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Jen & Ben's Serious Sit-down

Jen & Ben's Serious Sit-down

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner look unusually glum-looking during a serious sit-down conversation on the beach in Hawaii on Sunday.

As their pacifier-sucking daughter Violet, 19 months, played in the sand, the couple appeared to be having quite the serious conversation.

Their conversation did end with a sweet kiss before before Jen took off with their toddler, with Ben following behind.

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Photos: Binns
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  • Shoegal

    Just 1 pic?

  • ben’s funny

    he’s saying “something stinks”.

  • julia

    i’ve always thought they were boring and ben was an a-hole but BAM! i think i really would be upset if they split up! hopefully this “serious” conversation has more to do with ben’s aspiring political ambitions than their personal relationship.

  • Mmmmm

    Kiss on the cheeck or were they both kissing the baby at the same time? Looks like her shirt is in btwn them?

    Love this couple anyway ..

  • angelinammm

    they are just chillin

  • 247

    cutest famiy ever

  • vicki Pasadena, CA

    People are allowed to have serious conversations and not be “splitting up” Remember people, this is life, not a movie!

  • [Famous]


  • Sandbitch

    Ben Affleck always looks like a miserable SOB. He doesn’t appear to enjoy playing family man at all – he looks bored.

  • stalin

    Get that pacifier OUT of that TODDLER’s mouth!! I HATE people who let their kids suck on a pacifier LONG after they should – it creates a rediculous dependancy on something that WASN’T CREATED FOR A TODDLER (it was created for INFANTS to PACIFY them when they aren’t on the nipple or nursing).

    It also fucks up their teeth (because it was made for big ass kids with teeth) and creates all kinds of oral hygene problems.

  • http://none heartbreaker

    Shut up stalin you sound like a freaking communist. Let the poor child suck on a pacifier. And I dare say her parents are rich enough to afford braces.
    I think Ben and Jen are great parents and I wish them all the best.

  • Dalien

    Geez 10, I doubt they can hear your screams. =/

    Anyone know what Jennifer is doing these days? Anything? I dont think Ben is doing much either.

  • willya

    perhaps they are discussing how nice it would be to not have photographers stalking them on vacation…

  • The truth

    The expression on Jen’s face is: She did her best but it’s not enough

    The expression on Ben’s face is: This is what he has to be but he is not happy.

  • haha

    Haha. Just jared is turning into some kiddie porn site. Endless pictures of toddlers. haha. just joking.

  • Amy

    LOL Willya, I was thinking the same thing. They could be talking about ANYTHING but I personally think they’re saying “I wish those f*cking photographers would leave us alone for one minute.”

  • Scooby Doo

    I bet they were just screwing with the papparazzi. They were probably just talking
    about what they were going to have for dinner :-)

  • Hal

    yes…they are probably fed up with their vacation being ruined by photographers.

  • Callie

    My daughter is a 23 year old university student, has her BA and is going on to get her Masters. She had a pacifier until she was almots 4 years old. She is responsible, hard working and oh, yes, her teeth are perfect (without the help of braces). Seriously! If sucking a soother is the worst thing a little girl can do (no screaming, no fits, no whining) then really, what is the harm?

  • Prada

    I hate to say this especially when there are kids involved but these two are definately toast. It could be months or weeks,,, I have alwasy gotten the vibe that Jen bears alot of the burden of the relationship while Ben looks like the happy go lucky type. She is always with the baby and he walks besides her with nothing,, dont like his attitude and sooner or later she will also get tired of it.

  • coalharbourqt

    I’m thinking it’s much ado about nothing – every couple has their ups and downs. Sometimes everyday life IS a bit boring. That’s reality.

  • stalin

    Heartbreaker, you’re a used tampon. That is all you ever will be. It’s the reason nobody loves you or ever will. So die. Thanks. Love, the communist.

  • stalin

    Heartbreaker, you’re a loser. It’s the reason nobody loves you or ever will. Die bitch. Thanks. The communist.

  • boohoo


    Perfect Mom Jennifer hasn’t got rid of that pacifier yet?

  • Callie

    #14 truth i hate to say it but i think you called it.

    they dont look like they are glum
    its been days on a vacation and they know that somethings amiss. ‘you’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’—i can feel the vibe coming thru those pics ’cause i went thru it.

    i think they got married and with child too soon–they were still in the honeymoon stage (which is MINIMALLY 2 years)

    shes already gone thru this with Scott Foley (who was a real catch–a wonderful guy!!!). shes probably more apt to work it out because of that.
    hes another story. hes made messes before and been the heartbreaker.

    benaffleck aint no matt damon—he may play a family man, may want to be one but smart, charismatic guy that he is—-he doesnt have the chops, YET.
    jen knew what she was getting into but like all us gals, she thought he could change and she could change him.

  • Callie

    sorry i meant that they most certainly DO look glum!

  • mimi

    Jared really wants to write for celebrity baby blog. Maybe they’ll give him a job?

    Violets only 18 months old. If she were 3 I’d say get rid of the pacifier. Lots of kids use a bottle at 18 months too.

  • lilo

    They look normal to me. Ben is not going to leave her. She loves him too much and is his biggest fan. Men are always looking for women who make them feel good about themselves. Ben certainly has a woman who boosts his ego.

  • mimi

    And Callie should write for Soap Opera Digest. I wonder if they’ll give her a job.
    THey look perfectly happy to me. They are living alife– not living a life for the cameras. You just read into random pictures what you want it to be and you are certainly good at writing fiction Callie!

  • Mike

    Maybe they just weren’t talking about anything funny. Neither of them look upset, just neutral. I don’t smile 24/7. People need to stop pretending they know what is going on in a celeb’s personal life based on photos they see from paparazi. I guarantee we all know 100% NOTHING about this family.

