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Business as Usual for the Jolie-Pitts

Business as Usual for the Jolie-Pitts

Brad Pitt drops the kiddies off at school on Wednesday morning — Maddox, 5, to his French school in Prague, Czech Republic and Pax, 3, and Zahara, 2, to their school at the American Embassy compound.

Partner Angelina Jolie continued to shoot her latest action thriller Wanted. (Hey paparazzi, sneak in some shots from the set. Thanks!)

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zahara brad pax 01
zahara brad pax 02
zahara brad pax 03
zahara brad pax 04
zahara brad pax 05

Photos: Simon Earl/Mark Raishbrook/Splash News Online
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  • Colleen


  • anustin

    papa pitt in white.

  • doreen

    zahara est toujours aussi jolie!

  • Francophile

    ….et le petit Pax de plus en plus audacieux !

  • anustin

    good morning j,nice try!(they’re filming in a cave)lolz

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared. Zahara is a cutie. Pax is becoming a confident little Man. All reports from the set of “Wanted” by the Comic book writer sound interesting. It will be a treat to see stills and photographs of the Movie when they are released. Best wishes to BAMPZS and peace to all.

  • anustin

    ok,tout,c’est jolie!voila!

  • tamara

    PAX is the KING!!!!!!!!!!

  • pemberley

    morning coffee and my Zee fix – what could be better! Love that little munchkin!

  • http://htt// c
  • clearview

    Crazy | 06/27/2007 at 7:42 am
    Janice Min is so full of it, she thinks she’s so over the Paris Hilton coverage


    (AP) Paris Hilton walks out of the Angeles County Sheriff Department’s Century Regional Detention…
    Full Image

    LOS ANGELES (AP) – Paris Hilton gets out of jail on Tuesday and she won’t be on the cover of US Weekly on Friday? How, short of the Apocalypse, is this possible?

    “When it came down to it, the staff and I felt what I believe a lot of people in America are feeling. Which is just enormous Paris fatigue,” US Weekly Editor Janice Min told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

    As a result, Hilton not only won’t be on the cover, there won’t even be a mention of her in the magazine.

    “I don’t think,” Min joked, “we even mention the city of Paris.”

    That was no easy task, she said, adding US Weekly editors had to comb carefully through every beauty story and every fashion item to make sure there wasn’t an offhand mention of the hotel heiress somewhere.

    The Associated Press put in place a similar Hilton moratorium for a week earlier this year, just to see what would happen.

    As it turned out, the celebutante didn’t do much that was of interest to anyone that week. Certainly she didn’t get out of jail and get chased across town by a pack of Hilton-hungry photographers.

    Still, Min expects her magazine will do just fine without her. Hilton, she said, has become such a mainstream media staple “that in many ways her time with US Weekly has moved on.”

    So look instead for an US Weekly cover photo Friday of Tom Cruise’s baby and, inside the magazine, a dozen pages of other Hollywood babies.

    Which raises the question, what would US Weekly do if Paris Hilton had a baby?

    “That will elevate her, probably, back onto the cover,” Min said with a laugh.
    You know, I notice that not even one tabloid gave Paris a cover story in the last few weeks. The funny thing is the hard news cover Paris way more than the rags.

  • gaby

    yey! first?


    I never get tired of seeing them. I know this looks boring to some, but I couldn’t be prouder to see them doing something soooo normal when some people think their weird and evil, still judging Angelina on her past. Yet here they are each and everyday taking there kids to school and picking them up.

  • maria

    6 bdj | 06/27/2007 at 7:49 am

    Thanks Just Jared. Zahara is a cutie. Pax is becoming a confident little Man. All reports from the set of “Wanted” by the Comic book writer sound interesting. It will be a treat to see stills and photographs of the Movie when they are released. Best wishes to BAMPZS and peace to all.
    Do you know when Angie finishes filming in Prague?

  • Meli


    Hey paparazzi, sneak in some shots from the set. Thanks!)

    It’s kinda strange that we haven’t seen any pictures from the set after all this time.I would like to see some.
    I think Brad is getting rid of the Benjamin Button body and gets back the Tyler body.Hot!

  • +++

    I wonder when will Angie finish shooting Wanted.

  • sorry

    Pax looks as happy as yesterday, not! he wants his daddy mickey back

  • Darme

    Bring micky back! poor pax

  • +++


    Hey paparazzi, sneak in some shots from the set. Thanks!)
    Yeah, I’m tired of all these shot of taking the kids to school. If the pap. can sneak some shots from the set, then we will have a chance of seeing Brad and Shiloh, he bring her to set regularly after sending the bigger kids to school.

  • LOG1=0

    Ils sont super adorables surtt Pax !!!à croquer!

  • Call it what it is

    Just Curious, JJ’s–Why are you able to post these pics outside the thread but the others you had to post inside the thread for people to see? Is it because of the source of the photos.

  • bdj

    14 maria
    Nope. Only what the fans post here about “Wanted”. It does sound like an interesting, fun movie.

  • Spain

    hana | 06/27/2007 at 8:05 am

    Sorry pero te dejaste el cerebro en el water


  • Spain



  • Speaking of tabloids

    This week Ok magazine has Aniston and Paul in their cover and a little sidebar of brad and angelina “romantic escape to spain”

    But they also have this inside tha magazine (I guess it was time to change the “she hates shiloh” storyline)

    The Mighty Heart star finally makes a connection with her birth daughter

    Angelina Jolie has had a rough time connecting with her only biological child, 1-year-old Shiloh. She was criticized after calling her baby girl a “blob.” But her newest role, playing the then-pregnant reporter Marianne Pearl, seemed to have an effect on the 32-year-old actress, who has finally fallen in love with little Shiloh. Now she’s spending more time with her youngest child. After dropping her other children at school, Angelina says, “I took Shiloh to the set with Brad.” OK! also has exclusive scoop on how Angelina plans to pick her next roles in accordance with her new family life.

