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Paris Jets From Jail

Paris Jets From Jail

Here are some great clear pictures of Paris being release from jail shortly after midnight on Tuesday. You can see when she started getting close to the SUV with her parents inside, she started running towards them.

Read how her release went down here. She wore a $448 Petro Zillia jacket, $300 Marcello Toshi “Princessa” pumps, and $88 Twisted Seam style jeans.

The 26-year-old heiress said in a statement, which was recently released, “This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. I have had a lot of time to reflect, and have already learned a bitter, but important lesson from this experience.”

Paris will remain under probation until March 2009. She can cut 12 months off that time if she does community service! She should totally work for the sanitation department like Naomi Campbell or a public-service announcement like Isaiah Washington!!

Her first post-jail interview will air on CNN’s Larry King Live on Wednesday. Tune in! Or not!

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Axelle, David Aguilera/London Entertainment/Splash News Online
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  • Maria

    WHO CARES? I SURE DON’T!!!!!!!

  • SuzieQ

    She actually looks great…I think she has put a pound or two – it looks good on her. There is no way she lost weight – she was so rail skinny to begin wtih…I wish her the best!

  • Mmmmm

    She looks even worse without makeup sorr this girl looks like tweety bird with that beak she calls a nose.

  • Mia

    She doesn’t look like she lost that much weight as reported before.
    Did anyone notice that her eyes are brown(her natural)and on the pictures inside the car they are blue?

  • Alex

    She actually looks like a real person without all that makeup.

  • SimplyMe

    Wish her the best.
    She’s done her time, now time to prove anyone that you have changed.

  • Nando

    Yeah, I noticed her eyes, Mia. WTF? LOL

    Like I always say: “Once a skrank, always a skrank.”

  • karma

    I think they are hazel, not brown. That’s why with the reflection of the light they seem blue. She looks better “al natural”.

  • Shoegal

    Her eyes are brown but she wears contacts

  • karma

    9 Shoegal
    Yes she does, but when she was release she wasn’t wearing them. That is what we are talking about.

  • alexandra

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen her actually look happy. I hope she really does make a change.

  • cai

    she looks prettier without makeup – ‘beak’ nose and all.

  • janelle

    I like her without all her makeup!

  • Carmen

    I’d like her better if she would go away….

  • Cinthia

    It’s the first time I’ve seen her beaming like this! I wish her all the best and look forward to see a changed (better) person.

  • Justin

    Anybody who thinks she *lost* weight is insane!!
    Her thighs have never looked that big before…shes about to explode out of those jeans!

  • Jim

    Thanx Jared. Great job as usual!!

    She looks good. I wouldn’t know that she was walking out from jail.

  • PrayNguyen

    Congratulations to Paris.
    Hope you recommence your life better.Pls forget worst in the past.This is the valuable lesson for you. Please awake yourself.Best wishes to you, Paris.
    I love you.
    Nhu Nguyen from HCM,Vietnam

  • Amy

    She is not pretty, but she does look better without makeup. Can we move on to the next useless waste of space? What is frustrating is that now we’ll hear even more about this idiot than we did before she went to ‘jail’.

  • H

    wow she did gain weight i hope she keeps it on because she looks much better than she did before when she was a rail.

  • myself

    suprisingly, she doesn’t look that bad..she actually looks like she may have gained weight..?

  • http://yahoo.,com cutie pie

    just like tmz to post every other board about paris hilton

  • ginny

    dont be haters ppl.
    because im sure if your in her shoes. you’ll also be happy that its done.

    just wish her luck and all the best. shes served her time. shes been brave. and hope shes learned her lesson. thats about it.

  • Lulu.B


    With all the attention surrounding Paris’ jail time you’d think that Paris had gone to war, kidnapped and then tortured by the terrorists..

    she went to jail…that’s all. She hasn’t lost her riches..or her family.. just went behind bars.. a little timeout.. for 20smth DAYS…not months..not years.. days!

    and ppl are now actually saying “bravo Paris”.. wtf.

    God bless America.

