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Janet Jackson: We're Starting a Family Soon

Janet Jackson: We're Starting a Family Soon

Janet Jackson and longtime lover Jermaine Dupri leave a coffee shop in Beverly Hills on Wednesday morning after having an early breakfast.

Janet, 41, wore her support for The Rolling Stones on her football helmet t-shirt.

In the July 2 issue of OK! Magazine, Jermaine confirmed that Janet is currently in the studio recording a new album. She is reportedly working with record exec LA Reid at Circle House Studios in Miami.

Jermaine also responded to a question on whether or not he and Janet are going to have children soon: “As soon as she finishes her new album. She started in June and she’s working on it right now. Once the album and tours are done and all that’s settled down, it’ll happen somewhere around then.”

Baby Jacksons are on their way! A, B, C, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3…

More pictures inside of the soon-to-be pregnant Janet Jackson

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  • African girl

    I am waiting to see the baby. I don’t believe Janet will have a baby.

  • Hassy

    she’s lukin very young, hot and fresh. ;)

  • Jill

    Janet always seemed to me to be very sweet. I hope she and Jermaine do have a baby and I hope this man that makes her very happy for a change.

  • WTF

    Um, I hope she realizes that she’s not getting any younger…Plus, she’s African American, and the risk of having prenatal morbidities are extremely high for African American women over 35. Yeah…it kind of blows…So I can’t wait until I’m 35 like I planned…damn it! She should start asap…like 6 years ago….

  • brooklyn

    Soon? She’s over 40! Hurry up honey. You seriously don’t have much time (unless she plans on adopting).

  • Layla

    Yeah, So she’s 41 now. Depending on her record label the release of this album could be 3 months from now or 9 months, if redos are needed. Touring, now is that just US dates or does that include Europe, Asia, et al? My point. By the time she’s “ready” to have a child, her body won’t be. This is either total BS that she’s feeding Jermaine to keep him on the line or she’s totally delusional.

  • James Nelson

    Actually women are having babies well into their late 40′s and early 50′s all the time now. Medical advancements, fertility treatments, etc. have made this a very possible thing. Especially with the kind of doctors super rich people like JAnet and JD can obtain. Look at Julia Roberts who is about the same age (and alot older looking) just had twins. Gena Davis anybody?

  • James Nelson

    Oh also to the last person comment about her being ‘delusional”. Actually I have heard her in several interviews when asked about having kids if she ends up not being able to have kids she will adopt. Seems pretty realistic to me.

  • Mmmmm

    I dont see her doing it, a girl like her that has so many battles with wgt, I dont see her doing it. Sad really ..

  • Al

    She’s too fucking old. Jermaine Ugly Dupri already has kids. She’s better off adopting. She’s not going to have a baby. Women also go through menopause at her age. Yes, 41.

  • darrell

    look at my girl lookin all sporty and fine!!…i hope she does have kids soon…that way my son (when i have one) can marry her child…

    and for the people who say she needs to hurry up b/c she is 41…take a look at Nancy Grace…she’s havig twins!!

  • Didi

    lets hope she keeps it away from uncle ‘kiddy fiddler’ mike

  • guess


    Whatever you do we support you completely. If you have a baby, use a surrogate, or adopt we love you, and wish all the happiness in the world.

    Thanks for continuing to give us more and more good music. Whatever you release, your fans will purchase. Just wanted you to know that your continuous fight in the music industry is inspiring to us all in our own fights in more ways than you will ever know. Hang in there.

    America v/s Her Citizens(we the people…)

  • janet

    Janet looks upset. Her clothes look comfy. But is she gaining weight again? Her nose is just 2 holes in the face since she had the 3 nose surgery.
    I still cant get past her boyfriend the little gremlin..that dude is fuggly.I have friends who have had babies in later years its not all roses as you think.
    Janet may still be mad becuz Madonna and gang gave her the snub. Janet is boring, boring. I still love her old music. Don’t care if she comes back,she is not the whole package anymore,her looks are gone.

  • fire canabis


  • blah

    They have been saying this forever and everyone knows they have been married for a while.

    If she releases a new album it won’t be out until after the first year, spring more than likely. If she tours (which she probably won’t if sales suck like the last two), then she wouldn’t be done until the following fall. By that time she will be 42 1/2 which is a bit old. As much I love Janet I don’t think the world needs another fugged up mug like JD. Hopefully the Jackson blood will be stronger.

    I really hate JD.

  • angela

    They always look so happy together, its nice to see Janet so in love and in joy. Even if its with that leprechaun Jermaine Dupri.

    Lets hope the baby inherits the good Jackson genes. She (or he) will look like Penny from Good Times if all goes well. Regardless of the way the child will look, its going to be REAL SHORT! Both Janet and JD are about 5’4. Than again, the rest of Janet’s family are all really tall. Who knows what genetics combination will muster.

    Good luck with the baby J! It’ll be so cute to see her preggers and when we get to see the baby.

