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Britney Almost Loosens Up Her Buttons

Britney Almost Loosens Up Her Buttons

A bra-less Britney Spears spends her afternoon working on her upcoming album at Chalice Recording Studio on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Her jacket buttons are just asking for trouble, aren’t they? They look just about ready to pop, pop, pop!

On the way home, the-mother-of-two and her BFF cousin Alli Sims stopped by Ralphs supermarket in Studio City for some grocery shopping.

Check out Britney‘s groceries list below. If you can make out any more of Britney‘s other purchases, feel free to add them in the comments!


– Kelloggs “Special K” cereal
– Windex surface cleaner
– Febreze odor freshener (“Meadows & Rain” scented)
– Pediasure baby food
– a package baby spoons
– pack of pacifiers
– baby bottles
– baby bowls
– baby wipes
– a carton of 18 eggs
– loaf of bread
– cookies

25+ pictures inside of Britney getting her grocery shopping on…

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britney spears ralphs supermarket 01
britney spears ralphs supermarket 02
britney spears ralphs supermarket 03
britney spears ralphs supermarket 04
britney spears ralphs supermarket 05
britney spears ralphs supermarket 06
britney spears ralphs supermarket 07
britney spears ralphs supermarket 08
britney spears ralphs supermarket 09
britney spears ralphs supermarket 10
britney spears ralphs supermarket 11
britney spears ralphs supermarket 12
britney spears ralphs supermarket 13
britney spears ralphs supermarket 14
britney spears ralphs supermarket 15
britney spears ralphs supermarket 16
britney spears ralphs supermarket 17
britney spears ralphs supermarket 18
britney spears ralphs supermarket 19
britney spears ralphs supermarket 20
britney spears ralphs supermarket 21
britney spears ralphs supermarket 22
britney spears ralphs supermarket 23
britney spears ralphs supermarket 24
britney spears ralphs supermarket 25

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Matei/Chris
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  • Dancer

    I guess home town girl lacks the funds to buy a mirror so she can check herself out before inflicting her fug on us!

  • Hassy

    if she ever try to wear this shirt again. i dont wana 2 go in details. Britney u suckingly Rocks!!

  • Mediterranean

    Here is the thing; Britney doesn’t have any mirror at her house or anywhere close to where she lives and all the people around her are blind and herself.

    Otherwise, someone would tell her to dress up normal.

  • Rii

    She really has a horrible posture, looks like her breasts are on her waist. A bra would help a lot.
    The outfit is just wrong, all wrong.

  • kbcan

    Her breasts are terribly droopy and she wears outfits that seem to make them look even droopier, especially when she doesn’t wear a bra.

    Is this the outfit she went grocery shopping in? She is really insane.

  • 19 years old

    she just cant win, can she??

    she will never look that good as she did before. its not a crime if she is not size two anymore. at least she did something productive today other than shopping.

  • Mika

    This outfit would have been presentable with a bra and may be a top underneath.
    Zeez, what the fcuk she’s thinking? What’s going on in that pea sized brain of her?

  • kar

    She has a pack of pacifiers, what looks like some sort of nutritional shake ( think Ensure), baby bottles, baby bowls, baby wipes thats all i can make out.

  • vergi

    The security lady in supermarket is really cool=)))

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, kar!! I just added those.

  • me

    The outfit isn’t that bad, it’s just that she needed to wear a bra and get a shirt that actually was her size.

  • Mmmmm

    She is a joke, why is she buying baby stuff at a grocery store. Wouldnt the baby have bottles by now? And we all know what the Frebez …ugh!

    Those poor buttons are hanging on for their life!!!

  • HottieTottie

    Jared, puhleese lose your fascination with this ho. It’s the same garbage everyday. She’s disgusting, she’ll never be anything more than trash and while she had 5 minutes of fame circa nearly 10 years ago, she is OVER.

    Who gives aSHIT what the hell she does or where she goes?

  • [Famous]

    She needs to have more surgery, the work she had done wasn’t enough.

    Saggy booobs, Huge Belly – Not Hot.

  • captd

    She has enough money. She just needs to get out of the spotlight for awhile. She is truly coming across as a mess.

  • Uma

    upcoming album??ahahahahaha.
    Who gives a f…??

    Shes talentless.

  • Gambita

    She’s just white trash, that’s all!
    No money will help her acquire good taste and class!

  • Hulla

    She’s got no taste whatsoever.

  • Amy

    One size bigger, Brit. One size bigger. And throw on a bra just to humor us. I don’t think you need a stylist to realize when the clothes you are wearing don’t fit. WTF??

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Please, please, PLEASE, stop posting pictures of this wench! If all the websites would stop posting pictures of whatever-this-thing-is, it might actually crawl into a hole and GO AWAY!

  • Dancer

    #6 Are you saying she looks good in that too small button popping top? Not to mention shorts that don’t fit, heels that don’t go with the outfit, that ridiculous hat, but at least it is covering her bad dye job and unwashed hair–and her chipped nail polish?

  • Didi

    Progress at last. I like the fact she has bought Febreze Maedow and Rain scented vaginal odour refreshner and the Windex to tackle her herpes warts. I hope her feminine hygiene issues are resolved soon.

    However, it’s worrisome that she is using 18 eggs and a loaf of bread as contraception

  • Dancer

    #22 Didi–
    Good one!

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  • JO

    AWW Sweetie. I feel so bad for you and all the bad publicity you generate. “ANY PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY” us a false statement.

    I’m old enought to be your much older sister and have a little advise for you. You need to dress more like your BFF cousin.

    I know your only 25 and have been in the business since you were 11. However you need to realize there are work clothes and every day going about your normal business clothes. Most important – you need to wear panties and a bra at all times when you leave the house…. Please.

