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Paris Released from Prison

Paris Released from Prison

Paris Hilton was just released from jail!!!

The release of inmate # 9818783 was made at 3:16AM ET/PT from Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif.

A 10-pounds lighter Paris wore a cropped grey jacket with white trim, skinny jeans, and white pumps. She smiled the entire walk from prison to the car but when she got near the SUV with her parents sitting in it, she started running. Paris embraced her mom with a hug through the passenger window, the bodyguard opened the door for her, and she climbed inside. The car waited around a minute or so before taking off as authorities had to clear a pathway for the Hiltons to drive away.

The Simple Life star completed her 23-day jail stay of her original 45-day sentence.

DO YOU THINK Paris has learned her lesson?

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  • g

    Well, she’s out! congrats!!

  • T


  • *reena*

    i think its she should have served her entire 45 day sentence but anyhow i hope she has learned her lesson (as she said she has) and will stop acting like a brat

  • K

    Wow! Jared! Posted her photo even before Fox News or CNN! You are the best!

  • heat

    OH THANK GOD! ha……ha!

  • joyce

    that was fasr jared. i´m glad for her cos she has suffered enough.

  • Kez

    Why the hell is she out already? I give her a week before she acts like a spoilt brat again!

  • Laura

    By the end of the week she’ll be spotted at different clubs and parties. My god, people get over it, she went to jail because she did something wrong! It’s not like the cops threw her in jail for bogus reasons, she was treated like any normal person.

    I hope for all of our sakes that she sticks to her word but I’m not holding my breath.

  • J3$$!C@

    Hopefully she did learn her lesson and she gets rid of her “dumb act”

  • Marleen

    I don’t think she has learned her lesson. In a month she will drink and party like before she was going to jail.
    I hope I am wrong and that she has learn her lesson but I think not,

  • Didi

    ok lets see if she changes and does more profound sh*t with her life like she said. lets see if becomes LA’s answer to the dalai lama or maybe she’ll cure cancer and aids. come on you wh*re I dare you not to milk your release for more publicity and put out another sex tape.

  • Shoegal

    I think she learned her lesson and she was pretty miserable in jail so I`m sure she doesnt want to end up back there and will clean up her act to some level

  • Danny



    that crime pays? or don’t drive on a suspended license?

  • joseph

    a cat can´t change its stripes, and paris is a lost cause after seeing photos of her and all the things she´s done it´s like asking the “tree to straight its roots”, let her be, what is more laughable is that all of this “starlets” make and statement and soon enough they do something that contradicts them, i´m hoping that lindsay lohan goes to prison too, because i ain´t buying the whole “extended healing time” at the rehab facility, i think it´s just a cheap way to calm things down, seeing how it went down on paris, i´m sure lindsay doesn´t want the same outcome, so she will tuck her head underground till we all forget it´s just another of her antics and as for nicole same thing they should all pay the price for being irresponsable, nicole did something more serious than those two, and she is not a kid anymore, she can´t use that card again she´s a woman, so lindsay and nicole suck it up babes and accept your consecuences

  • Paris Hilton

    I have learnt my lesson. This time instead of drink driving i’ll get high meth and then drive with my labia majoras, it’s more responsible

    p.s I am so hot

  • June

    I almost foegot about her!!! now I feel I really enjoyed “non Paris” life.

    well, I dont think she has learned from her misake.

    you americans! lucky to see Paris everyday!!! YEY! LOL

    Good Luck!!!

  • Lo

    loved the way she strutted out to camera flashes. so cool.
    go paris!
    this just made her more famous….the media has created a monstar

    jail, smail!

  • Geez

    This is just feeding on her already overblown ego.

  • no longer a lurker

    paris learned her lesson? dream on!!

  • Tash

    Oh god – I was enjoying life without her splashed over every tabloid in town. PLease Jared, dont fill your site with this skank, celebrity sites are filled with her boring crap and you have to wade through it to find anyone else.
    Paris, Paris, Paris. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shes out, shes all reformed and happy – good for her – Im sure shes out snorting coke and drinking before the week is out.
    Lets see how long her ‘transformation lasts’.
    GOD I HATE HER!!!! I love saying that too – I HATE PARIS HILTON. Shes a dumb bitch and I dont care Im judging her and everyone can wish me to hell if they hate what Im saying – Cant stand her. Stupid slut. Go make a home porn movie or something. But make a better one, your first one was ewwww and pathetic.
    (Note to self – dont drink bourbons and then read celebrity sites as you get carried away posting silly shit) Hahahahaaha. Sorry all. Still hate her though. :-))))

  • kinky

    I am sure nothing will change,she will get richer by her jail stories,peeh..

  • nika

    why does something tells me she won´t change.

  • Lo





  • Lo

    Tash, i feel bad for you. you must be really miserable in life…feel better. remember God loves you!

  • http://justjared 3^

    she want change-if she wanted to change she would have started with serving her time and telling all her celeb friends to stay away until she is out–i understand family visiting, but friends only brought more attention by papz and headline news–negative

  • the judge was right

    What I know is that guy who tried to release Paris early because of “mental problems” was full of BS. There was NOTHING wrong with her. She just did not want to be in jail.

  • Sophie

    YEYYYYYY! I’m so glad for her.. love you Paris!

