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Will Kate Attend Princess Diana Concert as William's Date?

Will Kate Attend Princess Diana Concert as William's Date?

Kate Middleton is spotted arriving at her London home with some heavy bags on Tuesday afternoon and then leaving her home again on Wednesday morning.

British newspapers reported on Sunday that Prince William and former girlfriend Kate are an item again. Britain’s News of The World reported the two, who announced in April they had split, have been on a string of low-key dates since their April split.

Meanwhile, the Mail also reported William has invited Kate to attend Concert for Diana on Sunday, July 1.

But a source told UK’s The Sun otherwise about their relationship: “William was expected to bring a guest and Kate was the natural choice. If he’d invited a society girl it would have sent out the wrong signals. His position with Kate is clear. He wants to remain good friends, that’s all.”

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Photos: Paul Hadfield/Andy Robinson/Matt Keeble/Splash News Online
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  • Coco

    Kate looks great whether or not she is with Prince William or not…seems very independent. They do make a cute couple. Love her ballerina-flats.

  • Coco

    Kate looks great! Whether or not she is still with Prince William…who knows? They do make a cute couple. She wears her ballerina-flats well.

  • HottieTottie

    Love her!

  • Mmmmm

    Not sure how old is she but she looks at least late 30′s, cute dress tho .. anyone know who the designer is?

  • Davidson

    Yes, I heard she was invited. She apparently worked on getting the concert together.

    I hope she doesn’t go back to him. She was a damn doormat with him.

  • Bliss

    She’s cute, but did she loose some weight? She’s looking too thin.

  • [Famous]

    When did this nobody lose 20lbs?!?

    Where’s her waist? she’s like a long piece of wood, no curves what so ever. Even worst she has man-face. Yuck

    Euros need to dead those golden-showers.

  • lucylie

    people say she’s gorgeous in person

  • blah

    why cant she just dissapear!

  • Michelle

    I love that dress!

  • KC

    Why is she still getting attention. This is not the future Queen of England. Move on.

  • night

    The media and paps are obsessed with this woman Kate due to the fact that she makes money. Being ex g/f has to stand for something doesn’t it ?

  • Mediterranean

    Until William finds another lady to be with, we have to put up seeing Kate often unfortunately.

    William will find a lady sooner or later, but not too soon after the break-up, otherwise he will be blamed for.

  • Julia2

    hopefully these two will permanently get back together…it’s william’s choice if he loves her so the hell with anyone who doesn’t like kate….i think she is a beautiful girl and i really like her style…

  • .–.

    William get a new gf soon, please!!!! I dont get why he’s getting back with this boring umimpressionable **nnnn. Did he seriously have to invite her? Why cant he invite another friend? Is it forbidden to move on after separation in the british royal family? His dad did the same though, with his horse- faced mistress. And even this ***nn bbeen dating an old friend of Will a month ago. She apparently moved on. So why not Will? Now this ***nn gonna think they’re back on track… argh…. Will, get rid of her as soon as you can!!!

  • Didi

    she’s a plain jane. atleast diana was good looking even though she was a f*cking psycho. william can do better. hope he marries britney to piss off the royals and gives the queen a heart attack. it’ll be quite ironic that the future queen of england is a classless sk*ank ho. I can just see britneys fugly mug and lop sided breasts on a £5 note

  • myself

    She’s got a strange face..kind of manly..she’s not that skinny, tho. nice body. Not to skinny, not too big.

  • Tessa

    If William marries her he will lose the respect of a lot of people. Kate Middleton seems to like the easy life, all shopping and parties and holidays, with a token ‘job’ with a company owned by friends of her parents which fools nobody. She’s just a socialite who, after complaining about press attention when going out with William, now courts attention from the paparazzi by going to the highest profile clubs and events. Do people seriously think William cannot do better? The last thing the royal family needs is a girl who at the age of 25 has nothing better to do than shop, party, holiday and wait around for William. If William wants a doormat she’ll be perfect, but if he wants to marry a woman who has the respect of the nation he needs to look for someone with a work ethic who will be able to set a good example to young people. All they will have learned from Kate is that if you can sleep your way to the top what’s the point in working? And that if you are prepared to drop everything to be at a prince’s beck and call you will eventually be rewarded. I think most people would prefer William to marry someone like Holly Branson who is training to be a doctor, as she is an example of someone who in spite of having a much richer father than Kate doesn’t spend her days picking outfits for clubbing or having beauty treatments. I’m afraid Kate is something of a joke now, but it’s nobody’s fault but her own.

  • maria juan

    TESSA you are all the right, Guillermo will lose the respect of people if house with this girl of life very easy Guillermo to look for another fiancèe!

  • sandy

    the truth to my I like as kate gets dressed is very simple, but I believe that him lack I talk about much in its life, she is very not much for a prince and too small for a future king, she is a little frivolous seems PARIS HILTON WITHOUT English JAIL. I hope that Guillermo obtains to another girl like the holly branson she if who is pretty

  • taty

    william to obtain another fiancèe

  • drew

    I do not understand as to william it can like a girl with deformed body surely must feel very single. poor will

  • taty

    I do not understand as to william it can like a girl with deformed body surely must feel very single. poor will

  • Sandbitch

    I wonder if/when during the “Dead Diana” concert Kate Middleton might think to herself “hmmm, hang on a minute…”

    She should do a runner during intermission and keep going.

  • Eva

    Am I the only one that likes Kate? If Wills likes her then let it be…She seems pretty classy and confident…what’s not to like?

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Is it just me or did she lose some weight? She looks good though. I think her body looks even better now.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Aaahh! She’s got Diesel jeans on! You go girl! I want a pair of Deisel jeans so baaad!

  • Mediterranean

    I bore myself and looked at Kate’s photos one by one and I said to myself loud ” I DID MISS DIANA!!!!”

    You know what I mean?

  • Jada

    Catherine looks more beautiful then ever! Prince William and this classy lady do make a good couple.

  • Michael C

    What a cheapo.

  • Kira

    Handsome Prince William and lovely Kate Middleton….just like all young, modern couples (break-up and make-up)! I can imagine her friendship and loving companionship has been invaluable on behalf of Prince William’s healing process after Princess Diana’s death (I can Diana would approve of Kate)!

  • snappyfish

    she’s lovely. Very sweet down to earth girl who has handled herself very well.

    Never thought they truly broke up.

  • sandia

    if it is charming then I I am the mother Teresa of calcuta…

  • nikki

    dam* she is hot! wills and kate are a great match

  • Cuckoonest

    No offence but…BORING!!!!!!!!!!!! She said she didn’t want any attention, and suddenly, since they split up, she’s spotted in all the night clubs of London, like she had to prove something like “I’m better without William”… yeah right…

  • Rae

    I think she’s a very pretty girl, she just seems so superficial. She complained about the press- now she’s at clubs every night staying in the press. She dressed like the perfect 40 yro princess in training as long as she was with William- now I saw a club pic of her the other day with her bra hanging out. I’m sure if they get back together she’ll be back to the family pleasing tweeds. I just can’t like a girl whose only purpose in life for about 5 years seemed to be trying to be a princess.

  • Celebfax

    Love the dress. Does anyone know what brand it is?