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Spice Girls Reunion 2007

Spice Girls Reunion 2007

Five became one when THE SPICE GIRLS worked up the camera at a photo call ahead of their news conference held at the O2 Arena, at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park on Thursday in London, England.

From left to right: Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice), Melanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice), Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice), Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) and Melanie Brown (SCary Spice).

UPDATE: The Spice Girls just announced a 11-city world tour kicking off in Los Angeles on December 7, 2007 and concluding in Bueno Aires, Argentina on January 24, 2008. You can register for your chance for tickets at

They WILL NOT be performing at the Concert For DianaEmma is expected to to give birth soon.


More dates will be added to the world, I’m sure. But for now, check out the full tour dates inside….


Los Angeles, California — December 7
Las Vegas, Nevada — December 8
New York, New York — December 11
London, United Kingdom — December 15
Koln, Germany — December 20
Madrid, Spain — December 23
Beijing, China — January 10
Hong Kong — January 12
Sydney, Australia — January 17
Cape Town, South Africa — January 20
Buenos Aires, Argentina — January 24

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Photos: Dave M. Benett/Getty, Lefteris Pitarakis/AP
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  • ben

    great to see them back.

  • Cuckoonest


  • Dieter

    My favorite spice is hooker spice !!!!

  • oh please

    who cares. it will just be grown women singing children’s music

  • lg

    love them , i’m gonna go see them in london , i will get a ticket even if i have to pay 500 quid for it.
    viva forever.

  • iris

    I’m curious!

  • TiaBia


    Melanie Chisholm is Sporty Spice, and Melanie Brown is Scary Spice

  • Sotiris

    I can’t believe it! it’s them again together after 11 years! this is one of the best days of my life! love peace and G power to you all!

  • lg

    you people are so effing predictable ,you bunch of knee jerk humourless twats.
    please get a life.
    the spice girls rocked first time around and they will rock again.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, TiaBia!

  • Sly

    Oh please NOOOOOOOO. What a waste of space they are. They couldn’t sing then, what makes them think they can sing now. Are they that desperate for money?

    Look at the state of that Posh spice she looks like a prostitute, and a talentless one at that.

    The only one thats ok is Baby Spice.

    Scary looks scared to death about the whole thing!

    Lol at the embarressment of getting together.

  • Jules

    #10 lg – your the person here that needs to get a life. Your wetting yourself over a pathetic spice reunion, I mean how old are you 10?

    SMH at the spice girls being your idols.

  • lg

    sly plz STFU and go back to posting on the brangelina threads , if you hate the spice girls why have you waisted 5 mn of your life typing that?
    you are pathetic.

  • lg

    yawn jules, americans are predictable haters just like their idiotic president.
    shame on you.

  • Sophia

    Someone is in desprate need of some dough. Not everyone has Beckham to bring home the bacon.

  • Kelly

    Lol people are going to destroy you for saying that!!!

  • Kelly

    I was talking to lg…

  • Fashion Critic

    exciting…can not wait. I have registered for my tickets already for London

  • Hassy

    Geri Halliwell, where is your King Kong Trainer??.

  • lg

    me too registered for london but i have the feeling that most tickets will go to touts as usual, leaving us to go and get them from ebay.
    hope there’s a presale for fans.

  • Interesting

    It’s sad how Posh is the only one still dressing like a Spice Girl.

  • Jules

    lg – LMFAO your a sad little person who needs to get out more and get some friends. Your defending the spice girls like you know them personnally. They wouldnt give you the time of day if they saw you. Ah bless your heart I bet your crying because the spice girls are back together!

    By the way, whats the US and the president got to do with this? I’m not even american lol. and I very much doubt you’ve even been there, so what’s your problem?

  • Ella_


  • Sally

    Posh spice is going to leave her little kiddies at home with the nanny AGAIN so she can go touring. Do they even know that she is their mother? I’m not hating on her but I can’t believe that she has 3 young children and she hardly ever see’s them.

