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Beyonce - "BET Awards" Performance (Video)

Beyonce -

Some people were just born to be stars…

Beyonce performed a rousing rendition of “Get Me Bodied” at the 2007 BET Awards on Tuesday. The Bootylicious singer arrived in a gold space outfit with Matrix-style letters spelling out “Beyonce” in the background. Beyonce then stripped off her space gear and danced the rest of her performance in $100,000 gold Balenciaga leggings and a matching bra top.

Fellow Destiny’s Child alumni Kelly Rowland followed Beyonce‘s performance with her solo hit “Like This” with Eve.

Watch the video of Beyonce performing “Get Me Bodied” at the 2007 BET Awards! And then watch Kylie Miniogue‘s performance from her “Come Into My World” Fever Tour. Kylie dons an quite the similar space suit as Beyonce.

Beyonce – “Get Me Bodied”
BET Awards 2007, 6/26
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Originality. Hit or miss, she does her own thing.

She’s an innovator. They might as well get another 5 Grammys ready for her.


LOL. Originality? WHERE? No doubt she can perform, but original should never be mentioned when talking about Beyonce. Don’t sau Bey can dance better so that’s an excuse. She’s copied Britney, Shakira and now Kylie.

Beyonce doesn’t need to copy anyone. Can Kylie dance like Beyonce? No. There is room for two. Let each do her thing. Beyonce is an international star also. Stop the bickering. Enjoy each one doing her thing. Peace.


If she doesn’t need to, why does she constantly do it????? There is room for two of them and they have nothing really in common but Bey needs to get her own stuff. This is insane she outright copies again.

how do you know she never seen that performance….she couldv’e seen or someone she knew must of seen it cause the robot thing is very similar

it is just like the robot from metropolis.

arealwoman @ 06/27/2007 at 2:02 am

the perfomance was good until monique showed up in tacky red dress. watch out for next year, i wonder who will perfomr.:rolls eyes:

I just watched the performance. I suppose it’s original, but it does copy from Fritz Lang’s 20′s film Metropolis—the robot outfit, the lightning/electricity, the ring of light. Just saying . . .

Nothing is really original nowadays. Who cares. She still performed great.

arealwoman @ 06/27/2007 at 2:24 am

the perfomance was great but for some reason i keep thinking that this is too sad. maybe because the stage was pretty small and the mics kept malfunctioning, kelly’s perfomance was straight after beyonce’s perfomance and she kept running out of breath, eve saved from her own show and this is the untackiest the show has ever been. so sad.

yrbitchofamom @ 06/27/2007 at 2:36 am

$100K hm? Puh-lease.

Get your info right or don’t bother knicking other people’s comments.


#24 I’m Black and I listen to Kylie. So, stop speaking for all Black people. Thank you!

Thanks Jared for sharing the video. I liked Beyonce’s energy but I wish she wouldn’t scream the song.

KYLIE LOVER @ 06/27/2007 at 2:45 am

Nice true and no where close. sad so sad she is heading now where. Kylie did it first and it’s only a compliment to Kylie. Don’t even bother trying.




I’m not a fan of Beyonce but sometimes I like her music, but for crying out loud, this woman needs to have a break for about a year or so. I mean she is seriously over publicising herself. She brings out song after song after song, doesn’t give her fans anytime to anticipate her next album. All this Beyonce overload isn’t very good. As soon as I hear her songs on the radio I gotta switch stations, coz I think “not her again”.

oh please @ 06/27/2007 at 3:45 am

do you know how many european performers steal from american stars (think winehouse, mika, etc.) ? so who cares if beyonce’s performance is a little similar to kylie, it’s a lot closer to METROPOLIS. nothing is original anymore. some idiot referenced britney (wtf!) without thinking there were many more britney’s in the past.

what’s amazing about this performance is that i haven’t seen anyone wear those gorgeous balenciaga pants…let alone dance in them.

Francophile @ 06/27/2007 at 3:54 am

I definitely think she copied from Kylie.

Remembered, she loves Kylie, she once said that to her and she even buy her lingerie.

And he who say that Black people don’t listen to Kylie is straight up lying.

Kylie dons an quite the similar space suit as Beyonce.

No kylie does not don a similar space suit as beyonce. It should be beyonce dons a similar space suit as beyonce considering that kylie donned hers in 2002. Beyonce is a copycat and im tired of her.

Francophile @ 06/27/2007 at 3:55 am

Black people know and follow Kylie since 1989. At least those living in Europe do it !

actually i meant to write that beyonce copied her outfit from kylie as kylie wore hers in 2002. Got a bit carried away with typing there.

god i hate Beyonce , i mean what kid of a stupid ass name is that anyway?
kylie rocked it , beyonce has never had a single idea of her own.

DamnShame @ 06/27/2007 at 4:58 am

Beyonce straight ripped off Kylie, and now people are going to go crazy off this copied concept. just sad…..

i just watched both prformances, and i pick Kyle, her performance was sexy and the girl can sing. p.s. and as a black woman who likes hip-hop, i totally love Kyle Miniogue!!!

Some of y’all are fcukin’ retarded. There’s nothing else’s to comments besides hating on Beyonce. Get a life, or better yet, don’t posts at anything Beyonce related topic here.

Original or not, Beyonce still the best entertainer rite now and she’s selling like chocolate. Plus, someone actually thought Kylie can sing compared to Bee? Haha.

acabo de recordar la pelicula metropolis….en la que sale esta misma imagen,,,,
todo esta inventado mi amigo juanjo me lo acaba de confirmar…
de todas maneras kylie es la mejor,,,

she’s ridiculous…

beyonce, rock on!!!!

I’m thinking that the chorographer brought the idea to Bey without her knowledge of Kylie’s performance. If you compare the two performances, Bey makes it way better by a long shot. Kylie’s performance had the outfit, but it was so so boring. For all the glear Kylie had on stage, her song could put me to sleep any day. BEY MAKES IT BETTER!!!

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