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Kate Bosworth: Workin' at the Car Wash

Kate Bosworth: Workin' at the Car Wash

Kate Bosworth leaves her car at the car wash on Sunset Blvd. on Wednesday afternoon in Hollywood, Calif.

The Superman Returns star wore a summery dress with pastel floral trim and open-toe metallic flats with matching belt.

More pictures inside of Kate getting her car wash on inside…

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kate bosworth car wash 01
kate bosworth car wash 02
kate bosworth car wash 03
kate bosworth car wash 04
kate bosworth car wash 05
kate bosworth car wash 06
kate bosworth car wash 07

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  • Didi

    wow jared really has a boner for this hybrid mutant beast. 4th day in a row now, she’s not that famous.

  • KC

    Oh stop she looks lovely. My only complaint is she’s boring and pictures of her are useless if Orlando’s not in them.

  • Lisa

    She’s seriously classy, she looks great! thanks for the pictures Jared

  • xy

    ugly shoes, ugly toes.

  • lovelace

    Yes she’s quite classy. She uses a dainty little crystal tube instead of a cut off straw to snort her coke. Very Classy indeed.

  • JC

    Where’s all the hate for this girl coming from? Seriously. Has she done something bad? She’s gained weight, she’s classy and looks really pretty.

    I just don’t understand why so many people hate her so much. She has 3 movies coming out this/next year and she seems like a smart girl.

    Stop the hating guys. At least hate a girl who DOES deserve it.

  • To Jared:

    jared, there are some really annoying idiots who keep spamming on the “business as usual” thread. They are saying some really offensive stuff. Can you please take a look at these people on that thread and maybe ban them or do something? Just asking…

  • Moonbeam

    Did someone say Orlando? I saw him on Ellen the other day he was so cute with the cutest laugh but I digress. Kate looks great but I guess the hate comes from the fact that she’s famous but doesn’t appear to be that talented or interesting. For example JC said she had 3 movies coming out but I haven’t heard anything about them. I thought she was just laying low after her Lois Lane and weight loss disaster.

  • Realistic

    JC, honey, we don’t simply hate her for…well, nothing. We don’t like her that much because she simply never did something interesting. She dated O Bloom, yeah, that’s quite something *yawn* but besides that? Well, she lost a lot of weight. And gained a few pounds. And ruined Superman Returns for MANY people. *tries to think of something more* Oh, and she has a dog and washes her car from time to time. That’s about what she achieved in life.

    She’s so boring that it’s simply annoying to hear from her. She’s no A-list actress, not even C-list. She has NO acting talent. I mean, she ruined Lois Lane!!! She just doesn’t deserve all this attention she is getting from Jared!

  • JC

    WOW, good reasons to hate her!!!!! (sarcasm, of course)

    She appears here from time to time. Don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s definitely not as annoying as reading all the Brangelina comments from people here almost every day.

  • y.b.g.

    List all the movies you want, she’s been a big zero in all of them (except perhaps Blue Crush, when what was expected of her was pretty limited) — also one of the dullest talk show guests ever. I reckon she’s trying to “act,” but we’ve seen no evidence of any talent yet — her ‘acting’ is inexpressive and opaque. All that’s gotten her any press is her weight and her connections w/ Bloom, Spacey, & Helena Christensen, etc. She may be purty, but there are a lot of pretty girls around. She’s alleged to have some brains, but she hasn’t put them to any purpose — as so many, even in the industry, have. So we’re supposed to care about her because…? This isn’t “hating”: it’s that there’s no “there” there … zzzzzzzzzz

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  • gossipgirl

    Kate looks pretty in those pics. Those who hate on her are just jealous ’cause she’s smart, beautiful, rich, and famous…so, of course, people esp. who has not meet her (or all the other celebs posted here on Just Jared that they have never meet in person) will hate her because they don’t know her. I guess it’s easier for people to disrespect, judge, and hate someone (celebs or not) they’ve never meet, which is really sad.

  • Rob

    She seems to me the classic person plucked from the multitudes and groomed for stardom, mainly because she kind of looks like Grace Kelly but she hasn’t lived up to the hype.

  • julia weinstein

    She reminds me of the young Kim Basinger.
    Kim was gorgeous.

  • [Famous]

    I pray to the movie gods she’s not in the next superman film, She single handedly ruined the first.

  • stef

    kate is great. it seems like the only thing people do in these posts is criticize those who live in the spotlight. honestly, just look at the pretty pictures and get on with your lives. people come to this website to get celebrity news. kate’s a celebrity. deal with it.

  • Poltergiest

    That’s the problem Stef. There’s no news just pictures so we make up our own news.

  • ricki

    LOL at all the kate fans and their multiple nics. This girl doesn’t have the talent, class, or intellect that Grace Kelly had. she’s a boring useless idiot and Jared obviously has been hit up to keep her on his board for relevancy. So she’s going to a car wash. Big deal. This isn’t news.

  • ohmy

    Wow look at her belt. I love them and it goes well with her flowy dress. I like her sense of style.

  • xenu

    I was going to add my $.02, but y.b.g. summed it up perfectly. Her zombie army of five fans can grovel all they want over her so-called beauty and chastise the “haters” until their index fingers cramp up from typing, but she’s still going to be pointless. And pointless people have no business being snapped as much as this one is.

  • y.b.g.

    @ gossipgirl#14, et al: Our problem with Miss Bosworth is based entirely on her public life & work (which is an entirely legitimate subject to critique, dontcha think?), and thus nothing to do with whether we know her. She’s just..not..interesting enough to merit the attention she gets. So enough with the schoolyard “you’re just jealous” — you might want to examine why someone being “smart, beautiful, rich, and famous” without having done anything to show for it is automatically worthy of your, uh, worship. Now *that’s* a problem.