  • lg

    jules=internet Troll .
    how sad.

  • Frances

    I was never a big fan, but I just don’t get why Victoria never smiles. I’m sure it’s the image she’s looking for, but it’s really irritating that she’s always scowling (sp?). Anyone agree/disagree?

  • Dave

    Love the spice girls back before, and look forward to seeing them back. I will get tickets to the concerts.

    I have see that there is picture of them on Perez Hilton site, I want to leave comment but cannot, and cannot see other peoples comments why is this?

    Can sombody tell me why is this?

  • Didi

    shouldn’t they be the Spice Biddies instead since they all over the age of 40. Girls, they aint. Anyone who is still a fan of these talentless hos needs f*cking pyschiatric assistance

  • Jules

    Didi No. 29 – Amen to your post!

  • lg

    none of them are over 40 , the oldest one is 35.
    i think they look hotter than they used to, the original spices were fierce but god did they have bad fashion taste, i think gezzer looks Hot.

  • lg

    jules how sad , trying to get ppl to agree with you , why are still posting on this thread if you hate them so much?
    have you any love in your life?
    methinks not!
    it’s sad i really feel for you.

    are you an overweight housebound housewife from the midwest? be cause you sure sound like one.

  • Nando





  • ALI



  • LJ

    Whose people who say that Victoria is never with her kids – go to … she is lots of time with her kids that spring has only been busy to her because looking house and schools to kids..why always woman get slated if she is away from home but man never?? and that tour is only about month. And if you have ever seen her kids with her they loves their mother..but some people hates her so much that they can’t ever say anything positive..

  • ed

    i will come see them for sure
    i’ve registered for it…and i will do whatever it takes to go see them

  • JoJo

    Victoria is a waste . . . does this woman ever smile? She should just go back to her mansion and eat raisins!

  • vergi

    LJ, they just envy…
    I’m glad for girls. Though they reunited for the money, but what’s wrong if people want to earn some millions for their families? I think anyone would take this opportunity.

  • PoshFan

    ♥ ♥ ♥
    Luv them!

  • Michael C

    Not surprisingly, Posh is the best dressed.

  • Bruna




  • Julz

    Im so exicted.

  • Fighter

    Victoria Beckham ALWAYS sees her kids, I agree she’s kind of annoying for being so popular and posting for the papz and all that, but let her be, she’s an amazing person, very kind, and loving with her family, thats why she gave up her carrer for them.

    And they didnt make children music, if you listen to them you would know that. They were fun and exciting, givin positive messages to the world. And thats what the world needs, positivity.

  • [Famous]

    Can ANY of them actually sing?? lmao

  • Eathan

    So predictable that Victoria hold the US flag and Melanie C the German one.

    P.S. Is it just me or they wore too much black? It’s like a funeral. Luckily Geri wore non-black outfit which saved the picture, even though the dress is horrible and she looks so old.

  • Sam


  • Eathan

    Victoria wore this Roberto Cavalli corset recently at Glamour Awards and those shiny pants are from back in 2005 when she attended Rock & Republic Show in LA. Also, she wore those shoes numerous times.

    Melanie C wore this outfit aswell when she performed her new single “Carolyna” at “Schlag den Raab” in Germany few weeks ago.

  • JCraze

    Why Not CANADA… BAH!!!! Bust Super Excited.. WOOT WOOT

  • (‘@’)

    Nice to see them back!! It’s been 11 years!!! I feel old, LOL!! :P

  • Mmmmm

    Victoria is a self absorb loser. I heard she just spent $500 grand to redo her closet in her new mansion in LA. Obviously, she has never heard of Darfwar or anyone else in need for that matter .. bottomless pit.

  • Queen Bee

    Doubt they even make it past rehearsals. Look at Victoria Beckham’s body language. She’s trying to be an individual in the group by pulling away from them who are tightly hemmed together.

    She’s like the Bobby Brown of their group! But unlike Bobby, the least talented of the four.