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News Anchor Tears Up Paris Hilton Story

News Anchor Tears Up Paris Hilton Story

Watch this fantastic clip of MSNBC news achor Mika Brzezinski refusing to talk about Paris Hilton on Morning Joe. She rips up the lead story covering Paris and puts another one through the paper shredder. Genius!

Watch the MSNBC news anchor rip Paris to shreds here.

Insubordinate behavior? Try real journalism!

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  • Nancy

    Love that.

  • African Girl

    Was this before or after they sent helicopters ad half a dozen reporters to go cover her release?

    By the way, not talking about Paris Hilton at all is the best way not show they’re taking stance. This tearing the paper on air is dramatic nonsense….it’s all for show.

  • Mmmmm

    WOW, she is living out another prison term right now .. being ostracized from the media and public. YIKES!

  • Libs

    More reporters should do that. You go girl!

  • Cat

    ha, dumb bitch, but i totally agree with her; paris hilton should not be the lead story.

  • KJ

    Hell yes. I would be annoyed if I was a professional journalist and was subjected to reported about a celbutante to no end also! I am utterly sick of hearing and reading about Paris–there’s no escape. I at least understand why Paris shows up on entertainment shows and entertainment news programs, but she has no place being on shows that supposedly report the world news. There are more important things going on in the world that Paris Hilton! MSNBC should take a note from their anchor and grow some dignity.

  • pokeman

    there are so many stories that are worth reporting than this stupid Paris Hilton sh&t. she is nothing if it wasn’t for the Hilton name.

  • Dee




  • stephanie

    that is so fantastic. someone make it downloadable or youtube it!

  • kat

    god, i can”t stand it either. Every news programs in America”S story is Paris Hilton. good for her! I feel sorry for those journalist that are forced to report it even though deep inside they don’t want to. Is Paris really that important what’s the world coming to!!

  • marz

    A tad dramatic but I like where her heads at.

    oh and ITAWU KJ

  • Fury

    I’m cheering for Mika, everyone is sick and tired of lisening about Paris. Paris is nothing, why the hell is she famous? She’s famous for nothing. There is more important news out there that needs to be covered. Mika is keeping it real and telling how all of us feel

  • Seriously Still laughing

    Ok agreed this is not news, but some of you would be very upset if this reporter ripped up a story on Brad and Angie taking their kids to school. As matter of fact I think that report would of been taken out.

  • Elizabeth

    Yay..I clapped when she ripped the paper!!!

  • Wwwwww

    Fantastic!!!! Freedom of the Press!!! This Anchor Rocks!!!!!

  • nona

    oh puh-leez, this is nothing but schtick. general electric was dying to get the first paris interview until it went public that they were going to pay for it and the today show was humiliated into dropping it.

    as compensation, they booked ann cunter for an hour on hardball last nite.

    anything to generate talk and ratings.. general electric, msnbc and nbc are pigs for ratings.

  • Original Curious

    Well, finally a real journalist shows some balls…and wouldn’t you know…it’s a woman! GO Mika! I’ve seen a bit of her lately and she is a good reporter. Shame on Joe Scarborough for showing the clip anyway. Paris Hilton is famous for nothing. She does nothing but party and act trashy – NOT a role model I’d want for my daughter; and it IS almost impossible to escape her.

  • Wwwwww

    Hell with Paris – Bring our soldiers home!!!!!!

  • Michie

    LOVE IT!

    I wish everyone would do that.

  • suspicious package

    Sob. Sniff. That was….choke…the most beautiful thing….sniff…ever. I have a new hero.

  • Blah…

    None of the video links work for me… :(

  • Didi

    the other two male news anchors taking the p*ss out of her were whats funny. their jibes and teasing were really p*ssing her off.

  • cb

    BRAVA!!!!! Mika is my hero

    Blah: try watching with Explorer has your browser.

  • Sam

    Thank God somebody realised that the world does not turn around this person.

  • HottieTottie

    Links aren’t working for me either :~(

  • kuykuukf

    hats off to her! brilliant.

  • Naomi

    oh yeah, like it! fuck paris, fuck the hiltons!

  • donna

    So nice to see a reporter take a stand on what should not be a story on national tv.

    The people who watch the news and therefore pay for the advertising are truly not interested in Hilton’s life. It is being force fed to the public. Enough.

  • SpicylilyBK

    From Bangkok, Thailand
    WOW !! Great job, Mika..
    Paris Hilton is nonsense..
    She isn’t deserved all the coverages.
    Why are many US media crazy about her ?

  • Leslie

    Awesome! Finally something relating to Paris I can cheer about.

  • S

    AWESOME! I am so sick of hearing about Paris Hilton WHY is her release, or going to jail in the first place, news worthy? FINALLY someone standing up.

  • famous is a misogynist

    By the way, not talking about Paris Hilton at all is the best way not show they’re taking stance. This tearing the paper on air is dramatic nonsense….it’s all for show.

    African Girl you are right… they spent a lot of time on this story and this was just a way of garnering more attention.

  • Tim

    real journalism! finally someone is actually taking action in anger of the stupid Paris headlines

  • Blah…

    Aaaah it DOES work if I use IE…thanks to whoever it was that suggested that :)

    Stupid Microsoft products…grr…

  • Rach

    F*cking beautiful is what that is.

  • bejore

    Wow and the props were so handy –

    News Desk – Check

    Anchor Chair – Check

    Lighter – Check

    Shredder Next to Desk – Check

  • Yolanda


  • mickey

    Mika is my hero. Paris Hilton is THE most insignificant gnat on earth and she should NEVER be spoken about on any channel that claims to be a news channel.

  • YES!!!!!!!


    Make that a standing ovation.

  • laura

    My new hero!!! hhhmm can Mika get a like a hhmmm purple heart or something? ;p

  • Ely

    Amazing. Big ups to the journalist. I have to note however that Paris ended up getting some publicity through them anyway, since they spent 3 minutes mentioning her name either way. The best thing they could’ve done was discussing the show before actually airing. Although I agree with the stance, I dont think Paris Filthy deserves any type of attention. She’s not a role model to anyone, and does not represent the general public

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully tabloid gossip will be removed from all News media. There are more important issues to be discussed than rumours about celebs’ personal lives.

  • jones


    i heart them already.

  • mj

    I applaud her!!! And -yes I love Brad and Angelina but I think all “gossip” and Hollywood type news should be on a segment especially for that-an entertainment segment! We are losing hundreds at war and this type of fluff does NOT belong on a real news show at all!

  • i spy

    GO MIKA!!!

    We need more reporters like her.

  • André

    I like Paris but I think this woman is right…Paris just ain’t news..she’s just fun…
    we’ve gotta be real and live our lives properly.

  • alexandrina


  • H

    you go girl! someone needs to stand up and show that people are tired of stupid paris seriously has the girl ever done anything besides partying and being a hoe bag if she spent just half the time she spends partying doing some charity work she could actually do something good

  • Oi

    All that bickering gave Paris double the lead time! Anyways, I swear those two anchors totally shagged eachother at some point in the past and possibly in the future too!!

  • Nando

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

    That was wonderful! I’m totally for Mika in not wanting to lead with Herpes Hilton non-important “story.”