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Pax Rides Mickey's Leg

Pax Rides Mickey's Leg

While Brad was busy filming the third segment of his Softbank commercial, partner Angelina Jolie picked up son Pax, 3, and daughter Zahara, 2, from school at the American Embassy compound on Tuesday morning in Prague, Czech Republic.

Angie dressed in head-to-toe black and wore oversized black shades. She held Zahara and her bookbag while bodyguard Mickey Brett gave Pax the ride of his life.

Pax hugged Mickey yesterday after school and this time, Pax was spotted riding on Mickey‘s left leg! Mickey is turning into a softie right before our very eyes!

Note: Apologies, these pictures will unfortunately not be published here.

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Photos: Simon Earl/Mark Raishbrook/Splash News Online
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  • http://y yes

    Anyone from the UK who watched THE MEXICAN y/day?

    Can we atleast talk about that!!!

  • Meli

    Goodmorning everyone.
    New pics of Brad shooting the softbank commercial.The black is back and does he look a lot like Tyler or is it just me?Yummy!

  • briseis


    I saw the Mexican awhile back here in the U.S. Brad of course was cute, but I don’t know, there was absolutely no chemistry between him and Julia (and surprisingly, neither with Catherine Zeta-Jones in O12). And I wasn’t too enamored of the story. In fact, I believe one of the critics here said that you’d be surprised, it was freakin’ Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, but there was no spark to the story, and their chemistry together was so flat.

  • jess0

    Australian OK is fairly reliable for a rag mag. When they write about Brad and Angie it’s positive so worth buying. This issue has two articals and some of the best photos from the last couple of months.

    This part of the artical was missing at celebrity Baby blog:

    What would you say are your flaws?

    AJ:My flaws, oh God! Why don’t you ask Brad!

    What would he say?

    AJ: I don’t know what he would say. I don’t cook – that might be one. I don’t like cooking. I can make a sandwich, although he’d probably even argue that! I don’t cook but I’d like to try one day. I’d like to be able to make a proper meal but I have tried and nobody’s very enthusiastic.

  • http://y yes

    #302 Meli
    thanx!!!!! Hotttttttttt

  • http://y yes

    #303 bruseis
    I agree on the chemistry thing but i still liked Brad’s perfomance, he was really funny at times!!!!!!

  • http://y yes

    TO: briseis

    Maybe Brad didn’t fance Julia thats why.
    In MAMS it shows he had something for har!!! lol

  • http://y yes

    Brad had felling for Angie and she knew it!!!!

  • http://y yes


  • jess0

    More of the Australian OK artical missing from a previous post:

    Is it hard being a part of Hollywood and doing your humanitarian work?

    AJ: No, because I never looked at Hollywood for the glitz and the glamour and the money of it all. I wanted to be an artist and I wanted to tell stories. I can make money from a film and donate it and build amazing things for kids in other countries.I’m very fortunate that I’m able to make a great deal of money. But it’s never why I’ve chosen to do it.

    How do you move everyone around logistically? You must have a lot of luggage!

    AJ:We do, although I’m a bit insane about minimal lugguge. I’m that person that doesn’t let anybody bring too much!

    Where do you find you energy for Brad and the Kids?

    I just love it! I mean, we woke up so tired this morning and they were so loud in our room, but it’s just the joy of life to me.

  • Meli

    That poor bodyguard.He has to be close to him all the time so he’s the first to receive the heat of his legendary hotness.Do you see his face expression?He’s suffering!It makes me want to sacrifice myself and take his place,you know,just to comfort him!

  • Meli

    New pics!Daddy Brad is back.Seems that the commercial photos were from yesterday.

    No other man wears white like that(the same goes for black,grey,green,yellow,red,blue,brown……)

  • once

    aww, Zahara so cute and Pax is very funny boy ^^ love their both

  • J3$$!C@

    Meli ur awesome. Thanks for bringing the pix over. Too much cuteness.

