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Pax Rides Mickey's Leg

Pax Rides Mickey's Leg

While Brad was busy filming the third segment of his Softbank commercial, partner Angelina Jolie picked up son Pax, 3, and daughter Zahara, 2, from school at the American Embassy compound on Tuesday morning in Prague, Czech Republic.

Angie dressed in head-to-toe black and wore oversized black shades. She held Zahara and her bookbag while bodyguard Mickey Brett gave Pax the ride of his life.

Pax hugged Mickey yesterday after school and this time, Pax was spotted riding on Mickey‘s left leg! Mickey is turning into a softie right before our very eyes!

Note: Apologies, these pictures will unfortunately not be published here.

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352 Responses to “Pax Rides Mickey's Leg”

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  1. 76
    seven Says:

    pax has never looked this animated around brad. even at tis mornings drop off run both pax and z looked soooo agitated. who knows? it could very well have had something to do with brad. but yes, brad goes into the school to pick them up so we dont see the immediate reaction, but he sure came busting out of the school with some verve and life and we have not seen that when brad’s around.

  2. 77
    piper, with a low Says:

    Slightly OT…

    Given the fact that ‘experts’ like to critique the well-being of children whom they never met and based solely on images, here is another child who has been analysed already and will sure to be placed under the ‘concerned’ microscope yet again:

  3. 78
    please Says:

    Please let’s all concentrate on cleaning up the mess, instead of adding to it. There are lots of intelligent posters here and their views are lost when the thread become messy. Thank you.

  4. 79
    Topaz Says:

    Contrary to what the naysayers will have you believe, AMH will do very well. In my city of under 2 million in central Texas, 10 theaters are showing it and one of those is only 4 miles from my house.
    Didn’t Forest Whitaker win the Oscars for the best actor award and yet the box office nos. weren’t high at all ? I never saw that movie.

    I saw AMH last Friday at the first showing at 1:30p.m. There were only about 40-50 people then and were of the 40-70 age group. There is a strong NPR presence in this part of the city and I’m one of the biggest NPR listeners. There are also a lot of professional people who live here and they will watch this movie , I hope anyway.
    Angelina was just remarkable. She nailed the accent perfectly. She played a stoic,determined and at times testy wife and when the so -talked about scene came, she was unbelievable!

    Her howls of grief and sorrow were so heart renching , it just tore at my heart. I really think she shook up the audience.I was saddened for days after seeing it. It was so guttural . Imagine what Marianne had to go through.If this were live theatre , Angelina would have been given multiple standing ovations for her magnificent perfomance.
    Captain Irrfan Khan was also wonderful in his role.
    Come awards time , it will be a travesty if they don’t get recognized.I will see AMH again with my husband this weekend . My daughter ( and her boyfiend (in their 20’s )both saw it in Atlanta. They thought it was excellent .
    I have been a fan of Angelina for exactly a year and a week. It was from watching World refuge Day with Anderson Cooper that I truly heard her speak.
    I have grown to love and admire her more and more each day . Stumbled upon Just Jared about 9 months ago and I have been here lurking ever since.
    Its very addictive and Jared has been really indulging us. I have been enjoying reading all the comments from the BAMPZS fans and helping to vote for some of the previous Hello polls too. Some of the posters are fantastic writers. I.e.Passing through, Cliniqua (our great defender), Mr. and Mrs.Smith , Medi . MEli , BDJ Briseis and so many more . Jared has a great site until it gets hijacked by those Manistons.
    My kids think its funny that I’m reading celebrity blogs. Only the Jolie- Pitts, I say.
    BTW,does anyone know of the name of the haunting wailing melody or soundtrack they showed with the AMH trailer because I had to miss parts of the movie .Sounds Indian or Muslim chant ) I just love it.


  5. 80
    please Says:

    Here’s how Pearl herself (writing with Sarah Crichton in her memoir “A Mighty Heart”) describes that cry of anguish: “I slam the door, and with all my might, I cry out. I have never screamed like this before. I can feel that I’m screaming, but the sound that rips up out of me is alien, as if everything is coming out of me. I sound like an animal caught in a bone-crushing trap.” Up until this moment, which is handled just right in the film, Jolie’s Mariane has been like a tuning fork, emitting a hum of worry and contained rage. When the news hits her, the resulting emotions are enormous but not indulgent. It feels real and messy.

  6. 81
    the real tita Says:

    Man, JJ! we haven’t even finished answering the questions from the other thread and here you come with a new one. Slow down, you’re making us dizzy! I’ve never ridden a subway train before but I bet this is how it feels when you try to catch one.

  7. 82
    please Says:

    Thanks, Topaz. Let’s all watch this couple’s movies. They are both hardworking and talented people and great humanitarians.

  8. 83
    irma Says:

    Pax is one happy 3 year old,I was laughing when I see him riding on Mickey’s leg. My g-son do the same thing on my leg, kids love doing that. Thanks loveme for posting the pictures. Z is just looking at Pax with astonishment. Next time you know, she is doing the same thing. One interview that Ange did, she said that Shiloh has the shine & love & see herself on Shi a small part of her as being wild.

  9. 84
    To #81 Says:

    what are you, 80?

  10. 85
    anustin Says:

    #69 me too.

  11. 86
    Jill Says:

    76 seven | 06/26/2007 at 8:26 pm
    pax has never looked this animated around brad… he sure came busting out of the school with some verve and life and we have not seen that when brad’s around.