  • shoes4life

    I really like JJ but I think her last album should have been just that her last. She should be concentrating on other projects and maybe look into producing some new talent (and I mean talent not manufactured mess that seems to keep invading the airwaves) and settle down and start a family.

    At 41 she should be enjoying the fruits of her labor and privilege.

  • richboi88

    having a baby at this point would be DUMB AS HELL…they should adopt


  • inconuct

    no it ain’t dumb richboi! dont insult women over 40 by advising them to adopt when there’s a still a chance they can still have the chance to give birth to healthy and normal children. Julia Roberts jsut had a baby at 40, and the baby is healthy. so stop with the crap! i agree with u, james nelson. ur post was spot on.

  • please no

    Why would she do something that stupid? She’s already 41. She just lost a lot of weight. Oh, don’t tell me… it’s an excuse to start overeating again. If she has a baby, she’ll get bigger than the house.

  • cutie pie

    come on janet have a baby naturally dont be like those other stupid women who adopt and i dont see anything wrong with adoption so dont start that adoption hating crap. its just that some dont want to lose their shapes what abunch of idiots. what real man wants a woman like that. everybody wants their own.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Awww. imagine those short little babies! How cute are Jermaines stumps! He’s so sweet too!


  • research please!

    First of all-Janet really isn’t that crazy about kids-Jermaine probably meant marriage will happen soon-

    WTF?? where is your research-African American women are no more susceptible to anything than any other culture-It depends on PERSONAL genetics-Diana Ross had 2 babies after 40-and they’re fine

    I did research and I know that research “ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. You basically have a group ofr nerds who are getting their revenge by making 6 figures sitting at microscopes and computes-working 4 hours a day and publishing speculations. Why do you think cystic fibroisis, Muscular dystrophy-alzheimers and other diseases are still prevalent-we studied parkinsons and let me tell you, more money is spent on computers and furniture than anything else! friends add friends’ names to papers to make them look good so they can keep getting federally funded grant money-it’s a billion dollar business-No wonder Jolie stopped funding the cambodia project-people are greedy and money grubbing-so don’t believe they hype sir-read

  • ****

    If she doesn’t hurry she’s gonna have a Downs baby! Whoopsy.

  • tell n it like t is

    Janet is on her grown and sexy. When your more mature, you really dont give a damn what people say about you. As for people calling Jermaine ugly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. He may not be appeasing to you, but he might treat her like the queen she is. Looks arent everything Its all about personality, how that person treat you. As for Janet having kids, she isnt really running out of time. Alot of when in their 40′s and 50′s are having baby now and days. I know menopause do hit around those ages , but i stil think she have time left. Plus, she is healthy and fit.

  • hip hop music

    Go for it!!

  • Younique

    OMG would u haters stop it now !!! Janet Jackson looks great and she could Never have an ugly child I don’t give a dam if flavor flav were the father. Jermain Dupree has been with her even when she did gain weight and he loves her to death. She speaks about how awesome he makes her feel and U can tell she’s happy so why not be happy for her because she is truly happy. Most of U’s are unhappy within urselves and ur relationship. It’s unfair to be unhappy & bitter towards someone who is very happy & at peace within herself and her man. Anyways Do U think Janet gives a dam what u people say….it’s ur job to hate because u r haters so she is above that and private when she needs to be. She can probably have anybody she wanted to but she chose him and I hope she is pregnant. I am happy 4 U Janet girl and I think U r beautiful at 40. she has paid her dues, been around since forever and still gets down on stage, still performs and sings …she is in tact and I say U go girl ! Do U J….Alot of us are true fans and behind u all the way !

  • deanna

    i cant beleive shes having a baby its just wow

  • deanna

    i cant beleive shes having a baby its just wow

  • http://NONE DEBBIE

    To all the questions above…STOP IT!!, Let the women live and have as many children as she wants and dam who she have them with does that really matter. People are SICK! talking about JD i always said he was a nice looking guy and do looks have anything to do with who you choose in life as your partner! maybe we need to start looking at our own lives and figure where we should be and who we should be with! it is what it is….I think for all people in any condition should love who they’re with and have a family. People are so judgemental theses dazes, for half the people on this talking machine what are your lives like have you try to sit and ask those questions and what makes you happy, maybe some of yous don’t have a life or anyone in it and um pretty sure if you have someone they might be trying to get away from your ass!.. For the record i just had a baby 6 mons ago a baby bot hansom, beautiful , loving and god giving! how about that and yes I’m very happy with my husband married for 12 yrs and still pushing and not the least i don’t want to forget this part, this is my 1st child and i’m 43 yrs old what a beautiful healthy baby boy.
    Janet do the dam thing girl work it out! show the world and haters what your working with, i did!

  • Tovashia J

    THAT IS……….great…. I LOVE YOU JANET hmmm I GUESS IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY HUH? I WISH THAT………..<nevermine she don’t read this anyways mama J