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Billy Bob Thorton's Malibu House -- Now Near Angelina Jolie!

Billy Bob Thorton's Malibu House -- Now Near Angelina Jolie!

Billy Bob Thornton still may have a thing for ex-wife Angelina Jolie, reports Radar.

Currently, he lives in the walled and gated, seven-bedroom, Spanish-style Beverly Hills mansion he bought with then-wife Jolie back in 2000 for just under $3.8 million.

But now Billy Bob may be following Jolie to Malibu, where he purchased a four-bedroom $2.4 million house in a gated cul-de-sac just a few miles away from the Malibu mansion Angelina shares with Brad Pitt and their four children.


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62 Responses to “Billy Bob Thorton's Malibu House -- Now Near Angelina Jolie!”

  1. 1
    cai Says:

    of course he can’t stay away… first?

  2. 2
    heynow Says:

    what is the big deal. they are still friends and every celeb in hollwood eventually buys in malibu. get over it.

  3. 3
    tabitha Says:

    I believe Brad/Angelina live in their La Feliz( Hollywood Hills) home now. Even if they still lived in their Malibu home its no big deaL.

  4. 4
    Kevin Reid Says:

    I’m sure Billy just moved to get away from all the antique furniture and kimodo dragons his neighbors were flaunting in Beverly Hills.

  5. 5
    Lola Says:

    i dont see the big deal ….and yeah, arent they moving in to La Feliz?

  6. 6
    interesting ...NOT Says:

    Jared Everyone in Malibu lives a couple a miles from each other. Big deal!!!

  7. 7
    mello Says:


  8. 8
    Wwwww Says:

    Maybe he is trying to get closer to Brad.

  9. 9
    African Girl Says:

    Oh no Jared, you didn’t.

  10. 10
    ohmy Says:


  11. 11
    JOANN Says:


  12. 12
    well? Says:

    You never know with the crazy love they shared they just might spark things up again. Lmao
    I think that would be pretty damn Highlarious.

  13. 13
    Roxy Says:

    Jared why did you put this on your site. You know the trolls are going to come on full force.

  14. 14
    Just Jared Says:

    Get a grip, people. Seriously.

  15. 15
    Dave Says:

    They are close still, but few believe that they pine for each other.

  16. 16
    Wwwww Says:

    Jared put this here cuz there is no more new pics of AJ&BP, except them taking kids to school.

  17. 17
    sara Says:

    Wow, I’m shocked I mean shocked that Billy Bob bought a house in Malibu It can only mean he wants to be closer to his ex. I mean Brad and Angelina are the only celebrities that have a house in Malibu, right?

  18. 18
    African Girl Says:

    Rotflmao….Jared, you tell them….I mean us.

  19. 19
    please Says:

    I hope fans will retun to Brad’s thread. This thread is for BBT and he does mot have anything to do with Brad and Angelina.

  20. 20
    Real Estate Agent Says:

    Brad & Angelina haven’t lived in Malibu since July 2006.

    In fact they now live in Los Feliz, so if anything he’s moving AWAY from them, since his old house in Beverly Hills was closer to where Brangelina currently reside…not to mention the fact that they’re hardly in California anyway.

  21. 21
    cutie Says:

    what does billy have to do with angies life anymore i mean hes just an ex husband or a friend as she might consioder him to be what the big least hes moving on not like x lol anyway angie doesnt even live in california that much, she travels a lot to live there

  22. 22
    Milli Says:

    I wish I had millions of $ to buy mansions whereever I wanted :-)
    Papa Pitt, please adopt me….

  23. 23
    Wwwww Says:

    17 sara : 06/29/2007 at 3:29 pm
    Wow, I’m shocked I mean shocked that Billy Bob bought a house in Malibu It can only mean he wants to be closer to his ex. I mean Brad and Angelina are the only celebrities that have a house in Malibu, right?


    Excellent Point!!!!!

  24. 24
    piper, with a low Says:

    14 Just Jared : 06/29/2007 at 3:22 pm


    Honestly… some people act as young as Shiloh. Stop being so sensitive. :!:

  25. 25
    ~*~Get Real~*~ Says:

    How often does ang actually “live” in her malibu home….EXACTLY. no big deal.

  26. 26
    Julotta Says:

    Billy Bob wants to spend more time with Maddox. After all, the divorce petition that Angelina herself filed listed Maddox as her and Billy Bob’s minor child. Now he wants to claim his fatherly rights.

  27. 27
    Jon Says:

    Funny, Ang just took Madd and left the other house for him. Not surprise. Love her.

  28. 28
    Dirty Denise Says:

    13 Roxy : 06/29/2007 at 3:19 pm
    Jared why did you put this on your site. You know the trolls are going to come on full force.

    Girl, please, stop sweating the trolls.

  29. 29
    Dirty Denise Says:

    You people need to stop trying o dictate what Jared posts, on his. After all, it is HIS blog, remember.

  30. 30
    hah? Says:

    what’s wrong with a troll or two? Why is this such a love fest/cult? no freedom of speech allowed? why? I’m just curious.

