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Beyonce - "BET Awards" Performance (Video)

Beyonce -

Some people were just born to be stars…

Beyonce performed a rousing rendition of “Get Me Bodied” at the 2007 BET Awards on Tuesday. The Bootylicious singer arrived in a gold space outfit with Matrix-style letters spelling out “Beyonce” in the background. Beyonce then stripped off her space gear and danced the rest of her performance in $100,000 gold Balenciaga leggings and a matching bra top.

Fellow Destiny’s Child alumni Kelly Rowland followed Beyonce‘s performance with her solo hit “Like This” with Eve.

Watch the video of Beyonce performing “Get Me Bodied” at the 2007 BET Awards! And then watch Kylie Miniogue‘s performance from her “Come Into My World” Fever Tour. Kylie dons an quite the similar space suit as Beyonce.

Beyonce – “Get Me Bodied”
BET Awards 2007, 6/26
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Photos: Reuters/Mario Anzuon
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  • riiight

    only white and black americans b*tches hate beyonce. f*cking bitches. wat have u done to improve ur sad miserable lives lately? nothing. while she’s laughing all the way 2 the bank, u haters are still on this blog hating on her. get a liiiife!!!

  • mel

    19 the killer bing! | 06/27/2007 at 1:28 am

    another lipped performance???? way to go beyonce

    Lip synch? Are you maaad? There’s nothing lipped here. This is a real live performance. Beyonce has a powerful voice. She’s got loads of energy and she’s a fantastic live performer. She doesn’t lip synch like that long forehead Riahanna who can’t even sing properly live, and I respect Beyonce for that.
    You’ve got to attend more live gigs, man, instead of watching MTV studio recorded performances. Loser.

  • Sammy

    Kylie has never had a single idea of her own either, she copies everything from Madonna. Anyone who has seen her documentry knows that she is not involed in any of the creative processes at all and is sloted in at the last minute. She even gives writers a list of key words to wite her albums. You’d think that someone who’d been at it for 20 years would have learned something or at least done something interesting, yet she contiues to put out the same thing over and over again but in different outfits so people think it’s fresh The girl is in fact completely braindead and uselless but just happens to look good on camera so it comes off as convincing.

  • mel

    I want to add, # 19, that if you’re really certain she’s lipped, get the CD and check if she sings exactly the same way as on the CD. In the video, Beyonce sings until the last bit where she dances with the girls ( the drop down, do the Naomi campbell walk parts etc…).Before that she was singing. You can’t believe it because you’ll never admit that a girl as curvy as her can dance and sing as the same time. Well you’ve got it. Being thin or looking like a stick is not the only way to do that. She’s healthy and energetic and she can sing! Now stop listening to CDs and buy your ticket for gigs. You need to accomodate yor ears to live singing performance. Loser.

  • Eathan

    What a boring performance.

    And does she ever sing live?

  • Skye

    Damn! Bouncie is never original. How freakin’ pathetic that this chick continues to get kudos when she’s a so-so singer and performer and a notorious copy cat. Yuck-o.

  • nona

    she’s so lame.

  • Mediterranean

    I don’t listen to her because I don’t like her voice.

    She doesn’t have great body as some of you mentioned before. She has very wide hips, huge back and very heavy legs. And she needs to pull in her stomach all the time. Her body is not firm.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like skinny body but Beyonce body is too huge below the waist.

    Anyway everybody has her/his own taste, no bad feelings, right?

  • kyliefan

    Kylie came first. Beyonce copied HER ;)

  • anoxious

    I liked her performance.
    To me, Beyonce and Britney share a lot in common beyond, just music… IMO

  • sonia

    kylie minogue the best!!

    Beyonce ugly!

  • Nando

    Damn, those are tremendous robotic thighs Beyonce has.


  • barbie

    oh god…she can’t dance to save her life! All I see (I played the clip twice, once without music) is a lotta HAIR-FLICKING, a lotto BODY TWISTING and some LOWER LEG TURN UPS. This is not dancing folks. Britney is a mess physically now, but she is a fabulous dancer. Even better is Christina Aguilera who combines an amazing soprano voice with superb dance performances.

  • Passing Through

    Why is Beyonce dressed like C3PO?

  • izzi

    It’s amazing that when there any award shows Yahoo, CNN, MSNBC, etc… always have press on them – the preshow and post show – Why is there no press for the BET Award this morning. Another example of how mainstream American media don’t give a care for black entertainment television. This is so sad.

  • Mmmmm

    Hmmm not sure about the Robo-cop gear …

  • Marky

    In response to Sammy, comment #53. Kylie did the ‘cowboy’ and ‘disco’ thing way before Madonna. I think madge caught on 5 years later for both. Not to mention, it was Kylie for H&M (underwear) which came out in 1998. Madonna caught on with ‘Madonna & Crew’ for H&M in 2006, eight years later! Madonna’s cover image for American Life album (2003) which echoes Marxist Che Guevara was sadly 6 months too late, as kylie used the image for her Fever Tour promo in 2002.

    In response to Kylie vs Beyonce. The Kylie-borg idea (paying homage to Wiliam Baker’s obsession with sci-fi and Barberella/Doctor Who) is kitschy and edgy. Beyonce’s performance is a direct copy but comes across as crap!

  • Sammy

    There are thousands of artists in the world who have reinterpreted ‘disco’, ‘cowboy’ and paid tribute to Che Guevara. The point is, nobody cares when Kylie does this because it is always a gringe-worthy attempt to be cool and try to capture a wider market. When Madonna does anything, people sit up and pay attention because most of the time she is believable and executes things with passion and conviction. This is why she is one the most influencial women in history.

    I agree that Beyonce’s performance was tragic.

