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Megan Fox @ Transformers Premiere

Megan Fox @ Transformers Premiere

The promotion for Transformers is in high gear!

Megan Fox (shoudler feather) arrived at the premiere of Transformers held at Mann’s Village Theater on Wednesday in Westwood, California. Other castmates who attended included: Shia LeBeouf, Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duhamel. Director Michael Bay was also present.

Other pictures include the cast of Transformers at the Empire Leicester Square on Friday in London, England.

Transformers opens in theaters on Wednesday, July 4!

30+ pictures inside of the Transformers cast getting their premiere on…

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megan fox transformers premiere 01
megan fox transformers premiere 02
megan fox transformers premiere 03
megan fox transformers premiere 04
megan fox transformers premiere 05
megan fox transformers premiere 06
megan fox transformers premiere 07
megan fox transformers premiere 08
megan fox transformers premiere 09
megan fox transformers premiere 10
transformers premiere 01
transformers premiere 02
transformers premiere 03
transformers premiere 04
transformers premiere 05
transformers premiere 06
transformers premiere 07
transformers premiere 08
transformers premiere 09
transformers premiere 10
transformers premiere 11
transformers premiere 12
transformers premiere 13
transformers premiere 14
transformers premiere 15
transformers premiere 16
transformers premiere 17
transformers premiere 18
transformers premiere 19
transformers premiere 20

Photos: Ben Stansall/Frazer Harrison/Getty, Bauer-Griffin/Axelle
Posted to: Josh Duhamel, Megan Fox, Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson

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  • [Famous]

    Megan should really wear dresses that cover her chest more, cause her booobs look horrible.

  • gini

    josh is hot!

  • [Famous]

    oh yeah, she should close her mouth, those Bugs Bunny teeth are kinda funny looking.

  • Mama Bear

    Team Nolasco all the way!

  • mischa

    shia is sooo hottttt..loved him eva since Even Stevens (L) lol

  • ricjooo

    Jared, I just saw this movie and It was fantastic. The cinema was packed. Shia is really funny.

  • Mmmmm

    Her need to hold her mouth like a porn star is gross. Her rack is blah, hope she gets a pay check soon so she get crank those puppies up.

  • Prison_Break

    I hate Megan, I don’t like the way she looks. I haven’t really seen anything she’ve done, but from what I’ve seen from the trailer of Transformers her acting stinks.

    Shia and Josh two tumbs up, they’re looking gooood :).

    Can’t wait to see the movie. Drool over Shia and Josh, and complain and laugh at Megan.

  • natasha

    she has bad skin on the first five photos.

  • cricri

    Who is this girl? Is she a famous pornstar?

  • ricjooo

    Josh doesn’t really have a big role in this.

  • matouchka

    She is trying too hard to be the new Angelina Jolie !!

  • julia weinstein

    Someone stick a corndog in her mouth…she is trying way too hard.
    Josh is a cutie though.

  • anon

    Megan is really ugly. Not cute at all. That Kardashian chick is better looking than she is. These other two look good.

  • Cynthia

    Megan is not ugly, she just wears a heap load of makeup. I don’t like her dress, it looks rather costumey. Her and Tara probably share tips on loading on the pancake!

  • Cynthia

    Megan Fox and Tara Conner wear alot of makeup!

  • Layla

    The more Megan tries, the more she looks like a contestant from one of Maury’s is it male or female shows. Really, that old sultry look over the shoulder pose of hers is just plain tiring. And she’s only like 21, Geezum!!! Lay off the pancake foundation luv. I can’t believe some are actually comparing her to Angelina.

  • [Famous]

    Jealousy’s a mutherfucka. LOL

  • Kelly

    Megan Fox looks hideous. The dress…everything…

  • blabla

    I got one word for Megan, EEEWWWW

  • Michael C

    Get yourself a suit, Shia.

  • amle

    The only thing that reminds me of Angelina is Megan looks better in dim light. Bucky teeth, crater face, pimples, saggy boobs, tattoos, pancake makeup, and scraggly hair. They both need to go into hiding.

  • Anonymous

    Angelina Jolie wannabe!! Nobody cared about her until she dyed her hair black and got tatoos.

  • [Famous]

    Don’t buck teeth stick out? hmmm..

