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Paris Hilton in Hawaii... in Disguise

Paris Hilton in Hawaii... in Disguise

Paris Hilton is back to her jet-setting ways, touching down in Hawaii on Thursday with no entourage — no bodyguards, no party friends.

The hotel heriess was disguised in a black-haired wig, straw hat and white tunic.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Paris’ disguise?

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55 Responses to “Paris Hilton in Hawaii... in Disguise”

  1. 1
    SkankyHO Says:

    Must be nice to just up and go to Hawaii after getting out of the slammer. And I don’t know who that chick thinks she is fooling with the black wig.

  2. 2
    [Famous] Says:

    we live in a sick pathetic world can a person like that be a celebrity

  3. 3
    Lulu.B Says:

    i know right.. i sometimes wish i were paris hilton.. rich b*tch.

    so stop feeling sorry for her. seriously.
    23 DAYS in jail. wtf.
    she’s still inheriting millions of dollars from grandpa hilton..

  4. 4
    Milli Says:

    All the disguise but that ‘I-wanna-su*k -your d*ck’ pout she is making is giving her away.

  5. 5
    vicki Pasadena, CA Says:


  6. 6
    Justme Says:

    She looks beautiful!

  7. 7
    anonymous Says:

    Ho Ho Ho

  8. 8
    christie Says:

    god whatever!!!NEXT PLEASE!!!LOL

  9. 9
    Yari Says:

    she is obiously disguise as a
    …….watever is dress of,
    because she did’nt want anybidy to know
    that she was she!

  10. 10
    balck wig still fug Says:

    Give her a few days folks and she will be right back where she started if she isn’t already. Im sure she will find plenty of things to get high on while there, if you know what I mean.

    Only Parasite benefits if you are a so called buddy or foe. She gets the celeb status and socialite princess stamp on her still, even though she only causes trouble, maybe we will get lucky and she gets busted on vacation for something.

    That wonky eye is always darting around looking for trouble anyway. Her real hair is brown and so is her eyes,but her long snozz and wonky eye gives her away, oh yeah the— sl-ut look pasted on her made up caked face is a dead give away.

  11. 11
    Hot Damn Says:

    She looks weird now. I think she was wearing way too much makeup on larry king live.

  12. 12
    kate. Says:

    -.- WHO CARES.

  13. 13

    OMG! Stop featuring that damn ***** and inflating her ego!!!! Who the **** even cares about her? Let her die of a drug overdose herself. When will we finally be at peace?

  14. 14
    Andrea Says:

    She looks better than Angelina Jolie who looks so anorexic.

  15. 15
    KrungKrung Says:

    i heard larry king asked paris if she had done drugs and she answered no, now i am watching o’reilly factor and bill showed a video of paris using a pot and bingo she was busted and lied, bill o says that larry king didn’t do his homework and paris shouldn’t lie like that, just be honest to urself woman, honesty is the best policy, again she’s a LIAR…

  16. 16
    Truth24 Says:

    I agree, “Hot Damn” she was wearing too much makeup on Larry King Live.

    KrungKrung, I think there are pics of her w/ pot in her purse, so she’s just lying again.

  17. 17
    MM Says:

    I say give her what she wants – anonymity. She obviously doesn’t want to be followed and most of us are sick of hearing about her anyway.

  18. 18
    matt Says:

    im hoping her time in jail did have the impact she claims it has had. so that maybe the news would change their paris cover stories from the party news to maybe other beneficial things.

  19. 19
    T Says:

    I don’t believe that she has done anything to deserve public criticism, if you don’t like her, then don’t like her, no need to publicly put people down.

  20. 20
    jan Says:

    Let the girl alone.. She is going to be whatever ….and she will not need everyone in USA deciding what is good and bad. She has paid her let her be.

  21. 21
    [marie] Says:

    Larry King: What’s your favorite quote from the Bible?

    Paris: Um, all of them?

    [paraphrasing of course]

    Whattadumass Paris you sux donkey ballz!!

  22. 22
    over it... Says:

    way to draw attention to urself paris!

  23. 23
    WTF Says:

    This is why she was so hated and wanted to be locked away. Couldn’t she have just layed low at home? Instead of jetting off?

  24. 24
    Didi Says:

    she’s going for an all out hawaiian orgy. the slot machine between her legs has cobwebs on it at present.
    Going 23 days without a d*ck inside her is record time for miss hilton, poor thing. baby steps paris, take baby steps.