  • http://xxxx reply

    BY BILL ZWECKER Sun-Times Columnist

    We all know Angelina Jolie is a great international humanitarian, but a recent call from a source close to the actress has revealed some less-than-flattering details about her. For example:
    • Jolie’s reaction to the news Jane Pitt — Brad’s mother — had spent Father’s Day with Jennifer Aniston at Jen’s home in Malibu, Calif.
    ”She immediately grabbed her cell phone, called Brad and read him the riot act. … She was mad as hell, screaming, ‘What the hell was she thinking — did she do this just to embarrass me?’ ”
    • The source observes Jolie ”is a tough boss, someone who has to be totally in control.”
    The actress repeatedly grills her assistants — ”always asking questions, even about the most minute details like the name and background details for limo drivers or maids cleaning her hotel suites. Of course, you can understand her concerns about security — especially for her kids — but it’s clear she doesn’t really trust people close [to her] to do that for her … constantly second-guessing the people who work for her.”
    ”Another weird request … She demands menus for three days in advance for her lunch choices.”
    • As for that statement Jolie’s lawyer released — blaming himself for imposing all those restrictive press controls on reporters interviewing the actress for ”A Mighty Heart,” my source says that ”was total bull—t!” — claiming Jolie was observed specifically going over a media list ”OKing some and crossing out the names of outlets or reporters she didn’t like or want to talk to.”

  • rubyrose77

    Brad Pitt drops off kids at kindergarten in Prague

  • Meli
  • http://uk hope

    Yes I watched it on BBC1.Brad was hot as always but I thought they didn’t have much chemistry with Julia.with Angelina the chemistry was mindblowing.I see why people started commenting on it as soon as they started Filming.

  • seer

    theres something about pax’s face that is weird, off-putting. its like at 3 1/2 he has the face of an old man. i can totally see what hes going to look like when hes 70 because he has that face now.

  • cutie

    lol seer…very funny not anyway why does brad look like angie a lot , lol they look so much alike .

  • http://uk What a racist

    319 seer – You don’t like ASian people.Why dont you come back in 70 years.You’re not clever we know what you are trying to say.Off putting my *ss go and have you perfect babies.He’s not your baby.

  • jenna

    Thanks for the pics # 3 and JJ,I love seeing how happy the kids are. AJ,BP are outstanding parents.:)

  • amore’

    Angelah- nice pic of Brad. I think he is always thinking og Angie even when he is working.

  • Lynn Campbell

    I got my new issue of Newsweek last night and they have Angelina with a rising arrow under Conventional Wisdom Watch. It says-

    Pillow-lipped humanitarian and child adopter shines in serious “Mighty Heart” role. Oscar meets Nobel? :)


    For those talking about The Mexican, I agree that Brad and Julia have no chemistry and it’s not a very good movie. But this one is my guilty pleasure! Brad is just too darn cute in it.

  • seer

    321 What a racist | 06/27/2007 at 7:05 am
    319 seer – He’s not your baby.

    and thank god (!) for that. my babies actually look like BABIES, not little old men! and my babies are gorgeous! ALL of them–not just one.

  • Seer STFU

    Seer, you racist dolt — don’t ruin this thread by your racist comments — go enjoy your beautiful babies and STFU about Pax.

  • rubyrose77

    Matt Damon much happier without Brad Pitt’s fame
    From our ANI Correspondent

    Washington, June 27: Matt Damon is a bit in awe of the way Brad Pitt handles his life in the public eye, for he personally couldn’t live the same way.
    Pitt has always been a huge movie star, but his private life came under intense media scrutiny due to relationships with some of Hollywood’s leading ladies such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Juliette Lewis.

    The public interest in his life interested after his marriage to former ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston, and his relationship to Angelina Jolie that led to the collapse of his marriage.

    Damon admits that he often wonders how his Ocean’s Thirteen co-star manages to cope will all the fame, and is glad that he can lead a relatively normal life compared to Pitt’s.”I honestly don’t know how he does it. He can’t walk down the street anywhere, literally anywhere,” Contactmusic quoted him, as saying.

    “They’re in Prague right now because Angelina’s working, and he can’t walk down the street. I went to Prague and I didn’t sign an autograph for six months, and it was great!” he added.

    Jolie is currently in Prague shooting for new flick ‘Wanted’ in which she plays an assassin.

  • Diana

    why aren’t you posting those pics????