    According to Angie, Brad is the disciplinarian with the boys and she is the same with the girls. Little Pax may need a strong hand to keep him in line. Kids know what they can get away with. Z sure knows how to work her daddy. :)

    I think Brad spends a lot of time with Maddox because he’s older and they can do “guy stuff” together like riding minibikes. Pax is too little for that yet, but he’ll be sharing all their activities when he’s bigger.

  12. 87
    JOANN Says:


  13. 88
    the real tita Says:

    #3: oh, my gosh! I had a cat who liked to do that to me when I get home. If you’re not wearing jeans, those claws can hurt.

    Pax is like a playful kitty. Always running, bumping into things and clinging for attention. He probably jumps on couches and swings on the drapes like Tarzan.

    Brad must have given him a no-no lecture so he’s well behaved with him. Mickey can’t do or say anything to him really (as he is not the parent!) so Pax is freer with him.

    There, that is your answer as to why he’s more open and mischievous with Mickey. Angelina won’t discipline him that much because she is a softy with him. All that institutional structuring and all. Brad is probably a little tougher with the boys (which is at it should be).

  14. 89
    anustin Says:

    i’ll be in heaven if anjie is pregnant!and i will never post any words but this,”i told you so”but,thats for the fanistons.

  15. 90
    The real lou Says:

    These haters are wasting precious time hating on 2 people they will never know.(this also goes for the people who hate on Jen A)One of my best friends found out today that her Mother is dying from cancer and has most likley 3 months to live.The sad part about the whole situation is the her mother spent the last 15 years of her life being bitter because her husband left her for a woman who was 16 years younger than her.This woman recieved millions in the divorce(the ex is a Chicago criminal attorney,drug dealers pay well)Mean while the ex married his younger girlfriend and since has had 3 more childern.(one of which they adopted from China)She on the other hand spent the last 15 years bitching to anyone one who would listen about the ex-husbands younger piece of ass and drinking!Now she’s dying,pretty sad considering the fact she wasted the last decade of her life on hate.I just can’t help thinking what a waste.”The hatered you’re carrying is a live coal in your heart-far more damaging to yourself than to them.”-LAWANA BLACKWELL

  16. 91
    Alexanderina Says:

    Thanks Jared for the new thread, oh that is to bad about the pictures

  17. 92
    irma Says:

    Well said Topaz. Just like you, I just started looking & reading this thread. I never been interested in entertainment until I watched Brad & Angelina on Mr & Mrs Smith. They are so funny & you can tell their body language in that movie that they are a tandem. They have this chemistry. I love them both for their humanitarian work all over the globe. Ever since, I can’t stop but follow every move they make or look at their pictures, I buy magazines if they have the interviews or on the cover. Right now, I am on vacation from work & will be back to work soon, I can only check the JJ site after I come home from work.We are not allowed to use work computer for personal use. I find Brangelina site very entertaining & how this 2 beautiful couple can make a big difference to this 4 children’s lives. What a family.

  18. 93
    PinkRose Says:

    40 coalharbourqt
    Congrats on a really civilized answer to whathername. That saves me going ballistic on her. BLess you.

  19. 94
    the real tita Says:

    #26: read my post at #88: it is because Brad is the parent and Mickey is the bodyguard. When Brad picks him up or drops him off at school, you see him holding on to Pax so he doesn’t zoom around like a top. That is a dad!!

    Mickey is an employee. How many times have you seen an employee tell of the boss’ son? Use that little coconut that God gave you. Maybe that will keep you from asking why, why, why all the time like a mindless parrot.

  20. 95
    c Says:

    keep voting for Angie.

  21. 96
    cj Says:

    here are the images jj is talking about

    That’s one cute little boy. Thanks for the pics!

  22. 97
    piper, with a low Says:

    I see that the haters are trying to paint little Pax into a box. ‘He loves Mickey because he rode on Mickey’s leg.’ If we see Pax riding on James’ shoulders, or if Grampa Bill is given a big hug or if another bodyguard is seen play-fighting with Pax, will it mean that Brad is a decoy? H@ll to the no.

    Pax, bonding and trusting other males within the Jolie-Pitt inner circle is what is called gravy. He will have Brad’s influence 24/7; his uncles’ influences; the bodyguards; his teachers; his grandfather(s), family friends, and even Maddox, although there’s barely a two year age difference.

    This little one, whom many haters wrote off as being irreparably damaged by his 3 years in the orphanage and by Angelina ‘tearing him away from the only family he knew’ seems to be rebounding nicely. And I’m sure that he would appreciate some of your concern. :roll:

  23. 98
    Alexanderina Says:

    3 loveme | 06/26/2007 at 6:58 pm
    here are the images jj is talking about
    Thanks for posting the links to these beautiful pictures, Pax is so cute. Angie looks great, and Ms. Z is so damn cute

  24. 99
    Mickey Says:

    First, Angie looks amazing!
    She is beautiful.

    Skinny or fat, she has such gorgeous features,
    that she just can’t help but be amazing.
    Flawless skin! It looks that Brad’s a little damaged.

    Nice to see how ALWAYS HAPPY are the kids around their mom.
    That’s the reason I would like their dad to say what a wonderful mom she is, no matter we all know that. THe kids are her life! Also, Brad may thank Mad that she decided to get together with him.
    She said so many wonderful things about him,
    and made people think he is a good dad behind the closed doors.

    Otherwise, he just is NOT fair at all.

    He doesn’t need a paid publicist,
    ANGELINA JOLIE (and EVERYONE listens to her)
    does the BEST possible publicity for him.

  25. 100
    susie Says:

    I am so sick of all our “child behavior decording experts”. Mickey is like family to them, why wouldn’t Pax like him? jeesh, enough said!

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