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Beyonce - "BET Awards" Performance (Video)

Beyonce -

Some people were just born to be stars…

Beyonce performed a rousing rendition of “Get Me Bodied” at the 2007 BET Awards on Tuesday. The Bootylicious singer arrived in a gold space outfit with Matrix-style letters spelling out “Beyonce” in the background. Beyonce then stripped off her space gear and danced the rest of her performance in $100,000 gold Balenciaga leggings and a matching bra top.

Fellow Destiny’s Child alumni Kelly Rowland followed Beyonce‘s performance with her solo hit “Like This” with Eve.

Watch the video of Beyonce performing “Get Me Bodied” at the 2007 BET Awards! And then watch Kylie Miniogue‘s performance from her “Come Into My World” Fever Tour. Kylie dons an quite the similar space suit as Beyonce.

Beyonce – “Get Me Bodied”
BET Awards 2007, 6/26
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I dont know what half of you are talkin about. Beyonce has a GREAT body, just because she’s not skinny and emaciated does not make her body horrible. In the black community, we appreciate curves. Also you people are the biggest HATERS in the world. In reality NO ONE is original, people take something that they saw somewhere else and put their twist own it, especially in music. Beyonce is one of the biggest stars in the world right now, she wouldn’t be important if people like you didn’t hate on her. If she had no haters she wouldn’t be doing her job. I bet if half of you had a chance to have her career you would take it in a second. Its so easy to criticize people but hardly anyone takes the time out to point out the positive

first off beyonce has an amazing body, in the black community we appreciate curves. her performance was great. before you judge, you try to do it. And if she cant sing, give me an example of who can. she is one of the biggest stars in the world so of course its natural to want to hate on her. shes so good you’re compelled to hate. and she probably did get the idea for the suit from Kylie but everyone has influences. no one is completely original, people have influences from everywhere. judging by how hard you guys are hating on her, she’ll be around for a long time. also i think it sucks that for people to complement someone they insult someone else.lets grow up a little

who the f--- is kylie @ 07/02/2007 at 5:40 pm

who the f— is kyli, kelly, kiolio, kelyi,kabcdefg??? and who gives a F if Beyonce copied anything this keli kabcdefg did??? Brit is not original, kylie is not original.. nobody in music is.. the fact of the matter is Beyonce is all that and the haters just gonna keep on hating.. it don’t bother me and i know it don’t bother beyonce b/c she still making dollars. But i just had to write b/c i wanted to know before the comparison between the two.. did anyone see Kelabcdefghijk’s performance??? did anyone ever hear of Kabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz until Beyonce’s performance?????????????? Kabcdefghijklmnop’s voice is awful and she is no comparison to Beyonce!!!

She did not copy her. Kylie act was from space Beyonce’s was a robot dumb dumbs. However, it doesnt matter both of them are good so just shut the hell up. Look Beyonce pockets, then look at yours? look at Beyonce fans look at Kylie’s and where are yours? my point exactly.

She looks like a hot mess!

Why do we hate on Black woman so bad…. Beyonce is one of the most Beautiful Black Woman around today, she doing her thing, People who out there is saying she is fat, oh a bunch of flat-a– out there!! So what she wears weave… she aint’t the only one, Paris Hilton, hell that dumb blonde went to Jail in hers…Why are we angry that she may have copied from whoever the woman was, I saw the clip she did not move anything like Beyonce.. We never say anything about how many Black MEN HAVE COPIED JAMES BROWN , MICHAEL JACKSON THAT LIST HAS GONE ON FOR YEARS…. I AM A SISTER WHO IS PROUD OF BEYONCE.. SHE HAVEN’T SHAVED HER HEAD, IN AND OUT OF REHAB, MARRIED AND REMARRIED, FACING JAIL TIME , SEX TAPES!!!! BEYONCE ALL THAT ARE HATING ARE EITHER ANGRY SISTERS, WHITE GIRLS WHO JUST DON’T GET US, BUT THEY UNDERSTAND SOME OF OUR DUMB BROTHERS.. GOD BLESS YOU BEYONCE, YOU ARE RICH AND SMART!!!! IF THEY ARE TIRED OF WATCHING YOU, TURN THE TV..

BEYONCE CAN DO NO WRONG IN MY BOOK!!… she has been my favorite since Destiny’s Child…. its stupid 4 people to hate on her at this point in her game…. SHE HAS MADE IT!… and the ones hating… aparently havent!! LUV YA B!!!

chinastarrrr @ 07/12/2007 at 2:18 pm

Man at the end of the day beyonce is richer then all of us cuz she worked hard 2 get where she’s at. She can buy all ya haters and put ya on the block. Half of ya won’t even reach of level of success in ur own lives. So get a job and focus on the more important things in life.