    And they are working…

    Jen has a political thriller coming out with Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Piven in September, and dramedy with Jason Batemen and Allison Janney a few months later. Ben’s directorial debut “Gone, Baby, Gone” is out in October.

  • Jay

    LOL what’s the problem with the pacifer? almost all kids use it till 3 years old and ther’s no problem whatsoever.
    Bunch of looser is what you are

  • NikkiMonique

    I think they were probably just arguing about something which is normal. I’ve had many little arguments with my husband that would probably look just like that. They are probably just talking things out which is what you should do in a marriage.

  • mimi

    Mike thanks

    Someone who has common sense. Like Mike said they don’t look like their arguing, they don’t look glum, they just look neutral. Do all celebs have to grin 24/7 or throw their arms around each other for everyone not to make up fiction like “they’re breaking up!” GIve them a break!

  • Jamie

    Lol,some the people comments here make me laugh.They could be talking about anything .They’re looking at the ground So they could be looking at a damn bug.Really..I think people are reading to much in to it.Ben is happy he has a great family ,beautiful wife ,a movie that’s getting great buzz .What more can he want.

  • DM lover

    Leave them alone! Geez people lol. They are just talking. Who knows what about…..maybe a family emergency or maybe about how tired they are LOL. Who knows? No one does.

  • JMO

    I don’t see an issue with the pacifier…she’s only 1 1/2.

    As far as Ben and Jen..they’ve Ben hounded by photogs this whole trip. I’m sure their tired of it…look at how Jen is looking at the camera. Who knows what they are talking about, but like someone said, we aren’t all smiles all the time. Doesn’t mean there is an issue or they are on the rocks. I *think* they are happy…he gushes in interviews and she obviously loves being a mommy.

    I think the kiss at the end was sweet…it almost looks like they are kissing V, but you can see his hand on Jen’s face and knee (the pink is the tie on Jen’s suit – to ehoever asked about violet).

  • Belinda

    I agree. They are just talking. I don’t think they are arguing or looking glum. Vacations can be stressful and tiring with a toddler and on top of that with other families. To me that is not as relaxing as just getting away with just your own close family. Group vacations are not relaxing.

  • lula29

    Regardless to what they are talking about the real deal is that they walk away separately, not together.

    They are a married couple and you would think they would walk away together. It seems as if they work things out separately also. They just never seem that united.

    Who knows what’s going on with these too. I just feel bad that the paps shot this obviously private conversation.

  • Jamie

    They look like my husband and I do every morning having breakfast. They’re fine I’m sure, it’s interesting how everybody is focusing on the pictures where they supposedly look “glum” but not the picture where they are kissing. I would probably be more inclined to think something was wrong if one of them was crying or had their head in their hands. Remember they have been on vacation for a week, seeing each other 24/7, during their normal lives in LA they are separated atleast several hours by work. They are probably sick of each other.
    On another note, is Ben wearing crocs? Talk about normal…..

  • amy

    Ben: “Aw, no matter what I do, everyone always likes Matt better than me.”
    Jen: “Don’t worry. You always have me.”

  • JMO

    I noticed the blue crocs too :)

    Agree abut the kiss.

    About the waling away separately…maybe she was taking Violet somewhere or he was meeting up with Matt. Who knows. That doesn’t mean anything…they don’t have to be tied at the hip.

  • To You

    People see what they want to see when they view these pictures.

    But to those on this board like, lula29, who probably hopes and prays that these two get divorced, you are sad, I can almost see you jumping up and down for joy at the thought that something might be wrong. You must be a JLo fan or a Michael Vartan fan, which is it?

  • melissa

    Nuh uh. J.Lo fans DO NOT want her to get back with Ben. Trust me. He divorcing Garner is not something we pray for. Boy can do whatever the hell he wants.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    I think they are down to earth and mesh well together.

  • lula29

    To you,

    Why would I hope and pray they get a divorce?

    Who’s Vartan?

    J.Lo wasn’t good with Ben Affleck either.

  • Jillian

    I can’t get over these celebrities putting pacifiers in these big childrens mouths.

  • MySay

    O’cmon! She’s probably saying “Damn we can’t even have ONE day at the beach without these damn papparazzi”. Look at the way she’s looking at the photo taker in picture 3. She’s probably aggravated. Then he’s saying, “Can we just ignore them?” She’s saying, “I can’t, this bums me out. We were having such a good time” He’s saying, “You wanna leave?” She’s saying “yea, I think so.” *sigh* Gives him a kiss for being such a good hubby and starts the packing. That’s what I see in this photo series. ;)

  • lula29


    I don’t see that at all. Ben Affleck is bummed about something and she’s talking to him about it. She notices the paps, doesn’t like it. She turns back to him a kisses him to cheer him up and then leaves to let him have some space to deal with it.

    I don’t think whatever it is has to do with their relationship, but I just don’t find them that connected in general. I don’t want them to divorce, I’m just giving my observation.

  • A Person

    Given the fact that most of communication is non-verbal, says that a good deal of you all are in serious trouble.

    this is not a glum conversation, they are not pissed at potogs, they are having a serious conversation.

    The tail tail sign is the picture where been is sitting alone after she leaves.

    I would not be surprise if an announcement is forth coming.


  • JMO

    Brad and Jen they are not (i.e. fake vacation before announcing to workd they are splitting)…don’t make too much of this.

    This conversation may have had nothing to do with their relationship…maybe he’s worreid about the release of his directoral debut, maybe he saw the pics where he’s excited all over the internet (kidding ;)).

    Can someone not be left alone to think about something? It doesn’t mean they are breaking up.