  • Crazy

    Janice Min is so full of it, she thinks she’s so over the Paris Hilton coverage


    (AP) Paris Hilton walks out of the Angeles County Sheriff Department’s Century Regional Detention…
    Full Image

    LOS ANGELES (AP) – Paris Hilton gets out of jail on Tuesday and she won’t be on the cover of US Weekly on Friday? How, short of the Apocalypse, is this possible?

    “When it came down to it, the staff and I felt what I believe a lot of people in America are feeling. Which is just enormous Paris fatigue,” US Weekly Editor Janice Min told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

    As a result, Hilton not only won’t be on the cover, there won’t even be a mention of her in the magazine.

    “I don’t think,” Min joked, “we even mention the city of Paris.”

    That was no easy task, she said, adding US Weekly editors had to comb carefully through every beauty story and every fashion item to make sure there wasn’t an offhand mention of the hotel heiress somewhere.

    The Associated Press put in place a similar Hilton moratorium for a week earlier this year, just to see what would happen.

    As it turned out, the celebutante didn’t do much that was of interest to anyone that week. Certainly she didn’t get out of jail and get chased across town by a pack of Hilton-hungry photographers.

    Still, Min expects her magazine will do just fine without her. Hilton, she said, has become such a mainstream media staple “that in many ways her time with US Weekly has moved on.”

    So look instead for an US Weekly cover photo Friday of Tom Cruise’s baby and, inside the magazine, a dozen pages of other Hollywood babies.

    Which raises the question, what would US Weekly do if Paris Hilton had a baby?

    “That will elevate her, probably, back onto the cover,” Min said with a laugh

  • Paxy

    Poor pax he doesn’t look as happy as yesterday! Bring back mickey!

  • love Jolie-Pitt
  • hehe

    Still, Min expects her magazine will do just fine without her. Hilton, she said, has become such a mainstream media staple “that in many ways her time with US Weekly has moved on.”
    LMAO! Dude Janice thinks her shit doesn’t stink

    Both the NY Post and the Dailynews have Paris on their cover, but the Post cover is funny lol

  • Meli

    New thread.

  • +++

    327 rubyrose77 |
    Matt Damon much happier without Brad Pitt’s fame

    The public interest in his life interested after his marriage to former ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston, and his relationship to Angelina Jolie that led to the collapse of his marriage . ?????
    So Angelina was responsible to the collapse of his marriage ??? Didn’t Brad denied it on Diane Sawyer ? I hope someday Brad can come out and tell what really happen on the last 2 years of his marriage with Maniston, and clear the name of his baby’s Momma.

  • anustin

    to angela and bres,malandi kau ha!ako rin!

  • rainbow

    266 reply | 06/27/2007 at 2:04 am

    …..A mighty flop. It’s called karma. Need to say More?
    Wish Mr./Ms. Reply (and many others who have cited karma) would try to understand karma before using the word to attack other people. I am trying to understand it. Last night we had a meditation session with a person people would probably call a guru and he tried to explain stuff to me. Very patient guy since I tend to joke around a lot.

    Mr. Reply, you seem to think of karma in terms of personal revenge. You are gloating at misfortunes and suffering of people you hate, because you think that’s a sign that the universe is on your side, that the universe is punishing your enemies and bringing them down.

    I would rather believe, as our guru explained, that karma is the way for us to make amends in this life for past unresolved issues. The way to overcome this bad karma and be better person in the next life is by doing good, being loving towards everyone and following sadhana or spiritual practice.

    Mr. Reply, if you are a Christian, there are many passages in the bible that can approximate aspects of karma. Two are the following:

    Judge not, that ye be not judged.For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

  • bdj

    Thanks for the pictures. Pax is a fun loving kid. BP and AJ have their hands full when Pax and Zahara. Maddox is becoming a little zen master like his papa. Shiloh is a sweet, cute little baby.

  • bdj

    oops BP and AJ have their hands full with Pax and Zahara.

  • black

    Pax seems to like the bodyguard more than Angie and Brad combined.

    I´m serious.