It was great! Beyounce you were amazing.

Kylie M. is not nearly as talented as Beyonce…it’s not even close, and it’s a bad comparision artistically. And arguing over whether B copied Kylie’s ‘outfit’ is stupid…I’m sure I can find several artists ….see The Brides Of Funkenstein/Parlet of the seventies…OR…Patti LaBelle with her group LaBelle (who beyonce was REALLY paying homage to) in the seventies and you’ll seee similiar robotic outfits a plenty….youngin’s…

Beyonce u had such a great performance, and u looked amazing!

she is not lipsynchin dummy u can hear her take in breaths between lines and you should go to one of her concerts and see how she does it. love ya b!

hard to accept hatas? too bad.

lol @ people hatten.. I dont like beyonce but I got to give it to her she can sing.. instead of hatten congradualte her … sex sells but voice does to.. and she has the voice..

its hilarious sum1 just sed beyonce cant sing and that brit. dances better then her and christina is better then bof of em..N sumpthen bout KYLIE(whom ive neva heardof) I noticed that the poeple you guys are comparing Beyonce with is either white or looks white or has white in them.. and it kinda seems that u are not hatten on beyonce because of her singhen skills but because of her color. And she is doing better then all 3 of these women who are white (for christinas case mixed) put together. And her shape is gorgeous, people who hate have low self of steam so keep that in mind before you say sumpthen.

beyonce did better than kylie she is just a stick her robot suit was like 1 ounce and beyonce’s was curvy

Totipotent @ 07/27/2007 at 1:54 pm

Its so unfortunate that so many people put so much energy in to discrediting others when they perform very well. This is entertainment. No one owns anything, no space suit, robot suit, and more importantly, no dance moves. What are considered as “great performances” is visual and elemental, in which the performance is visually captivating, which it was, entertaining, which it definitely was, and was composed with fun and well choreographed dance moves, which all surmised into this great performance. Kudos to Beyonce, and shame on all of you others, who have absolutely nothing to contribute to this world other than disdainful comments of negativity. With attitudes like this, you would never recognize a well rounded performer. You would much rather indulge yourselves in the vulgar world of African-American music, wallowing in the slime of scenery of the ultimate profanity and shameful environment of praising the n*-word and accepting our ladies being called *******, and financially rewarding artists who urinate on young black women. Shame on you all. Many of us never have anything good to say when something great, clean, and enjoyable comes along. Beyonce and her performance was well engineered, and she was absolutely beautiful. You try to sing bouncing around dancing, and burning 2600 calories in under 8 minutes, and see if you can be an optimal performer. So to all of those who praised her, I commend you. We need more voices like yours to show appreciation for the great work that people do, not just in entertainment, but everywhere. And to all of those who did not, crawl back into the dank biomes of disgust and rank putrid vulgarity where you belong. And if you doubt the meaning of the words in this posting, go to

LiLBabIexx16 @ 08/02/2007 at 12:28 am

^ ok yea i agree with arealwoman that the performance was good but she has no right to be all harsh on monique

LiLBabIexx16 @ 08/02/2007 at 12:35 pm

^her dress isn’t tackyy

yeah, there is only one beyonce. one and only. screw others who do not know this.

That was anazing as usual for beyonce. But not her best performance. I’d say her best performance is between Crazy In Love/baby boy at the vma’s 03 or Deja vu at BET awards 06. They were both HOTT!! Check them out on youtube.

Beyonce is off the meter and does have to mimic anyone. Stop hating please and get a life and stay off blogs. Yes, I am on the blog because I wanted to say this.

Some of these pic’s remind me of a commercial on tv
with the phillips electric razor thingies :)

do you people really think beyonce has time to be lookin up other performer’s outfits to see how she can copy them??? the woman is the hardest wrkin chick in the game. maybe on of her performance directors or choreogrophers came across it and suggested it as an idea, but honestly, beyonce barely has time to sleep.
and seconddly, this is clearly not lip-synched as there were OBVIOUS problems with the mic..if it were lip-synched it would have sounded perfect throughout..which it didn’t

you can say watever but it does not change the fact that beyonce is a diva to rival all. wat i like about her is that even live her vocals still sound good. her dancing is powerful beyond measure. she is so young yet she fits right in with divas like tiner turenr, petty labell etc. she has reached the point that just cant be reached by her peers. she is a powerful performer and im sure kylie doesnt sound as good as beyonce. she is old and she should just call it quits. that suit that beyonce uses here, is not a space suit but a robocop suit and shame she really has no competition. i love you beyonce. when people hate you then the is something ur doing very right. kepp up the good work

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