyland this Christmas and a stroller was a lifesaver. First thing is it was a lot safer to put the girls in the stroller than fight the crowds and pulls their little arms out of there sockets because people do not care who they step on. Also it kept them in a much better mood because they were not as tired. That said using a stroller on a daily basis for children this age is ridiculus.

  • haha

    haha Jeanne! exactly!!

    I’m so tired of these hypocrites. Those fat people at Disney who troll around in wheel chairs b/c they are morbidly obese. Ridic. I bet if Angie was strolling any of her kids around this board would totally condone it.

  • inappropriate

    they brought the dog with them. they are strolling around the neighbourhood. so they are not walking 60+ blocks with their kids for whatever reason and it doesn’t look like they are spending a whole day in disneyland.

  • stalin

    There’s nothing wrong with a 6-year old being in a stroller if you want to raise a LAZY, FAT CHILD!! Get that damn child OUT OF THAT FUCKING STROLLER STAT! That’s the big problem I have with society today – far too often, parents are enabling their kids to be lazy, entitled, spoiled, whiney BRATS.

    For the love of god, children in other parts of the world can walk miles by the time they’re 5 – walking around an amusement park is not fucking torture (and if they get tired – then stop and let them rest for a minute, get something to eat or some water or plan your day accordingly).

  • Sunshine

    I would use one with my 6 year old if she still fits and if we going somewhere and I knew she would be out during her naptime. I would not want to carry her. Nothing wrong with. Not going to hurt the child.

  • Dalien

    31 me | 06/25/2007 at 2:32 pm
    I think 5 1/2 is too old. Most 2 and 3 year old’s I know won’t even sit in a stroller. They want to be out and walking. Guess the lazy genes kick in around 5. That being said, I’d rather push a 5 year old in a stroller than carry her. If it were me, I’d make sure to not have a stroller and then make the kid walk.

    One of the most intelligent things said today. =)

  • Jessica

    Yea, that whole family is just a bunch of fat asses, right? NOT. God, you seem to have a big FAT mouth. Judging everybody on things you seem to know NOTHING about.

  • ANON

    Ok, I have seen pics of this family before and the child was in a stroller then too. I do think there may be some health problems with Audrey that they just aren’t making public. Who cares though. Maybe they find it would be more embarrassing to push her around in a wheelchair. Either way, it is noone’s place to judge another person’s parenting skills. PERIOD.

  • colleen

    I don’t think it’s that weird. We can’t really judge anyone else’s parenting skills.

    Besides, if I was a celebrity walking around in today’s celebrity-crazed world, I would do anything to keep my children safe from the paparazzi.

  • michelle

    Before you even asked I kept rereading those ages. I was trying to figure out when she had her last baby.

    That is too old.

    Maybe she had been recently injured and they pulled it out. But, otherwise she needs to be walking.

  • wondering

    i wonder what those who say it’s perfectly normal to do this would say if they saw maddox being pushed around in a stroller…. and yeah, faith hill is totally the kind of celebrity who would mobbed by paparazzi. :roll: unless the child is crippled in some way, she should walk.

  • lnkieffer

    My daughter was 6 and 1/2 when we went to disney and we used a stroller. You don’t know this child, like our daughter she may get very tired easily or get horrible leg cramps. I don’t think its wierd at all. It is also a good way to keep track of a child in a large crowd. My daughter is now 7 yrs old and we still carry her sometimes when we are out, she is our baby of the family and we just enjoy holding her. she is a very normal little 7 yr old too.