  • Mary

    wow she looks different now

  • Milli

    So she had her hair and make up people there to attend her so that she can make her big entrance into the world? pathetic. May be she does not have much make up on. But cleary some professional did here hair. I would not expect it look soft and shiny after a more than 3 weeks stay in a prosion away from her stylists.

  • Isa


  • Fashion Critic

    Couldn’t her mother get out of the car to hug her?

  • huh?

    makeup can do wonders

  • Yolanda
  • angelinammm

    Kathy was in the car just in case someone discovered she paid them to let Paris out sooner so she kept it safe

  • Whoa

    Damn those white pumps on her feet are sexy, she just made me a fan this instant, I wonder if those heels are well worn and sweaty need some lovesauce on her dried feet.

  • dat_dOod

    ALL you fawking morons who are “wishing her the best” need to really get some serious help. THis world is absolutely retarded.

  • a

    You can’t wear contacts in jail. She had to take out her blue contacts. Some people have never seen Paris’natural color eyes, which are brown.

  • libby

    I think this is the best Paris has EVER looked. I love her simple braid, no platinum blonde, straight bangs hairstyle. The natural, no make-up look is great and she really looks pretty here, not phony. I hope this has been life changing for her. It really could have been a blessing in disguise if she remembers when she gets caught up in all the celebrity rig-a-ma-roll.

  • a

    I don’t know they let her keep her extensions in, they usually cut those things out of the inmates head, they are forbidden also.

  • LOG1=0

    Wish she goes in the right path,i mean PERFECTION is only for god but at least,she should change some veryyy wrong and absurde things that she is doing(and at that age ??i mean hello paris wake up )

  • Kate

    People, She DOES have Makeup on, although less than she’d normally wear. Isn’t it obvious that she wears makeup in these pictures?

  • EvilLynn

    Jail generally lets people keep their weaves, but only if they’re a certain “type” The weaves that attach to the hair with those little metal “clamps” are forbidden. Braided weaves are forbidden because theoretically the inmate can “unbraid” the weave (braided weaves and dreadlocks are popular places to hide contraband) The weaves that are fused to the wearer’s own hair by heat (meaning they ‘melt’ hair and weave together with a heated tool)or have no metal or wire that can cause injury or be used as a weapon or for self-injury. They also have no girth to them, like a braided weave or dreadlocks, and so cannot be used to conceal contraband. Processing would be a nightmare if everyone had to have their hair cut upon entering jail.

  • yuz

    Ok how come the Sheriff said she wasn’t eating and needed medical attention, IF SHE GAINED WEIGHT?


  • strange

    what strikes me as so odd is why her mom was in the car? why couldn’t she just step out and welcomed her for a hug instead of through the window like this? this whole walking out of jail thing looks so staged. her parents are really awful, i always get that feeling they are prostituting their daughters.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    No! She didn’t loose any weight at all. With all the hoopla saying, she wasen’t eating anything you, think she would have looked very emaciated because, she was thin to begin with. If, anything she looks like she gained some weight. It could be the jeans. Her jeans are weird with, the rinestone piping going up the sides. Makes her thighs on even, slender her seem bulky. Don’t care for the jeans. Jacket is cute. hair looks nice and, she looks better without all that ton of makeup on. She looks like a younger version of her mom.

  • Mediterranean

    She DID HAVE make-up on her face, very little but still. She is not very natural on these photos.

  • EvilLynn

    I want those white pumps.

  • J.M

    No wonder why the rest of the world think americans are stupid. We pay so much attention to sh*t like this. And don’t know much about other more important things.

  • cutie pie

    excuse me while i go take a dump. stringy head ho

  • here we go again

    Her parents make me want to vomit….

    She makes me want to vomit on her…

  • jessica

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen paris look sincerely happy and real. She’s not all posey like usual.. I hope she stays like this. I really hope she has changed for the better!

  • R

    so much younger looking w/o the goop
    but sorry, the reports re her losing 10lbs were backwards; she appears to have gained about that much. it looks good on her though

  • Jennifer H. in Calgary

    It’s kind of refreshing to see her without makeup and not in some provocative pose for the cameras. I think she looks quite elegant. And it pains me to say that, really pains me. I would like to believe she’s learned something from this experience.