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Hilary Duff @ The Today Show

Hilary Duff @ The Today Show

Hilary Duff strikes some fierce poses and hits and hot dance moves during NBC’s Today Show concert series at Rockefeller Center on Friday morning in New York City.

The 19-year-old singer/actress knocked ‘em dead in a cute red mini by Prairie NY as she was interviewed by host Meredith Vieira. Duff spoke about co-writing her entire album, being in the spotlight and not attracting the “wrong kind of attention.” She also wore Steven by Steven Madden shoes, C.C. Skye earrings and a ring by Isharya.

Below are the videos of this interview and Hilary‘ performing her latest single, “Stranger”! More pictures inside…

Hilary Duff performs “Stranger” on The Today Show, 6/29
Watch Hilary perform her last single, “With Love” here.

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Photos: Scott Gries/Getty
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  • Hassy

    Except the hairstyle…everything looks fine…

  • Jill

    she’s cute

  • mayce

    she looks amazing!!! adorable dress!! who designed it??

  • Kylie


  • Jennie

    Glad that she put on some weight, she looks great here, but I don’t really like her music.

  • Lolita

    My 11 year old son adores this girl—-she grew up in our living room
    via Lizzy McGuire!
    No comment on her music (not bad but her voice is too bland for mama :-)
    But get this:

    A few years back, my little boy was a bonafide Britney freak!
    What did I know or care? I thought she was bubblegum pop and inocuous….

    (Did I know her life’s ambition was to be a combination Daisy Duke/Pussycat Girl???) To each his own, I guess. :-)

    Cut to the day where I finally sat down with him to watch the (I thought harmless) DVD he kept watching over and over and over again—it being: I’M A SLAVE FOR U
    Add to that initial shock and awe—my baby boy lip synching to every word and gyrating in unison with sexed up Brit!!!!!

    Hillary Duff is like mana from Heaven, bless her heart! :-)

  • Sophia

    Who could have known! Out of BriSpee, ChisAga and HDuffy, Hilary actually didn’t become a total whore like the other 2. I still don’t liker her, and her hair is AAAAAAH, and don’t even get me started on her muuuusic, but she is exactly what stupid little preteen brats deserve! HAHA – MUAHAHA!!The dancing is killing meeeee XD

  • Michael C

    Work it while Lindsay’s in rehab!

  • Seb

    Ok, something is really wrong here!! How much weight did she gained? She looks awful!! Too much make-up, bad boob-job, and the list goes on and on. Oh btw, she looks a bit like a really bad DRAG QUEEN!


  • Cynthia

    Love her, she looks stunning. Britney who?

  • Kim

    I don’t think she’s had a boob job, but I know for a fact she wears those nude padded thing. Ever since she’s lost drastic weight and changed herself, she’s not cute anymore. She’s kind of boring now. She’s not really talented. But it’s good to see that she’s put on some weigh.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    She was the best lip syncher I have ever seen….

  • Desdemona

    It’s too bad that she can’t sing.

  • Natalie

    Horse face, ghetto nails, and zero talent. Period.

  • MichelleK

    Holy Moly…this girl can’t sing or dance. Is she famous for being a “nice girl”?
    She better behave because she is the luckiest lack of talent in the world! 30 million a year, for that?

  • vicki Pasadena, CA

    can you say, lip sync!

  • larry

    This has to be the most mediocre performance i ever saw.
    she can’t sing, can’t dance and has sero stage presence. no wonder her fans are 8 years old.

    below average…less duff please

  • larry

    luckiest lack of talent in the world!

    completely agree.
    and did she wear ALL the accesories she owns?!

    incredible boring…i can’t believe she has a record deal!

  • Lido

    It looks like she had plastic survery on her face. and yes i agree she has a horse face.

  • Charlotte

    Gorgeous, as normal.

  • Burpie

    LOL The whole audience is full of kids…

    The best part of the whole thing was the dress. It’s cute.

  • carefree

    people she is a 20 year old kid!
    I venture to say shes young enough to be most of your daughters.
    Why so rude and demeaning.
    shes just doing her thing and is not a skank.
    Its at the point where THAT IN ITSELF is a BIG DEAL.

  • Anthony

    This girl really has no talent…

  • Daisy

    Hilary is a nice, a sweet girl. And it’s good that she cares about being a role model. But I hate to say though, the girl really has mediocre talent. Her acting, singing and dancing is very lackluster. I think she is very lucky that she is appealing to a lot of people. Maybe she should have a career in hosting or something since she is pretty well-spoken. I’ll give her some time though considering she is only 19 years old.

  • Nacho


  • Josh

    Oh STFU people! whats with all the harsh comments? She looks gorgeous! The best she has in a while I think and her hair looks amazing and she didn’t get a boobjob and she is talented.

  • cher

    hmmm…is this for real?
    boring…see can’t sing or dance

    nice girl with no talent or spark.
    now i believe those shape magazine pics were photoshoped cos there are def no man abs under that dress.

  • hilary

    I belive your retarded ^

  • lola

    you only think shes too sexy because everyone is used to her being this cute little 14-year-old. she’s grown up and she’s dressed fine.

  • matt

    it takes a lot of talent to do everything she is working hard for. it’s funny to see people get so worked up over hilary duff.

  • Ryan

    well is E! news photoshopped aswell ..cause she appeared on the show and she had some rocking i smell jealousy or just a bitter Lindsay fan who’s upset that their favorite star is corrupted and needs bigger help than rehab.If it aint either of that GET OVER YOURSELF

  • dedu

    This cokehead is booooooooring


  • Brian Birchall

    Hillary Duff is horrible. She has no talent and is from Texas to boot.

  • lilkunta

    HD is appealing to the young ppl in Fl and CA who are Disney crazed.
    She really cannot sing.
    She had a bad teeth job: her smiles looks hard and unnatural.

    She didnt have a boob job.

  • kidv

    I like her new look…minus the hair but yeah

  • mischa

    does ne1 whu designed the shoess shes wearing, theyre soo cuttee!!

  • Cynthia

    She gained weight. When she was thin, her skin stretched, she looked old for a moment. She gained ten pounds she looks great. She looks younger as a result. She had no botox! She is growing into her face people.

  • Kelly

    She looks great!!! How much do you think she weighs now?

  • Sarah

    She’s beautiful, though she really needs to take acting lessons.

  • Alicia

    Ok, first of all, no hilary is talented and second she does not lip-sync or have a boob job. your just jealous. plus, her dress was hot! and it wasn’t boring she is sweet calm and is very extremely talented. do u think if she wasn’t talented or if she lip-synced she would be this famous or have so many people like her.? and oh, not just eight year olds like her, even 26 year olds do! not like i am but ive seen her ads and well im 14 so thats pretty good to be 5 years younger than her so don’t even dare try to diss that girl shes way too talented for the ones who says she isn’t! and plus if you think she’s gonna read these you are so impossibly insane! she has no time for this crap she has a life to u kno?
    Anyways, Luv all the fans who love her also! Luv YA!

  • Quelue

    i think she looks great. glad she put on some weight. i would just like to hear her really sing just once. she always sings to a backing track and her real voice isn’t as loud as the track. she just needs to sing raw. no backing track.

  • hil fan#1

    she looks mind blasting!!!!luv u hil!!!

  • Jeanette

    I found out that Hilary’s dress is by Prarie New York…..

  • vasek

    Хилари Дуфф Тааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааащит

  • Vanessa

    why doesn’t she sing live at any of her concerts/shows?

  • god

    she is mind blasting………..

  • Nadia

    the girl can’t sing