  • +++

    11 clearview | 06/27/2007 at 7:58 am

    so Us mag. will be coveing celebrities babies, I think they must have a good sales with Shiloh on the cover s few weeks ago. they are focusing on babies.

  • Babies week

    It’s babies week on tabloids!

    Star magazine cover

    Us has suri on their cover.

  • Mediterranean

    Pax is becoming my favourite one of four. He is always busy with something which reminds me of my “petite” devil at home :)

    Brad is wearing one of the best combination in colours; white and light beige. I love it.

  • Anita

    20 hana | 06/27/2007 at 8:05 am

    Or, are you maybe ugly so you se also those children as ugly!? Maybe you are just evil person … How can you say for any child that is ugly? How can you be rasist? And what are you doing on this thread?

  • Di

    Thanks Jared for the lovely pictures…it completes my day..Love this Pitt family…Angie and brad should get married. more pictures please…..

  • think positive!

    Ok!! That’s it!! I can not ctach up anymore!! LOL!!

    The weather in Prague seems to get very sunny lately. It seems that the sun bothers Zee’s eyes a bit.

    In the forth picture Brad is touching Pax’s ear!! So freaking cute!!

    I can not wait to see Brad’s new commercial. The consept must be intersting. I liked both of the commercials he did in India.

    Well have a nice day everyone

  • http://htt// eee

    We’re going to see this weekend AMH instead to buy tabloid.

  • hehe

    If you were enjoying janice min fighting the “fake news tabloids” you’ll love this fight too. has learned that lawyers for Perez Hilton, in documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Monday, claim that the paparazzi photo agency competes unfairly by means of illegal business practices, including hiring illegal aliens and improperly labeling its employees as “independent contractors,” to avoid payroll taxes and overtime pay.

    X17 also runs the celebrity photo blog, which places it in direct competition with, the suit claims.

    Last year, the Los Angeles-based company filed a suit against Hilton, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, for $7.6 million alleging he used 51 photographs without their permission.

    Lavandeira’s Web site was shut down by his Internet service provider last Tuesday after receiving several complaints from X17 demanding copyrighted photos on the site be removed. He has since moved the site to another ISP.

  • clearview

    Well, I think this summer is gonna be a really slow time for tabloids news, since we don’t have any, so far, hot hook ups or divorces. So brace yourself, for alot how to get skinny like the stars or celebritys babys confession kinda covers storys.

  • filipino fan

    it’s one thing when you criticize adults, they can defend themselves. but to criticize young innocent children is absurd. they did nothing to you to merit such hurting comments. such negative energy is not the way to start your day, instead start doing something good, like smile and don’t hurt people’s, especially children’s feelings, even if you don’t like them!!!

  • anustin

    f!cking janice mental!

  • LLM


  • Luke

    Brad is hot but why does he always have the same look?

  • LMAO

    lol @ star cover, LAME! babies mealdowns? the hell?

    Janice Min needs to be slap in the face.

  • rainbow

    30 Anita | 06/27/2007 at 8:18 am

    20 hana | 06/27/2007 at 8:05 am
    … sorry, brangelina, but your kids are all…
    isn’t it obvious, she’s here to rile people, start endless debates and name calling, etc. etc.
    Just ignore, ignore, ignore. they are so boring already.

  • LLM

    20 hana | 06/27/2007 at 8:05 am

    hana is uglier than maniston. Imbecile!!!

  • Nora

    These pictures are getting a little redundant – I love this family to pieces, but Jared, it’s time to filter some of these pictures out.


    thanks jared, love seeing the kids going to school.and also nice seeing brad taking them to the jolie-pitt family.a lot of blessings to the little family.

  • missouri girl

    They have a cute dad!

  • African Girl

    11 clearview | 06/27/2007 at 7:58 am
    When it came down to it, the staff and I felt what I believe a lot of people in America are feeling. Which is just enormous Paris fatigue,” US Weekly Editor Janice Min told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

    Awww….look, Janice Min cares about the American people…God forbid she bombards them with storie after stories of just one celeb. How thoughtful of her, no?

    I can’t believe she made that statement when her magazine is a weekly chronicle of the JP’s lives. Oh well, at least this proves two things…1) More than handful of people want Paris Hilton to just go away. 2) Despite what some would love to believe, people can’t get enough of the Jolie-Pitts

    Thanks Clearview and Jared….what can I say :kiss:

  • Anita

    I know #40 rainbow, I agree with you, we must ignore that kind of posts, but still … to say that children are ugly, there are no ugly children … I just can not believe that those Aniston fans can be so evil. How can that woman, who didn’t do anything good for anybody in the world, how can she have so evil fans? Sorry for all spelling mistakes, and greetings from Europe!

  • rosafay

    He defines fatherhood as glamarous as can be…they are the sexiest parents…or family!!!

  • African Girl

    Oh No!I forgot today is Tabloid Wednesday. Fasten your seat belts people, it’s gonna be a ride!!!

  • http://htt// shi
  • CMAR

    20 hana | 06/27/2007 at 8:05 am

    Dont worry, you poor, unloved creature. We here on JJ love you anyway, how about that? Youre here everyday so we may as well extend our love to you. We have so much love for the Jolie-Pitts, our own families and even random creatures we may happen upon every day, such as you, for example. Thats the thing about love……it multiplies your joy and divides your pain. Here’s hopiong that one day you will experience it.