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Colin Farrell's Son Rushes to the Doctor

Colin Farrell's Son Rushes to the Doctor

Colin Farrell takes his son James, 3 1/2, and rushes into a doctor’s office accompanied by his son’s nanny. After the medical visit, the nanny carried temper-tantrum-throwing James out of the doctor’s office without Colin.

James‘ mother is American model Kim Bordenave, whom Colin has since separated from. The A-list actor recently moved on to medical student Muireann McDonnell, 22, who spent weeks in Europe earlier this year to be with Colin and James.

Colin, 31, will next appear in Pride And Glory playing a police officer alongside Ed Norton.

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Photos: Splash News Online/Alex Turner
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50 Responses to “Colin Farrell's Son Rushes to the Doctor”

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  1. 26
    Jill Says:

    Kid needs a hair cut and the reason he is crying is because he can’t see:)

  2. 27
    josianne Says:

    i was a child like this and when you look now, im perfectly healthy and theres was nothing wrong whit me as a teenager or now.

    they said is dating a young women, poor her she will me heart broken. As much as i like colin, i have to admit that he use women badly.

  3. 28
    mrs.tootsie Says:

    Leave them alone, my gosh, give them a break. I agree with moonie on this one. He is just mad because he wasn’t with Colin. All kids do that.

  4. 29
    Mmmmm Says:

    He is an A-List actor? Only thing I know him for is shaggying Angelina, does that put you in the A-List catagory?

    Btw, if the kid has Autistism it makes perfect sense, poor thing.

  5. 30
    Wwwwww Says:

    Mmmmm 29
    You are so right, even tho he denied shaggying Angelina that was his top event.

    What is the big deal about he taking his kid to the doctors – my dad use to take my brother and I to the doctors all the time. And my parents both work and raised children without the help of nannies.

  6. 31
    mary_hollywood Says:

    HE IS AN A-LIST ACTOR!! He works with the greatest directors, actors, everybody knows him and not making good choices for a movie role doesn’t mean people won’t come to see your work.

    For his son, I truly hope he isn’t mentally disturbed or anything else. Bless the child.

    I love Colin!!

  7. 32
    jered Says:

    F*cking Angelina love only perfect kids.

  8. 33
    gismo Says:

    Bless the child.
    And bless Colin and his family.

  9. 34
    ichbins Says:

    he takes care of the child
    this is big

    !!!Colin the great!!!

  10. 35
    nanda Says:

    people sometimes can be so mean… I don’t care about colin but saying bad things about a inocent child is so sad…

  11. 36
    Leslie Says:

    His best roles have been indie films–but he’s done enough big films to be correctly called A list.

    Pretty normal behaving kid to me, that’s a tough age–felt like I needed a valium to get through a grocery store tantrum lol

  12. 37
    the DQ Says:

    It DOES appear the kid has some sort of disability and autisim would make sense. I hadn’t heard that before.

    As for Brangalina’s kids, I think Z has some growth issues related to malnutrition.

  13. 38
    Mika Says:

    “I’m no doctor but this doesn’t look like just a temper tantrum. I’m afraid he has some kind of developmental problem.”

    You are no doctor so you couldn’t know unless you have a proffesional medical background and medical experince.

  14. 39
    Wwwww Says:

    If it is true that Colin would sleep with anyone at least once, I wonder why we haven’t heard any Nanny stories about him in the last 3 YEARS. Maybe he did not get caught.

  15. 40
    the DQ Says:

    His left leg and body posture in the 5th picture are extremely suspicious.

  16. 41
    Allie Says:

    He probably has Autism, I will keep him in my prayers…..

  17. 42
    thetruth Says:

    I hate Kim.
    She is fault, she wolte a baby of Colin.
    She lured him into the falls.

    And Jame’s pay the Price. I pray for him.

  18. 43
    Riverz Says:

    TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT… Colin’s son DOES have a Developmental Disorder. From What I kno he is unable to walk or have full function of his moter skills. ***He often wears braces on his ankles. U can see them in the pictures if u look close enough*** I Dont know exactly what it is he has, but HE IS PHYSICALLY DISABLED.

  19. 44
    Mika Says:

    where on earh are the braces?I don’t see any.

  20. 45
    Anonymous Says:

    Someone on another site said it looks likes James has Fragile X syndrome.

  21. 46
    Riverz Says:

    The braces are on his ankles look at his shoes. u can see them in pic #4. they are the black things around his ankles and go down into his shoe, supporting his ankle.

  22. 47
    aidansmom Says:

    you all are so ignorant. go to, then speak your minds. angelmans syndrome is a very serious genetic disorder, some never walk or talk, they have low immune systems so catch everthing, have serious seizures, are always happy so its kind of hard to throw a temper tantrum when your happy all the time. they have sleeping disoreder and eating disorders thats why he looks so skinny, but is probably healthy since they make them drink pediasure to substitute nutrtion. they also have sensory issues like to touch, hot/cold, touching of head, so he might not like getting a haircut, or like people shoving him in a car. and if i could afford a nanny for my 3yr old son who has angelmans syndrome, by all means id have one, maybe i wouldnt be so tired and bitter, it is a life of struugle heartbrake and stress.

  23. 48
    jake Says:

    aidansmom – Colin released news of his son’s condition this October. The comments on this post are from June and July. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

  24. 49
    tracy Says:

    the child has Angelman Syndrome as someone noted above. as a mom of an “angel”, I’m used to people looking at my son when he has a meltdown and thinking he’s just having a tantrum. some of you guys need to take this though and realize that what you think you see is not always what the reality is. next time you see a child that looks “normal” acting up, give the parents a break and take into consideration that they may not be “typical peers”.
    as far as the skinny part-these kids metabolism is unbelievable. my son (6 years old) will eat more than an adult, get down from the table, and 5 minutes later act like he hasn’t eaten for weeks and start eating again.
    as was noted above, many kids don’t start walking until they are at least 5, if they are that lucky. braces are common, a lot of the kids are “toe walkers” or in the case of my son he walks on the knuckles of his toes at times. this is a result of hypertonicity and the braces are sometimes trying to force their muscles to stretch and force them to walk on the bottoms of their feet like other people do.
    nanny’s hanging on tight because these kids are fast. damn fast. and stronger than an ox. my son can already push me across the room when he tries. they do upset easily, and while they aren’t stupid, they just don’t have the cognizance that you and I do. hope that this enlightens some and allows you to look at “misbehaving” kids in a different light. of course, there always some that are just being little snots!

  25. 50
    UsTe Says:

    i dont think he’s happy because i think he spends more time with the nannies than with his parents

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