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Britney Spears Serves Her Mom Legal Papers

Britney Spears Serves Her Mom Legal Papers

Britney Spears just drove up to Valencia (30 minutes north of Los Angeles) to surprise mom Lynne Spears earlier this afternoon.

Brit reportedly surprised her mom with legal papers related to a restraining order. Lynne was on the set of Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101, the TV show Britney‘s little sister Jamie Lynn currently stars in.

UPDATE 1: More pictures added. It doesn’t look like legal documents, it looks like a folded piece of paper… or a napkin! And can someone please explain to me why Britney hasn’t thrown away those tattered jean shorts??

UPDATE 2: TMZ reports it’s an out-of-state lawyer that “asks Lynne to stay away from the children if she is taking any medications that would impair her ability to be around them.”

UPDATE 3: X17 reports it wasn’t a legal document after all. It was a love letter. Dun dun dun.

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54 Responses to “Britney Spears Serves Her Mom Legal Papers”

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  1. 26
    Stella Says:

    Poor Britney! All these false reports goes to show that you can’t believe everything read. Thanks Jared for updating the fake news.

  2. 27
    Millie Says:

    Sadly I believe Britney just wants attention. I think she wants it so much that she will do anything for it and keep it. Positive or negative attention she doesn’t care at this point. I also truly believe that she is in cahoots with some of the paparazzi to make sure they know where she is to get the pictures

  3. 28
    Julia2 Says:

    loser. she needs to grow up, she is a sh*tty mother and a disgrace to her kids..

  4. 29
    pre-planned brit Says:

    Ok just wanted to say check the video out on Jared’s when she was walking with Allie in those lace dollie dresses and she stops in the beginning to put money in the meter, shes smiling and laughing and paps are snapping photos and she says to either them or ALLIE ‘ITS GREAT TO BE ME’ then she proceeds walking in the store where the dressing room breast exposure happen.

    That says it all she is living like she has the same body and is still the alledge pop princess, she is delusional and bi-polar.

    Brit knows what she is doing she has a contract with the pap agencies to follow her around and she gets part of the sells or whatever,that is why she changes so much in different clothes same day ect..

  5. 30
    Didi Says:

    Britney how can uou serve papers on your own mother you f*king shameless ungrateful 2 bit sk*nk cockwh*re? you are worthless and don’t deserve to live and I hope you die in the most excruciatingly slow and painful manner. No offence.

  6. 31
    Anon. Says:

    All the drinking and smoking, and all the pills and whatever else she does for recreation, is going to combine with all that fast food and the junk food and she will be a bloated wreck. She will look closer to 40 than 30 in a little while. She has no talent at all.
    She has totally abused the small voice she had so now it will be gone. Who ever said Anna Nicole, you’re right. She is a totaly mess.
    Yes her parents helped make her the way she is, but at her age, she has to accept responsibility for her own behavior. I feel sorry for her parents. I hope they don’t make the same mistake with the other girl.

  7. 32
    Didi Says:

    well a folded up peice of paper will not be a legal document, that is not hard to work out jared and she’s hardly going to hand deliver it. just watch the news she sent it to her mums lawyer via her own legal reps this morning. she’s scum and I detest her even more

  8. 33
    kjsdklj Says:

    can you say mentally ill?
    but in spite of britney’s mental illness, if i were her, i’d ******* disown anyone who tried to put her away in rehab. she’s got the $ and resources to do whatever she wants. she just needs the brains.

  9. 34
    knavy9 Says:

    britney is giving her mother a letter and a picture frame. it’s probably pictures of her children.
    you can tell by this picture:

  10. 35
    kjsdklj Says:

    ******* hell … in cahoots with the paps? she doesnt need their money. dream on.

  11. 36
    gmami Says:

    oh my godness she is a trainwreck. What ever happen to that fake innocent girl that we all learn to “love”.Her behavior is so disgusting even for her words. It seems like her mom is trying to help her but she sees it as being against her. BRITNEY’S career is over she should just stay home, stop showing her shaved ****** and take care of her kids. Nobody wants to see that s***.

  12. 37
    H Says:

    omg I cant even imagine serving legal papers on my own mother. this girl needs serious therapy she’s whack

  13. 38
    terri Says:

    It’s probably a picture of Britney and the kids since Lynne won’t be seeing them anymore.

  14. 39
    Brit a mess Says:

    I say she is in with the paps too. Maybe not just for cash but to keep her face out there. Cuz what does she do except walk around dressed a mess,shopping,getting coffee,showing her privates and acting as if she has several personalities?
    Paps are capturing this and we are watching and seeing what we already know,which is, she is what she is crazy,she looks and acts like she does, mostly crazy and trashy and we see and hear the real Britney through live video and pics.
    Britney is someone who got very lucky selling her goods and wears cuz the woman is not the best in singing, her dancing is not that great and she seems to be uneducated,basically a train wreck in motion as we all watch.

    To do this to ones mom, to me is low.Is KFed next? He wanted her in rehab too.Being rich has nothing to do with classy,can we say Parasite.

  15. 40
    JLC Says:

    If anyone should be ordered to stay from those two kids is Brit herself.

  16. 41
    Mel Says:

    I wonder if anyone was hurt during the earthquake she caused while stomping around on those tree trunks.

  17. 42
    manu Says:

    Brit we love u !
    Hater = looser
    God save us from poor haters

  18. 43
    dee Says:




  19. 44
    Fresh Raggedy Anne Says:

    You guys should check out the video clip on TMZ… so funny!

    She can’r squeeze her fat butt in those shorts and has to keep tuggung them down! Just go buy some new shorts Britney. You could still be normal!!!!!


  20. 45
    Martha Says:

    Legally, she can’t deliver or serve legal documents to her Mom that originate with her. It has to be done by a lawyer or law enforcement. So.. I’ll assume it’s a letter or something like that.

    But the evidence is everywhere.. she’s an attention ***** and exhibitionist, despite being quite chunky now from eating all that fast food junk. What does she see when she looks in the mirror? Not what we see, I bet.

  21. 46
    mina Says:

    Lock this trainwreck up. She is crazy. Unbelieveble. Because her mother is on painmedication. Do we need to remind britney on her psycho behavior or the constant drug and alcohol abuse and neglegting her kids with partying 24 hrs a day. She seems to have a short memory. And a cold heart. I am disgustid by her.

  22. 47
    stop it! Says:

    stop it with trashing her legs and her apperance, she looks very normal. Her legs look very toned, she is a dancer so she does have muscules . As for her clothes she is a human being , she is allowed to look normal once in a while. all the pcitures that you see in magazines look perfect because they spent hours getting ready, and then they also airbrush the hell out of them. so give her a break.. she is a normal girl, if you expect her to look like she is going to a premier everytime she steps out of her house, you are the one with some mental problems…not her.

  23. 48
    Diana Says:

    Who said she is getting in shape? What an ugly sight. I think and hope her fans have move on to better stars.

  24. 49
    m Says:

    None of her fans can spell for ****.
    Hey number 47, it’s not just what she wears, it’s the fact that she is so damn unhygienic and filthy. And her legs are fat, she looks 40 years old but thinks she’s still 16.

  25. 50
    Dirty Denise Says:

    Crazy nasty ******.

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