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Britney Spears Uses Medicated Chapstick

Britney Spears Uses Medicated Chapstick

Britney Spears leaves Hollywood hotspot Les Deux late Friday night sucking on a lollipop and holding medicated Chapstick.

She was also seen covering her face with a GAP button-down shirt.

Something looks off about these pictures. Is it the camera angle? The shape of the sunglasses?

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britney spears chapstick 01
britney spears chapstick 02
britney spears chapstick 03
britney spears chapstick 04
britney spears chapstick 05

Photos: Splash News Online/Phamous Fotos
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  • Jill

    Her face is breaking out and those glasses make her look like a dude…:{

  • Hassy



  • samantha

    i wish she would stay in the house, she really looks too awful to be out in public.

  • redooo

    thats a mexican Britney Spearoo for us

  • Diana

    Her hair is growing, she should let it be free instead of those horrible weaves.

  • Samantha

    Crazy drunk go take your medication! It’s scary how ugly she’s gotten.

  • Julie

    She is so immature, she acts like a teenager. She’s always sucking on lollipops and eating cheetos and she talks like a little girl…she needs serious help! And I heard that she had shaved her head because of the damage she did to it with hair dye, and she’s already coloring her short short hair, once I saw it colored in like platinum blonde and now im sure she has it colored black to match her horrible weave! what’s wrong with her!!!

  • cat

    get mental health help, you stupid skank.

  • lulz

    Damn the haters are out in full force today
    just as expected they care more about their precious celebrities then tending to their own lives.
    i think she looks good for having a camera shoved inches away from her face. if they released close up pictures of myself or any of you twats everyday they probably wouldn’t look so glam now would they.

  • Anon.

    That doesn’t look like her. I mean it sort of does, but it looks like some young boy. Seriously. I don’t like to be presented with pictures of Britney anymore. She looks disturbed. She should be in a mental hospital…and I am not saying that to be mean.

  • BE

    If you had some brain and knowledge in you little box you would know that more than 80% of new mothers have post-partum depression, especially after having 2 kids in a row. Britney is no different in this case. She at least handles it which is a good thing.
    She looks a little bit weird, I don’t know why. But as long as she feels good I feel good too:) Love you Brit.

  • d

    when did the world get so judgmental all of the sudden, and i bet that none of you would say that to her face..probably beg for an autograph. Nonetheless she doesn’t really look bad, and fortunately nothing is slipping out which is an accomplishment, and she looks like she’s wearing a bra…ia ssume she just came from recording post-les deux

  • glasso

    I don’t understand this whole “she should be in a mental hospital” crap. Just becasue she’s “always sucking on lollipop”, can’t wear nice clothes, or have a nice hair style? That’s ridiculous. Ever since she exited rehab she hasn’t done anything insane, it’s not her fault the she needs to endure having photographers everyday on her ass, and having media outlets flex the real truth. Just like everyone was reporting that she served her mom with a restraining order herself, and everyone bought it! Even though a person can’t serve another person with a restraining order in person! Still people want to believe all the crazy stories they hear about her, that is what sells. A fan who can see beyond all the hooplah can see she’s reamained grounded and hasn’t done anything that will make me believe she’s gone “insane.”

  • PrincessLA

    It is stunning how ugly she is. Not to be rude, but really, VERY, VERY UNATTRACTIVE GIRL (and I use the word “girl” loosely as her thick build is making her look more and more like a dude!). Britney, stay home…my eyes can’t handle it and you are stinking up the clubs with that trailer smell.

  • dizzie


    Hey guess what, you can actually choose to skip Britney articles and avoid her altogether! I know it’s hard for some of you to understand that logic! You don’t want to read about her, then don’t! Skip the article, turn the page, change the chanel, whatever!

    By the way I’ll take it from your name you’r just another envious girl who wishes she would command this kind of attention famous hollywood girls get, but for some reason or another, like you being as ugly as you want Britney to be, nobody pays attention to you so you’re forced to take it out on other people, right?


  • BE

    Anon – you probably know her very well if you think you can talk like that, do you? N O T. You people should really stop making stupid statements when all you know about her personal is amm, well, NOTHING.
    She had some rough times but they are over now, and she looks better [mentally] everyday, so if you chose to live in the past it’s just your OWN BIG PROBLEM.
    You tend to forget that she is human like all of us, and she makes mistakes and going through rough times like all of us. The only difference is that her life is out to the public, and people make up nasty rumors and nasty lies about her just to get money.
    You don’t know her, and I as a fan can tell you that I don’t know her either, but I sure do know her a lot better than you do. Give us the credit, we know her in at least 50%.
    If you don’t find her interesting just go, but if you do find her interesting you should look at both sides of the story and remember that you don’t very often hear her REAL side of the story, so you can’t really judge her – YOU CAN’T JUDGE HER BY UNTRUE RUMORS AND BY THINGS THAT YOU DICIDE IN YOUR HEAD BECAUSE IT’S MORE CONVINIANE, YOU JUSR CAN’T.