  25. 25
    KrungKrung Says:

    yeh, paris is such a liar, larry king asked her if she go to church and she said yes, yeh ryt, i don’t believed it for a sec no? and the bible, she said all the quotes are her favorites? yeh ryt, betcha she didn’t read the bible, and the strip test thing in the jail is the most humiliating thing she had done, common, didn’t she made a sex video w/solomon and she was nekid all over, her gina has been xposed, puhleez paris, i don’t feel sorry for you at all, u rich brat, ughh…

  26. 26
    Manson Says:

    Publicity *****, and now she’s acting like she doesn’t want the attention.

  27. 27
    inquiring mind Says:

    What was the rating of the LK show with Paris on? Must be off the roof.

  28. 28
    stef Says:

    she has offically lost it! over her, next!!

  29. 29
    Blue Says:

    Is this how she thinks the rest of us dress???

    I still say she’s headed to south France by the end of the month.

    Where’s Stavros?
    Surely she’s meeting someone wherever she’s headed.

    So much for missing family, friends and pets…

  30. 30
    LaLa Says:

    exactly how can one person change their ways in jail for 23 days and they i’ve changed by only being out for 3 days?

  31. 31
    Leminie Says:

    I am going to take a stand and ask for NO MORE Paris Hilton pics on JustJared. We all write that she is not deserving of the publicity and has no real talent whatsoever. The only way that she leaves us alone is if we all stop perpetuating the cycle! Quit posting her pic, quit responding to the threads, quit buying the mags!! I for one will vow to you all this . . . this is the last word I will ever say about her!

  32. 32
    H Says:

    seriously I think I speak for everyone when I say ENOUGH OF STUPID PARIS ALREADY SHE IS THE MOST OVERRATED PERSON ON THIS EARTH and did you all see the larry king interview omg what a dumbass she didnt know what frivolous meant haha

  33. 33
    Amy Says:

    I think its relieving to see her trying to NOT get attention.

  34. 34
    scandinavia Says:

    The only liar of all liars is JENNIFER ANISTON,P Hilton is nothing compare to her in terms of being a liar.

  35. 35
    scandinavia Says:

    The only liar of all liars is JENNIFER ANISTON, P Hilton is nothing compare to her in terms of being a liar.

  36. 36
    Marcella Says:

    This woman shows the immoral wacky side of society along with that ***** Angelina Jolie.

  37. 37
    Charlotte Says:

    She’s actually just drawing attention to herself feigning disguise so that she gets the press coverage she so craves yet for a worthy and mble cause that “shows she’s changed”.

    Any normal person ‘in disguise’ would put on a nondescript pair of jeans, a hoodie and a cap. This is obviously more attention-seeking behaviour. Do not pander to it.

  38. 38
    Puce Says:

    I hope she has a chauffeur with her over there !! ;o)

  39. 39
    Apple Says:

    Attention seeker just like that W.H.O.R.E old woman Jennifer Aniston.

  40. 40
    gini Says:


  41. 41
    Doris Says:

    i think she is a nice girl!!!

  42. 42
    vivian Says:



  43. 43
    Natalie Says:

    wow…that didn’t take long. haha.

    her disguise draws MORE attention to herself, not less. she loves this.

  44. 44
    Angelina Says:

    leave her alone

  45. 45
    ~*~Get Real~*~ Says:

    thought that was demi for a quick sec

  46. 46
    Wwwww Says:


  47. 47
    Audrey Says:

    Why is she always opening her mouth like that? It looks like the facial expression of a porn star or hooker. Oh wait, she is a porn star.

  48. 48
    Mr Songbird Says:

    That’s Hot.

  49. 49
    Mal Says:

    This attention wh*re put this disguise on to draw more attention. She is addicted to the attention just like Jessica Simpson.
    Here is the thing why did Larry King put her on his show? he must have a thing for Paris or Paris’s Mom. Either way I lost respect for him for bringing her on the show to listen to all of her lies.

  50. 50
    C'est moi Says:

    She resembles her aunt in that wig. The signature mouth ajar pose and her nose are complete giveaways.

  51. 51



  52. 52
    Ava Says:

    pot is not considered a hard drug people. i think what the press cares about is heroine, cocaine, meth, prescription meds, yadda yadda, blah blah blah. i’m sure larry king, bill o, etc., all tasted a little hash in their day. cancer patients smoke weed, and it is on the verge of becoming legal to personally possess in the united states. so shut the hell up and give paris hilton a ******* break.

  53. 53
    don lefevre Says:

    She is adorable………… get over it!!!

  54. 54
    honorable65 Says:

    But is she wearing PANTIES ?????

  55. 55
    Brooke Says:

    I tink she looks pretty with black hair.!!

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