  • Countess

    JC Shipper and Sock Puppet Extraordinaire. Really, Kate, should you really be wasting your time defending yourself on a gossip site? Oh wait, you don’t have anything better to do. Nevermind.

  • ohmy

    Nobody’s worshipping anyone here. They’re just fans, let them be. It’s just harmless fun,yeah. Just like those 400+ comments for Brangelina, I don’t like them so I don’t post in their threads so I let the fans have their fun discussing those two.

    Not that I’m saying each thread is “fan-only”, but it’s much less stressful that way for everybody so we don’t get into arguments all the time.

  • xenu

    You’re making a noble effort to explain the “haters” position, y.b.g., but once these kids get “ur jus’ jellus” in their heads, they can’t hear or see anything else. I think you did a good job of explaining why she gets so much criticism, though.

    When someone puts herself out there as relentlessly as she does, there is inevitably going to be people out there who will make fun of her, just as they do with any other celebrity. It’s not all sunshine, roses and fawning praise. It doesn’t work that way, kids.

  • Crystal

    LMAO @ Xenu “Her zombie army of five fans”

    I hope she’s going or coming from a meeting or something. Who gets that dressed up to go the car wash.

  • JoJo

    me thinks Kate is also trying to get Orli back!
    It’s so obvious she is doing everything she can to get pics of her in the press. Who wears a dress to the car wash? (and a very grandmotherly one at that!)We havn’t seen much of the old boyfriend lately…wonder if he is still in the pic.
    So glad orli cut her lose!

  • xenu

    Who gets that dressed up to go the car wash.

    Someone who knows the paps will be there because they were hired or tipped off. We all want to look our best when we know we’re going to have our picture taken.

  • xenu

    me thinks Kate is also trying to get Orli back!

    Somehow I get the impression that he’d rather have his penis chewed off by rabid dingoes than allow that to happen.

  • JoJo

    Also…it does seem like all these photos of late are set ups by her PR people. If so then I wonder if she is also reading the sites and the comments. On all the other sites it seems like at least 80% of the people are saying the same things…so it isn’t working.

  • MRW

    Kate looks so much healthier these days… And she looks absolutely stunnig at the car wash… If I could only look that good, when I drop my car off! The only thing missing from this look, to truly make a it WeHO ensemble, is her Marc Jacobs sunglasses… Which I found and bought at! I’m obsessed with this website. You can find any item that a celebrity wears, and buy it from this site! Heart!!

  • y.b.g.

    @ ohmy#25: I’d take issue with your claim that “fan” postings actually amount to “discussing” (oooh, pretty dress — love the belt — she so pretty), but I take your point (also xenu’s, with thanks). This little playground activity does degenerate pretty quickly when an opposing viewpoint, however mild, is expressed. Too bad people can’t argue, in the broadest sense of the term, (or register a complaint about justjared’s photo choices) without its ending in tears.

  • Enya

    She sucks in Superman!!!

  • Leah

    I don’t know why everyone has to link her somehow to Orlando cuz people need to move on. I’m an Orlando fan and I don’t care much for but I don’t feel like hoarding every post of hers and bringing up her ex like some people out there…

    Though these multiple useless posts of her doing lifechanging things (grocery shopping, pedicures, dog walking, etc.) is almost as f****** annoying as the Brangomania.

    How can she embrace the paps around every corner looking so happy unless some photo-op’s up? She had no prob showing us her new “boytoy” and “fit bod” over and over these past months, than some A-lists in a year.

    ps. the terms “hater” and “ur sooo jealousss” should be banned from English.

  • SJ

    From what I’ve heard she and Orlando don’t speak or see each other anymore. They practically avoid each other. BTW, most of the posts here are from non fans. You are the ones keeping her popular.

  • betch


  • Angelina

    i think kate looks beautiful in those photos. just what people said ‘classy and elegant’. just because she ruined superman returns, looses weight, hasn’t done many good movies and has dated orlando bloom, it still makes you guys have no right to hate her! seriously, get a life and stop trashing people.

  • Kim

    I doubt Kate’s loosing any sleep because some people are trashing her on the internet. Everyone needs to learn to not take this stuff so seriously. Personally I don’t think it’s even about Kate some people just like arguing with other people and they use whatever celebrity as the bait.

  • xenu

    “I doubt Kate’s loosing any sleep because some people are trashing her on the internet.”

    Funny you should mention that, because there really are people using that as an excuse for why she went ana. They say she kept going to all these message boards where she was being snarked on (and she never got it NEARLY as bad as many other celebs), and it rattled her so badly she stopped eating. Of course she had to keep on going back to these places, too. I wonder if they realize how utterly insecure and stupid they make her look when they say stuff like that. I can’t stand her and even I give her more credit than that.

    “people just like arguing with other people and they use whatever celebrity as the bait.”

    I think this is the official motto of unmoderated or loosely-moderated Internet discussion boards. If you think this is bad, you should stop by Usenet sometime.

  • Kim

    “If you think this is bad, you should stop by Usenet sometime.”

    I don’t think it’s bad, I think people who think it’s bad should recognize what this is about. We don’t know enough about celebrities to care that much. It’s actually more a reflection of ourselves as to what or who we latch onto to and how we respond to them.

  • agathi

    what do you talking about?this girl is very pretty!!!!very classy and she is very young and will have many chances in the future to show us her talent…dont be mean!!