    This is my last comment in the subject. I know I am probably writing to walls, but it was worth the try.

  • PrincessLA

    Hey Dizzie-
    I am getting my coffee served to me in bed…I cruise around the Internet like millions of people do. I think the attention-whoring women in LA are gauche and ill-bred, so please don’t assume I am looking for attention, I can assure you, I am not. Britney Spears puts herself out there, looking like she does (I dare anyone to say that she is anywhere remotely attractive…this girl is thick and ugly). I probably wouldn’t say this to her face, because thankfully, although these Hollywood types can get into Teddy’s, they cannot get into my social circle…so looking at them on these websites is just for sport, and after my coffee, I have much better things to do. And I take it your nickname is related to your intellect.

  • mari

    i just jave one thing to say : EWWWW.
    srlys duh, she needs help.

  • cat

    any one that thinks she is normal and happy is as crazy as she is. she obviously has deep mental problems that will not go away until she seeks some help. if she doesn’t get help, i don’t see her living past 30.

  • dizzie


    Lmao! Thank you so much for that, that is the kind of humor I like to read to start my day. Another deluded girl who thinks she is important, of course you are only important on the internet where you remain anonymous. Ironically you’re just another by-product of the girls you claim hate so much. So many girls out there want to have the kind of lifestyle these girls have, but yet claim no association with them because somehow you feel more entitled. Well guess what, Britney could run cirlces around you and your “social circle” which is probably nothing more than attention craving 20 year old strippers looking for fame anyway possible. Britney is the most grounded of all those girls, and obviously she could care less if you think she’s ugly or thick. It’s her life and she’ll live it the way she wants. It would be beneath her to pretend she’s anything else, much like you and your wild wild imagination.

  • b

    yo princessla get over urself and get ur own coffee u lazy ass snob…britney is attractive, not in these pics but when ur photographed everywhere everyone would probably have lots of bad pics.

    i still dont understand if haters dont like her so much, cant stand her, and dont want to see her anymore, but they comment everytime on her pics and look at them. i dont get it.

  • glasso

    cat you keep claming that she has “mental” problems but you can’t even state your basis for that theory other than she goes out looking like cr**ap. She hasn’t visited a club in more than a week, and last time she went she asked for a preview of her song be played wich the crowd have a great response to. She hasn’t been seen drunk in months, and she hasn’t done anything to put herself or her children in danger. She goes out for a few hours the most a day and quickly gets back home. Most of her outings have recently been to the dance studio, and recording studio. She might not be completley better, but she is certainly improving whether the “haters” accept it or not.

  • Riley

    The only reason you can see some of her zits (which everyone gets) is because the stupid cameras zoom in so f*cking close. I mean come on you probably only a foot away from the vehicle and you’re putting on the zoom? You don’t f*cking need to.

    Anyway people making fun of her are the same people going blog to blog writing the same stupid ass thing.

  • Suzz

    For all Britneys Lovers go and buy her new record when is out and make her more millions … who is the loser?

  • Devon

    She is a freaky, nail-biter…she probably has worms from putting her dirty hands in her mouth so much…ugh

  • Devon

    She is a freaky, nail-biter…she probably has worms from putting her dirty fingers in her mouth all the time…ew

  • Cynthia

    She ugly as sin, and I’m not jealous of this no talent,attention seeking,smelly looking, trainwreck!

  • damon

    24 Suzz : 06/30/2007 at 1:37 pm
    For all Britneys Lovers go and buy her new record when is out and make her more millions … who is the loser?


    hardly, when the money is split between the company, producers, teams and so on, she will receive a small percent of the total profits. and we are losers because we’re making her more money? That doesn’t make sense, since I work in retail, that would mean that all the people that go and buy clothes at the store, and give me more hours are losers. You haters are whacked out of your minds, get a grip.

  • cat

    let’s see, flashing her butt and boobs in recent weeks, wearing clothes too small for her so her privates will “accidentally” come out, going out looking trashy and dirty looking, blaming everyone around her for her problems, instead of accepting any responsibility for her own actions……………….. i could go on and on, but there just isn’t time.

  • jennyg

    “OMGZ!! ches’ like soou ugloy!1!! i claim i can’t satnd her, but im like hre everyday lookin at her pics cuz im even more obsessed with her than her fans ar!11!! and im like totally not jeluz ofher cuz im way famouser and prettier den Brit!!!”

    :P~~ Lol loonie haters. Give me a break!


    she is a loser!!!!!!!!!

  • illia

    She’s got the chapstick and the lolly…where’s the rave at, brit?

  • Diana

    Damon and co.

    Why take it personal? Why so defensive? Doesn’t she has her own PR?