  • mello

    #26 wtf, u r so stupid. what do u call previous pic of them checking out the bug on the embassy ground enroute to school the other day. daddy pitt got down to pax’s level and explained / enjoyed the find. come on u r too f****** much. give the guy a break. love z and pax. angie looks good. bampzs 4ever

  • Jill

    Oh gawd, you stupid little troll, are you trying to compare Angelina and your pathetic idol again? Who’s making the movies, huh? Who’s got the contracts? Who’s enjoying the love of her family? OTOH, who’s sitting home on her yoga mat all day waiting for the phone to ring? Who’s hanging out in her best friend’s marriage like a third wheel because she’s got nowhere else to go? Who can’t even hold onto a rented gigolo, let alone a man? GMAFB. And if you hate Angelina so much, why do you hang on her threads all day long? Go on over to the X threads and type mash notes to the poor woman. She needs all the attention she can get.

  • Jill

    Brad doesn’t have to clear anyone’s name. His marriage to X was dead before he met Angelina. You can’t “steal” anyone who doesn’t want to be stolen. If the Jenhags insist on calling Angelina a homewrecker, no amount of “clearing her name” is going to convince them otherwise. Some people are just born to be stupid.

  • angelah

    no longer a lurker
    yes |

    :lol: Ok ok oki..I thought i was the only that noticed ‘it’. i posted the link @ 1:40ish A.M. pac time so i thought i was imagining something..blah

  • angelah

    304 jess0 | 06/27/2007 at 5:48 am
    Australian OK is fairly reliable for a rag mag.
    thank you for answering my query.

  • Help her

    I’m a huge fan of Angie’s and have been for years. And I know people are sick of the “why is she so thin” posts. But really, people. This is called DENIAL. Something is wrong with her.

    I really hope she is able to overcome this. She’s my idol.

    Her butt is non existant. She has a grandma butt… nothing there, no padding. Her legs are toothpicks. How Brad can find this sexy to hold at night, I don’t know.

    So go ahead, bash me.. but I am worried. And I don’t think it’s at all helpful to say “Oh stop posting this, she will gain it back” or “She looks great!” She DOESN’T. She’s sick. I hope hope hope she gets some help. Brad, he needs to take her to a doctor.

    BTW, I am a psychotherapist by profession, although I think at this point any lay person can see there is a problem.

  • ver

    Thanks JJ! and loveme for the links! Pax, just like his siblings, is a cutie. Love seeing that smile. And Oh Mickey!! Angelina is so pretty.

  • lookwhaticando

    Thanks JJ, great pic’s it’s nice how Pax is starting to get use to being with the family, he looks very happy, Great Job Angie and Brad, for giving him the love and support all kids need.

  • zaiyana

    Hi Topaz, Julianne, and others from the S.A. TX area! I’m a teacher here in south SA, and of course big time Angie fan, so thought I should send out a shout to you guys in the same area! I’m working on a project that is close to Angie’s own ambitions with the TYC, in that many children are being imprisioned without legal representation, in commercial prisions right in our back yards! The private prisons that are keeping these children from the TYC are paid 7,000 a month for each child! It is a crime that not many people know about, but one that I think Angie worked on in Washington to get these children legal help for asylum here in the US since they are basically refugees. Most have fleed their countries due to war or killings of family members and they are emotionally vulnerable as it is…now to hold them in prison behind bars with no books, no one to talk to, not even their own clothes to wear, is breaking their spirits. Our local tribal council, (Apache Del-Rio Intertribal organization) is working on getting some of our native youth out, but Texas is so backwards that most laws are designed to circumvent federal regulations in the Indian child Welfare Act. The system is getting federal tax dollars and getting RICH by locking up these children! One is called the Hutto Correctional Facility. If you want more info, or contacts here in San Antonio, let me know, because I am trying to gather support to show our legislature that children are not economic commodities to be held and sold for some corporate profit. I wish there was a way to let Angie know about what is happening here… I know she’d care about our local refugees, mostly children from Central America.
    Send request to Jared and he can forward my email to you if you’d like. We need to get the word out that what is happening in Texas here is a crime against humanity, and shouldn’t be allowed to continue. If anything, Angie has shown me that these problems can sometimes be resolved when you bring attention to them and tell people the truth of what is happening!

  • susie


  • delilah

    You make my day! Check out There is an article by staff reporter Emily Hill. Fantastic writing on AJ.