    Since you are a singer/dancer, your work clothes can be way over the top. That’s ok, people want that when you are on stage.

    The rest of your clothing needs to be toned down so you look like a normal 25 year old mother of 2. You are rich so spend some money on good looking play clothes that fit your body type. Take a good look at some of the respected Hollywood mothers, young ones and older ones, even Madona. Her stage gear is so totally different than her every day gear. Check our Reese, Jennifer, Katie, Angelina, Gwen, etc.

    The top you are wearing in these pix would look much better left open with a flirty tank under it. Shorts about 3 inches longer and some type of wedge heeled shoes.

    If I could I’d nominate you for the show “What Not To Wear”. You really need to talk to someone who knows what they are talking about fashion wise and has only your best interests at heart. Good Luck.

    PS: Ditch the extensions. You probably look just great with short hair. Seems to be the up and coming style this summer.

  • Cynthia

    If the lipo shots or liposuction, tummy tuck whatever the hell she had failed, no other surgery is going to help this slag! She needs to get her lazy ass up and excercise and eat small meals a day. That’s how you lose weight.

  • kd


  • Julia2

    britney has gone back to her trashy roots, i guess you can take the girl out of the trailer park but not the trailer park out of the girl…she is disgusting and this is deliberate…no decent person who has any self-respect would leave their home looking like this unless they just don’t give a shit…gross…

  • Angie

    I think I see milk in her cart and cookie dough in the red package in her hand?

  • justalark

    I agree with HottieTottie. Britney “peaked” in her late teens/early twenties. She never had a really good voice, she just capitalized on her sex appeal. When she was younger, the public forgave her for her tacky, low class outfits because she was considered hot, but now that she’s merely average in looks for a woman in her mid-twenties, her dress and behavior are critized. The press needs to MOVE ON and quit creating celebrity where there really isn’t any these days. There are many more talented and together young people for the press to focus on. Britney was lucky to get the 15 minutes of fame that she did…ENOUGH ALREADY!

  • Niecy

    she’s gross.

  • lk

    she has fat tree trunk legs.

  • Britney Spears

    Can y’all gimme the name of a good hemaroid cream?

  • mina

    Not again, lose this has been

  • Amy

    JO had a great idea. I think we should all go and nominate her for “What not to Wear”. Who’s in?

  • anonymous

    OMG – LMAO!!!! Why can’t this white trash buy clothes that fit and wear a bra???? Such a disgrace to the rest of the female race. Someone make her go away!!!!

  • michele-south africa

    Britney is an extemely strong personality, and very manipulative and controlling. The only person she could never control was Kevin Federline, and she still cannot, and it annoys the hell out of her. All this display of nudity, and posturing is to get his attention. No-one else’s. She wants him back and she is ‘selling herself’ to him through the media.

    She is ‘dripping’ pheromones out of very pore just to make him salivate. She is displaying the wares that once captivated him. She imagines she knows how to get him ‘interested’ She did once before. “Cept now, she forgets, that she once PUBLICLY, and very CRUELLY rejected him in the same media she is using to entice him back. He is NOT going to bite. He has moved on and found friends and mates to support him. He will not be prepared to be a ‘kept’ man again. He wants to be a man.

  • BE

    She looks G R E A T.

    I can’t believe you guys actually have the list of the things she bought=| It’s crazy, you have to stop it=|

  • BE

    And you haters hate her so much, but still like people with no life you’re going in, looking at her photos and comment. Get a life, please. If you hate her so much and she’s so not interesting, what exactly are you doing here? MM..INTERESTING.

  • BE

    Oh, one last thing. When you’ll 1% from the talent that she has [as a singer, performer, dancer, songwriter, composer, and so much more] call me! For now I give you the permission to just shut up:)

  • BE

    You’ll = you’ll have

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Happy hooker goes shopping! Okay Shitney’s lost it!

  • Amy

    To ‘BE’ – We’re here to make fun of her and her horrible sense of fashion. She makes herself an easy target, don’t you think?

  • Gris

    She looks cute.

  • Sonny

    She’s a porker!! WTF is up with the sunglasses in the grocery store. Celebrities wear sunglasses indoors to MAKE CERTAIN they are not mistaken for just an ordinary person. They’re so addicted to attention (good or bad) that they risk the chance of not being noticed without the sunglasses on. And the funny part is they think we don’t know why they do it. Britney’s making damn sure she doesn’t go unnoticed by wearing the FM pumps, showing her gut, and wearing sunglasses indoors.

  • shamen

    she is doing it on purpose she is no victim. are u telling me she didn’t know she looks a mess with that shirt? its all pathetic attention seeking and stupid britney fans can not even see through it.

    i hope she ends up dead like anna nicole smith to teach young girls a lesson to find better role models

  • Ms Katie

    what is going on here!!! britney was starting to do so much better and look better..i was actually defending her a bit and now look at!! it’s like she fell off the wagon via the white trash wagon. god help me if i had her money and life I would not be looking the way she does nor would i smell that bad or try to dye my own hair when i can afford to hire my own live in hair stylist..i mean wtf is up with her now..does she not want a come back? has she given up?

  • Ms Katie

    brit brit has lost me..i don’t think i’ll be going back to the brit board minute you think shes going to back a come back and see the old brit that we all use to love a few years back, but lets face it people it’s not going to happen..we can sit here and wait the rest of our lives for it to happen and all we will get is let downs and eventually all her fans will either have moved onto someone else or become trash like her..please lets not give this woman anymore attention..lets ignore her and give her some time off from the media spotlight and see how she suffers without it.

  • here we go again

    PIG :roll:

  • Jerk

    Wouldn’t mind to bone her. Nice pair of hot legs under those hotpants. Alright her clothes suck but she pays for it herself.