    Bloggers can give their own opinion, you do, so why not others?

  • drue

    You guys telling haters to go away have got to be kidding. Sure it’s easy NOT to look and not to comment, but you guys make it so much fun! I love how upset and angry you get…lmao.

  • jennyg

    Actually drue it’s the haters that make me laugh!

    And to Diana, at least we have reasons to be here, we are fans! But when the haters take things Britney does personal, when they think she’s somehow affecting your misreable lives, then that’s just pathetic.

    Is she actually getting out of the photographs to slap you and insult your mother? Because some of you treat her as if she hurt you personally.

  • glasso

    let’s see, flashing her butt and boobs in recent weeks, wearing clothes too small for her so her privates will “accidentally” come out, going out looking trashy and dirty looking, blaming everyone around her for her problems, instead of accepting any responsibility for her own actions……………….. i could go on and on, but there just isn’t time.


    You’re basically saying that because of your superficiality, you’ve decided she’s insane because

    she accidently flashed her covered buttocks while climbing to the back of a car
    perverted papz took photos of her naked in a dressing room where it is illegal to even point a camera
    she is “dirty” looking

    I guess if she started wearing Chanel clothing it would make her be sane?

    Blaming other people for her problems. She’s said herself that she isn’t blaming anyone for her decisions, but people who constantly inject themselves into her life only to get fame for themselves deserve the beat down she’s given them. She was forced into rehab to improve her image and not her condition, not only that but the father of her children used them to threaten her, and keeps doing to swindle more attention for himself, and her mother supported him…. she has every right to do what she did. It’s sad, but true.

  • HottieTottie

    I’m sick of this c u next tuesday b!tch.

  • Julotta

    Britney is just feeling “lost” these days. Her marriage is over, she’s on the outs with her mother and she’s suffering from postpartum depression. That’s alot to deal with besides the fact that she’s trying to lose weight, get in shape and put out a new album. Give the girl a break! She needs guidance not ridicule.

  • Marlo

    So hypocritical, brit luvvers. You say that the haters take it personally, when it’s YOU guys who react to what we say! HEE HEE….too funny!!

  • Suzz

    So you have A Reason to be here … lol

  • EvilLynn

    The sunglasses and her weight problem make her face look reeeeally masculine.

    She was always gonna go this way. It reminds me of what my brother says about American girls: they have about 15 minutes of cute from the time they’re 16 till they’re about 23…then they hit the wall at 90MPH.

    ..and there ain’t no comin’ back…it’s her unfortunate genetic destiny……..get her to a plastic surgeon, already. Overhaulin’: Britney Episode


    WHat a True HAter she turned out to be!
    BRitney HAtes:
    her father (no talk in yrs)
    her mother
    her mangaer
    her stylist
    chubby nanny
    her sons(the 4 days she dosent care kfed raising them a week)
    she was to work on getting full custody back since rehab and all she has done is go out night after night every time kfed picks them up for his 4 day dad duty. SHe probably dosent want the full custody as it interefers with clubbing and parting!

    etc etc etc


    Haters should at least get their facts straight, since when did she say she “hated” all those people.

    She is fighting for full custody of their kids, but Kevin keeps using them to get more money out of her, what a “DAD” he is

    Go play in traffic

  • LeM

    She’s not Britney Spears…. look closer

  • take her kids

    Her kids should be taken from her Asap. She do not deserve those kids all she does is party party.What kind of mom does that? And she pretend to say she care about them.I hope kevin carry her to court and take his kids from her Asap.She do not care at all about tyheir well being if she did she will act more like a mom and not a idiot.


    Uhhh well lately she has been unattractive. You have all these little loyal fans saying “well if they were to take a pic of u everyday, all the time in your face you wouldn’t look good either” but the girl looks horrible, terrible all the TIME! from 300 miles away to up close and personal she looks gross. She looks good when she’s on the cover of a mag, or video, or cd cover because she has tons of makeup and they retouch her. Come on, you can be her biggest fan the girl looks crappy. But hey if her cd is good, i’ll go out and buy it no prob there, but i aint gonna say “hey she’s the best, She’s the most grounded of the girls (which she isn’t HELLO!!…….COME ON! REALLY HEY DIZZIE that was a good one that she’s the most grounded that was great! wow i mean WOW!!!!!

  • Emi

    Has-been hag.

    She is freakin’ ugly, seriously.

  • Patty

    Is there someway to make her go away and take Paris and Lindsay with her???

    I’m so tired of them all.

  • m

    She looks like a fat old man, her arms, neck and face all resemble a
    man, she is so ugly and fat.

  • gia

    Her fans are utterly pathetic and immature. Getting personally offended like someone just insulted their mother Pathetic teenyboppers.
    She is in the public eye, she puts herself out there, it’s her own fault. She is ugly and looks manish, anyone who has eye sight can see that.