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David Beckham: Futbol Meets Football

David Beckham: Futbol Meets Football

David Beckham will be making his debut with the Los Angeles Galaxy in July but apparently there’s a debate between futbol (soocer) and football. Adidas flew out New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush to meet Beckham in Madrid and settle the debate.

“Since I signed with the Galaxy, you know every time I do an interview, I’m trying to get myself to say soccer because I’ve always said football,” Beckham has said.

Bush added, “And when you think about our sport we call football, it would seem like [soccer] would be the sport you actually call football because you’re kicking it with your foot, so it makes sense. We call [American football] football, but we actually throw it a lot more than we kick it.”

Watch the video below of Beckham and Bush‘s meeting!

Futbol (Soccer) Meets Football
Soccer’s David Beckham meets Football’s Reggie Bush

Below are some pictures of David and wife Victoria Beckham on their private jet en route to Singapore. Pictures were snapped last week of them at the airport before boarding.

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01 david beckham singapore
02 victoria beckham singapore
david beckham american football 01
david beckham american football 02
david beckham american football 03
david beckham american football 04
david beckham american football 05
david beckham american football 06

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  • Sophia

    Oh puh-lease. He does have a brain doesn’t he, or did Vix eat it, OMG. If I can switch easily between soccer and football with no problems about 10 times a day, then he shouldn’t have a problem. I mean it’s his job for crying out loud. Can’t they make some less stupid stuff for publicity. This makes him look stupid.


    ~*~wow! becks in a saints uniform..haha! reg better watch out, becks might take his spot.~*~

  • Brooke

    Can “Cruella VB” not even manage a glimmer of a smile when posing with her so called “fans”!

    What an egotist and over-rated, over-hyped piece of crap this woman is!

  • [Famous]

    I think its a great marketing idea by Adidas. I don’t know how much it will help sales but I like it.

    The videos entertaining.

  • Daisy

    That video was so freakin cute. I love how both athletes are able to make fun of themselves and have a great time.

  • Didi

    he looks like a d*ck.

  • LJ

    Cute videos..both looks hot…

  • Diana

    Victoria looks like an aunt of mine and she is 50!

  • Eathan

    Correction: Private jet en route to Bali, Indonesia FROM Singapore, not TO Singapore.

  • red

    That’s awesome. Becks juggling an American football was amazing. That is so hard to do and he made it look so easy to do. Both men are incredibly talented at what they do. Good luck to both of them.

  • Shae

    you hipocrist. let him be. if you’re actually from the UK you will see its not as easy as you think to confuse football with soccer. American football does not exist in the UK so the word soccer is not in our vocab. so piss of you pricks that think you know everything!

    And Diana if VB looks like your 50yr old aunt then she must look better than you, you must be sick of jealousy! Your aunt must get more date invites than you!

    Who the hell cares if they are being cheese or taking the mickey out of themselves for publicity? it seems to be working and its none of our freaking business.

  • lilflowa

    I concour #11

  • Sophia

    I am not from UK 11, better stop being so small minded.

  • Scooby Doo

    Double Yum!

  • Gem

    I agree with 11, no one in the UK ever uses the word soccer (unless we’re making fun of the Americans calling it soccer, lol!) I don’t think Beck’s looks dumb cos he confuses the words soccer & football, if I were him I’d simply refuse to use the word soccer ;)

    Anyway cute vid…are you sure those pics are recent? Cos for his last RM match he’d shaved his head closer so all the blond was gone & so when it grows back it’d be his natural darker hair (unless he dyed the tiny bit of hair he has again…)

  • Gem

    ^ The pics on the plane I meant…not the pics on the football pitch

  • jimbo

    He looks kinda hot in an American football outfit.

    Well, he always looks kinda hot in just about anything he wears.

  • Jill

    Hot????I don’t think so. Looks kind of mean and scary with his wacko blonde hair do.

  • Mmmmm

    Is it me or does he look like Sting and she looks like Jackie Warner (from Work Out)

  • Cynthia

    One word for Dave GORGEOUS!

  • Alex

    He’s not hot in that, he looks like a skinny naked ballerina in the video (mostly because of the golden rights), and on the top picture his arms are like a girl’s. I would think that being an athlete he’d be at least a bit more buff.

  • Alex

    Tights not rights *sigh* Jared can you fix that?

  • Hot

    I think Becks probably dyed his hair again because in the pictures we saw of him at heathrow he had a hat on. Either way, I can’t believe he still manages to look so good after getting about zero sleep, the guy is gorgeous.

    And on the soccer-football debate, it will be hard for him to change. He’s referred to it as football god knows how many times in god knows how many press conferences and interviews so changing to the word ‘soccer’ will be difficult. I say he should stick with football, if they’re so smart over there they’ll know exactly what he means. Or he could save the bother and stay in Madrid.

