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Kirstin Cavallari Shows Off NZ Tattoo

Kirstin Cavallari Shows Off NZ Tattoo

Kristin Cavallari waves to photographers and shows off her NZ wrist tattoo at the LA grand opening of Mexican restaurant chain Pink Taco on Thursday in Los Angeles, Calif.

Yes, NZ stands for her pretty boy boyfriend Nick Zano, who also attended the restaurant launch.

The president and CEO of Pink Taco is Lindsay Lohan‘s ex, Harry Morton. (His father is Peter Morton, owner of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and co-founder of Hard Rock Cafe. Both sold for a reported total of $1+ billion. His grandfather is Arnold Morton, founder of Morton’s Steakhouse Chain.)

Other pictures include Kristin (green dress) at the film premiere for Yellow last week at The Landmark in West Los Angeles, Calif.

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Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty, Russell Einhorn/Splash News Online
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  • ~*~Get Real~*~

    thats just so dumb.

  • almost

    why do people tattoo the name of the person they are dating on them? The relationships rarely last and then your stuck with the name of someone you hate on you.

  • mmmmm

    never never NEVER get a tattoo with your current loved ones name. trying to get it off after the brakeup is gonna be expensive and painful. and celebrity couples never lasts.

  • Mattanja

    Never take a name tattoo…..

  • Sophia

    It doesn’t matter, they are just initials. If they have a messy break up she can just tell people it stands for New Zealand or something. Other than that it is a ugly stupid pointless tattoo and she lookds like an ugly freak with or without it. Most people’s tattoos suck anyway. In the past couple of years I have maybe seen four or five that I’ve actually liked.

  • michelle

    I give it another two months tops. How stupid can you be (well it is her after all) to get a tattoo of a boyfriends initials. Especially on the wrist. To cover it up it’s going to require a bigger tattoo and they are so ugly on the wrist to me.

    She is a nobody anyway. Just another Paris waiting to happen

  • Rennee

    Did anyone wonder WTFucc happened to Nick Zano???? what happened to the hottie??? he looks like he gained alotta weight or jus stopped working out?

  • TiaBia

    Eeewww…wasn’t he cute just 2 weeks ago? What the fack happened?

  • OMG

    Nick was so hot!!! I use to get a boner just looking at him! What happened?! He’s like a whole different person!!!!

  • sarah

    nick has bloated up…however, it’s kinda hot…?

  • brass

    I give this relationship another 6 months…TOPS!!! and she’ll be stuck with a stupid tattoo, and awful reminder of a said and done relationship…and she’ll spend her entire time trying to come up with something witty for “NZ”…um, yeah smooth move!

  • Jennie

    She’s gorgeous, they’re a cute couple, but never ever get a tattoo of the one you love or etc. it’s idiotic. Since they can’t take back the tattoo, I am praying for them to last !

  • Cat

    bumb bitch, she should know better. getting a tat with your bf’s name is a no-no. i bet he’ll dump her ass in 1 more week.

  • Seb





  • socaan

    i love them both !!! they’re gorgeous together..but i don’t think it’s a good idea to get a tottoo which shows the name of the personthat you are daiting…i really hope it’s gonna last..but in hollywood we never can be shure :lol:

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Haha, she should’ve mad eth eletters more bubbly to represent the bloated whale she’s dragging around….


  • Julia

    Like a few other people are wondering, WHAT HAPPENED TO NICK?! What has Kristin done to him? I kid, I kid. But STILL! He used to be all hot.

  • DC

    Yeah! What did happen to Nick? He was so sexy before. Wasn’t it just a couple of months ago Nick was showing off his body as he was vacationing with Kristin? :(

  • Dumbfounded

    Would someone please tell her that her “dress” is not a dress at all but a TUNIC!! PLLLLEEEAASSSEEE Put some pants on, girl! You look stupid!

  • jane

    that guy she is dating is GROSS and FAT! I would love for her to get together with Nick LACHEY. They would be a cute couple and Jessica Simpson would HATE IT! Kristin is just as cute as Jessica Simpson that’s why it would burn Jessica. She’s younger and just as cute!


    I bet when they break up she won’t cover it up, she’ll just try and think of something that can go off NZ….Need Zoloft, No zip…something stupid along those lines! Never mind, I can’t think of anything “NZ” that sounds cool so she definately won’t..LASER!

  • creativegirl

    7 Rennee : 06/29/2007 at 10:20 am
    Did anyone wonder WTFucc happened to Nick Zano???? what happened to the hottie??? he looks like he gained alotta weight or jus stopped working out?

    Yes – I was thinking the exact same thing. This was just back in April

    and I remember thinking, whoa – how come I never saw this guy before.

  • Jason

    Who the fuck ARE these people? Remember when you actually had to DO something to be called a celebrity? Remember when being a celebrity meant you WERE somebody, and not some blond floozy from some crap-ass MTV “reality” show….and some trust fund baby.

  • inhirnamy137

    Nick looks bad and Kristin is on the same level of stupid as Heidi.

  • Daisy

    Wow, that is a pretty bad picture of Nick Zano. He never was that great to start with. Kristin made him look worse.

    Seriously, why is this chick famous? She hasn’t done anything in the past year or so. And who cares if she starred in few movies, when we all know that her role was probably really minor and the movies are nothing to boast about.

    Jared, stop posting about dumb fauxlebrities.

  • Melissa

    That’s so stupid.
    It’s not like they’re gonna be together forever.

  • trezeafriendly

    what has this girl been doing since the “reality show” on mtv? nothing, jus showing up @ events & hoping some hollywood director/producer would allow her to bone him so she can get a role.

    i kno thats hard but fa real, reality stars go NOWHERE

  • danielle

    it can be covered up by something else. wouldnt be that hard.

  • nika

    People just donĀ“t learn. Im sorry, its just plain stupid..

  • Cuckoonest

    Indeed… WTF happened to Nick Zano?!?!?!?!?????!????????? I used to pick up my jaws on the floor, clean up my clothes because of too much drooling and change my panties each time he appeared on “What I Like About You”… Now my jaw hit the roof!!!!!!!!!! It hurts to see him like that…

  • Shari Cayer

    I have a tattoo as well. It says “I’m a whore” right on my ass.

  • Michelle

    Kristin looks beautiful!

  • Nikki

    love that couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they look so cute together.

    Kristin is so gorgeous

  • Sophie

    i don’t like Kristin’s tattoo

    Nick has the same tattoo as Kris.

    i think that’s like an obligation, but i still love her
    and both of them.

  • Aly

    Why does it look like a 13 y.o. girl drew that with a sharpie?


    i have my boyfriends initials tattood on my body and I dont think its stupid. No one knows the extent of their relationship and none of you should judge. You can think its cute or stupid or cheesy but it doesnt matter. It makes her happy as does mine

  • Cartoonfox


    I live in New Zealand and I’m ashamed that she may in some way in the future be associated with this beautiful country.

  • Jiminy

    She looks amazing here.

  • NotTelling

    Look’s like nick got’s the oxycotin fast bloated weight gain. It’s the in style, haven’t you heard? Damn those painkillers.