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Gwyneth On Crutches = Can't Cover Face

Gwyneth On Crutches = Can't Cover Face

Gwyneth Paltrow hobbles into West Hollywood’s Maxfield boutique with 3-year-old daughter Apple on Monday.

The 34-year-old Oscar winner is currently taking time off from filming superhero flick Iron Man because she recently fractured her right knee and had arthroscopic surgery.

It’s too bad Gwyneth‘s on crutches — she can’t hide her face from paparazzi now! WOOT!

More pictures inside of Gwyneth getting her crutches on…

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gwyneth paltrow crutches 01
gwyneth paltrow crutches 02
gwyneth paltrow crutches 03
gwyneth paltrow crutches 04
gwyneth paltrow crutches 05
gwyneth paltrow crutches 06
gwyneth paltrow crutches 07

Photos: London Entertainment/Splash News Online
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53 Responses to “Gwyneth On Crutches = Can't Cover Face”

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  1. 1
    Kelly Says:

    OMG Apple is so cute! She’s a little mini version of Gwyn.

  2. 2
    Sophia Says:

    That kid should be wearing much prettier clothes. This looks like it was picked put from a garbage box.

  3. 3
    .--. Says:

    what a beautiful child! She’d be a heart breaker in few years. So cute! Imagine the children Gwyn and Brad would have had, had they been together. Super Gorgeous!!!! The blondness of Gwyn and the hotness of Brad, oh man… I cant even start imagining…

  4. 4
    HottieTottie Says:

    What’s with the Amish wardrobe for the kid?

  5. 5
    MMM Says:

    That outfit is adorable on Apple (well, the dress, maybe not the shoes)bbbb! Apple has been the most beautiful kid since she was born. I love her, and she is full of personality. Cute cute cute!

  6. 6
    Kelly Says:

    Aww, come on. The dress isn’t that bad? It’s just a little girl!

  7. 7
    Jess Says:

    AWW apple is adorable.

  8. 8
    Dirty Denise Says:

    Apple looks just like Blythe.

    Why don’t Gwyneth keep her ass home until her knee heals, does she have to go shopping in that condition. ATTENTION WH*RE.

  9. 9
    to#3 .--. Says:

    To#3 .–.
    Another instigator I see ignore jp’s.
    Anyway Brad and Angelina created a beautiful child and her name is Shiloh,thankyou very much. Gwen I’m sorry but she is no Angelina looks wise. I like Gwen and she is pretty but beautiful not in my mind.

    BTW the little girl is cute but she has to have a name such as Apple that does’nt seem right to do that to a child. Some kids can be cruel to others if you know what I mean.

    Gwen coulnt keep her dress down when with Brad so Im glad it ended. Thank Gawd she didnt have BP’s child what would the name be Peach, Orange, Plum? Cheese??

  10. 10
    Dirty Denise Says:

    Gwyneth effed up by cheating on Brad. Brad is a great catch. On the other hand, Gwyneth’s husband is a stuck-up snot. I doubt if their marriage will survive the long haul.

  11. 11
    angelinammm Says:

    I also think is they stayed together they would have beautiful kids.
    that dress is very cute

  12. 12
    kate Says:

    Yippo Brad, Karma’s a *****!!
    Brad never got over Gwynnie. Now he’s trapped by our fake heroin Angie, who’s not even close as hot or as intelligent as Gwyn.

  13. 13
    sicko's on the Loose Says:

    lol…. ur ignorance kate is so OBVIOUS?…ANGIE has a lot of accomplishments intellectually, humanitarianly and also an an actress, pilot etc.? tht’s why she is also known outside hollywood especially in the white house and all over the world. may be u don’t know wht intelligence is or perhaps ur just acting this hypocrite ignorance. i am just being honest, i don’t know u at all , maybe u don’t hv intelligent thing to say or there is pure emptiness in ur brain and heart , only pure evil or enviousness towards her (angie).

  14. 14
    Mmmmm Says:

    10 Dirty Denise

    She cheated on Brad b/c he is hung like mosquito .. poor guy.

    Chris Martin on the other hand … nice total upgrade for sure!

  15. 15
    kate Says:

    Maybe “sicko’s on the Loose” should go to school to learn proper English!
    Even better, why don’t you email fakey heroin Angie to help you improve your lack of writing skills? Oh, I forgot, fakey heroin Angie does not care for you, her no.1 fan, because you are an idiotic, illiterate sob!!

  16. 16
    Mmmmm Says:

    4 HottieTottie

    Oh yeah it is called a babydoll dress .. at least you can tell what sex she is.

  17. 17
    to poster #3 Says:

    You are very VILE & RACIST!!

  18. 18
    Get Over It Haters!! Says:

    So now the Manistons like “Kate” are trying to use Gwyneth against Angie? PLEASE!! The Manistons still cannot get over Brad DUMPING their idol Maniston aka ROTTEN EGGS!! This is just PATHETIC!! The REAL loonies are the Manistons!!

  19. 19
    to Kate Says:


    You are calling Angelina a heroin addict, well Maniston is a COCAINE ADDICT!!

    Ted Casablanca and others have say that Jennifer is a cocaine drug addict!! So what about that, dumbass!!

  20. 20
    Aniston's Favorite Drugs are.. Says:


    Hey, poster 19… don’t forget that Aniston besides using Cocaine, she ALSO likes to smoke Marihuana!!

    So Aniston’s favorite drugs are:

  21. 21
    colsen Says:

    Hehehe!! This a Gwyneth thread and people are talking about Angelina!!

    Angelina really OVERSHADOW anyone!! Fans and Haters are so fascinated with her that they cannot get enought of her!!

  22. 22
    Mediterranean Says:

    I like Apple’s dress and it’s very good choice for the shoes. They look comfortable.

    Apple is not a beautiful girl, maybe cute. She looks like her mother, how can she be?

    Gwyneth chose her own way and cheated on him. She went out with Ben who cheated on her. She end up marrying that ugly thing after getting pregnant.

    She believed that she was the best thing happened to her ex boyfriends. Ben was engaged to JLo and Brad has a woman in his life who’s called ANGELINA JOLIE. Noone can compare avarage, dull Gwyneth to these gorgeous women.

    I “think” that Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Aniston are the biggest mistakes of these two men anyway.

  23. 23
    Ted only tells the truth about Jen Says:

    19 to Kate

    So Ted is a liar when reporting about B&A but telling the truth about Jen? Angie confirm she did drugs, Go home hypocrite and do your homework.

    As far as some blunts A&B are smokin down all the time and using charity as a reason to go to other countries and get the good stuff .. errr!

  24. 24
    Mediterranean Says:

    This is neither the Jolie-Pitts’ nor Jen’s thread.

    Just because Jen has not confirmed that she does drugs, this is surely not mean that she is not doing it at all. Am I wrong?

  25. 25
    Alayna Says:

    Dude we supose to be talking about Gwen here.

    Aplle is sooooo cute! she’s acting so grown up!

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