  • inhirnamy137

    Bush looks hot.. Beckham hair NOT.

  • http://htt// f

    Beckham looks like an old man.

  • yeanoreally

    dear sophia,

    i believe it is you that is closed/small minded. poster #11 was defending why it is difficult. He made his living for 10 or somewhat years in Europe where people live and breathe the sport of “football”. its part of life,culture, and vocab.

    give the guy a break, he was being honest. its dismal but it makes him human and personable. would you rather he comment about the war in iraq and get nailed to a cross and ruin his retirement career. not that he would tho. i’ll give you THAT much. him and his wife are superficial. but alas it pays the bills. Le sigh.

    Cheer up Sophia

  • http://jj Audrey

    beckham is ugly mf

  • Sophia

    I am just bothered when pointless stupid stuff like this is being spread. I lived 23 years in a contry where the world football is used for soccer. When I moved and found out that football is a different sport, and that it is called soccer I didn’t make a big deal about it and didn’t complain to my friends or tell them to call it football because it’s FOOTball. You just label it as soccer and call it that, jeeez. You don’t bother Americans with it because they won’t care. They like their football. You’ll just confuse them. I actually wouldn’t mind if Americans reject Beckham to be honest. His wife is annoying, as is his accent, even though I find him to be a nice person when he is giving interviews and all that stuff. A humble person.

  • find madeleine..

    sorry,but that hair color does NOT look good on anybody,even him.yuk!

  • LaLa

    can’t view the video, does it show beckham kicking the “football” and how far does it go? looks like his lead up is good but he kicks it just he would approach a soccer ball.

  • factory girl

    Well sorry, but every decent European person would have problems with the word soccer.

    It’s so ignorant to say let’s not bother the Americans with that … why not? why does everyone always have to make everything most convenient for them? it’s ridiculous! and apart from that: the rest of the world calls it football or futbol or fußball … so maybe it should be the USA who should be a bit more open minded … in general…

    and of course it is hard for him to adjust with using the new term, coz you have to watch out for every sentence. so this is just stating a fact. he’ll get used to it soon… unfortunately…

    I for one will cringe everytime he says it, it just doesn’t sound right … specially coming from him!

    I love him to bits, but those golden pants look hilarious.

    and that other guy is well fit!

  • duba

    Classic Eurotrash/English trash coming in with their “football” nonsense. Nobody gives a crap.

  • Sophia

    Sure honey, you go and change USA and the way they speak. Meanwhile I’ll be, outside, playing:

    Google images hehehe!

  • mimi

    DB looks so much older than his years. If I didn’t know better I’d say he is 50ish.

  • Rai

    in my country, its called “soccer”
    when I was student I didnt know soccer called football in europe.
    I couldnt understand when I saw someone wore the shirts with “xxx FC” logo. they played soccer but there wasnt word “soccer”.
    Im not from America.

    he looks hot! always hot! at least for me. but that hair!!! I dont like.

  • laura

    I love the part where he says in Spanish
    ‘ cuidado eh, porfavor ‘ aaaawwww that was sooo sweet.

  • Sly

    Who gives a F*** whether he calls it football or soccer. David seems nice but is seriously overrated. He’s more of a fashion poster boy than a football/soccer player.

    Anyone that has heard him speak know that he’s also a closet gay. Not surprised really being that he’s married to that talentless, anorexic, doesn’t give a damn about her kids, skank of a wife of his.

    They are only married because of “Brand Beckham”.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if him and Tom Cruise are getting it together behind closed doors!!

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  • William

    Football is called football because it was a game played on foot rather than on horseback.

    ‘Soccer’ is a shortened version of ‘Association Football’ that probably stems from the days when public school boys stuck ‘er’ onto the end of everything (Rugger, Johnners, etc).

    ‘Sawker’ is the name of a family of wine producers from the Sonoma Mountains.

  • kate.

    hes hot.

  • black

    I gotta say I´m really impressed by his skill.

    Did you saw how good he managed to kick that ball?


    He´s really a nice guy………..still Manchester will never be the same without him…

  • Lee

    I moved to the States 4 years ago… and trust me, it is hard to change the way you talk over night. I STILL say football, lift instead of elevator, loo instead of bahroom, etc. Big deal. What will actually start happening is more and more Americans will start using the word Football… just like my American friends use the word loo… lol!

  • Lee

    And that hair colour is tough to pull off… remember Brad?!?!?! But I would still kill for 1 night with him :-D

  • LiLBabIexx16

    WOOO BABYY hottieee alertt

  • LiLBabIexx16

    WOOO BABYY hottie in the housee