  31. 31
    Passing Through Says:

    What’s so interesting about this? X lives about 10-12 miles away in Malibu, too. Brad & Angie can have a party and invite the exes…and laugh at X for actually showing up and at BBT for being too agoraphobic to leave his house.

  32. 32
    delilah Says:

    Brad and Angie are great! They are friends with Billy Bob. AJ would never do anything to hurt Billy Bob or Connie. She knows all his kids need him. Billy Bob respects her integrity. Remember, he could have been Maddox’s father? Even Jonny Lee Miller has tremendous respect for AJ. She recruited him to contribute in the making of her documentary, “A Moment In Time.” And Anne Hathaway too. Jude Law was Jonny Lee Miller’s best man at AJ’s wedding!! The film was filed in 25 places around the world at one specific moment (a 3-minute length). Angie and Brad respect all their friends and they are not without a huge fan base and supporters. Oh! Matt Damon is also friends with Billy Bob and Angie! What a woman!! She has “A Mighty Heart” indeed.

  33. 33
    here we go again Says:

    Oh come on folks…’s about the money first….watch
    this thread blow up.
    Yeah! JJ is a fan..but..the rent has to be paid, fasten
    your seatbelts!!!!it’s going to be a bumpy ride. :oops:

  34. 34
    boss Says:

    Well, BBT is Angelina’s soul mate,remember? Oh wait, that’s JLM. No, no, sorry, it’s Maddox. OOPS, wrong again, it’s Brad,right?

  35. 35
    34 boss is right Says:

    34: boss :

    Well, it certainly ain’t Shiloh! LOL

  36. 36
    tondogirl Says:

    this is a free country…anybody can do anything they want, including buying a house wherever they feel like it as long as they have the resources..having said that, BBT is a nobody compares to Papa comparison at all!!! GO BRANGELINA…GO JOLIE-PITTS..THE HOLLYWOOD ROYAL BEAUTIFUL FAMILY.. Me thinks I LOVE this Family for keeps!!! have a safe summerfun everybody…specially the Jolie-Pitts faithfuls like myself.. PEACE

  37. 37
    [marie] Says:

    It’s okay Billy Bob. Everything will be alright.

  38. 38
    PinkRose Says:

    Are you serious??!!! Shouldn’t he be arrested?

  39. 39
    PinkRose Says:

    Are you serious??!!! Shouldn’t he be arrested?

  40. 40
    sharon Says:

    Please, everyone, Brad and Angie are now live in big easy. New Orlean

  41. 41
    yawn Says:

    Well it’s really Brad Pitt’s home.
    Angelina & Brad are planning to live in North Hollywood.
    But really how is this a story?

  42. 42
    Lily Says:

    Angie said that she’s still friends with her exes. There’s nothing wrong with that and many celebs buy homes in Malibu.

  43. 43
    DevotedAJFan Says:

    Oh come on. The gossip mags are running out of stories to tell of Brad’s ex, Chin chin. Now they’re trying to spin a tale on Jolie’s ex, BBT. This is getting old. Same game but with different players. *yawn*

  44. 44
    Aww Says:

    Rotflmao. Jared. It’s okay. I know you were kidding. People are crazy sometimes. Ignore them. Luv ur blog! ;)

  45. 45
    a realist Says:

    Angie is a wonderful loving person. I love her.
    She is not a fake-ass whiner like Maniston.

  46. 46
    LAM Says:

    Thanks JJ even though it looks like a slow newsday after Paris Hilton’s spectacular episode. Yes it is true that all the exes are friendly with each other on both sides. Angie is close to JLM and BBT. However, when Brad adopted Maddox, BBT’s name was dopped from the formal papers. Brad and JA still communicate from what JA said at Oprah’s. She said it is not like a soap opera that the media is portraying. JLM is close to Angie too. Even BBT will star in a film to be produced by PLAN B in 2008. Now as far as their houses. Brad’s house in Malibu became too small for them by the time Shiloh was born. They have been staying at Los Feliz, Hollywood Hills area since that house is bigger if they are in town. Sometimes they go to the house in Santa Barbara for a weekend party. They don’t even stay in Malibu a lot because the paps show up in small boats and stake out their house. The Los Feliz is more secure because it is a gated community already. Brad has so many houses, New Orleans, Germany. I think Angie still owns her house in England. P.S. JA’s rented house in Malibu is also a few miles from Brad’s. JA’s new mansion is also at Hollywood Hills. Interesting too!

  47. 47
    Coco Says:

    The fact that AJ’s exes respect her and they remain good friends despite the divorce, this shows AJ’s maturity how to deal with break-ups. No allusion nor manipulating words to her exes in the public nor in the media. There are many other celebrities who though trying their best to look fair cannot restrain from utter a slight merriment against their ex. Whereas, referring to Angelina Jolie, the media even pokes fun at her, throws trash at her after those marriages and divorces, but she never tries to protect herself by pulling down her relationships with her exes. She remains focus on keeping her relationship clean from hatred or disgust which is usual after a divorce. She’s not their wife anymore, but she wants to be at least a good friend. I call this maturity and greatness.
    You might love each other. But a divorce can make the best lovers the best haters, as both want to be right and to be pitied. Angelina manages to keep her relationship “beautiful”, though every divorce means also pain for her, she never tries to become right nor pitied.