  • jen

    i have always found paris pretentious and artificial. for the first time, however, i see a genuine smile on her face. she is much more likeable without heavy makeup, and more charming being more plain.

  • vivalavina

    Anybody will watch the Larry King show tomorrow?

  • ben

    10 pounds lighter ?

    i’d say 10 pounds gained.

  • Mediterranean

    How many days will she take to go back to Parisien life style again? Pardon maybe hours, not even a day!

    There are 3-4 of them who need a good lesson to see what life really is and what they can do with their fortuna at this age. So far, they have been young, stupid and empty.

  • Julz

    gosh. im so happy shes free.
    she looks good anyways.

  • West

    So young and so empty…What a pity !!!

  • Call it what it is

    Paris spent her time in jail reading about American charities who need donors and spokespeople and she will be making her selections sometime in the next two-three years. She plans to adopt a maximum of 2 children from 2 different countries, one of whom she hopes will be an American and the other from the neediest country in the world at that time. Both will be attractive photograpy subjects and at least one of them will have a handicap. After these two children are settled and at least 3.5 years in age, Paris will have a biological child.

    Let’s all look forward to LOVING Paris. :-) She’s gonna be “hotttt” and her kids are gonna be in every single cutest kid celebrity poll on the Web.

    Who do you think Paris going to choose as her baby-daddy?

  • Auntie

    Hello. First of all, I need to say outright that I am not — never was — a Paris Hilton fan. In fact, I was one of those bystanders who felt outraged when the sheriff let her out for her undisclosed “medical condition”.

    However, I can only find it in my heart to wish her well today, just as it would be for anybody leaving jail for the first time. She seems happy, even joyful. I hope and pray that she will find happiness and meaning in her life.

    To those people who feel that they have the right to judge her, I would say this, “If the day comes when I will be judged by a court and found to be a criminal — and it can happen to ANY of us, let’s be honest — , my prayer is that bystanders will be kind-hearted and generous, rather than judgmental and malicious. Sorry. I just can’t wish Paris Hilton anything that doesn’t come from the best place in my heart.


    Auntie (who has been in trouble herself and is no longer in a position — if she ever was! — to judge another human being who seems to have learned something from a very difficult situation).

  • d18

    I think the only thing she learned is that GOING TO JAIL will get her MORE ATTENTION!!!

  • Tash

    In reply to post 25 – Your funny. Dont feel bad or sad for me. Give it to someone who needs a helping hand in life. I just need more coke as we just ran out of bourbon! hahahah Im a happy little vegemite, dont you worry, I actually have an ‘awesomely’ happy life, moreso than most. I feel great and if God wants to love or hate me – so be it – Im sure Ill dust myself off and move on.

    In reply to post 24 – You go girl/boy/whatever! You make your statement, free speech for all!! Hahahaha

    I love how serious and hyped up people get on these sites – ignore me if you dont like what I say – Im just having some fun after a few drinks after a promotion at work. Yay me! I dont have any serious beef with PH, I reckon shes a media hog, but so does 90% of the world. Put a smile on and see celebrity sites for what they are – funny and entertaining. If they werent, we wouldnt read the posts. Cheers!

  • Tash

    oops – should have said ran out of coke – hahahah – we have heaps of bourbon but no coke to go with it. :-( Maybe I could do a Paris and drive drunk to get some! Hahahaha – nah, only IDIOTS drink and drive.

  • jo

    I hope she finishes high school. She truly is a moron! All that money and not even a hs degree!

    Can’t you see that as the next installment of the “Stupid Life”?

  • Natalie

    Paris has learned nothing, and she never will.

  • gini

    for the first time she looks cute but not pretentious.

  • Matt

    Haha. Check this out… Looks like she traded Chanel 5 for number 6…

  • André

    i hope she changes…and get some reséct from plp, cause i think she’s a nice woman.

  • nona

    **Hopefully she did learn her lesson and she gets rid of her “dumb act”**

    it’s not an act. did you see the handwritten note.

  • SF

    She has probably learned her lesson but then she may have short term memory so well, lesson learned but not lesson applied.

  • LJ

    I can’t understand that media attention she get..breaking stupid girl free from jail..this world has more important news than that…

  • Passing Through

    Damn! I was hoping that beeyotch’s paperwork got lost in the system for a few weeks!

  • [Famous]

    Crime obviously does pay.

  • Linda M

    Paris, obviously happy and proud of herself for having completed what has to have been the worst time of her life, looks great without makeup! Solitary life had to be worse than being in the mainstream. I think it would have done her good to meet the other inmates, hear their stories, and find out how the other half lives.

    I would like to see her do something constructive with her life, her money and her celebrity. Showing up at every photo op, being paid thousands to make an appearance at parties, etc., isn’t much of a life for her or anyone. We will have to wait and see if she has learned anything at all from this experience. Hopefully, she now realizes that not showing up for court and continuing to drive (and be photographed numerous times) on an expired license has serious consequences. Getting a DUI can happen to anyone who goes out, has 3 or 4 drinks and gets behind the wheel, but ignoring the court is what landed her in jail. When you grow up so protected that you never learn consequences, sooner or later you’ll find out that for everything you do, there is a consequence, and consequences can be a real bitch!

    This jail experience was probably the only time in her life she’s had a consequence, and she survived it and looks really happy to have survived it.