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Britney Flashes Her Boob -- AGAIN!

Britney Flashes Her Boob -- AGAIN!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

Britney Spears has dang gone done it again! The habitually wardrobe-malfunctioning pop princess showed some extra flesh as she tried on clothes on Monday.

Britney was trying on several different outfits at the Beverly Hills store Jill Roberts when she stepped out to consult with her cousin Alli Sims. Her mammaries did pop out but she was wearing underwear!! After her shopping trip, Brit headed to the Four Seasons hotel for some pampering at the five star spa.

You can watch the video of Britney in the changing room here (it’s towards the end).

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Britney’s constant wardrobe malfunctions? And is it or just me, or does Britney look like she’s ready for some sumo wrestling with that hair?

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115 Responses to “Britney Flashes Her Boob -- AGAIN!”

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  1. 76
    Kelly Says:

    Yeah something tells me she didn’t want those pictures taken.

  2. 77
    a Says:

    She wanted the photos taken of her bare chest, she knew the photogs were there. She is a nasty private parts flashing *****.

  3. 78
    samantha Says:

    maybe nit brit should try the porn industry, since she loves to be without clothes. but i think she is too ugly for the porn industry, plus they have standards, and this ***** has none.

  4. 79

    how the **** did she know that the scumarazzi would have EXTRA ZOOM LENSES? These pictures looks like they were taken far away! LOOK AT THE PICTURES!

  5. 80
    Jane Says:

    She used to be so pretty, what happened?

  6. 81

    she looked at you!

  7. 82
    squire eaton Says:

    I accidently stepped in here and I’m lost

    Help let me out!!!!

  8. 83
    squire eaton Says:

    where does Britney have to come back from I did not know she went anywhere.

  9. 84
    louveciennes Says:

    I have never in my life sincerely wished death on anyone… but Britney has been sucking up attention like a Hoover for the better part of a decade now. She’s too talentless and/or lazy to release an album, and being wacked-out on drugs was too detrimental to her health, so she’s resorting to nip flashes? Pathetic.

  10. 85
    Britney Fan Says:

    8# “like your broke ass could afford the clothes anyway”

    so you’re admitting she smells of sweat, piss and c u m, then? lmfao even her stupid ass redneck fans have lost all hope in her.

    You may not like Britney or whatever. But don’t ****** judge her fans stupid dipshit. You need to get a life and stop judging people you don’t know. Now go **** your cousin or something, you stupid redneck hick.

  11. 86
    Cynthia Says:

    This bag of **** never used to be pretty, Britney was always ugly, she had stylists once upon a time in her life. They did a good job hiding her ugliness.

  12. 87
    Anonymous Says:

    Shes a stupid washed up attention *****!!!!!!!!

  13. 88
    EvilLynn Says:

    One day, her kids are going to walk into their Jr. High, and find aaaaaalll these old pictures of their mother’s sluttery glued to their lockers. Boutiques in L.A. will draw the curtains if you ask them too, and, if you’re a celebrity with a bug problem they’ll even lock up the store till you leave. She knows she’s being followed, and she put on a show. I think Brit is ready for Jumbo’s Clown Room now. She has all she needs to be a Jumbo’s stripper: C-section scar, cellulite (and general blobby lard hanging off her), two mouths to feed, drug habit Oh, yeah! Next stop, Jumbo’s

  14. 89
    luvmebabe Says:

    she probably did this on purpose cuz she knows that Paris is gonna be out of jail and all the attentions will be on Paris instead of her. Loser!!! Big Time!

  15. 90
    lk Says:

    Come on people we know she did this on purpose
    These things don’t keep happening to people time after time and all of them are innocent! she
    stages all of this because she has a big ego and loves attention on her at all times.

  16. 91
    Mrs. Fugly Says:

    OMG! LMFAO Ya’ll! Okay, she is not only a tard but, one crazy ************ as well! Plus, a flasher to top the list. She would do well in a nudiest colony. The woman has lost her mind!

  17. 92
    Mrs. Fugly Says:

    A bong hit for Jesus!

  18. 93
    Mrs. Fugly Says:

    Bong hits for Jesus!

  19. 94
    Nacho Says:


  20. 95
    amilia Says:

    white people suck!LATINOS!!!

  21. 96
    SumDude Says:

    i mean…who takes off their clothes in dressing rooms…ggaahhh. Get off her nuts, she’s trying on clothes and some pervert snapped a picture..not her fault

  22. 97
    revolution Says:

    I am so sick of this piece of trash!!

  23. 98
    here we go again Says:

    Who gives a f*uck…… this funky, stink, [I'm to crazy for my clothes b*tch] is a
    waste of a good life.

  24. 99
    crazybiotch Says:

    why the hell are people making a big deal out of this? i bet you could get tons of pictures of other girls doing the same thing, of course not on purpose but i don’t think britney did it on purpose either! ok so i’m not a fan, but please help stop the power of the media! it’s the media who’s making her a big **** and yes she has done some things that support that but she’s actually not worse than some women of her age, only she’s the one being stalked and targeted by the media

  25. 100
    Liz Says:

    Okay for one everything lately has been about what britney does wrong how bout what she does right for a change like how she wet to rehab to better herself… get over it its not like she commited some massive crime by showing her sister something. and besides what do the rest of yall do when you try on a tube top or something ur not supposed to wear a bra with. Like you guys really know whats going on in their lives.. omg get real

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