  48. 48
    TYLER Says:

    Coco : 06/30/2007 at 2:56 am

    Very well said. Angie shows class and maturity even though her marriages end unlike horse face Maniston who cries, whines and have pity me parties on Oprah and any tabloid that’ll listen.

  49. 49
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    Billy Bob is still very good friends with Angie. I think Brad is producing a film of his, no? They are civil adults. Of course, this is ok.

  50. 50
    angie Says:

    Yes AJ is still friend with his ex, like she had sex with her long time lesbian friend jenny shimizu (while she was still with billy bob)!
    its gonna be funny!

  51. 51
    Mediterranean Says:

    He moved there to be close to Jen, actually!

  52. 52
    blood Says:

    he moved there to drink AJ blood!

  53. 53
    Jane Pit Is my hero! Says:

    Billy Bob left that unworthy, amoral, bottom feeder, Angelina, so, I doubt he wants to be near her.

  54. 54
    reply Says:

    How fascinating……….It’s going to be a threesome….I guess……lovely….

  55. 55
    reply Says:

    Loose Talk: Angelina Doesn’t “Need” Marriage
    · “I’ve tried marriage twice before, but Brad and I haven’t felt the need to do it. We never discuss it too much because we don’t feel like there is anything missing.”
    – Angelina Jolie on tying the knot with Brad Pitt

  56. 56
    reply Says:

    Of course Jolie won’t marry Brad, WHY:

    1. She didn’t want a husband, only a baby daddy.
    2. Billy Bob moved to Malibu, near Jolie’s House
    3. She was interested in him ONLY when he WAS married.
    4. She drank too much of Billy-****’s blood, NOW craving for more…
    5. Bored with Pitt, wants to invite Billy for a threesome……

  57. 57
    Coco Says:

    To 50 – 56
    Do you feel much better now? What you’ve said doesn’t affect AJ nor me and other fans. What you’ve said tells more about yourself – and I am not surprised at all what kind of person you are.

  58. 58
    Maria Says:

    At the risk of being agressed by AJ fans, I would like to state the following: Angelina was just sooo heavily promoting “A Mighty Heart” that on her one-week PR campaign she did the following:

    1.) She called the paparazzis to have her pictured walking out of a store in NY actually carrying Shiloh in her arms (that would really make her look good since for her it was the ultimate sacrifice to hold Shiloh). Of course, she was also carrying her favorite daughter Zahara.

    2.) She declared in one of her interviews that she was willing to leave the doors open again to her father (that was really going to make her look good).

    3.) She praised Brad’s parents saying they were just such wonderful and loving people who loved all her children equally (now… that was really going to make her look good). I wonder what Jane Pitt really thinks about Angelina.

    After having taken such drastic steps during her PR promotional week for her film (which has been a flop) it just makes me think that this woman is a real fake. She was desperatly trying to make-good after the ****-up with the press with this phony contract she wanted them to sign. Too late Angelina !!! Your movie has been a box-office flop because people aren’t stupid. For a film to be a box-office success you need a wider audience than the Just Jared readers. I do feel for Brad though, who produced the film.

    OK Angelina Just Jared fans, bring it on ! (I hope that JJ publishes this even though it’s against their principals to publish anything that doesn’t flatter and praise AJ).

    Oh, I forgot … there is something just so fake about this family. We see Brad and Angelina carrying everywhere Maddox, Zahara and Pax, but those pictures don’t transmit anything. They feel so fake. Very strange indeed.

  59. 59
    A Says:

    Of course Jolie won’t marry Brad, WHY:

    1. She didn’t want a husband, only a baby daddy.
    2. Billy Bob moved to Malibu, near Jolie’s House
    3. She was interested in him ONLY when he WAS married.
    4. She drank too much of Billy-****’s blood, NOW craving for more…
    5. Bored with Pitt, wants to invite Billy for a threesome……

    ahhahau are so funny and true!

  60. 60
    cinnamon Says:

    negative people and haters out there…. be honest with yourselves…. YOU ARE ONLY JEALOUS of this wonderful family. GET A LIFE!!!!!

  61. 61
    gena Says:

    So what! Who cares where BBT buys a house. This has nothing to do with Angie and Brad. He can buy a house whereever he wants. Angie said they separated because,”We each just totally changed. One day they realized they had nothing in common.” Think their get together was all physical but when it came to what sustains a relationship–there was nothing there. Angie’s definition of love “It should be about that kind of depth of understanding you can have with another person. It goes beyond the superficial and the physical. I find it very sensual when a couple can look deeply into each other’s souls and hearts. There are very few people who can hold me when I cry and talk to me about my life and say “I believe in you”.” ( Ceasars Spring-Summer Issue). That person is Brad. I think since Angie has been in two marriages, she is finding out as she lives with Brad what true love is about. It is probably good that they do not get married yet, for it seems that they grow more in love with each other daily. They are really getting to know each other deeply.
    Wish I had that type of realtionship.

  62. 62
    run-angie-run Says:

    It’s not interesting. It’s creepy.

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