  • Marky

    If yr talking about a wider market, I think Kylie’s audience demographic is more varied than madge’s. You have 8 year old girls (& boys) to teenagers, the gay audience right through to grannies and pops that like Kylie. Having said that though, Madonna does outsell Kylie 3x over. The point is, Beyonce copied kylie and the performance was trash :))

  • Marky

    Not to mention the tacky matrix font graphics!?

  • KC

    She looks stupid LOL

  • Mimi

    The Balenciaga outfit was AMAZING! I love it! I think it’s one of the best concert oufits that I’ve seen in a while.

  • JOHN


  • Tecora

    that was the best performance of the night besides my girl monique beyonce did the dame thing love the whole space gear getti up and for kelly her vocal were a little weak but she was alright its kind of hard trying to sing & dance

  • Mrs. Fugly

    A portray of a fat Barbarella!

  • Rocky

    In the 3rd pic right below the title of the post you can see part of her left nipple!

  • Jamie

    Beyonce is the hottest thing out right now as far as performance. Britney cannot touch Beyonce’ in dancing, neither can Kylie. Now, Ciara can dance also, but Beyonce is an all out performer. I loved her performance.

  • Eva_baby

    Not speaking for all black people, but seriously, come on now….how many black people in America do y’all honestly believe know who the hell Kylie Minogue is. Hell, I bet there are a lot of white people in America who don’t know who the hell Kylie Minogue is. She simply doesn’t resonate here as much as she does abroad. As far as I am concerned she’ll always be that thin voiced pop tartlet.

    So,uh, yeah, Beyonce. Liked her energy. Gold leggings are hot. That’s all.

  • Meazy

    SeeThreePee HO!

  • Trineice

    Beyonce is such a fantastic performer but she should watch out for Ciara and Rihanna

  • Nisha

    All those comparing her to Britney: who do you think Britney copies? Janet Freakin’ Jackson!

    The chair, the men slaves, the military outfits?

    Now, Janet was original!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    she’s hot. i’d do her and i am a straight girl!

  • Alisha

    Now THAT’S some live entertainment! :o)

  • here we go again


    I am not a fan of Beyonce, i do like her
    drive, her success and i think she is attractive, i am all for women that make
    things happen..

    However..her voice not my cup of tea, it
    sounds like she’s singing the some tune
    over and over.. that video song..was sad.

    Yes she is sexy..but it’s getting old and
    over the top, this confirms she and her
    people know…she is a package deal, not
    a powerful singer.
    But hey! do it as long as you can..more

  • KBomb

    Beyonce’s performance was laughable, and I expected so much more from Kylie…she just stood there! Using this “sci-fi” theme for these two performers was a horrible decision by the producers. We have come to know them for their corny dance moves and ‘ordinary’ concerts. This was just an attempt to gain wow factor rather than the core idea behind a concert – to ENTERTAIN, using their own talent.

    Onto Madonna (mentioned earlier)…which is such a stark contrast to the Beyonce vs Kylie debate! I agree that Madonna is the most inspirational woman in the industry, regardless of her market of fans! At least her concerts aren’t cluttered with squealing 8 year olds!

  • Celene

    I think that bodysuit is by Alexander McQueen Fall 07.08 Collection( If anyone cares).

    Besides that she looks horrible, I mean those pants and her legs dont go together. I wouldnt call her fat, but shes not skinny enough for those pants.
    I bet Nicholas Ghesquiere is really dissappointed since he only likes stars like Nicole Kidman and such to wear his clothes.

  • Celene

    Never Mind I doubt its McQueen, haha.

  • Bri

    its funny how all ya haters on here that left a comment took there time to write a bad coment and watch the video…ya;l liked and yal know it!!!!!!!!she did a bomb ass job and i dont care what yal think and u im sureBeyonce dont care either shes makin more money than yall!!!!! BEYONCE”S NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!

  • BET AWARDS 07!!!

    Yall keep saying Beyonce steal everybody stuff… well you might be right but when she do she makes it better in her own way.. that was the best perforance hands down!!!

  • The realest

    IT is a same for anybody to have to defend beyonce cause she was just born to be a star!!!!!!! Question? What is britney doing now? Knocked up full of kids!!! So don’t get mad cause beyonce still holds it down with haters or no haters! Peace

  • Hottest Chick in the Game

    Frothing at the mouth lytches!

    Britney copies Janet Jackson

    Kylie copies Madonna

    Justin copies Michael Jackson/Usher


    Beyonce is the hottest chick in the game and y’all juzz jealous!

  • Scarlette

    As if anyone would want those thunder thighs and a flimsy pop career.

  • cutie pie

    beyonce is gorgeous and the bet show was the best show i have ever seen. i love my black people im so proud to be black long time coming.

  • omg

    1. peple been “copying” people in the music buiness since like forever. the michael jackson jackets, elvis stealing dance moves from a black man, the “michael jackson stance” where he stands still and everybody go crazy and crap. I really could go on and on. eh…whatever it’s been done…i really can’t believe this is being talked about anyway…since it’s been going on since music was marketed really.


    3. kelly sounded weak. not to much of a good song to sing live i guess.

  • omg

    o and another thing,B did not lip this performance O_o



  • cutie pie

    i am proud to be black and and damn proud beyoonce is also

  • lynette lynn

    oh my God that second photo is painful. I wonder did she feel it. OUcCH!OUCH! OUCH!

  • lynette lynn

    Beyonce did the damn thang! nuff said!

  • IRenee

    this was great performance. almost better than last year’s. the choreography was really good….for some fit the song much better than what I’ve seen of the video. I was wondering if she was really belting out this tune…and doing all that dancing..just give me ole boy that was dancing with her. can’t say I’m a fan, but she rocks the BET awards!I give her her props, only a hard worker can pull off those routines…was I the only person that thought of tina turner when she started singing??