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Shia LaBeouf is Pretty in a Pompadour

Shia LaBeouf is Pretty in a Pompadour

First pictures of the cast in action on the set of Indiana Jones!

Shia LaBeouf worked his perfect pompadour and leather jacket while riding on a motorcycle with co-star Harrison Ford on Friday. Both stars were attached to dangling steel cables.

The Disturbia star filmed a scene on the New Haven, Connecticut set of his new movie — the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones adventures.

No wonder why he’s been looking a little bit greasy with his hair slicked back!

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57 Responses to “Shia LaBeouf is Pretty in a Pompadour”

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  1. 26
    xyneo7 Says:

    Shia is cute…he’s hot, in a different way. That’s something about Shia that separates him from other actors. That’s what i like about him. He’s a really good actor too

    Can’t wait to watch Indiana Jones 4, been looking forward to see a 4th instalment since IJ and the Last Crusade.

    Now they have Shia co-starring in the 4th instalment, my eagerness to catch this movie is even bigger

  2. 27
    goldend Says:

    “He looks like a lesbian”

    LMAO, but yeah maybe, remember Chloe Sevigny in “if these walls could talk 2″? all butch in her byke and wifebeater?

    he’s pretty enough to pass as a lesbian.

  3. 28
    Nir - The Psychic Poet Says:

    We had the Fonzie, now thanks to Shia we have the Pansy.

  4. 29
    LOL Says:

    jeez!! if Shia is pretty… I’m Indiana Jones!!!

  5. 30
    woppo81 Says:

    Shia is clearly doing a ton of cocaine judging by the amount of pictures featuring him rubbing at his nose like a fiend.

  6. 31
    Darkfalz Says:

    How does white Indy have a greasy shylock for a son?

  7. 32
    A. S. Peters Says:

    I love how everyone gripes about the movie after a couple pictures. Instead of doing that go to and enter in coupon code ’tissueking’ to save 10% on all of the products. It’s always free shipping so you can order some facial tissues and wipe away those tears or clean up after fantasizing about Shia like a lot of you are doing! lol!

  8. 33
    Rav Says:

    Now, now…I’m not a fan of the kid, but he resembles the guy they used to represent Indy in the opening scene of the Last Crusade. Looking at it fro mthat perspective, it’s believable enough for me.

  9. 34
    Ibonekoen Says:

    That guy they used to represent Indy in the opening scene of The Last Crusade was River Phoenix.

    Shia looks very hot in those pictures. He is such a great actor with an awesome personality. Loved him in Disturbia and Transformers and I can’t wait for the new Indy movie.

  10. 35
    Doones Says:

    My husband, our 2 kids and I went down a few times to see the taping it was great seeing everything all done up we got some great pics too even one of Steven Spielberg

  11. 36
    q2bess Says:

    woppo81, I believe the nose rubbing is a nervous habit, he’s been doing it since he was a kid.

    I not saying he hasn’t done ANY illegal drugs, he’s said that much himself but you can’t carry two films on your back (Disturbia and Transformers) and have a bludgeoning cocaine habit.

    I think significant drug use is probably the one pitfall this kid will avoid…having a junkie for a father while growing up sometimes does that to a person.

  12. 37
    JM Says:

    hey q2bess…not sayin he is on drugs or he isnt…nor do i care…my business is to watch the movie…
    but charlie sheen was able to carry platoon and wall street at the same time while having a vicious drug habit (which caught up to him)
    I hope for his sake he is clean and sober…but if he isnt…it doesnt always immediately show up…

  13. 38
    TD Says:

    ever think he could have allergies? i live right down the street from where they’re filming and i know that during this time of the year my allergies are really bad..

  14. 39
    Skylane2k2 Says:

    I don’t appreciate the ‘attitude’ Shia seems to be showing now that he’s a movie star. Lets not forget he was a dorky kid in Disneys: Even Stephens.

  15. 40
    lucas Says:

    who the **** is that ******* next to indiana jones, and why is everybody so ******* exited about him??????????? First Leonardo Di Caprio, then this guy, why? Why does he put stupids that can’t act? Spielberg needs MORE money?
    Give me a break!

  16. 41
    steven Says:

    That Shia guy is a terrible actor. Disturbia was pathetic and Transformers luckily had computer animation to fall back onto. Shia’s acting is so childish it reminds me of Frankie Muniz. They need to bring back the classic image of IJ – the center of the films, instead of introducing a completely new cast.

  17. 42
    Carrie Says:

    Why do people need to knock actors/actresses down all the time. I agree he probably isn’t doing MAJOR drugs, since he’s been very open about his junkie father and having to grow up early and fast (although i think he’s still close to his parents.) Even when he was younger he had a bit of an attitude (but not a stuck up, rude one – watch interviews) and has anyone ever worked on a movie set. Busy fast, fast, fast then wait, wait wait – sit and do nothing for awhile. Maybe they’ve had a long day, and that’s why he looks in a bad mood. Or MAYBE he’s setting himself up for a scene that he’s going to be shooting where he has attitude, is mad, scared or upset. I neither like of dislike the newcomer (if that’s what you can call him ) but I am a huge fan of Harrison Ford and when I watched Transformers that’s when I noticed how he could pull off being Indiana Jones son – if that’s who he is to be. Indiana Jones has this humor about him, never really gorgeous BUT he is goofy, funny yet intense, which makes him ultra appealing and sexy(even to this day in his 60′s) Shia Labeouf seems to have all that. Really I think it’s hard to judge from a photograph or photogrph’s what a person is really like so let’s all just wait till the movie and see if casting, story, plot and everything works out. GO INDIANA JONES!

  18. 43
    booyakasha Says:

    Shia is absolutely gorgeous! look at his big green eyes and contagious smile and his acting skills multiply his sexyness by billions!! disturbia is by far one of the best movies he’s been in and there’s only more to come! he’s so young! he also seems like he’s down to earth.. he hasn’t really let hollywood get to him so that’s a big turn on!! he’s like every girls dream! i’d love to butta his breaaaddd!! mmmm mmmm

  19. 44
    meesh Says:

    You’re all insane. except for the ones who’ve decided not to judge until you’ve seen the movie-good job!! Every actor/actress has their ups and downs, good movies and bad, and quite frankly i’m excited for this one, so i’m going to give it a chance. But i do have to admit that his hair looks goofy…

  20. 45
    Jason Says:

    The best actor for the Indiana Jones role is David Duchovny.In my opinion.

  21. 46
    GaBiLuVzShIa Says:

    I dOnT HaVe MuCh To SaY BuT ThaT I Am In LoVe WiTh ShIa LaBeOuF EaSY As ThAt I Am HiS #1 FaN No DoUBt AbOuT ThAt

  22. 47
    GaBiLuVzShIa Says:

    I DoNt ReaLlY hAvE MuCh To SaY bUt ThAt I Am ShIa LaBeOuFs #1 Fan No MaTtEr Wat AnY One SaYs**GaBiE**

  23. 48
    Charlii Says:

    Omg I Love Shia Labeouf So Much He Is So HOT! x

  24. 49
    nicola Says:

    i LOVE you shia so so so so so so so so so so so much you are a great actor with a great face and body x you are so fit and sexy x

  25. 50
    ♥♥mery♥♥ Says:



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