    Since this is her first ‘real’ film I guess people ‘care’ about her now because she’s in what will probably be the biggest film of the summer.

    Being hot really pisses off the ugly. LOL

  • black

    Angelina 2.0 strikes yet again!

  • Jill

    “Eh What’s up dock?” :)

  • galsso

    Why is that stripper being photographed for the premiere of transformers? The photo agencys will settle for anything now-a-days.

  • ann

    I dont know why people find Shia hott… to me he is very average looking. But Josh is handsome and seems like a cool guy. He has sharp features

  • let it be

    megan looks like a porn star she’s trying way to hard to be hot

  • [Famous]

    Jill, Its doc, not dock. LOL

  • Ravi-Oli

    u people are damn fools, ur looking for flaws on he prettiest girl on the planet,


    people never cease to amaze meeeee

    megan fox, do your thangggg!!!!

  • luvmebabe

    This Megan porn is trying tooooo hard to be like Angie. Loser even trying to pose like Angie. Loser!!!!

  • Prix

    I agree that once again Meggie is trying WAY too hard.

    She also looks much older than 21. Less sex and more vitamins Meg.

  • Sara

    she looks way prettier with less make-up also she should dye her hair lighter and a stylist wont do her bad!!

  • Ryan

    This girl needs couple of tips from tyra banks;

    1.How to pose infront of the camera.
    2.Best bra to lift your boobs up.

  • [Famous]

    “And it must be said that Megan Fox is all KINDS of hawt in this movie. She looks ridiculously good … I think she’s got a nice future in showbiz to look forward to.” – Trent

    awww even Trent loves Megan. Lol

  • babyt

    Shes fug she really is if you break her face down. her eye brows make her look evil and she needs to close that mouth. I love her, “I WISH I was a porn star look.” Someone needs to tell her that shes not in a porno so she doesn’t have to keep her mouth open and why wear a dress that shows clevage if urs doesn’t look good enough to show?

  • shoes4life

    Why do these new (cough)actresses think they need to take photos with their mouth open or blow fake kisses. It is not cute and definitely not sexy.

  • arealwoman

    she’s a pretty girl but her eyebrows need alot of work. she’s not the prettiest or one of the prettiest.alot of women beat her in that category, if she poised herself diffrently without the mouth open and look like a deer caught by traffic pose then she’ll be decent

  • ummmm….yeah

    she looks used up

  • Anonymous

    Angelina Jolie wannabe!! Nobody cared about her until she dyed her hair black and got tatoos.
    Angelina Jolie wannabe!! Nobody cared about her until she dyed her hair black and got tatoos. Angelina Jolie wannabe!! Nobody cared about her until she dyed her hair black and got tatoos. Angelina Jolie wannabe!! Nobody cared about her until she dyed her hair black and got tatoos. Angelina Jolie wannabe!! Nobody cared about her until she dyed her hair black and got tatoos.

  • jardley

    she’s starting to look like a porn star

  • Kate

    Shia is absolutely gorgeous. I find him sooooo attractive!

  • [Famous]

    Girls find all movie stars attractive. lmao.

    2 movies ago I’m sure no women thought he was gorgeous.

    Gotta Love Groupies

  • one not fooled

    I like Megan. Recently she said that if she couldn’t be herself, she’d go work at Costco. I think it’ll be cool to see her at Costco. You know, after she does the Playboy spread and the come see my hoo-haa on said website for 19.99, we should all go pay her a visit.

  • Tash

    She seems to enjoy showing off her tattoos more than anything – its one thing to love them and to show them off but if she keeps going thats all she will be known for – the girl with the tattoos. Oh well, good on her.
    I must say – her tattoos are nice but there are a heap of things that are prettier about this girl.

  • Aline

    No one pic of Topher Grace? :/

  • Didi

    she looks like a bloke, I am serious. That jawline is suspect. Quick someone check under her dress for an appendage

  • Yily

    Megan Fox is an Angelina Jolie-wannabe. But dang, she is hot! If I were a lesbian, I would totally do her.

  • H

    Megan fox’s eyebrows look so bad in that pic of her with the strapless dress but other than that she’s pretty and as for josh duhamel….wow totally HOTT fergie is a lucky girl